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Hunting Gallery 2005

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!

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Scroll down for a look at a whitetail buck with three main beams!

Jason Koltiska writes: Photos of my wife Joy Koltiska and my daughter Sage holding my 2005 Wyoming Muley! This was our first hunting trip together as a family. I think I found my good luck charms!

Greg Larsen from Riverton with his bighorn from area 4 that he took with the help of his good friend, Dirk Edington on 9/2/05.  15-7/8 bases, 33-1/2 long.

Jim Stover from Cheyenne wrote: Here is a whitetail I shot last September with my bow.  I was actually putting a stalk on an antelope when coming around a cow trail on a creek I saw this bucks antlers laying in the grass.  Bye, bye, antelope; deer hunting time.  He was actually asleep.  If it wasn't such a windy day he would have probably spotted me but do to the willows blowing back and forth he noticed nothing.  Make a long story shorter, after 2 hours of waiting and sneaking forward to 42 yards, my shot was true.  He will score around 150" net pope and young unofficially and to my knowledge will be in the top 5 for archery typical whitetails in the state of Wyoming.  He is a perfectly symmetrical 5X5.  He was taken in the Cheyenne area.  

Jim Carey's daughter Katelynn holding a mallard on her 1st outing with Dad, Sept 05. Right: Kimberlee Carey, after passing hunters safety and near her 8th birthday, shot a drake mallard with her trusty retriever SKY and did it with a Winchester .20 gauge.

Left: Halli Stocklin from Ten Sleep with her first deer taken at 170 yards with a 260 Rem.  Deer Area 40.  October 30th.  Right: Clay Stocklin from Ten Sleep with his buck taken in Area 42 on October 15th.

 Becky Shepard, and her brother Andy Calvert of Lander with their deer. His is a 5x5 and hers is a 4x4 both  were taken in the Beaver rim area on opening day. On the right is Becky's son Shayne Shepard and his first deer taken on the 17th of  October in the Hall Creek area near Lander. Shayne had his deer killed and dressed before 8:00 am.

Here is the 5x4 rack of Don Bailey's buck. Don is from Lander.  Took his deer in the Tin Cup Area October 16th.

Clint Sheer and Tony Taft of Lander with their bucks taken in October in the Lander area.

  5x6 Whitetail Buck--130 class--taken on public land in the Black Hills by
Jeremiah Waugh--Laramie, WY  


Photo submitted by Allen Berg of Farson showing a successful whitetail hunt in the Redstone, Montana area in October.  From R to L: Allen Berg, Corey Nelson, Allen Stout, Greage Buckendorff.

The above racks belong to Dick Ellis of Lander. The whitetail was taken in November in the North Fork area near Lander, his biggest yet.  The elk was shot in October in the Beaver Creek area and the moose was taken in October in the Deep Creek area.  A Wyoming Slam!

Eric Logue of Lander with his fall of 2005 harvest.  The elk was Eric's first with a bow and was taken on September 9th in the Lander area.  The 4x5 mule deer buck was taken in the Lander area October 15th.

These pictures are the result of a youth cow elk hunt donated to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation by John Henry Lee Outfitters in Dubois, Wyoming. The lucky youth is Meagan Reddon, age 14 from Riverton, Wyoming. This is her first elk taken, hopefully not the last. A great big thank you to John Lee Outfitters, the Stage Coach Inn, the Cowboy Cafe and Wind River Meats for donating their services to the RMEF. This is definitely a trip all young hunters should experience.

Marty Killion from  Laramie WY enjoyed a great year! From left to right: 1) Wyoming Buffalo taken on the Laramie Peak mountain range. He weighed 2,200lbs and scored 120-2/8BC and is #55 in the SCI record books.  2) Antelope taken out of area 46 in Wyoming. Taken with T/C Omega muzzleoader at 200+ yards.  3) Nebraska bull elk taken in NW corner of Nebraska, 6x6 bull taken at 100 yards with a T/C Omega. He is #6 all time typical with a muzzleloader for SCI.  4) Northern Alberta Whitetail, he scored 162+ as a 8 point. He is 24-4/8 wide.  5) Central Iowa muzzleloader Whitetail taken at 60 yards, scored 143+.  6) Another successful hunt for Marty's 14 year old daughter, Ashley, she is a Laramie High School Cheerleader and a 4.0 GPA student. Her nice antelope was taken out of area 46.

