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Hunting Gallery 2006

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!
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Tom Steele from Gillette writes: I shot this 6x6 bull in Area 36 public lands, Big Horns 10-15-06. Buffalo,Wy.

Todd Puroll from Bellaire, Michigan with his elk taken in October in the Atlantic City area. His first elk!

The 2006 hunting season was pretty good to the Verplancke family. We had no luck at drawing limited quota tags this year as usual so the deer and elk were general tags and the antelope was a left over 102 tag. All these critters were taken on public land showing, that with hard work, a genuine respect for the land and a little luck, there is still quality hunting to be done on public land. My wife Jodi and son Tanner harvested the whitetail Oct. 30th. Jim took the Muley opening morning Oct.15th and the elk Oct. 28th in the middle of the day. The whole family got in on the antelope hunt with old painless (30-06) sealing the deal.

Matt Buchholz shot this 5X5 bull about 250 yds away with his .270 in Grand Teton National Park. It was his first elk and he says wouldn't have got it without help from his friend, Dan Hengel.

This is Justin Smith from Casper. His first turkey with a bow. Took it near Newcastle in April of 2006.

Steve Lamb from Casper videoed this monster 5 days prior to archery season. After studying the tape he waited in his bedding area for a 16 yard arrow placement !!

Hayden Dobkin's first cottontail with his new Henry Youth .22.

Jordan Hypes, 19 years old from Douglas, WY. Here are just a few of the birds he and his hunting partners have taken this year. Some of the hunts took place in Nebraska, but most of them took place in Torrington, WY.

Bob Lewandowski from Meeteetse, Wyoming shot this 6X6 bull elk on October 14 at 11:35 AM. It green scored 332 BC. He used a .338 Winchester and shot it at 500+ yards in Wyoming’s Washakie “Burnt” Wilderness.

2006 Wyoming moose. 47" wide, taken in southwest Wyoming. Mike Koval, Evanston Wy.

A nice whitetail taken near Devils Tower by George Douglas of Lander over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Alan Dubberly's 3 year old son, Carter, with the smaller deer he took. Alan shot this deer about 30 minutes before George got his and less than 50 yards from where his went down.

Julius Vatalaro from Star Valley harvested this bull elk on a 2006 Wyoming wilderness hunt near Hawks Rest. It green scored 341.

Jenny Pfisterer from Lander with her 7x7 bull that she shot using a .300 Ultra Mag. The rack is 4" wide and rough scores at 367. The other set of horns that her husband Phil is holding are from a wolf kill that Bob Vogel found on the same hunt. Jenny wanted to say thanks to Brett Berg and Bob Vogel for taking her on this great hunt in the Cody area.

Trevor Kness from Lander had a successful season with his buck taken in the Beaver Rim area in mid-October. He took his elk along the East Fork on October 1st. Both were shot with his .270.

Marty Killion from Laramie had a very good 2006 hunting season! 1.150+ inch SCI NorthWest whitetail taken in in Northern Wyoming in a limited draw unit. Taken opening morning. 2. A nice 8 pointer taken in the Texas Hill country this fall. He was harvested with my muzzleloader at 100 yards. 3. SCI Muzzleloader Top 10 Northeast Typical whitetail taken in Michigan. The buck scored over 150 inches. 4. SCI muzzleloader Top 10 Axis deer taken on spring hunt in Texas. 5. Spring Texas hunt with Action Outdoors, 1st boar taken with a muzzleloader. 6. Spring Texas hunt with Action Outdoors, 2nd boar taken with a muzzleloader. 7. SCI gold medal boar taken on spring hunt in Texas. 8. Top 10 ranking Royal Yak taken with my TC Omega. 9. SCI Top 10 muzzleloader Addax taken on spring hunt in Texas. 10. While hunting in North Central Nebraska for a Midwest whitetail, I was covered in Merriam Turkeys. I passed on several nice bucks looking for a big one but managed to take this nice Merriam. 11. EWA and Record of Exotics new muzzleloader World record Water Buffalo. 12. Our 2006 finale, my 14 year old son, Zach, harvested this very nice Wyoming buffalo with his muzzleloader. We hunting a large ranch in Northern Wyoming consisting of about 8,000 acres. It was great hunt consisting of lots of glassing, walking and stalking to get on these Bison. Zach attends Laramie Jr. High school and is dad's favorite hunting buddy!

Here's a couple of pictures of a self-guided Wyoming bighorn ram taken by Lonny Bartlett of Gillette in area 3 on September 1st.

Paul M. Ortega from Bar Nunn writes: I got this deer in Area 34 by the South Fork of Powder River west of Casper. It measures 19 in. tall and 23 in. wide. When I shot this deer I was 352yds. away and it only took me one shot with a Winchester .243 in the lungs.

