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Hunting Gallery 2004

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Shiras Moose shot by GregTaylor of Lander near the New Fork River on October 12th.  Scores 157 5/8 B&C.  Qualifies for the Book. 172 yards with REM 700 Classic 300 Win Mag.

Clay Stocklin of Ten Sleep with his antelope taken in  Area 72.  25-06 REM

A very successful 2004 for the Marty Killion family from Laramie!  1) Ashley Killion's first big game hunt resulted in a fine buck antelope taken in area 46.   2) Zachary Killion's first big game hunt results in a fine "12th birthday" buck antelope. The antelope was taken in area 46 during a blizzard.   3) 15" antelope taken in area 46.   4) A 29-1/2" wide mule deer, taken on the last night of the season. Marty was injured in a car accident and could only hunt half days because of  physical therapy. Buck was taken in Carbon County.   5) Marty's 2nd whitetail taken in NW Nebraska, a neat 8 point taken at 15 yards.

Bull taken area 28 above Lander by Joseph Gonzalez Oct. 1st 2004. 1 shot 30-06. He was the herd bull, second 6 point.

YT Sempert and Ray Difilici from Lander after a goose hunt in the Ocean Lake area in October 2004.

 Muley Bucks taken by Erik Baker, (formerly of Lander, now living in Oregon), and his brother-in-law, Derek Henry, near Lander. It was Henry's first mulie buck. Erik's buck on right, Henry's left.

Jake Turkey taken by Mark Keiser of Atlantic City , Wy. May 2004 in western Wisconsin.  37 yards with a 12 gauge.

 Pat Depas took this fine 7 x 7 deer south of Rawlins on October 3rd while hunting with several friends and his brother. Took this deer with his 30-06 at about 100 yards in some buck brush along the Wyoming-Colorado border. A picture of it was published in Trophy Hunter Magazine. It scored 177-3/8.

Skye Shaw of Hudson, WY. Left: Black bear taken in May of 2004..Sunlight Basin.  Shot at 70 yards with .338 Mag.  11 years old, 275 lbs., 5' 10 1/2" Squared. Right: Skye's whitetail buck taken in Weston County, Fall of 2004.

Thomas Dunlap of Fort Washakie wit his bull taken on the Wind River Reservation with one shot at 40 yards. September 2004.

14 yr. old Zane Bell, Jr. of Fort Washakie with his first sheep.  Measured 39"L x 16" B. 9 year old ram taken at 30 yards with a .30-06 in the Owl Creek Mountains in mid-November.

Shawn Clair of Fort Washakie took this Big Horn Ram in late November in the Dinwoody Lakes area.

This huge elk was recently taken by a trucker on a highway in the Meeteetse area.  Wonder what the truck looks like!  Thanks to Steve for the photo!

Devin Hubble from Lander, Wy. with his trophy from the 2004 season.  Devin said the Game and Fish think it may have been a whitetail/mule deer cross.

Greg Taylor of Lander with his Boone and Crockett Shiras Moose rack! 156-5/8 points! Taken on public land near Boulder, October 11th.

Whitetails shot in 2004 season near Sheridan.  We killed 5 deer in 3 days.  This is our annual whitetail trip and we are usually pretty successful.  We all meet in Sheridan for a weekend and try out our luck.  Josh, Jade and Trent are brothers. From left to right, Josh Butler's deer is a 4x4 shot from 270 yards with a 300 Mag and killed w/one shot.  Josh is from Sheridan. Trent Butler of Laramie and Derek Thompson of Jackson are together in one picture. 2 bucks shot in 1 hour's time.  Both killed with one shot. Derek got his w/ a 25-06 and Trent with a 7 Mag  Trent's deer was rattled in from over 500 yards. Matt Petty's deer-Matt is not pictured he shot from 30 yards after rattling the buck in. Jade Butler's is a 19" wide buck that he missed with the first shot and had to find him again, then it took one shot to kill with his trusty 7 Mag from 150 yards.