Buck on left was taken by Tim Boyd from Houston, Texas on October 12th, above Horse Creek. The buck on right was taken by Mick Cragoe, a Riverton native living in Houston, above Horse Creek on October 14th.

Dan Hauck shot the elk this November with his rifle.   He shot the deer with his bow this year in September he is a 5x7. Both animals came from Cody on Public Land.

Richard Kuster of Lander bagged a nice elk on October 15h in Area 28 above Lander, his biggest so far. 1 shot from 260 yards.  The whitetail buck was shot by Richard on November 17th in the Black Hills of Wyoming.

Matt Lemm from Lander with his Dad, Doug.  Matt's first coyote, called in by Richard Kuster from Lander.

Casey Barking harvested this 5X5 whitetail deer just outside of Sheridan. He was 20 inches wide. The deer was taken in November.

Sid Miller from Riverton with his 4 x4 whitetail buck taken in late November near Pavillion.

This buck was taken by Richard Larsen of Riverton, WY, with a late season Dubois area tag. It won the Dubois big buck contest.

 Andy Mikesell's bull shot south of Rawlins.

Poud Dad, Bill Bregar writes..."My 15 year old daughter Heather Bregar took this Buffalo near Devil's Tower (in the background) on 11-25-05. She took him with one shot using a 7mm-08 with Winchester Supreme 140 grain Fail Safe round resulting in a complete pass-through. "  "My 10 year old son, Hunter Bregar, shot this turkey with one shot from a 20 gauge the same day."

Mary Ann Patton of Lander with her 5x7 muley buck.  Taken in the Dubois area on November 20th.  Guided by Fritz Meyer.

Jan Otto from Lander with his 6 point bull shot in late October near Ten Sleep.

13 year old Alexis Juarez shot this nice 5 point elk, her first, on December 1st. It was extremely cold and windy. She hunted hard, stalking the elk up a steep mountain in deep snow. After shooting it, she was very excited with her success. We were able to drag it 3/4 of a mile down hill in the snow. She calls her guide "Up hill both ways Dad" (Ralph Juarez)

Chris Crow's 4pt Buck, Grandpa Eliason 4pt with Granddaughter Samantha Eliason, and Nic Bateson 5pt and friend Pete Eliason all from Sheridan and all shot off the same ranch.

A Dandy 5x5 whitetail shot by Laramie Wiginton of Pavillion in Area 157 on October 25th.  It was the deer his Dad was after!

 Cameron Kreager and Austin Rober of Lander with some rabbits taken in the And Mesa area near Boysen on November 21st.

Sam Ballard of Lander took this nice muley buck in Area 36 in mid October.

Greg Boone of Lander shot this whitetail in the Wyoming Black Hills November 8th. 250 yards with a 7MM Rem Mag.

Check out this big mule deer buck in this photo taken through a spotting scope in Area 91 in November by Cody Beasen of Lander.  6x7 with 26"+ spread.

3 Main Beams!
Allen Kerkhove from Wind River Taxidermy in Lander with his very unusual whitetail he shot on November 27th in Area 157.  This deer is a "buck and a half"!. Notice the 2 main beams on the left side.  A 10x6 or is it a 3x7x6?

Joe Engleman of Dubois shot his first Whitetail  with a bow! This nice 10 pointer came from area 158, on November 27th.

Jeff & Gretchen Mack of Riverton with their Whitetail Bucks from this year taken in area 157, Jeff got his early on in the season & Gretchen got hers early morning of 11/29.

This elk was killed by Tony Wyllie of Gillette on 9-3-05 in area 38.

Jessie Lajeunesse of Fort Washakie with his opening day bull taken in the St. Lawrence area.

I know that this whitetail was not taken in Wyoming, in fact it's from near Tawas Michigan.  My son, Bryan, who lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Mi., with his 5x2 buck.

Since I'm braggin' on family, here is a "YOOPER" 6 point taken by my son-in-law, Ervin Shroder of Newberry, Michigan.

Cindy Palmeno of Lander with her first whitetail.  Taken November 22nd in Area 157 with a .243 Win.

Bub Parker from Hudson with his elk taken October 15th in Area 99 and his nice whitetail buck from Area 171 on November 19th.