Kelly Klements of Evanston with her first Antelope taken in September near Church Butte. Kelly's father Casey with the 6x7 point bull that he shot while hunting north of Cokeville in October.

Benton Street from Casper writes: The elk I got in Area 81 and cow called it in to 20 yards. And the whitetail I got in Area 1 by Aladdin.

Dave Denniston's (Torrington) hunting career was on hold while he pursued a career as a world-class swimmer. Two years ago he was in a sledding accident and is now paralyzed from the waist down. Family and friends got together and guided him to his first Wyoming trophies - a good antelope near Upton on October 11, and this hefty whitetail from west of Sundance on November 19th. Thanks especially to the landowners who helped him out! Submitted by Tom Denniston.

Antelope shot north of Douglas by Jordan Hypes. Score 87, could be new
state record for archery. Spot and stalk for 2 hours and one shot from 35 yards
sent this bruiser down.

Bull elk shot in Area 37 in the Big Horn Mountains on October 3, 2006 by Jeff Feck of Sheridan, Wyoming. Jeff took this dandy 5x7 with one shot using his trusty Browning .270. Since Jeff took up elk hunting he hasn’t gone a year without getting an elk. His remarkable record is a result of hard work, perseverance, and a bit of luck. Photos submitted by Jeff's brother Pete from Pinedale.

Jake Sabus with his first Wyoming Antelope.

Eric Perez and Dad with Dad's bull from this season. These two bulls were taken in the exact same spot but Eric shot his on the18th of Nov. and Dad got his the 8th of Dec.

Jeff Perry from Lander writes: The story behind this 6x6 is somewhat unusual in that I was on my first ever Elk hunt, with my son Bradley and a friend of ours. We were hunting above Dubois, at the Wolf Creek Trailhead. It was Sept. 25th, the first day of the hunt. After 9 or 10 hours of trying to trail one or two elk, it was around 5:30pm and we knew we needed to try to be out before dark, so we decided to bugle one last time. When we did there was an answer that could not have been more than a couple hundred yards away. He stepped into the clearing and I fired from 35 yards away. We trailed him about 250 yards and the rest of the story is in the picture. It just does not get any better than that.

Jason Reaves (17) of Casper with a nice 6x6 Bull elk shot on December 2. He was using a 7mm with 160gr Nosler Partitions at 275 yards. A long walk up the mountain in 2 degree weather is proof the hard work pays off.
Alexis Juarez (14) and her friend Shelby Bennett (15) each with their limit of three pheasants. They finished in a little more than an hour. The Glendo youth days are something that everyone needs to take advantage of. Get your kids out and enjoy!!!! Photos submitted by Ralph Juarez.

Eric Baker from Hudson sent in this set of photos. Left to right: Eric with his buck antelope, Gary Brookings from Oregon with his buck, Eric's brother-in-law, Derek Henery, from Oregon with his buck, the "Bake Bunch" with their animals, and the two on the right are of Art Baker from Hudson with his nice muley.

Mule Deer shot by Marvin Fink from Murfreesboro, Tn. while hunting in the Cody area. The official Boone and Crocket green score measurement gross 185-1/8. Submitted by Nena and Marvin Fink.

A one arrow kill at 47 yards! He was taken on the South Fork just outside of Cody by Gary Shinn Pro Staff shooter for BowTech bows. His live weight was estimated at 300 pounds.

Eric Perez age 19 from Gillette, WY. writes: These pictures are from this 2006 hunting season. I started out the season hunting Spring Turkeys in the Black Hills around Sundance, then it was antelope hunting with my Hoyt bow in area 61. Then I had an elk tag for area 116 in the Black Hills and I had been looking for both Elk and deer since September with my bow, but it wasn't until the 18th of November that I harvested both my Elk and deer in the same day. I shot my whitetail that morning around 8 a.m. and shot my elk which by the way is a freak, it has 7pts on one side and a club on the other, around 2 that afternoon so it was a pretty good day of hunting shot both with a 30-06.

Andy Mikesell from Rawlins writes: Here is my 2006 season. All of my animals were killed south of Rawlins on public land , the deer and elk were general tags, antelope was area 53. The deer was the funnest of the three being able to have my boys Tristin and Trevor with me, they reminded me why I hunt. I was able to finish it off with a great 7x6 bull with lots of mass, my brother Darren was also able to take a small bull that was with mine.

Dan Hauck from Riverton writes: Here are some pictures of a bull I harvested this November in a Public Walk In Management unit near Cody.He was a main frame 6x6 but had little cheater 7th points on each side. I had my good luck charms with me, my 6 and 9 year old daughters.

Nick Lewis of Riverton harvested this 3 X 3 mule deer measuring 16 inches wide by 18 inches tall on 10-21-06. This was his first big game animal taken. He shot it at 310 yards using a Remington 300 win mag. Congratulations from your brother Travis Lewis, who was probably more excited at the time than Nick was. Nice Job!