 35 Point Mule Deer!!

Two photos of the mule deer Kathy Keene shot on Oct 3, 2004.  The general area of the mule deer was in the Owl Creek Mountains on the Wind River Indian Reservation.  Shot from a distance of approx 260 yards with one shot from a 300 Ultra Mag.  Kathy's husband is a taxidermist and, along with Cathy, owns Ancient Ways Taxidermy near Fort Washakie.  He rough scored him at 290-3/8, 40-1/2" wide, with at least 35 scoreable points! 1/1/05.....As an update, the B&C score of this non-typical grosses 291 5/8, 40 1/8” wide, nets 285 3/8.  He may need to be paneled and waiting for a determination from B&C Club. Look for the full story (the first publication) in King’s Outdoor World’s Hunting Illustrated Magazine “The Best of 2004” coming out as March 2005 issue.

Here is Gary Keenes' 31” mule deer he took from area 119 along with a deer taken by Kathy also from area 119.  Kathy shot on Veteran’s Day (a nice typical 4 point). Gary got his a couple of days later after they spotted him opening weekend and found him again the next weekend.  He was a nice 6 x 6.  This ended our great year of hunting.

Chancy Brown of Lander took this dandy ram in the Chugatch Mountains in Alaska (2004). 

Opey Hlavlvicka of Lander with a Dall sheep he took in the Alaska Range in August using a .270 WSM..  37"x13".

4x4 Whitetail taken in November in Area 27 near Buffalo by Christine Piercini of Lander. Christine used a .243 at 75 yards, 1 shot.  Assisted by Joe Crump.

Rachelle Hyde killed this trophy mountain lion on Dec. 4th 2004 near Star Valley Wyoming. The cat weighed in at a whopping 170 lbs. 8 ft 4 in from nose to tip of tail.

This whitetail deer was taken by Kevin Fauber. It is a 5 X 6 whitetail. Kevin shot this buck at about 70yrds. with a .243 near Dayton, Wy. as you can see it was snowing really good. It only took us about 1/2 hour from when we left the truck to get a shot at this beauty. It roughly scored 141 1/2 without the deductions.

4x4 Muley Buck taken by Jon Van Alstine in October near Jeffery City.

5x4 shot by Jimmy Graham in October near Jeffery City.

This is an elk shot on 11-17-04 above Cody by Boot Hill of Sheridan. It was the first day he was able to hunt and the only elk he saw that day. Shot him at 260 yards with a .270 Winchester. Boot scored the 6x7 that grossed 351 3/8 and netted 344. He has great mass with neat junk hanging off both his bases. Unfortunately, he had mange and Boot lost the cape.  

John Cody Kenyon (12) of Shoshoni, WY harvested this 3 X 4 bull on his first hunt with a single shot!  He used a 30-06 at 100 yards on the South end of the Big Horn mountains.  Even the bull appears to be smiling :)

Miles Bundy, from Casper,  with his big buck killed near Casper October 24th.  

Cody Day harvested this whitetail around the Dubois area on 11/13/04, his twin sister Kyle (the better hunter of the two), got her whitetail a week later.  They live in Dubois and pursue whitetails with a vengeance!

Mike Krall with this fall's harvest!  Dandy!

Wayne Griffin of Lander with the rack from his biggest bull! Taken in the Dubois area on October 3rd.

Mark Keiser of Atlantic City with his 6 point bull taken October 15th in Area 100.

Jeff Stocklin of Ten Sleep with his 6x7 monster taken in Aea 51 on November 19th. Grossed over 400!

Lisa Jacks of Lander with a nice bull taken in October in Area 100.

Jared Oakleaf (left) and Josh Oakleaf of Lander with elk they shot in
the Popo Agie Basin. The bulls were shot 3 days apart and approx. 300 yards from each other.  The honey hole where these elk were hiding required a significant pack out-6 pieces of elk later-this is a picture of the last load.


Joe Antolik of Lander with a 5x5 taken October 15th in the Lander area. 1 shot with a 7MM Rem Mag.

Gage Lemm of Winnemucca and Shy the Dog with a pair of chuckers taken in November.  Gage is the grandson of Doug Lemm of the Good Place in Lander and Shy is Doug's dog Buff's daughter.

Jim Shelton,2004
The Woodlands, TX
Area 81 Pronghorn
hunted with Lost Creek Outfitters


Bill Tiller took this 30"x28" Mule Deer in Prospect Mtn. One shot with custom .300 Weatherby.

In his second archery success, Dan Myron from Casper with his 3-year-old cow buffalo taken Dec 2nd from the Silver Sage Bison Ranch north of Lusk.

