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Fishing Gallery 2006

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!
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Jeremy Schaad went fishing with family after Thanksgiving dinner and had a great day on Flaming Gorge. They got into the big Lake Trout. Dorian (Jeremy's brother in law) caught a 17-pounder. Jeremy hooked on to a monster. The rough weight and measurements are: 23 pounds, 38 inches long, 21 inches girth.


Rob Davis from Casper is the new owner of the Wyoming Walleye Circuit.  Rob sent these pictures of his sons Colten at Keyhole and Casey Davis at Pathfinder, Jason Lewis and Fred Gossman at Seminoe in 06, both of Rob's were caught pre-fishing Keyhole in 06. The photo gallery at the Wyoming Walleye Circuit Website is up and running.  Check it out! Click HERE!

Matt Sanders from Lander with a nice brown caught in the Wind River in July. 24"--5 pounds.

Left: 3 year-old, Robert Koivupalo from Hudson with a 22" rainbow caught from Boysen in August.  Right: Jessica Koivupalo with her 8 pound walleye taken in July at Boysen.

This 22" fish was caught on a three weight fly rod (because he broke my five weight) by Nick Fulton of Lander September 24, 2006 in the Wind River Canyon.

Patrick Edwards from Laramie writes: The largemouth bass came from Bass Lake west of Boysen and it was 15 inches long. The two smallmouth came from Flaming Gorge. The one I am holding was 13 inches and my dad, Bobby Edwards, (middle), is holding a 17-incher. All 3 fish were caught this August.

Al Bezansen from Lander with some nice pike taken this past June from Lake LaRonge Saskatchewan.

Chris from Riverton with his nice 10 pound walleye from Boysen 8/19/06.  (Photo by Ray).

Kevin Reinig's girls, Kayla and Hannah, with some nice fish!  Perch and trout from Boysen. August 2006.

Jason Teeples, Erin Martin, and Brad Meredith, all from Lander with a mess of Brookies from Shoshone Lake.  These are the ones they kept to eat, they turned enough loose to sink the boat!

Nancy Seiler of Lander had the best day of fishing in her life Saturday, July 29th out at Boysen.   The walleye she reeled in was 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 27-1/2".    All together 16 fish were caught all the fish over 20" were released including her big one!  She was told that when you release the large fish, the fish gods will bless you with one even bigger.   How true!!!

Left: 10 year-old Cameron Kreager from Hudson with her 23 1/2" Rainbow caught from Boysen Reservoir on April 10th.  Brother, 6 year-old Noah Kreager displays his 20 and a half inch bow from Boysen that same day.

Brown Trout taken by Jack Piazzesi in the Wind River Canyon in April 24".

 Scott Rinn, from Lander, with his hawg rainbow caught on 4/23/06. He caught the fish on the Popo Agie River outside Lander on a 5# fly rod, using 5X tippet, and a beadhead pheasant tail. The fish measured 29" and weighed roughly 11.75 lbs. Lacking a net, it took close to an hour to land the fish!

Morgan Carey with a 23 inch rainbow from Boysen in March of 06. Photo submitted by Proud father, Jim Carey. (No, not that Jim Carey)

Joe Antolik from Lander with some nice rainbows taken from Boysen in early March.  Assisted by Rich Christianson.  Both are 22" - 5+pounds.

T.J. Baldwin of Riverton with an 11 pound 8 ounce cat caught at Boysen on January 10th.

Here's our family outing this January on Ocean Lake. One with two kids is Kayla and Mathew and the one with three is Kayla, Mathew, and
Steven with their walleyes. Submitted by Kevin Reinig, Riverton, WY

 Kirk Clark and Justin Manor from Riverton caught these catfish on
Boysen in mid January. The smallest was 10 lbs the largest was 15 lbs.


 3 year old Jack Sweeney with his first ever
Rainbow Trout. Taken at Georgetown Lake near Anaconda, Montana. He went ice fishing for the first time ever with his Dad, Travis, and his Grandpa Jerry. We didn't measure it, but it was the first and the biggest fish of the day. It was caught on New Year's Day.

Kelly Boatman form Casper caught this nice rainbow on the North Platte in early January. Measured 24" somewhere around 6lbs.

 Jake Davis from Lander with his rainbow from Morton Lake in January. Caught with 2 foot
jigging pole. 23" and weighed about four and a half to five pounds.

Couple of nice browns caught by Charlie and Michael Boodleman of Lander in the Wind River Canyon on January 6th.  The big one is 26 inches and weighed 7.15 pounds. The smaller was 18 inches and 2.7 pounds.

Travis Scadden from Lander with a 19" rainbow caught at Boysen in January.

Here is Jim Miller's dandy 12.56 pound walleye caught at Ocean Lake on New Years Eve. I know it was caught the last day of 2005 but I thought it would be a great way to start the 2006 Fish Gallery!