Jon Sonnenschein from
Riverton took this nice 5x5 buck in the Horse Creek area above Dubois during the late season November hunt area 128-129. Shooting a 7mm Mag. Remington 700

 Photos of game harvested by Mark Bundy of Casper this year! How do you top that?

Brennon Scott from Lander with his 4x4 taken in Area 130
Oct 5th.

This antelope was taken SW of Ten Sleep in area 115 by Corey Winters of Worland. One of the horns measures 16-1/4" and the other is 16- 1/8" with 7" bases. Notice the white across the back, it's thick white fur.

Cyrilla Wiginton of Pavilion with her 5x7 mule deer taken 10-17 in Area 157 with a .270 at 260 yards.  Her largest so far!

Doug and Matt Lemm from Lander with 2 whitetails they harvested in Area 4 of the Wyoming Black Hills on November 19th.  Matt's first.  Both clean, 1 shot kills.

TC Martin shot his first buck then his first bull all in the same morning. He hunted Fox Mtn. in the Owl Creek Mtns.

 Chaske Valdez of Ethete shot his first buck with his 7mm WSM at Mexican pass in the Owl Creek Mountains.

Lyle Valdez of Ethete shot this nice 5x5 at Dry Creek in the Owl Creek Mountains.

Robbie Valdez of Ethete brought down this nice sheep in the East Fork area of the Owl Creek Mountains.

Left to right: Mike Haase from Lander with his bull taken near the Big Sandy Entrance of the Wind River Mountains on October 18th...middle: Mike with his 7x4 whitetail taken in Area171, November 16th.  Both big game animals were taken with a TC Encore 7mm Rem-Mag.  Right: Mike with his dog, Drake, on Drake's first sage chicken hunt.

Here is a whitetail Jim Aksamit from Sheridan shot in Sheridan County, he gross scores at 168-2/8" Said this was the best hunt he has ever had, he rattled him in from over a ½-mile away.

From Left to right: DJ Strickland of Lander with her doe antelope taken in October near Boulder, Wy.....DJ with a jake turkey she shot near Hullet in November....DJ with Tom Sweet of Lander with the dog and 14 ducks taken near Boulder....and Tom with his antelope taken near Boulder in October.

Dave Rorabaugh of Pavillion took this dandy 6x9 buck in Area 90 on October 16th.  31-1/2" spread.  110 yard shot with 6MM Remington.

Jim Verplancke of Buffalo with his first archery antelope taken east of Buffalo on Public Walk-in access as well as the 2 deer harvested this year on public lands. The buck on the left was taken in Wyoming in the Bighorns and the deer on the right was taken in Montana east of Decker.

This is the moose Rob Hinkle from Riverton bagged 11-12-05 in the Dubois area after 20 days of hunting. He has a 50" spread!

Joe Palmeno of Lander with a bison he shot in Nevada on November 10th.  His first.  Shot it with 1 shot from a 7MM RemMag Weatherby.

 Big mule deer buck, taken in area 90 Fremont County by George T. Weston.

4x4 whitetail taken near Crowheart in 2005 by Brent Wilkes.

Carston Akins, 13 from Dubois, has had a great '05 hunting season! He shot this nice 5x5 mule deer during area 128/129 late season and also his 1st bull elk, a 6x6! Carston is an active Boy Scout and lives for the out of doors but particularly loves to hunt, fish and trap.

Jeffery Burris of Riverton with his '05 whitetail taken in the local area.

Andy Mikesell of Rawlins with a very nice 7x7 elk shot south of Rawlins in 2005.

Vance Spriggs of Riverton with a nice freak elk shot in the Red Dessert in 2005.

Brad Bartlett of Rawlins with a exceptional mule deer from Carbon County 2005.

13 year old Alexis Juarez of Casper and her first rooster pheasant. Shot during the Glendo area youth day with a 20 ga. Benelli Montefeltro.

Ralph Juarez from Casper writes: 10 pheasants after a long day of hunting during our Glendo permit day. There were 4 of us and we fell 2 short of everyone filling their limit. Pictured are Lacy (yellow lab) and Silver.

Ralph Juarez with 4 point bull elk shot with a Thompson Center Black Diamond 50 cal. Using Power Belt 245 gr. bullets and 150 gr. Triple
Seven pellets. Approx shot was 60 yards as he was bedded down facing the away.