Craig Jamison from Centennial, WY killed his elk at 30 yards with a Mathews LX around the Centennial area in the Snowy Range mountains.  It is a 5x6 that rough scored about 260.  He bagged the mule deer at 54 yards also with his Mathews bow.  It is a 3x4 with an 18 inch inside spread. Killed it around the Medicine Bow area.

John Schall of Kearney, Nebraska and Gary Calvert of Lander with John's first archery moose! 41" wide! Pope and Young qualifier. Taken in September in Area 2 near Lander.

These deer were taken around the Jeffrey City area.
Jimmy Graham and Family

13 year old Christina "Pickle" Shatto of Lander with her trophies from October 2004!

She bagged a very nice bull after finding the bull up hill and over a mile away, she made the stalk by herself. This was done traveling across an open park with only one tree to hide behind. While cow calling and bugling using only her own voice, she was able to get within 50 yards of her quarry.

Later in the same week she shot her buck. This was shot off hand and at about 150 yards running, through the lungs. 

Desirae Lemm of Winnemucca, Nevada, (Granddaughter of Doug Lemm of the Good Place in Lander), with her first deer. November 2004.


Calli Krassin, age 14, and Riley Krassin, age 12, shot these deer near Lander. This is Calli's 3rd deer and Riley's 1st.

In the picture, Mike is on the left, and Kent Mertin is on the right. Mike's deer measured 26 3/4", Kent's deer measured 28 1/2". Taken near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Dave Brinda of Lander shot this 6x6 bull on the morning of October 15th in area 28.  His best bull yet, it grossed nearly 300.

Beth Bourdeax of Cora, Wyoming. Joe Bertagnolli, Kris Valdez, and her husband Buc Bourdeax went hunting in the New Fork area when they spotted this bull elk. The elk was at about 250 yards when Kris spotted it. Beth shot it with a 340 Weatherby at 250 yards. The bull elk gross scores 335.
It's a 6x6.

Jim Shelton, The Woodlands, TX
28" wide muley shot on the North Fork, Area F outside Cody.
Hunted with Lost Creek Outfitters.

John Taylor from Jackson with his first buck! Taken in the Gros Ventre Wilderness in late September with a .270. John says he's hunted elk almost his entire life and this was the result of his first deer hunt! Not Bad!

Katie Christman, from Saratoga, with her first deer was taken in the Seminoe Mtns. Katie is 16 yrs. old. She shot this deer at 150 yds. with a 25-06.
Dad was Proud!

Taken by Lary Downs of Rock Springs. Oct 24th,  above Horse Creek/Pinedale.






Sally Hovendick of Lander with her whitetail buck taken October 21st in Area 160 at 90 yards. Her first deer.  Good Start!

Chad Baumann from Riverton with his 5x4 buck taken on October 29th.

Hilary Pilch, from Sheridan, hunting with her dad Tom, took this 5x5 mule deer on a ranch near Parkman. 3 weeks later she took her first elk. The 6x6 scores nearly 300, not bad for a 13-year old girl's first elk. Hilary's uncle, Mike Pilch, describes her as a hunting machine!

Jim Verplancke, from Buffalo, harvested this antelope in area 102 out of Buffalo.  The mule deer was also taken near Buffalo, in the Big Horns. The deer is 20" wide with 5" bases.

Patty Stegman from Thermopolis with a tremendous mule deer buck! The 10 x 13 pointer was shot on October 23rd in area 37. Patty and her husband were able to get within 200 yards of him and she put him down with one shot with a Pre-64 Winchester 243.

Wynn LeClair, from Casper, with first whitetail buck, shot with a 7mm mag. Nov. 6th near Buffalo at 100 yards after two hour stalk. Long brow tines and 18" across.

Logan Taylor from Sinclair, Wy. He is 12 and this was his first year to carry and this is his first deer.  It was taken Oct 22 in area 70 just north of the Seminoe range. He took his deer with one shot just behind the shoulder at 125 yards with his new Ruger 270, as this nice buck was walking out of a draw.
Submitted by his proud father, Robert Taylor.

Mule deer buck taken in the Oregon Buttes area. 26" wide x 25" tall. October 3rd. Daryl Watson from Riverton.

My very good friend, Tom Johnson from Marquette, Michigan with his deer taken in early October along the eastern front of the Bighorn Mountains.

