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Photo Gallery 1999-2000

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Kokonee Salmon from Flaming Gorge!  Photos by Dave Good of Lander.

Couple of HAWG Bluegills! Brody Knell, Matthew Good and John Zerga of Lander.

 Early November 2003 on Flaming Gorge. Matthew Good and Brody Knell of Lander.  Brody kept a 26-pounder for the wall, all others were released. We only broke 40 pounds once this fall, but sure blasted a bunch of 30+ pounders. Photos by Dave Good of Lander.

Flaming Gorge fishing in November 2003 with Arnie Zertuche. Arnie caught 20 fish in 1-1/2 days jigging Macs, ( Lake Trout), all were between 20 and 36 pounds. We had a great trip. Photos by Dave Good of Lander.

A fruitful vacation in Florida for Lander's YT Sempert! December 2003.

A pair of great brookies caught by Rita Boender of Pinedale.

Kris Davis of Lander with an 18" Brown caught in April 2002 from the Popo Agie River and a 27"-10lb. Rainbow caught in 2000 at Carmody Reservoir on Beaver Rim. 

Tyler Chubb of Lander with an Alaskan Arctic Char, (close
relative of a brook trout), caught last summer. It was 27' and caught out
of the Sagavanirktok, (better know as the Sag), River near Prudhoe Bay.

Hank Puffe of Lander with a 10 and a 1/4 pound, 30-inch, walleye caught in Boysen Reservoir in August 2003.

Brody Knell of Lander with his first Kokanee. Flaming Gorge.

Ashley from Mountain View with hawg Lake Trout. His digital scale showed 43 lbs, but the forest ranger's spring scale showed 39lbs. Sheep Creek, Flaming Gorge.

Arnie Zertuche of Pavillion with a silver phase Kokanee. Flaming Gorge.
August 2003

Arnie again with a nice stringer of fish from near the Boysen Dam.  It was a mix of sauger, catfish, perch and trout. this was a 133 fish day.

Keith Shipton and crew had a great time in Northwest Washington!
September 2003

Greg Bautz and Ron Kopriva from Lander with Sandhill Cranes taken in the Ocean Lake Area in September.

John Griffin of Lander with a 19" brown from the Popo Agie River....April 2002

 Walleye caught by Ben Knox of Casper at Boysen Reservoirs' Fremont Bay on 12/29/01 using a tip-up and a minnow. The fish measured 31" and had a girth of 18". Weighed on two different uncertified scales and the big girl weighed in at 13.4 lbs. and 13.6 lbs.

Nice stringer of fish!  Trout, ling, catfish, and walleye.  Caught at Boysen on the 26th and 27th of January 2002.  Bob Chubb of Lander and his son Tyler.  They won the trout category for the Wild West Winter Carnival Fishing Derby!

Tom Simpson of Jackson with a 23-pound Kamloop Rainbow taken from Pend Orielle Lake in Idaho on November 6, 2001.  36" long with 23" girth.  Put up a good battle!

Steve Agueda of Lander pulled this 20-pound beauty form Bull Lake on May 22, 2001!

John Thurlo of Lander with a full-colored kokanee salmon at Flaming Gorge Reservoir in October 2001. Catch and release.

Matt Sanders of Lander with a 24" brown taken from the Wind River in July 2001. 6 to 7 pounds.

Bob Jairell from Laramie with a 12# Seminoe Walleye caught in July 2001.

Snuff Sanders from Lander took a trip to the Kenai in Alaska and landed this 50" monster King Salmon!  It weighed 65 pounds.  July 2001.

Larry Averett of Lander with a 5 pound Brookie.  23" long.  Small lake above Lander.  Put up one heck of a fight!

Mona Averett of Lander with a 7 1/2 pound cutthroat from a small lake above Lander.  24 inches.  September 18, 2001.

Dan Horath of Riverton with an 8 pound walleye caught during Day 1 of the Wyoming Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament at Boysen in June 2001.

This 12 pound, 30" channel catfish was caught by Forrest F Harris Jr. of Gillette in the Powder River. He caught 60 cats this season and this was the only one he kept. The mount was done by Judy Galitz of Fins & Feathers Taxidermy in Lander.

Mona Averett of Lander with a 4-pound brook trout taken in a small mountain lake above Lander at the end of July 2001.  20-1/2" long.

Poke Appelhans of Lander with a brown trout caught in the Fall of 2000 somewhere in Fremont County.  Mount done by Fins and Feathers Taxidermy of Lander.

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