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Fishing Gallery 2005

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!

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Ken Colovich from Lander with his son Ethan and some big lakers taken last September at Flaming Gorge. 28 to 35 pounds.

Jacob Kornder from Riverton with a 34", 11 pound, 8 ounce brown trout caught below Boysen Dam in the Wind River Canyon on December 3rd.

Joe Gonzalez from Lander caught a nice brown on the North Fork River, Joseph Gonzalez from Lander caught a nice brown and rainbow on the Popo Agie River. 2005.

 Memorial Weekend 2005 -Boysen. Sarah Cate, 7 years old, was upset and bored because it was raining ~ her rod gave a tug and she was reeling. She was so proud and happy after that. Their German Shepard, Mariah, had to investigate up and close. They caught several more 5-6 lb rainbows and several nice walleye. Dan, Angela & Sarah Cate Campbell from  Buford, WY (HeavenRanch)

Marty Killion of Laramie during his unguided Spring Black bear hunt in SE Alaska caught this 48" King salmon weighing 50lbs.

Patrick Edwards from Laramie caught this carp from Sloans Lake in Cheyenne Wyoming in the spring of 2005. It weighed in at 8 lbs and was 28 inches long.

Ashley Bonser writes: Hit Flaming Gorge yesterday and did real well but caught this small 8-10lb laker that was obviously snagged.  The tear was so bad I could put my hand in and pull it's gut's out.  I wish they would shut this November snagathon down. Please post this and make a point of letting these guy's know that snagging fish is against the law and not sporting at all. I hooked 11 fish yesterday and landed 9 with the biggest only about 27 lb's but a good day and they were all in the lip's.

This is a six pound rainbow caught the day before Thanksgiving at Boysen by Patrick Edwards from Laramie. It was right before it froze up. Caught on a gold and red spoon.

Bob Chubb from Lander with a 6 pound eye taken on Ocean Lake December 16th.

Dave Good and John Zerga from Lander had a run on big carp while jigging this fall at Flaming Gorge. Dave thought they were sucking up eggs and hungry. They caught them jigging and caught 4 big carp in one day. They never weighed them, but they were huge.

Mike Strasser from Lander with his fish that were caught during the 2005 Boysen Ice Derby. The Catfish was 10lbs 7oz, which won first prize at the derby.

 Pictures from Patrick Edwards from his fishing trip in August 2005 at Boysen. The perch weighed in at just about a pound and the walleye weighed in at 4.3 and 4.9 lbs and were 19 and 20 inches long.

YT Sempert of Lander with photos of the some of the fish he caught in Alaska this past July. The 2 pictures on the right are halibut and a ling.  The halibut need to be shot before bringing them on board and a nice catch of Alaska Red Salmon by YT and Brad Cole.

 6 year old Clay Bullard from Worland with his 24 inch rainbow trout he caught at Boysen November 5, 2005.

This is the official Wyoming State record carp caught at Morton Lake weight was 34#15oz., length 37" girth 27" angler Bobby Brown assisted by Forest Kuhn. Taken on a yellow jig, 10# test line, no net.

Steve Simpson from Lander sends a few pics from a day trip to Frye Lake. It was the first fish that the twins, Jayson and Kobey, have ever caught on their own.  Tanner is the old pro. The boys were able to produce a nice stringer of fish for dinner.

Don Hitshew of Lander went fishing near Sitka, Alaska in July.  The halibut on the left weighed 171 pounds, the smaller one was 70 pounds.  The ling cod was 5 feet long and has the tail of a 30 pound halibut protruding from it's mouth!

From left to right: Dustin Holcomb of Lander with 34 pound King from Yentna River Alaska, Jim Holcomb with his 32 pounder, and Gregg Holcomb with his 28 pounder.  All taken in June with fly rods.

22 lb. King salmon caught by Gay Hughes of Riverton on July 21, 2005 on Lake Michigan, First Choice Charter out of Bailey's Harbor, WI.

Jan Thomason of Evanston with a dandy 30-inch walleye she caught at Boysen Reservoir June 18th at 8 in the morning. Caught and released.  Right: A nice crappie that Jan caught that same weekend.

11 year old Zachary Sanders from Lander with a huge laker taken from Brookes Lake in late June.  It weighed 16.3 pounds, 32" long.  Caught it using a Rapala and 8-pound test line.

Matthew Dighton and Bobby Watts from Lander with a nice stringer of catfish caught from Boysen Reservoir in late June.  All from 10 to 12 pounds!

David O'Brien of Lander with a 27 inch Brown trout taken from the North Fork of the Popo Agie in May.

Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while!  Ray with a Montana brookie taken from a small pond while visiting my brother Ron over Memorial Day.

Celine Miller of Lander with a nice rainbow she caught in May.  She would only say that she caught it in Wyoming.

These pictures are of Ryan Brinda (age 3-1/2) from Lander with his 22" 3-1/2 pound rainbow he caught near Lander on June 3rd 2005. He only fished 5 to 10 minutes before he caught this fish, which initially pulled his rod and reel into the lake. His Dad, Dave, retrieved the pole from the lake and he reeled it in by himself.

Charlie Looney from Kinnear with his 32" 12-pound rainbow taken near Sand Mesa.

Caught April 2005 Boysen Reservoir by Kevin Gilmore of Greybull.

Ray's son, Bryan Rintamaki from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan with his first walleye. Taken from the St. Mary's River this month.  Bryan just purchased a new Crestliner and the whole family is getting the walleye bug!  Bryan's fish weighed 5.14 pounds. The St. Mary's River will be the sight of a PWT Tournament later this summer. Bryan is gearing up to participate as an amateur.  Walleye 101 is about to begin!

These young men are my Grandsons Caleb (right), and Curtis (left).  This rainbow was caught by Caleb at the mouth of the Big Two-Hearted River along the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, late March. Pardon this Grandpa's pride! Ray

Tim Hornaman from Minnesota with his catch from Boysen Reservoir early March 2005. The crappie weighed 1-1/2 and 1-3/4 pounds.  The rainbow was 25-3/4".

Heath Morgan of Lander with a 22" rainbow from Boysen. March 1st.

Joe Flannery from Minnesota with his 24-3/4" rainbow from Boysen, March 1st.

Left: Tom Boatman of Casper caught this bruiser in the North Platte River near Casper on 2-26-05 on a #18 black midge. 
The biggest fish he's caught with a fly rod!  Center:
March 5th was a good day as Tom caught 10 fish in 4 hours. 4 weighed in at over 4lbs.The one pictured estimated at 6.5-7lbs, caught after a very long battle. Tom said he lost one that he guessed was near 10 pounds! Right: Another hawg..this one is a cutty, 6.4 pounds!

Jumbo perch caught at Boysen Reservoir by Mark Lucht of  Riverton. Ranged from 1.4 to 1.7 pounds.
January 2005

Shane Petty from Lander with a nice Louis Lake lake trout!
February 2005.