Brad Meredith of Lander with his Stone Sheep taken near Muncho Lake, BC in August.  38-1/2" x 39" x 14-1/2" bases. 10-1/2 years old. 350 yards with a .270 Winchester.

Heather Vanvleet of Lander with a nice buck taken on October 17th.

Archery bull taken by Dave Balling of Cody, WY 9-15-04 in the Big Horns. One shot, he went about 75 yards and laid down.

Pete Eliason of Sheridan, WY with his 14 ½ Antelope, 6 point Bull Elk & 4 point Mule Deer.  All 3 animals were taken with his Browning 300 WSM, he used a total of 3 bullets for the season. 

Cody Beason of Lander with his elk taken in Lander area 28 October 17th. 315+, 52" outside spread. As wide as the vehicle!

Andrew Kennedy's first deer and antelope. The deer was shot north of Lance Creek at 180 yards and the antelope was shot in Natrona County, both animals were taken with a Ruger 25-06. Photos submitted by Andrew's Dad Leonard.

Jim Carey from Lander took the nice bull in the FLagg Ranch area in northwest Wyoming. Sept 29th with a 45-70 Marlin Guide gun.  It grossed 324.

Jeremy Tuten, (12) of Cody took his first deer while hunting on his grandfathers ranch west of Cody.  One shot at 125 yards with a 25.06.

Karl Braunies of Lander took this buck Nov. 1st at 35 yards with his 100 yr. old 30 WCF, completing his trilogy of an elk, antelope and deer with the same rifle!

Joseph Bertagnolli, from Rock Springs, was hunting with his nephew and a good friend, Kris Valdez, when we spotted this antelope buck. Ranged the antelope at 512 yards when shot. I shot the buck with a 300 WSM. The horns are 17-1/4" tall and green scores 87-3/8". The photo of the deer is of Kris's step-dad Ted Misklin. The deer is 26" wide and was shot with a .270 at 275 yards.

 Oct 1st. Joelyn Schinkel from Rawlins with her 1st buck. 250 yard shot with a Ruger 270 in area 79. Pictured with her is dad, Eddie Schinkel of Rawlins.

Scott Kirko of Lander with mountain lion taken in February in Sinks Canyon, south of town. 14-5/8, 7 ft., 140 lbs.

Bob Lewandowski of Meeteetse WY with his opening day elk that was shot in Wyoming designated wilderness at 288 yards using a .338 Winchester.

Mike Mitchell of Riverton with his first elk. A great 6x6 bull. Taken in Wyoming hunt area 48 on Oct 18th with his Winchester 30-06.

Dale Sequera's daughter Tara from Kemmerer with her elk. She shoots a 257 Roberts and this was her second elk.  She also got her first deer this year. 

Steve Slagle hunted with friends Kirk Hellender
and Lan Price all from Thermopolis in area #5 and
took this ram on September 1st 2004. Green scored
about 164.

Billy Schnieder and friends hunted Area 102 south of Rock Springs and took 3 nice bucks in 4 days of hunting.

Brandie Borrego of Rawlins with her 22"x22" perfect 4x4 mulie, taken in the Baggs, Wy. area, Oct 27th.

Jesse Martinez Jr. of Rawlins with a 32" mulie taken on Oct 27th, near Baggs Wy.

Mike Deyo and his daughter with Mike's buck taken October 19th in Area 91 at 200 yds. with a 7MM.

Sam Summers of Sheridan with a brown bear he took on September 30th on the Situk River out of Yakutat, AK, which is on the SE coast.  He squared out at 9'2" and had a 25 1/2" skull.  Sam took him at 40 yards in the river with a .35 Whelan and a .375 H&H. Shot him 5 times with the Whelan and 4 times with the H&H.  As the guide put it "up close and personal bear hunting"!

Jess Forton of Lander with a muskox he took on March 25th in Kuglatak, Nuanta, Canada. Jess said it was COLD!

Doug Lemm from the Good Place in Lander took this bull elk in Area 100 of the Red Desert on Oct. 16th. Had 4 broken tines 50 pounds of dried mud on him when shot. 1 shot,165 yds. with .264 Win Mag. Doug took his antelope buck in Area 106 on Sept. 19th.

Matt Lemm of Lander with his first elk! A spike he shot October 11th in Area 28. Also pictured is Matt's Dad, Doug.