This freak was taken by Heath Lowinke, of Rock Springs/Atlantic City in area 107 on 9-10-2006. After 4 days of chasing this bad boy with his bow, He was finally able to connect on the opening day of the rifle hunt.

Bob Cragoe's 6x6 bull.

Eric Shultz, of Cody with his first big game animal. Taken near Cody.

Marcia Murdock enjoyed success this past season. Left and middle is her 2006 ram. Marcia writes that she had a great year with three animals with 3 shots from her 7 mm mag. The longest was the sheep at less than 100 yards. The whitetail was 45 yards while still-hunting in crunchy snow. The most satisfying part - she was standing in the tracks of a couple ATVs that had been illegally operated a long ways off-road. Those guys never saw that buck but she got him fair and square - fair chase.

Chuck Dobkin's son Logan with dad’s kill on 9/15/06, 9 yard shot Medicine Bow Forest.

Craig Achord from Sheridan writes: After the 8 hour 1000 yard hike we got above this Billy. We dropped down from above him and shot him at 50 yards. He stumbled and fell over 600 feet to the bottom. He broke about 4 inches off of his left side (the taxidermist can fix) and measured 9-1/4 on his right. He was killed north of Cody, WY in area 1.

Jordan Hanson from Lander shot these to ducks, both hens, one a
ruddy duck (left) and a mallard (right). They were both out of Pond Five at
Ocean Lake. He shot both with his Mossberg 20 ga.

Joe Larralde and his son Jesse (age 13) with their animals taken in 2006. Both elk were taken on public land in the Bighorn Mtns. Jesse harvested his whitetail on public land in the Black Hills Joe harvested his whitetail on private land north of Buffalo WY. They live in the Black Hills by Four Corners WY.

12 year old Ben Kaufman with his first deer. It was taken with a .270 in the the Lander area. That's his Dad in the left photo.

Dru Philips from Dubois writes: The first picture is of a buck I shot near Dubois in 2000. I almost ran him over on the highway the night before I shot him. He is a 9 x 10, 33 1/4 inches wide and scores about 238 B&C. The second picture is my brothers elk from this year shot north of Dubois. The last picture is my elk from this year from around Dubois.

The Kraft family from Riverton had a terrific deer season with these three fine bucks all taken in the Horse Creek Area. Left to right: 13 year old Jerika shot her first deer with her .243 at 50 yards on Oct. 5th, James shot his 4x4 on the 8th at 250 yards with a .300 Win Mag, and Kristina shot her first at about 30 yards qwith her .243 on the 10th.

Left: Jason Laird of Lander with his nice 6 point bull. Jason crawled 2 and a half hours across a sagebrush flat to harvest this bull. Shot in area 100 with a 30.06. Right: Robert Laird of Lander with his nice 6 point bull. Harvested in area 100 with 30 .06 Winchester.

Matt Lemm from Lander hunted for the "Big One" all season, finally taking this 3 point on October 29th in Area 90.

Ken Meade from Lander scored this nice whitetail buck near Shell, Wy. on November 14th.

Shot by Eric Sheridan, Nov. 17th during late season in Dubois. Closed the deal with a "classic pincher movement" with brother Kevin after a 2 mile hike to catch up with him.

Travis Lewis of Riverton called this male coyote in from 240 yds to 50 yds and shot it with a 22 long rifle on 11-19-06 outside of Riverton.

Matt Wilson from Rawlins Wy harvested this Pope and Young pronghorn on August 20.
Spot and stalked this antelope for over 5 hours and the last 45 minutes without boots! Sent a broadhead through his lungs at 35 yards.
His elk is from walk in Area 22 and deer from walk in Area 87 (notice the Ferris Mountains in the background).

Glenn Summers of Riverton Wy, shot this coyote on 11-18-06 outside of Riverton.

Joe Gonzalez's 5x5 whitetail killed November 16, 2006 says thanks to son Joseph Gonzalez for telling him where the bucks were at. As you can see this whitetail got a little too curious and got some quills in his face.

This young deer was taken up in Dubois, Mike Strasser and his son Mark, this was Mark's first hunting trip!!

Andy Young, formerly of Lander, took this whitetail in Kansas during November with his Hoyt Bow.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne, Wyoming writes: This is by far my luckiest and busiest hunting season to date. I was fortunate enough to draw a Wyoming Moose and a Big Horn sheep tag in the same year. What an animal "Scores" has never meant much to me, but they are all trophies to me. I shot the moose with my bow on Sept 2nd in the southern part of Wyoming. I was able to sneak up on him to within 15 yards as he fought with another bull. The antelope is 15 inches and was taken in central Wyoming. The mule deer was also taken in central Wyoming. The sheep was taken in area 2 with help from my good friend John Porter with Morning Creek Outfitters. John and his staff did an outstanding job! This is definately a year I will never forget!

