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Hunting Gallery 2000

Here's where I'll post bucks and bulls harvested during the 2000 season. 

Ray's Deer from 1999

30" buck taken by Rita Boender in Wyoming Range Sept. 2000 with Remington 7 in 7MM08. Won third prize in Pinedale Big Buck contest.

Cody Brinton's archery take in 2000! 29-3/4 wide, 8x9 with 2 cheaters on one side and 3 on the other!

26" buck taken by Bill Boender in Wyoming Range Sept, 2000 with Remington 700 30-06.

Gabriel Warren of Arapahoe bagged this tremendous ram in the Owl Creek Mountains with a 7mm Mag on November 29, 2000.  179 B&C points!

Tom Massey Sr. of Lander with his bull taken October 28,  2000 in the Upper Sweetwater area.

Will Lederer, the NRA Field Rep for Wyoming with a rack from a buck he had been scouting all fall, south of Rawlins, waiting for the gun season to start so he could go after him.  As it turns out, the son of the ranch owner borrowed a bow from a friend and bagged this big boy 2 days before gun season started.  Will could only go to the taxidermist and hold it!  Look at that ball at the end of the drop tine!

Wil Lederer of Cheyenne with one that didn't get away!!   October 2000, Carbon County, Wy.

Nice bull moose taken with a bow in the Leeds Creek area by Tom DeKing of Lander, September 29, 2000.  Tom says it's the best bow kill of his life!

Here's a nice Big Horn Ram taken in early September, 2000 by Erin Martin, ( in white sweatshirt), of Lander.  Scored 167-Full Curl-8 years old.


Joni Miller, of Lander bagged this nice Bighorn Ram in the Dubois Area in early September. 
Scored 170-1/8.

"Opey" Hlavnicka of Lander with his Bull Moose taken in Area 17.  It took him 21 years to get his moose permit!  Looks like it was worth the wait!

Moose taken by Art Baker of Lander on October 4th near Union Pass.

Nice Mule Deer Buck harvested by Keith Tubandt of Virginia. 10/16/00 in Fremont County.  His first!

Dawn Branning of Lander with a whitetail Buck taken in the Lander area on 10/16/00.      

6 X 6 Desert Bull Elk taken by Bob Walline of Illinois.  Bob's First Elk! 10/17/00

Nice 5 X 4 Muley Buck taken by Willard Meyer of Lander on BLM land near Casper, through the Cooper Ranch.

Matt Lemm and his Dad, Doug, with Matt's First Deer!  Oct. 15, 2000.  Lander Area.

Erik Baker of Lander with his 5x5 whitetail rack 19" wide.  Harvested Oct. 15th in Fremont County.

Greg Taylor with his nice mule deer rack.  3x3 with a 25" spread.  Sweetwater River area, Oct. 17, 2000.  Greg's chased this deer for 3 years, finally found him using predator call!

Bobbie Lin Gloe of Casper, age 13, with a Mountain Goat she harvested in the Beartooth Mountains northwest of Cody!  Drew her tag on the first try and filled it!  Harvested on October 7th at 300 yards.  Photo submitted by her very proud father!


Mule deer buck and antelope taken by Karl Nichols of Lander.  The antelope was shot Sept. 16th in the South Pass area.  The deer was taken in the Green Mountains in October.

John Whitley with his 1st Wyoming Buck!  Taken in the Pinedale area on October 22nd.

14 year-old David O'Brien of Lander with his 1st buck!  Shot Oct. 19th along Indian Ridge.


Katy Nichols with an antelope taken on September 17th in the South Pass area.

Cathy Bair of Lander with a nice buck taken on her first antelope hutn.  Shot a 365 yards.  Scored 76.  Oregon Buttes area.  September 10th.

Harry Nyhus of Lander with the rack from the moose he took on September 14th.

Five of us did very well opening day on Antelope.  We hunted area 46, by Medicine Bow after the season's first snow storm. About 16 inches on the ground that morning.   Bob Winney, Douglas, WY.

Jess Forton of Lander with nice bull taken October 6, 2000 in the Limestone Mountain area south of Lander.

12 year-old Cody Lane with his first buck!  A Whopper!!  28" wide, 24" tall.

Wayne Schmidt with his 4x5 Muley Rack! 30-1/2" spread!  October 5th. Western Wyoming.

Wayne's 6x7 Bull Elk was harvested on October 24th in western Wyoming.  One shot at 410 yards.


16 year-old Taylor Jones (right), with his first moose.  It's a beauty!  Shot October 14th.  Area 16.

Ben Lee Ferris with a nice elk taken in the Owl Creek Mountains on October 8th.  Green score between 375 & 385.

Jacob Binns with a nice Bull elk taken in Bear Basin 10/6/00.

Justin Schwartzkopf of Douglas with his first elk!  First elk hunt!

Jeff Burris of Riverton with a nice buck he hunted hard for this season.  Taken October 28th after 20 trips!  His best!

Terry Hubenka with a 3x4 Mule Deer taken October 14th in the Little Sandy-Blucher Creek Area with a 45-70 Marlin.

Dusty Watts with rack from bull he took on October 1st in area 28.

Bobby Watts with the rack from his bull taken October 2nd in area 28.

Josh Watts with rack from his elk taken October 1st in Area 28.

Betsy Thurlo of Lander with a nice Muley Buck taken on October 15th in eastern Fremont County.

Dean Plunkett from Kalama, Washington with an 8x8 Bull, 47" wide, taken September 10th, 25 miles south of Yellowstone Park.

Chrissy Winkelman with a nice mule deer buck taken in the Big Piney are on October 1st.

Bob Baumann of Riverton with a dandy 6x6 bull from the Copper Mountain Area.

Bob Baumann of Riverton with a 15" Antelope Buck shot in the Shoshoni area.

Chad Baumann of Riverton with a nice Mule Deer Buck shot in the Shoshoni area.

Coby Hubble of Lander with a nice mule deer buck that scored 158 net.  Taken 11-11-00 in Area 128.

Devin Hubble of Lander with a beauty!  His biggest yet!  7x6-net score of 170 5/8.  Taken 11-19-00 in Area 128.

Antonio Pingre with a 16 1/2" Buck Antelope taken in October in the Owl Creek Mountains.

12 year-old Stevie Lynn of Lander had a great 1st year of hunting!  His 1st Antelope and 1st elk. 

Steve Lynn of Lander with a bull taken in the Lander area this fall.  Steve said he was more excited with his son Stevie's success!  Plenty of good eatin' at the Lynn's home this winter!

Tony Shakespeare with a nice bull moose taken in mid-October in the Owl Creek Mountains on the Wind River Reservation.

Opey Hlavnicka with a nice whitetail buck taken in northeast Wyoming on November 7th.  He said the big one got away!

Justus Jacob with a big bull taken October 4th in the Lander area.  Scored 344!

Roger Sebesta bagged this nice 4x4 Mule Deer Buck in Teton County on October 12th.

Here's Frank Foote of Lander with a pair of bucks!  Jim Hime of Lander took the one on the left, Frank's is on the right.  Both shot October 15th in the Green Mountains. 

Craig Amadio of Lander with a dandy moose harvested October 3rd in Area 17-Upper Gros Ventre River.

This mule deer buck was taken by Oliver Addison of Ethete in November in the Cedar Butte area of the Wind River Mountains!  27-1/4" wide by 20" tall.

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