14-year old Brady Samuelson of Riverton with his moose shot in Area 37 in late October. 39" wide. 1 shot with .280

Dick Rintamaki from Casper. (My brother)
Opening day deer shot near the old homestead on Upper Lone Pine Creek. Jumped him out of the rocks (running shot @ 40 yds in the head---"accidental".  He ran into the bullet. Hunting alone so had to pack him out-2 trips.

Bull Moose shot by J.D. Carper on October 17th.


Darren Collins (12) of Riverton / Cody, WY harvested his first bull elk on
his first hunt!  This 6 X 6 bull elk was taken on the South end of the Big
Horn Mountains using a Dakota Arms 7mm with a single shot on the evening
of 10/10/04 at 100 yards.

John Bergquist of Cheyenne, WY took his first
antelope in Area 53, McCarty Canyon. 1-shot at 240 yds using a .25-06 on September 24th.

Dan Myron of Casper - this is his first animal with a bow - a six-point bull from Area 12 on September 16th.

Mike Clancy of Lander.  Shot on 02 OCT 04 in
West-Central Wyoming.

Al Grospiron with a 6-1/2 foot black bear taken 5/9/04 in Area 13.  Approximately 13-years old.

RG Sowers of Lander with his 4x3 muley taken with a crossbow at a distance of 35 yds. September 15th near Lander.

Submitted by Guy Scarpelli:
My grand-son Weston Abbott shot his first Antelope in a Hunter Management Area by Medicine Bow, Wyoming on September 24th at the age of 12. He was with four hunting generations of his family: Great-Grandma,   Grand-pa, Mom and Dad, and his brother Bailey. Weston shot his Antelope, using his Great-Great Uncles' 308, with-in one mile of where I shot my first Antelope 40 years ago!

 Eric Castillon from Rock Springs harvested this antelope on the first day of the archery hunt (August 15th).  Shot him at 35 yards while sitting on a water hole about 15 miles north of Farson in area 90.  He is 17 inches tall with 6+ inch bases and 5-3/4 inch prongs.  He green scored 80-3/8.


Jake Tuten of Cody took his first buck antelope on Oct. 10th hunting on Meeteetse Creek.  One shot with a 25.06.

Zach Weber from Baggs, Wyoming with his archery antelope shot opening day of archery Aug. 15th and was just scored officially at 88 6/8" gross and 87-2/8" net dry score B&C.

Brent Wilkes with his wild bison harvested in Wyoming on October 15th near Jackson Hole. Left, with friend Tom Brannon. Right, with father-in-law Dave Rahn of Riverton.

At left is Sean Dunn with a excellent jet black bear taken in area 21 on Sept. 12th, center is Brent Wilkes with his moose and on the right  is Tom Brannan with a 6' black bear also from area 21 taken Sept. 10th all in 2004. All three of us are originally from Fremont County but we now reside in Carbon County (and not at the pen).

Lee Wilkes with his 2002 antelope shot in Fremont County in 2002 which officially scored 87-2'8" with 16-7/8" horn lengths. The picture of the whitetails is also Lee.  The mounted whitetail came from Fremont County in 1999 it scores 160-7/8" and qualified for the B&C awards program, the unmounted whitetail is from 2003 also shot in Fremont County it has 15 scoreable points and nets 170-1/8" typical which makes the all-time record book and it also scores 186-7/8" non-typical which would have made the awards program. All three animals have been entered and accepted into the B&C books.

Brent Wilkes from Rawlins with his moose shot Sept.10th near the Idaho border in Wyoming, he is 43" wide with 8 points per side and green scores 145" which would make B&C awards.

Shawna Muir of Lander with her first elk. A 6x6 shot at 225 yds. with a 30-06.
Shot in the Dubois area October 2nd!

Bill Bregar's 9-year old son Hunter poses with Bill's 6x6 bull taken in the Lander area on the evening of October 1st, 2004. 
It gross scored 327.

Heather and Bill Brown of Lander with Heather's first elk! 4x4, 225 yds. with a .270

Nathan Friday Sr. of Ethete,WY. harvested this nice
6x6 bull elk, October 3,2004 in the Owl Creek Mtns.

Robbie Valdez of Ethete,WY. arrowed this 6x6 bull elk,
September 20,2004 at Willow Creek on the Wind River
Indian Reservation.