Miles Bundy from Casper with his antelope and mule deer bucks taken this fall.

Randy Meyer of Gillette shot this 5x5 muley Nov 19 with his trusty ol' 30-06.

Greg Boon from Lander bagged this 4x6 whitetail buck this fall with his 7MM Rem Mag.

Wade Appelhans from Lander with sons Riley and Kelter and a 3x4 muley buck shot October 15th in Area 94.

Matt Sanders from Lander writes: Here are photos of my son Zachary with his first deer shot on opening day, with Grampa's 6mm Remington Model 700.He got him with one shot at 180 yards. Zachary is 12 years old. Son Mark shot this whitetail with one shot from his 270 at 120 yards, it was his fifth deer. They were both taken in theTable Mountain area. Mark is 16 years old.

Left: Travis Lucas from Lander with his buck, bucks taken by Travis and Annette Lucas, Elk taken by Tom and Tammy Lucas in the Dickinson Park area and James Humphrey from Lander with his first elk.

Photos 1 through 3: It was a successful opening day hunt for Fred Neuman and his daughter Angela from Rawlins. Both of them got these nice bulls from the Red Desert on Oct. 23rd, area 118. Photos 4 through 6: Also getting her first bull from the Red Desert is Kaitlyn Schmidt also of Rawlins, pictured with Fred Nueman and her father Rod Schmidt.

Lynn Graham, Lander with his bull taken October 29th in Area100. 7MM Ultra-Mag

Traci Clark writes: We are Traci Clark & Mike Phillips of Casper. My Antelope was taken in Area 72 on the 3rd day of rifle season. He is a very nice goat, he is 16 inches on each side with 8 inch bases ( as you can see I can't get my hands around his bases) and has 8 1/2 inch cutters and carriers 4 inch mass above the cutters. He green scored over 88.

Mike's Mule deer was taken in Area 89, he is a nice symmetrical 4 x 4 with even brow tines and deep forks. Mike got him about sunset on opening day 2006. Both were taken with Browning A-Bolt Medallion .300 WSM's

Here are a couple good bulls harvested by Doug Petersen and Trevor McClelland.

Steve Simpson from Lander with his 2006 Fremont County Muley! 28 inch spread.

After some fantastic guiding from his dad, Rick, Ethan Liesenfeld from Dubois harvested this great 370 class bull with one shot from a 300 Win.Mag. September 24 north of Dubois.

Bob Pauly from Evanston writes: Here are some pictures of this years successful hunting. I have lived in Wyoming 39 years and have hunted public lands for 25 years now. This year I finally got a trophy bull elk, (right). It is a 7X7 bull elk with multiple broken tines but I figure will add to his character. Center is my antelope and the two on the left are of my deer from this year that I harvested in Area 102 south of Rock Springs.

Mark Bundy from Casper had a season most of us can only dream of...from left to right Mark's 2006 goat, muley and a dandy whitetail taken with a bow in Wisconsin!

Joseph Gonzalez...first whitetail buck, 4x5, killed November 13, 2006

Chris Brinkerhoff shot this deer the 3rd day of general deer season, in a highly hunted area. Sat and let the other hunters push the deer to him. A nice 4 by 4.

Ann Aksamit from Sheridan harvested this elk in the Big Horns.

Kimberlee Carey with 2 Green-winged Teal she shot this year and she holds a Wood Duck that her proud Dad Jim shot.

Left: Ron Wells and his boys Kegan and Kolbey from Lander with Ron's antelope shot near Big Piney on October 7th. Right: Ron also had a successful deer and elk hunt this season!

Daren Hansen from Powell bagged this buck October 22nd in the Big Horn Mtns.

Brodie Knell from Lander (center), shot this nice 5x5 during the first week of October in the Prospect Mountains, Area 130. One of the front tines was shot off by one of his hunting partners.

16 year old Heather Bregar from Lander with her 4th bull. This 4x3 was shot at first light October 12th with her Browning 7MM-008 in the Lander area.

Ellen Clark from Fort Washakie with her fork horn that she hunted and harvested on her own. October 20th on BLM land near Squaw Creek.

Joe Vasco took this huge fork horn in Area 102. 28" wide x 24" tall. 7" bases. Joe said many of it's teeth were broken and almost gone.

12 year old Travis Boulette from Lander had a super first hunting season! One shot took down his antelope north of Douglas in September. He added his buck east of Lander in October and downed his 7 by 6 desert bull in October as well.

Left: Brittney Lynch with her 3 by 4 shot above Dubois while hunting with her sister Hailee and her Mom Dana. Her third deer. Right: Hailee Lynch poses with her buck shot at Sheridan Creek with one shot from her 30-06. Also hunting with Mom and sister.

Alex McDonnel from Lander with his Big Horn Ram taken in Area 3 near Cody on October 18th.