Alexis Juarez of Casper, shot this, her 1st antelope at 125 yards with her 243. She made and excellent lung shot and dropped this trophy.
We thought it was a non-typical and hunted hard to get it. Upon
seeing it close, it had be shot through the base of the horn which made it droop.

Barb Juarez with her 5x4 mule deer, shot in the Rattlesnakes with a Remington 7mm. This was an old deer and at some point in his life
a real wall-mounter. His age is approx 8-9 years according to
Game and Fish viewing his worn down teeth. We stalked him for
almost a mile after seeing him laying in some sagebrush. Upon
finding the deer, he was asleep nose down in the dirt. The shot was about 40 yards.

Barb Juarez and her 5 point bull elk shot in the Shirley Mtns. on opening day with her 7mm.

Alexis Juarez and her 1st mule deer buck, a very nice 5x7. She shot this with her Savage 270. We stalked this deer after watching it bed down in some sagebrush.

Successful hunt for 4 friends on opening day in area 116 out of Meeteetse. Left to right...Maria Cleveland, Gary Cleveland, Josh Stachowski from Lander, and Mike Broadhead from Hudson. Right: Maria's first buck a real nice 4 x 3. Way to go Maria!!

Chris Crow from Sheridan, WY shot a once in a life time Wyoming Mountain Goat!

Terra Cain of Lander with her nice buck antelope taken October 1st in Area 65.  One shot with .243 Win.

Wild boar taken October 1st, 2005 100 miles north of Bakersfield, Cal. with a 30-06 about 80 yards away while it was running by Greg Lewallen of Casper, Wyoming.

 Theresa Powles from Laramie with her Cow Moose. This was her first time putting in for the draw, and she got her cow on opening day. Next is Larry Powles with his Mule Deer Buck (362 yard shot).  Their kids, Hunter & Kendall, with their Dad's antelope taken on their property.


Dick and Robin Lemm with a nice bull taken in Area 100 on October 29th.  This bull had a broadhead and 7" of arrow still in him.

30" mule deer buck taken in the Lander area by Ken Meade of Lander on October 21st.

Michael Filangi from Gillette shot his first Bull Elk in area 34 on October 21st. The bull scored a 351 green. Accompanied by his dad, Ralph, and Vern Millin from Wright.

12 year old Justin Walper of Lander with his first bull!  1 shot at 186 yards with a .243.  Area 100, October 15th.

George Weston, on the left shot a massive 4x4 mule deer with over 8 inch bases with an outside spread of 24 inches. Terrill Weston's has an outside spread of 33 inches with 5 points on one side and 4 on the other. Both were harvested in Area 90 on 10/25/05 within about 1 hour of each other. The two deer were only about 200 yards apart from each other.

Erica Raymond from Riverton with her 6 Point Mule Deer taken Oct. 2005 near Dubois,WY.

Left: Blake Holden of Lander with a nice rack from a bull he took near the Oregon Buttes on October 21st.  Right: Crystal Holden with hers taken on the same day.

Bruce Dempster of Lander with is first elk.  Taken in Area 25 on October 13th.

Left: Milt Miller of Crowheart and Steve Pearson of Lander display the 6 point racks from the bulls they took in Area 100 in the Red Desert on October 15th.  First Area 100 licenses for both.

Joel Maertens of Lander took this leopard near Okahandja, Namibia September 5th

Kurt "Sandy" Divan from Dubois took a trip to British Columbia last June and bagged this brute of a black bear.  209 yards, .300 Wby

Scott Goetz from Lander with his 6 point bull rack.  Shot at 80 yards with his 30-06 in the Shirley Mountains, October 8th.

Brian Englert of Lander with his 6 point bull taken on 10-20-05 in the Lander area.
He said he's hunted for 24 yrs for this one.

Bryce Calvert of Lander with a 6 point bull elk shot on the opening day of the season accompanied by his dad and two kids.

On either side is Mark Sanders from Lander with his nice buck!  In the middle is Chad Sawyer of Lander with his 25" rack, Mark Sanders with the tallest of the racks, and Mike Sawyer with his muley rack.  All three were taken in the Table Mountain area in Area 92 on opening day!  What a hunt!