Left: Grizzly Bear that Dan Hauck of Riverton, WY harvested in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska as well as a trophy bull caribou (middle).  The hunt took place September 10th.  Gene Hauck, Dan's father also took a good bull caribou on the hunt.

A very successful hunt by a group of Pennsylvania hunters. All animals were taken in the Weston area. Upper left, Tom Metzinger of Ashlund with a 4x4 mile deer and a doe antelope. Upper right, Roger Zottlemoyer of Turbotville with a 15' antelope and a 3x3 mulie. Below left, Matty Persing of Paxinos with a 15" antelope and 4x4 buck. Below right, George Clark of Ringtown with a forkhorn and a doe antelope. Good job fellas!

Ira Ernst from Casper took this interior grizzly in the Alaska Range of Alaska on April 25th, 2004 after 15 days of hunting. He took the antelope in Natrona County on Sept. 18th. He scored 83-5/8ths.

Matt McOmie of Lander with his biggest bull yet! 6x6. September 26th above Jackson.

Chris Currah of Lander with his 5x3.  25-1/2" wide. Shot on 10/16/04 in area 36.

14 yrear-old Kelargo Casey with a mulie taken October15th in Area 157 with her Inter-Arms 243.         

Dennis Bohannon from Casper shot this deer with his recurve on September 6th in area 66.

This antelope was harvested near Jeffery City by Cody Bulow in 2004.  It has 16 inch horns and green scores 83-1/8 pts.

Jeff Quillen of Lander shot this fine antelope buck in area 65.

Brett Berg of Lander with a lion taken in the Green Mountain Area in January.

Wendy Reed of Lander with her archery elk. Shot on September 9th in Area 28.

Verna Brown of Lander with a HUGE buck! 23" high, 26" wide, 8-inch burrs!She shot this big boy on public land on September 24th with a 7MM-Weatherby.

14 year-old Shad Christando of Hudson with first elk. 6x6. Harvested in Area 28. One shot with Mom's gun!

Joe Aimaro of Minooka, Illinois with his antelope taken September 18th in Area 65 near south of Atlantic City. Measures 16 5/8"

Karl Braunies of Lander bagged this nice antelope September 29th, in Area 64, with a Model 94 Winchester-30WCF- manufactured in 1904.

Ken Reed of Lander with his antelope taken in Area 66 on September 21st.

Dave and Renee Ostlund of Lander have had a great hunting season! Left, Renee and Dave with a 37" bull that Renee shot on September 26th, the 13th day of the hunt. 27 yard shot, one arrow kill. Center, Dave with his first archery mule deer taken September 4th. Right, Dave with his hunting partners, Gruff and Kaos, and a nice batch of sage grouse taken in September in the Upper Sweetwater area.

A trio of nice bucks! Curt Merrill, 4x3, 27", still in velvet. Gail Lamb, 4x4, 27".  Jack T. Daniels, 4x3, 25". Taken in the Dubois area in mid September.

Kori Bird of Lander with a nice, first mule deer buck! Taken in mid September in the Pinedale area. Kori and her Dad pose with Kori's second antelope taken in Area 91 in late September, a 14-incher.

Leo Horath of Riverton with taken in Area 5. Early October. 7/8 Curl.

Bob Hede of Lander with a dandy goat taken in Area 68 near Jeffery City. Bob used a 500 Smith Mag. September 18th.

13 year-old Derrill Price of Lander with a nice antelope! (Notice the curl). Taken in Area107 on September 10th. Ruger M77 30/06.

Mitchell Braunies of Lander with his antelope taken September 22nd in Area 64, near the Sweetwater River.  One shot at 180 yards with a 30-06 Ruger M-77.

Area residents Pat Lookingbill, (L), and Ron Etter with two Oregon Trail Antelope. Both taken with a 30/30 with iron sights.  Area 92. September 12th.

Dan Horath and Lincoln Horath of Riverton with antelope that gross scored at 89-4/8!

How ya gonna top this?  Tammy Severeide killed this bull with her bow early this month, September 2004.  It was her first elk with a bow.  It scores about 385 gross.  It was taken in the Big Horns.


Denver Nettles from Riverton with a BIG Boar Bear!  Taken with 1 shot from .280 Remington on May 30th in Area 13.  Right, Lantz, Rowdy, Jim, and Denver with trophy!