Shannon Beason from Lander with her nice muley buck taken on October 21st in Wyoming Area 91/92. .308 Win at 240+ yards.

Brian Oaks from Riverton with his first moose. 46" wide. Taken near the North Fork of Piney Creek, in Area 24.

Alexis Juarez with her antelope she shot in area 69 with her .270

Jesse Palmer from Kennebec, S.D. writes: Here's a picture of the antelope buck I shot in Unit 73 on September 18th on the 3rd day of hunting. I have been trying to draw that area for 7 years. My buck is 14-1/2” tall but scores well because of the huge mass measurements and huge cutters. He green scores over 87”. I shot him at 275 yards with a .30-06.

Jason Reaves of Casper with his area 89 deer. He made an excellent
shot with a 7mm using Federal Premium 160gr Nosler Partitions.

Ken Casey of Riverton with his area 36 muley, taken 10/22/06.

Dave Balling of Cody took this whitetail buck in a hunter management unit October 26.

Billy Meeks from Lander with his nice buck taken October 19th in the Dubois area.

Michael Clancy writes: I shot this whitetail in Fremont County on private land. He ended up being a 10 x 7 including his cheaters, but main frame is a 5 x 5. He's aged at 5 or 6-1/2 by Game and Fish biologist. Thanks to my wife for having patience through this hunting season and to the landowner.

Left to right: 1. Jesse Martinez Jr., Rawlins Wyoming, Archery elk 5x5 Green Mountain Wyoming, taken Sept 29,2006. 2. Tim Martinez of Rawlins. 5x6 opening day elk. Green Mountain. 3. Pablin Martinez of Rawlins 6x6 opening morning elk. Green Mountain. 4. Kenny Willcox, Willie Willcox, Dave Willcox, Pablin Martinez, and Tim Martinez of Rawlins, Casper, and Nebraska. On one good morning of hunting. 1-5x6 and 1-6x6 on opening morning. Elk harvested by Pablin and Tim.

Mike Haase from Lander with his Area 91 antelope and his Area 99 spike elk.

Chuck Tanner from Lander with his bull moose taken near Dubois at 100 yards with a .308 win. Finally drew his tag after 25 + years of applying!

Terra Hubenka from Lander with her first deer.
10-7-06 with her 30-06.

Left: Josh and Mark Crain from Lander with their Red Desert Bulls. Right: Mark, Josh and Jeff Crain with their three bulls.

Rilee Erickson from Lander has had a super year! Her first deer, second antelope and her first elk. The 5x5 buck was taken at her Grandpa's with one shot on October 15th. The antelope was taken with one shot on opening day and the elk was taken with one shot on October 5th.

The results of Katie Erickson's first hunt! Katie is from Lander.

Kevin Wells from Cheyenne with his 5 point bull shot on Monday, Oct. 16, in the Platte River Wilderness.

13 year old Thayne Balling from Cody took this buck in a hunter management unit October 21, 2006.

Al Bezanson from Lander with this "freak" elk. Shot October 18th in Area 100.

Elk taken on the Wind River Reservation October 3rd and 4th. Left to right: EJ Cruickshank, Aaron Nicol, Coby Nicol, and Alfred Dishaw. Alfreds' gross scored at 386.

Tyrell Meyer from Evansville took the nice buck in the Riverton area.

My brother Dick's buck taken opening morning in the Chalk Hills region south of Casper.

This is my little buck ready to take a ride to the truck. Not a big deer by any means, but those backstraps are delicious! Chalk Hills , south of Casper opening day.

Dave Rahn of Riverton Wyoming took this Wyoming wild bison just outside of Grand Teton National Park near Shadow Mountain on 10-21-06, he shot the bull with a .300 WSM with 165 grain Barnes triple shocks.

A 5x5 Muley taken in the Bighorns by Buffalo by Travis Meyer of Gillette with a Ruger 338 mag at 350 yds. The rack was not very big but was symmetrical.

A happy Wendy Reed from Lander with her buck taken October 15th on a private ranch.

16 year old, Jake Reed from Lander with his nice buck shot October 15th.

Luke Gimple from Lander with his buck shot October 15th.

Craig Amadio with his bull elk taken October 15th on public land.

15 year old, Derrill Price from Lander with his first buck. A 5x4 shot on October 15th.

13 year old, Cierra Koivupalo from Hudson had the "time of her life" taking her first deer with a .243 Win with one shot on October 7th near Oregon Buttes.

Robert Koivupalo from Hudson with his first rabbit. Taken with a .22 near Hudson on October 3rd.

Dudley Irvine from Lander with his Red Desert buck taken with his hand gun on October 7th.

Reese Irvine of Lander with his buck taken with a 6 mm-.223 hand gun on October 6th in the Lance Creek area.

Greg Larsen from Riverton with his opening day buck shot on public land hunt with his ol'
trusty .270.

