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Hunting Gallery 2001

Got a picture of a big game animal taken during the 2001 hunting season? Attach it to an email and I'll be happy to post it!  It doesn't have to be a trophy.  As long as it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming.  Thanks!!

Miles Bundy of Casper with his 2001 buck!

Dave and Renee Ostland of Lander with the results of a good morning in the Black Hills.  Spring 2001.

Charles Morganstean of Lander with his Green Mountain Elk taken in October of 2001.  Notice the antlers!

Daryl Watson from Riverton.  First Elk in seventeen years of hunting!  I was that guy that was always on the wrong ridge or in the wrong drainage. Well, all my years of waiting have been worth it. This bull was killed on the 27th of October in the Dubois area.  Son Derek and daughter Shelby are pictured.


Brad Moore from Casper took this 44" Bull in the Teton Creek Area with the help of Bob Barlow Outfitting in October 2001.

Bill Brill of Lander with a Willow Creek Moose. 45" spread. 7MM Mag.  October 2001

Elk taken by Rita Boender of Pinedale in Upper Green River. Oct 30,2001. Nice 6X6 ! Taken with Remington 7MM08.


Buck taken by Mike Boender of Phoenix in Upper Green River Oct 24, 2001. 28" spread. Taken with Remington 700  .280

Carl Von Rein of Lander with a 9 and 1/4" Mountain Goat.  Harvested in the Sunlight Basin of northern Wyoming.  Guided by 7D Ranch.  September 24, 2001

16 year-old Ryan Vincent, Evanston, took this 27-1/2 inch mulie near the Greys River on the last day of the hunt with assistance from brother Shawn, and friend, Cole Keeling.

Bob LaBeau from Michigan had an excellent hunt in Wyoming!  Bob wrote......

I'm happy to report a memorable experience and a very successful hunt.  Eleven hunters went home from Harold Turner's Triangle X Ranch on Oct. 6 with ten 6X6 bulls, one 4X4 bull and my mulie. Thanks for your input on the merits of the .270  for elk.  Both of my animals were taken with one shot and neither traveled 100 yards after being hit. I hope to hunt Wyoming again soon. 

Billy Meeks of Lander had a great year!  The elk and antelope were from the Pinedale area.  Coyote is from Lander area.


Robert C'Bearing of Ethete with a Bighorn Ram taken in the Owl Creek Mountains on November 12th.  Broke off a piece of the horn when he fell but recovered it.

Devin Hubble of Lander with a nice mule deer buck taken in the Lander area on October 19th, 2001.  Not as big as last year's.

Jim Race of Glenrock taken Sept. 24,  2001.  Area 100.  Bow kill.  Score 340

Ron Reemts of Lander with his Lion.  7' 6", 157 pounds.  Taken in the Dubois area on December 8th.  Guided by Fritz Meyer.

A Hunting Collage!
The following were taken by hutners from Lander during their hunt in northeastern Wyoming in November of 2001.


Far left: Kevin Kummer's Muley buck from the Hulett area.  Photo#2: Glen Kummer with his buck.  #3: Dale Lobdell of Lander with Glen Kummer, 2 muley bucks and a whitetail doe, ( Doe taken by Dusty Hixon of Lander.)  #4:Dusty Hixon with turkey.  #5: Dale Lobdell with turkey.  #6: Glen and Kevin Kummer of Lander with turkeys!

The 6x6 was taken by Tom McAdams on October 1st, the 7x7 was taken by Lynn McAdams on the 4th.
Took the whole family to hold them up!

Evette Meyer of Lander with her first moose.  A nice cow taken with a .270 Winchester, 150 grain.  Area 16.  November 15th.

Ronna VanEngelen of Lander with the results of her first-ever big game hunt of any kind!  A great  start. Area 106, September 15th.

Here's a group of Evanston hunters that had a great year of the deer!  Back Row is Josh Wright and Eric Wright.  Bottom row...Nick Small, Jared Schofield, Brody Johnson, and Joe Vincent.

Brody Johnson, Josh Wright and Nick Small of Evanston with the results of a good afternoon of pronghorn hunting!


Anthony Barry of Lander traveled to the LaBarge area to harvest this monster buck.  30" wide, 4x4.  September 20th.


Richard Kuster of Lander with his antelope taken in Area 106 on September 16th.  Said it was a god hunt

Jeff Burris of Riverton with his big bullwinkle!  There's part of his right antler broken off.


Crissy Fann of Lander beat the odds by drawing a bison tag and then scored!  November 4th.  10 am. The Grand Tetons in the background.

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