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Fishing Gallery 2004

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!

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Last trips of the year to Boysen for Pat Brown of Lander who was accompanied by Dan Carey of Lander. Lots of good eating ahead with those perch and Pat displays a Brown Trout he caught among the perch a week later. November 2004


NEWCASTLE – Bob Hockett not only broke the northern pike record Oct. 27 at Keyhole Reservoir, he almost did it three times. The 27 pound, 4 ounce fish he landed around 3 p.m. that day broke the former record that had stood since March 1998 by nearly a pound.

Greg Fulton of Jackson caught this bad boy on December 27th through the ice. It weighed 17 lbs. and was 33" long.
Biggest fish in his 27 years as a Wyoming resident.

John Taylor of Jackson with a 15-1/2 pound laker he caught and released just after ice-out on Jackson Lake in April.

Chance Pauly, of Evanston, with his catch during an ice fishing trip this past winter on Newfork Lake by Pinedale. At the time of catch Chance was 7 years old. The fish is 35-inches long and 21 pounds! He can barely pick it up after taking about 20 minutes to get it in, but as you can tell by the smile, he loved every minute of it. Submitted by proud Dad, Bob!

Another great fall at Flaming Gorge for Dave Good, ( 2 right) and John Zerga, (left), of Lander. A few pictures of some catch and release fish from this month. Jhon with a 30-pounder . Dave with a 30 and a 20-pounder.

Nice mess of lakers from Fort Peck Reservoir Montana on November 7th by Todd Wacaser of Red Lodge, Montana,(formerly Lovell), Clay Price of Glendive, Montana, (formerly Pinedale), Todd's Dad from Cody.

Ian Shaw from Cheyenne caught this Rainbow on October 2, near Saratoga, Wyoming. It measures about 24" and Ian doesn't know how much it weighed. He sure is a thick fish! Ian said it was the thrill of his life! Ian grew up in Lander.

Below left, Ashley Bonser caught and released this huge lake trout on June 23rd on lake Flaming Gorge. 46in. and 42pounds. Center and right, Josh Christensen of Mountain View, WY. caught this 41-inch, 28.5 pound brute while fishing Lake Flaming Gorge with, friend and fishing partner, Ashley Bonser.

Andy Marshinsky of Kemmerer with his 37" 30lb. lake trout caught Labor Day weekend at Flathead Lake Montana. Photo by fellow "hawg" fisherman Larry Burris.

Mess of rainbows taken from Boysen Reservoir, Winter 2004.

38-pound, 43-inch Lake trout Caught By Jeffrey Collins of Hudson in August from Flaming Gorge.

Bob Chubb of Lander caught this 8.5 pound walleye June 21st on Boysen Reservoir.

Mark Sanders of Lander with a 24" 6.5 pound brown caught September 19th from the Wind River.

Heather VanVleet of Lander with some nice Brookies from Fiddler's Lake in July. 18-1/2" and 14".

Mark Hill of Riverton hoists a 38", 17-pound Northern taken from Keyhole Reservoir in late August! Photos by Dave Good of Lander.

Left to right: Dave & Stefan Petersen, Dave Petersen, Leif Petersen, Stefan Petersen. Trout caught in early summer from "somewhere" along the Wind River.

Lenny Sherf of Lander with a 29" about 11-pound walleye from Ray Lake in late June.

Michael Bessler, who resides outside of Shoshoni, caught this Northern Pike in Canada in May. 24# and 44 inches long!

John Thurlo of Lander with a 37", 35-pound lake trout caught June 9th a Lake Flaming Gorge. Right, John's Kokanee Salmon, 20", 4.75 pounds, caught last August at Flaming Gorge.

Pete Young of Glendive, Clay Price of Glendive, Montana, (Pinedale native), Cody Young, Todd Wacaser of Lovell, and Todd's Dad with a catch from Fort Peck in early April.

Ashby Sowers of Lander with two-8 1/2 pound carp from the Popo Agie River in Lander. June 02. Caught on ultra light rod with 6 pound test line.

Doug Lemm of The Good Place in Lander catches a nice Popo Agie River Rainbow. 23", 4.7 pounds. May 22nd.

Kris Davis, left, with cutthroat and Jake Griffin, right, with rainbow from Luckey Pond in Lander. Feb. 2004

Ray Lopez and Roger Mardock from Lander with 8 lb.-11 oz to 9 lb-9 oz catfish from Boysen 3/28/04