Left: Tad Hubble and his Dad (right), Darin Hubble from Lander. Harvested on October 15th in Area 100. Shot both of these bulls out of the same group at the same time.

Heather VanVleet from Lander with her 5x6 muley. 10/15/06 Long Creek Area 97.

Nice buck with a drop tine taken in the Lander area on October 15th. 165 gross score.

Greg Bautz from Lander with Sandhill Cranes taken in Mid-September near Ocean Lake.

Mitchell Joe Brauneis of Lander (Junior LVHS) with his first Whitetail Buck. Shot near Hudson with his Ruger M-77 30'06 (purchased from the Good Place in Lander).

JD Etter from Hudson with his first antelope Shot with a 30-06 in the Pacific Buttes area on September 15th! Also supporting JD were his brother Ian and sister Brittanee .

Lisa Stewart of Thayne, Wyoming shot her first antelope this season.

Derek DeBolt, age 12, from Lander. First antelope, one shot at 175 yards. Area 65.

Larry Englert from Lander, with his nice 6 x 7 bull taken in the Lander area.

Jimmy Supino formerly from Riverton now living in Colorado, with his muzzle loader bull. Shot at 40 yards.

Left: Joseph Gonzalez shot his elk Oct. 4th. Right: Joe Gonzalez shot his Oct. 11th, both killed above Lander.

Daydra Helm from Smoot, Wy. writes: This cow buffalo was taken from Hunt area 2 near Jackson, WY on September 4th, 2006. I shot her with my 30.06 with one shot in the neck at 175 yards. Those are the Tetons in the back ground looking out of the Spread Creek drainage.

Greg Larsen from Riverton with his bull shot on Oct. 10 .

Cody Lee from Fairmount City, Pa. Took a trip to Gillette, WY to hunt on 10/8/06 and shot his first antelope. It measured about 15 inches. It also has two kickers on the back..shot at 150 yards with a 7mm Remington mag.

Krista Osterman with her buck taken on the 1st of October in Area 65. 100 yards. Green score 80-1/4.

13 year-old Megan LaTorre from Lander with her antelope shot at 250 yards in Area 66. .243. 15-3/4" with 6" cutters.

Left: Steve Brown from Lander with his 345 bull! Right: W. Charlie Henderson, from Lander with his 6x6 bull rack. CVA .50 cal. Black powder at 90 yards. October 1st. Lander Area. Public land.

This is Lori Larsen's first elk, she made a one shot kill with her 25-06. The bull scored right at 300 b&c. even though he was 5 on the one side. Lori is from Riverton and her husband Greg guided her on the hunt.

Charity Hardman's antelope is 15" on both sides and was taken the first day of the rifle season. Charity's elk was taken at 17 yards with a Hoyt compound bow above Dubois 9/26/06, this is her first bull and her first animal taken with a bow. John's bull was taken at 15 yards opening weekend above Lander! So far it has been a great year for the Hardmans from Riverton!

Dave Vaughan from Lander took this nice buck antelope in Bison Basin on October 12th. Pictured is Dave's grandson Tyler Massey.

Kevin Sheridan from Lander with his BIG BULL shot October 7th in Area 67 near Dubois. 7MM Mag. Green score 366-1/2. Kevin says, "Special thanks to a great caller...Mark James."

15 year old, Kori Bird of Lander, with her Area 42 moose. Big Horn National Forest. October 5th. .270 Win.

Stephen Bauer with his first antelope. Area 25.

Weston Hubele, age 15, with his First Goat! Shot at 300 yrds with a 338 Ultra on opening morning in Area 76. Grosses 77-4/8. Thermopolis Wy.

Mike Haase from Lander with his 4x5 buck shot on October 7th in Area 130. 77 yds.

Marshall Balzly from Lander with his BIG 6x& bull! Green scored 360 plus. Shot in Area 67 near Dubois October 2nd. 7MM Ultra Mag

Nice 4x3 Muley buck taken by John Thurlo of Lander. Upper Sweetwater on October 3rd. 27-5/8" spread.

Will Bernstein and Sandra Ramirez from California with nice 4X5 taken in Lyman, Wyo. are to be married in April.

Stephen Bernstein with a 2X2 from Cal. also taken in Lyman, Wyo.
Photo by Duane Alveraz from Superior.

Jim Aksamit from Sheridan with a nice goat he shot near Shoshoni the first weekend of October.

My name is Eric McDonald from Casper Wy. On the last day of September, I was out with my uncle and we got on a really huge antelope. After a short sneak, I shot it with his 300 Weatherby and down it went, we had no idea he was this enormous, and we couldn't believe the size of his horns, you can't even get your hand around the bases which are 7-4/8 and 7-5/8, it has a length of 16-4/8 and 16-5/8. We green scored him at 88-1/8 and nets 87-4/8. The day before my Uncle, Gordy Lockwood, also got a nice one that had 6-5/8 inch bases, 13-5/8 inches tall, and was nearly 17 inches wide, scores in the mid 70's, it was a great weekend of hunting!

