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Hunting Gallery 2003

Whether your trophy is large or small I'd be glad to post it in the 2003 Bucks and Bulls Gallery! Just attach your photo to an email, include your name and a short description of the photo and I'll post it as soon as possible! Email your photos to Wyoming Outdoors by clicking HERE!

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Marty Killion from Laramie enjoyed a tremendous 2003! 1) His unguided fall hunt in SW Alaska for Caribou resulted in this 378 BC Bull on the first day of hunting. 2) Marty's unguided Spring Black bear hunt in SE Alaska resulted in taking this 6'2" squared perfect haired bruin. 3) Opening morning area 11 bull elk, taken out of a herd of 50+ elk. 4) Opening morning area 46 antelope buck. 5) His first Whitetail taken in NW Nebraska, he has 12 scoreable points. 6) A Boone and Crockett buck taken on opening morning, this great 30" wide buck gross scored 190-0/8 BC and netted 187-1/8 BC as a typical 4x4. Taken in Carbon County.

The picture taken in the field is Tony Walter from Cheyenne with a bull taken near Moran Junction on opening day that roughly scores around 300. The next 2 pictures are a bull that was killed 2 days later in the same area by Jason LaVallie from Gillette. This bull grossed 387. This bull is only the 2nd elk that Jason has ever killed.

Clinton Hanson, formerly of Lander, now living in Anchorage, Alaska scored on this caribou bull that scored 424-6/8 which, at the time, ranked it 178th out of over 800 in the B&C book. This was the number 2 barren ground caribou at the 25th Boone and Crockett Awards.

Tye Day of Hudson with a whitetail/mulie hybrid taken the last day of October 2003 near Crowheart.

Left: Matt McOmie of Lander with his first turkey taken in the Fall of 2003 near Guernsey. Right photo shows Matt along with Aaron McDonough of Lander and his gobbler.

Scott Kreger, (left), with 5x5 and Bill Gibbons with a 4x5 taken in the Clearmont area, October 2003.

Dale Clouser with antlers from bull taken October 1st in the Slate Creek area. First elk!

Christine Shatto of Lander with her first deer taken in the Polly Gulch Area!

These 3 bucks were taken in the Weston Area N/E Wyoming.

L-R..Art Masser, 5x5 25"...Tom Metzinger, 2x2...Matty Persing, 5x5 25"... All from Coal Township, PA. The next day George Watson of New Columbia, PA took this buck in the same area.

27" buck taken in Wyoming Range 10-13-03 by Bill Boender of Pinedale with Remington 700 30-06

Whitetail taken on 1 Nov. by Justin Winney of Douglas along the N Platte, north of Douglas.

Jim Parkins of Lander bagged this 155# tom with a bow near Twin Creek east of Lander on December 27th.

David Miller of Fort Washakie with his first archery score! October 2003

Lynn Muir of Rock Springs with a 4 year old 150# tom. December 2003. Dubois area.

Bob Winney, from Douglas, took this mulie in the Rochelle Hills east of Wright on Oct 4th.

Heather Morgan of Lander with her First Deer. Taken with a .270 near Dubois in October.

Heath Morgan of Lander with a 3x4 buck taken in October near Dubois.

Elk taken by Richard Kuster of Lander in Area 28 near Lander. October.

Mary Ann Patton of Lander with a 4 yr.-old, 135-pound tom she took near Dubois on November 30th.
Guided by Fritz Meyer.

Shawna Muir of Lander with a 4x4 Mulie Buck taken Southwest of Rawlins in October.

Shayne Taylor 12, of Evanston. First hunt 200+ yards, .243 Ruger. 5X6 whitetail, Area 24, south of Sheridan 11/28/03

Kori Bird of Lander with her first antelope! Taken with 1 shot in September in Area 92.

Dayle Bird of Lander with a 46" bull moose she shot in October in Area22.

Micah Burke of Lander with his first buck harvested in October near Lander. A Dandy!

Danny Bauer of Lander with a bull taken on opening day in Area 67. 7MM at 250 yds.

A very large cow bison harvested on November 22, east of the National elk refuge. Harvested Gene Hauck of Riverton.

Krista Osterman of Lander with a big Muley Buck taken north of Thermopolis in November.

Sam Carpenter of Lander scored a nice double in October! The elk was taken near Shoshoni Lake and the deer near Deer Hall Creek.

Bob Luck of Lander scored on this big bull south of Rawlins in Area 108 on October 18th. Scored 343.

Gene Thompson of Lander with a 6 point bull taken on October 1st in Area 28 near Lander.

Roy Sowers of Lander with his buck taken on opening day.