David Vaughan from Lander with his "Loop Road" buck.  Said it was the nicest buck he's seen in 5 years.  10-15-05.

Jeremy Schaad was able to make it out the afternoon of October 19th and took this nice little buck between Wheatland and Laramie.

Cody Vivatson and Zach Hildner, who just moved to Cheyenne from Lander, with their bucks they shot this year in area 142. Zach is on the left with a nice 20' 4x4 and Cody's on the right with a 25' 4x4.

Left: Jerold Vincent   Middle: Joe Vincent mule deer, Jerold Vincent whitetail with 5 in. drop tine and Ryan Vincent Right: Joe Vincent with mule buck --all from Evanston, Wy.  A very successful day of hunting near Meeteetse. All three shot on opening day. Three of the biggest deer they have taken to date. All were shot on BLM or Hunter management public land. We had lots of help from brother Shawn and support from mother, Candi.

Joe Vincent from Evanston, Wy. writes:  This was my first year hunting bear. As I had never had any experience, I learned a lot from reading the internet and from advice from a good friend, Paul Freeland. I did all the baiting with the help of my whole family. I harvested the bear with my bow on the last day of the season near Cokeville. I am very proud as it took a ton of energy to pack the bait in as the river became impassable during the spring run-off and what was one mile when we set it up, quickly became 2.5 from the other direction.

14-year old Kori Bird from Lander with her first elk!  She shot this 6x7 brute on October 15th in Area 87 with a .257 Roberts.

Annette Lucas from Lander with her bull taken in the Dickinson Park area on October 4th.  Her 2nd elk.

Alan McOmie from Lander with his 6 point bull taken in the Canyon Creek area while he was deer hunting, October 15th.  Can you say BONUS!

The Fortons from Lander had a very successful trip to Qeubec.  Right, Bob Forton with his first two caribou taken September 20th.  Middle, Jess Forton with a nice bull he harvested September 21st, 49-1/2" wide!. Left, Jess Forton with two he shot while hunting with his Dad on September 20th.

Chris Oaks of Riverton with his deer shot in area 82 on Oct 2nd.

 Caleb Oaks from Riverton with the deer he shot on area 82 on Oct 1. Next to him is little brother Josh, who spotted the deer.

15 year old Heather Bregar took this bull elk in the Lander area on Oct 16th with a Browning 7MM.08. The shot was about 80 yards. This is her 3rd elk.

Clark Kihn of Lander with his nice bull.  30 years of applying finally paid off!  Shot on October 9th north of Pinedale.

Kyle Osterman of Lander with his first elk.  Shot near Union Pass on October 8th.

12 year old April Graham from Lander with her first antelope taken on September 17th in Area 64.  Horns are 12-1/2" and 12-3/4".

Dick and Doug Lemm with their 2005 pronghorns. Area 108 September 18th.

Marla Lemm with her second antelope. 14 -7/8" Area 106 September 25th.

Sean Dougherty of Laramie writes:
Three years ago my grandfather Sam Marlow from Laramie had to have heart surgery, to have a pace maker put in at 75. Now, being an avid outdoorsman he want it put on his left side so that he could continue to hunt. Unfortunately this was not possible. So after 70+ years of shooting right handed he had to switch. Now he shoots his pre 64 Model 70 Winchester, right handed bolt, 30-06, left handed. Well after three years of practice and struggle. We have taken one decent deer. It is extremely hard on him and due to the change and his age it slows him down when taking a shot. This year we were very fortunate. In area 46 for antelope, at 78 years of age, shooting left handed and at 300 yards. He took this impressive 16.5 inch antelope with 6.25 inch bases. Now I am sure that there were a lot bigger bucks taken this year and I congratulate all the hunters who took them. After three years of relearning how to shoot, and the frustration that comes with hunting, I can say that this is the biggest antelope we have ever taken in our group and I couldn't be more proud of him. These will be some of the fondest memories I have of him and that was all made possible by hunting. Thank you for your time and I love the web site.

 Rick Garris nailed this nice 6 point with his crossbow Sept 25 in Area 7. Casper Wy.

A BIG bull elk harvested on Oct. 1 at the head of No Tellin Creek by Doug Peterson of Riverton.  He scored 370 B&C gross.
The smaller bull in pic on right was taken by Trevor Mcclend of Riverton also on Oct.1st.