Gary Shinn from Cody and his adult male coyote taken just south of Cody, 30 yard shot with his BowTech bow.

Mike Martinez writes: Here is my antelope which was taken on 8/18/06 with my bow it score 85 6/8 and my boy Adrein's antelope that scores 75 3/8 it was taken on 9/24/06. Both south of Rawlins. My antelope was shot at 25 yards sitting in a blind and my sons' antelope was shot at about 250+ yards with his 25-06, with perfect shot placement.

Greg Larsen writes: This was Lori Larsen's buck for 06, he scores very near book. She made a great shot at 220 yards. Stalked the buck for 2 days before we could get a good shot on him.

NOTE: This photo has been circulating the internet lately. The claim is that this elk was killed during a "fair-chase" hunt with a bow in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in Idaho. However evidence has been received that this bull was shot on a game farm in Quebec, Canada. Here are some interesting photos taken of the same animal. It's as big as they get, but it doesn't appear the fair-chase claim is valid.

Thanks to Derek from Casper for the info.

J. Mike Workman from Lander with a very unusual antelope. 17 points! Shot in Area 66 on September 23rd with a 280 Rem at 225 yards.

Fred Nyhus from Lander with his black bear taken September 25th in the Spread Creek area. 6' 4" Est weight 550 - 600 pounds.

Bruce Dempster from Ft. Washakie with his first antelope. Shot September 16th in the Oregon Buttes area.

Ted Hubele from Thermopolis writes: Killed my elk at 18 yrds, antelope at 35 yrds, and my mule deer at 70 yrds, all with my new HOYT bow, So far a good year. The goat and buck go P&Y at 74 and 150. All were taken in the Thermopolis area.

Left to right: Verna Brown from Lander with her dandy 6x5 buck. 28" wide, shot September 16th on public land. Verna's 6x7 bull elk was shot 4 days later, again on public land. Steve Brown also enjoyed success with his 5x5 monster shot on September 23rd on public land. Goes to show you don't have to hunt private land to find quality animals!

Mindy Schaad. This moose was her first big game animal taken. She had put in for 13 years. She was outfitted by Larry Jenkins hunt camp. Dirk Jenkins was her guide. She dropped the moose with one shot from her .270 in a beautiful aspen grove in the Greys River area south of Jackson. It was another awesome Wyoming Outdoors experience!

Ron Reemts from Lander with his dandy Big Horn ram taken September 18th in the Double Cabin area near Dubois. 1 shot with a 7mm Mag. 14-1/2' bases 29-1/2 and 31-1/2" length.

Greg Larsen from Riverton with his 06 antelope. Fremont County. Green score 82-1/2.

Tyler Burt writes....Here is a photo of my 2006 antelope buck. I lived in Rock Springs for 5 ½ years. As I have just relocated to Colorado, this was my last season hunting WY as a resident…for now. Who knows what the future holds! The goat is just shy of 15 inches, and still green grosses around 79 ¼ - not too bad for such a shorty. I took him at 385 yards with my .270.

JIM STOVER From Cheyenne writes.....Spotted this buck at 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon on the 18th of Sept. 06 bedded down. Put a mile stalk around down wind of him to get with 250 yards...He was still bedded. He stayed bedded for another 3 hrs with no possible stalk.....Until he got up around 6:00 p.m. and fed over a point. I immediately ran within 50 yards to where he was bedded and took off my boots due to how dry it was and the wind had calmed to nothing. Stalked around the point and all I could see was antlers! I ranged a bush where he was at; at 14 yards...I immediately drew and took one step to my left and shot him at 17 yards steep quartering away...He didn’t go 80 yards and expired. He was approx. a 8-10 year old deer and weighed about 350 pds on the hoof. His gross score is 180 1/2 and will net out at around 175 and some change. He has 6 1/2 bases and holds the heaviness throughout..

Jim Aksamit from Sheridan Wyoming with his 62" Bull Moose taken near Fairbanks, AK this September.

Richard Bird from Lander with his Black Bear taken in Area B, South Pass Area on Labor Day. 15 yard shot.

15 and 1/2 inch buck shot by Eric Perkins of Lander. Eric took the buck with one shot using a 243 on Sunday, September 17th the day after "The One Shot". "I guess they didn't get 'em all". The buck is to be measured for Boone and Crockett.

Karl Brauneis of Lander with his buck shot on September 18th in the Antelope Hills. He used the sister to his old Winchester saddle rifle - A '94 (30WCF) saddle carbine (mfg 1936).

Austin Shurg,12, from Lander, with his first goat! 14". 7MM08 at 188 yards. September 17th. Area 73, Waltman.