Ken Legstra of Lander with a whitetail buck taken in Area 4 of the Black Hills, November 15th

Eric Logue shot this four point deer, counting eye guards, October 17th in the Lander Area. He is 26 inches tall and has about a 24 inch inside spread.

Paul Tramp of Lander with a nice trio! The moose was taken with a bow in 2001. All were taken in the Lander area.

This cow came from the Dry Lake area south of Lander. I got her with a 7mm Mauser on Nov 6th, and she dropped in her tracks. Ellen Clark, Ft. Washakie.

John Whitley of Lander with a 4x4 elk and buck taken in September in the Lander area.

Whitetail shot by Lander's Allen Dubberly just outside Lander on Oct. 17.

Tyler Balderstor of Lander with a 26" wide Mulie harvested in Area 28 near Limestone Mtn. Oct. 17th

Robert Thompson of Lander with his first deer taken in the Twin Creek area on opening day. Special thanks to Jim Velarde.

Gary Calvert of Lander and friends with moose taken in October in the Willow Creek area.

Clark Johnson, age 13, of Lander with his first antelope. Taken in area
65 on 10/19/03.

Kyle Blake of Lander with a nice antelope buck he took in the Gas Hills Area September 20th and his elk, taken off Flagstaff Road on Togwotee Pass on September 26th.

Tyler Hede of Lander with his antelope buck taken September 15th near Jeffery City. Green scored 80.

13 year-old Mark Sanders of Lander with his first whitetail! Oct. 15th, Little Popo Agie.

Matt Sanders enjoyed his best day of deer hunting by taking this nice 5 point whitetail along the Little Popo Agie on Oct. 15th.

Craig Staeger of Lander with his first bull! Bagged on October 1st at 7 am on "The Mountain". He said it was tough to pack out! Welcome to elk hunting Craig!

Byron Makeshine of Lander with a whitetail and elk rack taken in the Owl Crrek Mountains in mid October.

Jared Nettles of Riverton with his First!
5x6, shot at 200 yards.
10/15/03 Area 127.

Denver Nettles of Riverton with his first archery buck! A 3x6,taken 9/1/03.

Denver Nettles of Riverton with a sagebrush bull. Taken in the Beaver Rim Area.

Travis Barney and Sam Francis with antelope taken on October 9th at Trapper Park. One shot to the head did the trick!

This mule deer was harvested this year(2003) in a special draw area. Measures 30-1/2 inches outside spread but unfortunately, when shot, fell face forward breaking off the front tines. Terrill Weston, Lander, WY.

Craig Amadio
Lander, WY
Bull was taken with a bow on public land in the Laramie Peak Area on September 13th. Scores 310.

Scott Davis
Caller: Craig Amadio
From: Lander
Bull was taken with a bow on public land in the Laramie Peak Area on September 16th. Scores 334.

Chester Puroll of Bellaire, Michigan shot this unusual elk on October 11th in area 25/27.

12 year-old, Joseph Gonzalez of Lander proudly displays his first elk, taken October 6th near Limestone Mountain!

Bob and Jess Forton of Lander took a successful trip to Norlaee, British Columbia in September for some moose fishing? Looks like they caught two!

Earlier in September Bob Forton took this moose near Frye Lake south of Lander. Plenty of moose meat at the Forton's this year!

Jan Otto bags his first antelope! Area 65 on October 4th. 14-1/2" with 6-3/4" prongs.

12 year-old Derrill Price of Lander with his first antelope! Shot with a 7MM am. on September 20th in the Beaver Rim area.

JARED NETTLES OF RIVERTON {12 years} with his first deer and antelope! Talk about a good start!

Leo Horath bagged this 43 incher in
Area 9 on October 2nd.

Chad Baumann of Riverton shot this beauty in the Fall of '02.

My girls & I got these elk Saturday, October 4, 2003. It was Chelsea's (the one in the yellow coat) first year. We will all have to hunt hard next year to try and get one as big. Don, Brittney, & Chelsea Brunski

I had hunted this bull for 3 days with my bow and I shot him Sept 10th the opening day of rifle season. The area was Fall Creek West of Jackson. Dan Hauck

Chad Bauman of Riverton with a buck taken in the Lander Area on September 1st... 7x6, 27" wide. A beauty!

I got this 6 point bull south of Gillette, Wy. It was around 950 lbs. it took me and my friend about and hour to load it into the truck. Tom Bailey, Gillette.

Archery Grand Slam!
Took the goat on August 20 in the Big Sandy area. The muley was harvested in the Lander area on September 5, haven't got him scored yet, but I am told he will go Pope and Young. I harvested the bull on September 20th near Limestone Mtn. Jared Oakleaf