Troy Nelson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota took this 26", 5x7 mule deer south of Worland (area 164) while hunting with his Dad on Oct 3.

Left: Ronna Van Engelen of Riverton with her antelope taken in Area 106 on September 17th. 1 shot at 250 yards.  Middle: Ronna is joined by Richard Kister of Riverton. Right: Richard poses with his buck taken the same day , same area.

Angie Amadio with her bull elk harvested on September 4th. He green scored 352" gross - not bad for her first archery hunt!

12 year old Rilee Erickson of Lander with her first antelope!  Shot October 2nd in Area 65. 15-3/4".

John Thurlo from Lander his bull shot on opening day south of Rock Springs. Spread was 53-5/8 in., gross score was 337 in.

Joe Engleman of Dubois shot this nice 5x5 @ 35 yards with his AR 34 Bow on September 25th in Area 68.

Lora Engleman of Dubois and her Buck Antelope she shot with her AR 34 Bow at 56 yards in Area 25 on October 3rd, her only day to hunt antelope. It was during rifle season, but she was bound and determined to get one with a bow or none at all! She has taken 2 Pope and Young Bucks in the last 2 years.

Casey Haase of Lander with his buck taken in the Big Sandy area October 1st.

J. Mike Workman of Lander with his antelope taken September 17th in Area 67.  .280 Remington at 100 yards.  Had 16 does with him. 15+", 8" base.

 Philip Bode of Green River took this bull in the Pine Mountain area south of Rock Springs on the first of October. He measures 46 inch spread and 44 inches high.

Jared Mowrey of Lander with his dandy antelope taken September 25th in Area 65.  Green Score of 85-3/8. 16-5/8"

Robin Griffin of Lander with her first antelope, shot September 18th.  Submitted by her Dad who claims that she had a great guide!  14-7/8" tall, 17-1/2" wide.

Mike Hornecker of Lander who shot this buck right up the nose with his crossbow! Area 91, September 19th.

Brian Luem from Rock Springs scores a triple play!
The antelope, taken in the Red Desert Sept. 20th, measures 14-1/2".  The buck was taken Sept. 24th in Hunt Area 143.  The bull elk was taken on Sept. 26th in Hunt Area 86.

Shane Ooten from Lander with a dandy buck shot in western Wyoming on Sept. 15th. The 9x7 green scored 220-7/8 with a 35-1/4" outside spread.

Eleven-year-old Garrett Geis from Casper "cow-talked" in this dandy six-point for his dad, Matt, in area 12 on September 23rd. Garrett's been practicing with his own bow and it won't be long before he has his own elk!

Lander resident, Gary Kinney and his Father-in-Law, Orv Hawkins from Red Feather Lakes,Colorado, harvest two nice Caribou bulls north of Tok, Alaska this fall.

 Austin Carlson (4 years old) with grandpa's elk his only concern is why his dad didn't get close enough to shot it.

Bob Carlson from Rozet, WY tagged this elk September 18th in hunt area 38.

 Kathy DeWitt from Shoshoni with her antelope.

Dusty Watts from Hudson with a nice archery whitetail he took in the Hudson area on September 18th.  Surpasses Pope & Young minimum.

 Brian Polk from Riverton took this battle beaten bruiser on September 17th, opening day of rifle season in area 75. We stalked this buck and surprised him at a distance of about 80 yards where Brian's .270 Remington put him to sleep. The bucks' right horn measured 15 1/2" and the left horn is about an inch shorter due to being broken during battle. The right horn is unique in that there is another shorter prong growing off the back of the horn behind the main prong.

Clayton Tanner from Lander with his first buck.  Taken in the Spread Creek area on September 18th.

Todd Stoeger of Lander with his antelope taken with a traditional muzzleloader in Area 107 near South Pass on August 20th. 
1 shot at 40 ya

Antelope taken by Dusty Brost of Riverton September 18th.

 Mindy Clancy's first kill! She shot him from about 300 yards with a 7mm 08 in
area 65. This was the third attempt at this buck with her dad (Skip Davey) and they finally put the sneak on him and got him. He is just under 16 inches. Mindy's husband Mike Clancy came and helped pack him out.