Goats were taken Sept. 16, area 65, Joseph Gonzalez's measured 16", father's was smaller, it was Joseph's first goat, home at 8:30 a.m

Left: Margie DePriest from Lander with her Pronghorn. Taken with one shot at about 150 yards with her .270. Right Chief P.C. DePriest of Lander with his antelope shot at 80 yards with his .257 Roberts. 100 Gr. Hornady SSP. Both taken in Area 61.

Dick Lemm with his antelope taken Sept. 17th in Area 106. 16-1/4 & 16 1/8 tall with 7-1/4 and 6-7/8 cutters.

Jerry York from Lander shot this pronghorn on the 20th of August with his 50 cal. Flintlock. South of South Pass City.

Left: Desi Price of Lander with her first pronghorn taken in Area 107 runnign shot. Right: Keith Price with his and Desi's animals. His is the smallest.

Greg Larson from Riverton Wyoming with his Dall Ram taken in August in the Brooks Range of Alaska. Left horn 40-1/2", right horn 39-1/2" 31-1/2" tip to tip. 11-1/2 years old. .270 win at 100 yards.

Heath Morgan from Lander with his huge ram taken in Area 4 on September 2nd. Scored 163...15" base, 32" length. Self-guided hunt. 275 yards with a .300 Win Mag.

Michael Boodleman of Lander with his nice 4x4 whitetail buck taken with a crossbow at 35 yards on September 4th along the bottom of Table Mountain near Lander.

Ben Hockett from Lander with his 1st archery buck. 46 yards with a Barnett Crossbow. Area 95. September 4th.

Jim Johnston from Rawlins Wyoming with a bear that he shot this past spring. The bear was between 450 and 500 lbs. He couldn’t find a scale that went higher then 450. Killed him in area 9. The skull measures 20-1/8. His brother that is also pictured killed a bear this spring. His weighed 425 lbs and his skull was 19-3/8. So we had a great spring bear season.

Left: Lauretta Gifford from Lander Wy. with her first bear. 8' 6" in Manitoba in late June with a .338 Win Mag. Right: David Gifford with his bear also taken in Manitoba in late June.

Jim Stover from Cheyenne, harvested this 13-1/2" antelope with his bow on 22 Aug 06. The buck was 38 yards from his blind, drinking from a water hole, when Jim shot him. It was his first outing this year and he was only in the blind for 10 minutes... That kind of hunting can spoil you! Jim also included a pic of a doe watering. Every time she watered, her 3 babies fed as well.

Cow Buffalo Taken at Silver Spur Ranch near Lusk, Wyoming by Deanna Edmunds from Casper with Winchester Model 70 7mm WSM

Freddy Gossman from Casper with his 165-2\8" muley taken Sept 1st in the Big Horn Mtns. at 55 yards with bow.

Mary Cordes from Cheyenne, shot her first bear black bear near Olha, Manitoba on 30 Aug 06. Shot at 21 yards with her Thompson Center Omega Muzzleloader. She weighed 285 lbs.

Bob Thomsen from Lander traveled to Alaska in May and took this 8 and a half foot brown bear. 1 shot with a .375 H&H.

Dave Vaughan from Lander with a world-class European Wild Boar and a Roe Deer he shot in northern Spain in May of 06.

Tony Pingree from Ft. Washakie with bear taken along Meadow Creek near Crowheart on May 20. 2006. Cinnamon bear on right was treed by to Alden Lock and his hounds.

This is a picture of Ron Duncan and his grandson Ammon Duncan. Ammon is the son of Mike and Jeanna Duncan of Sheridan. The Merriams turkey was shot by Ron with a blackpowder shotgun on May 5. with one shot, near Sheridan. Ammon did a great job calling this Gobbler in.

DJ Strickland for Lander with her turkey shot April 14th near Sundance.44 yards with a Baretta 12 ga. Silver Mallard.

Tom Sweet from Lander with a nice turkey taken April 14th in the Sundance area with a Benelli 12 ga. at 30 yards.

Jessica Olsen from Lander with her 1st turkey! 20 pounds with an 8" beard. Taken near Hulett on April 9th.

Kori Bird from Lander with her third turkey. Bagged this one on April 8th with a .22 Hornet at 175 yards. Shot near Devil's Tower.

Steve Hovendick from Lander with his lion. 1 hour chase with Brett Berg and his dogs. Area 4-Table Mountain area on January 15th.

A Texas Black buck taken by Mark Bundy from Casper. Mark said it was a very elusive animal.

Mountain Goat shot by Dan Hauck from Riverton Feb 23, 2006 near Terrace, British Columbia.
He harvested the goat after looking over many mature billies. His outfitter was Bolen Lewis Trophy Guiding. He shot the goat with a .50 caliber TC omega muzzleloader.

Paul Fontaine of Lander with a wolf taken near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada on February 23rd. 255 yards with a .300 WSM.