Erik Baker, a Lander native now living in Oregon, with his 134 point blacktail buck taken in Oregon.  1 point from making the B&C Book.

The father of Carlos Gonzales of Lander with a 6x6 bull taken at just 8 yards with a bow!  September 10th in Area21.

The son-in-law of Roger Willenbrecht of Lander, Matt Fitzwater with a bull moose taken near Kalispell, Mt.

 Karl Brauneis of Lander took this buck with his 101 year old Winchester (30 WCF).  This was a 3 hour stalk on several small bucks. Got in a close position and took this one at 132 yards (paced out 6 chains) south of the Sweetwater - Sept 19th at 10:45 AM. Took 2 hours packing  out about a mile and 1/2 from nearest road.

Eliah Dayton of Lander with his first big game animal taken August 27th in Area 96.

Derek Watson of Riverton with his first Buck Antelope. 15-1/2", scores 78-1/8.

Terrill Weston and son, Zac, from Laramie, (with roots in Lander), with the rack from his bull harvested in area 25 with his bow. He shot this bull as he stood from his bed at noon.

Tim Calvert of Lander with his first sheep.  Taken in Area 22 on September 2nd.

 Bill Bregar took this 6 x 6 bull  in the Lander area September 4th. He was hunting with his son Hunter, Clint Guymon, & Jeff Elliott. The bull was shot at 30 yards with a Hoyt PowerTec bow. (R)...Bill took this 4 x 4 Mule Deer in the Lander area September 1 with a Hoyt PowerTec Bow. The shot was 30 yards and he went under 90 yards.

Jim Aksamit from Sheridan took this
Dall Sheep in Alaska on
August 23, 2005. It is 40 ½ inches long.
This is his second Dall sheep he has
taken in 3 years and he also has taken 2 Big Horn Sheep in Wyoming.


Russ Swainston (left) and Dave Barrows of Riverton. This was Russ's first bow hunt.
Russ took his on Sept 4 at 30 yards and Dave took his Sept 2 at 42 yards.

Lora Engleman of Dubois takes her first bear on June 14th, and with a AR34 bow. The shot was about 16 yards and the big boar only went about 20 yards. 4 years of intense archery bear hunting finally paid off!

Mark Keiser of Atlantic City, Wyoming bagged this Jake turkey in western Wisconsin last May.

Kori Bird of Lander with her second turkey.  This one was taken while hunting with her Dad, April 16th, in the Devil's Tower area at 10 yards with a .22 Hornet. 

Tom Sweet of Lander with his Meriam turkey taken in mid-April near Sundance.  About 20 pounds, 3 beards, longest 6 inches. 30 yards with a Benelli Nova #4 shot.

Michael Clancy's bear taken just outside of Lander on the 17th of May. Michael's , then, fiance' Mindy, (that's Skip, the father-in-law in the second photo), and Mike put in quite a bit of time baiting the big boy. He's just shy of 6' and over 300 pounds.

Above is a female black bear taken this spring in the Lander area by Steve Simpson, Head Coach of the Lander Valley High School Football Team. She was  4-1/2 feet long and weighed 200-250 lbs.

Mike Slawiak of Dubois took this turkey 4/9/05 in the Hullett area. Really wanted to harvest one with his archery equipment but with the lousy weather the turkeys wouldn't cooperate. Had to hike back to camp and grab the shotgun. 19 pounds 8.5 inch beard. Photo submitted by proud Dad!

Left: Tyler Morris and his Dad Scott of Lander with Tyler's first turkey.  Taken April 9th in the Devil's Tower area. 20-1/2 pounds, 8-1/2" beard, 3/4" spurs.  Right: Scott's first turkey, April 10th...23-1/2 pounds, 8-3/4" beard, 1" spurs.

The rare "CoyPoodle".  Actually a trapped coyote with bad mange, trapped in the Jeffery City area in Mid-February by Leon Atwood of Lander.

 Here is a coyote Karl Braunies of Lander ambushed and shot on January 23rd west of Lander. He had watched a pack of four coyotes a couple weeks earlier and figured the best ambush spot with down slope, down canyon winds and cover. The rifle is now 101 years old,  Winchester Model 94-30 WCF. He took the shot at 60 yards as 9 mule deer browsed close to him. The coyotes were moving in toward the deer.