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Team Rip 2012


11/3/12…..Headed for Boysen with the hopes of hitting the fish “putting on the feedbag”. They were! We hit a stretch of water, perhaps, 200 yards in length and tossed jigs with plastics in 2 to 12 feet of water. We caught a total of 14 eyes and a sauger. We kept some for the table and released everything over 19”.

10/6/12.....Headed to Boysen for what we hoped was a Fins and Feathers weekend. Turned out to be fins only. (The weather was too nice for feathers). We caught 16 walleye and a good sized carpsucker. Jigging with plastic and live bait. Most of the action we had was shallow, but did hear reports of fish caught deep as well. The fish ranged from 18 to 24”. We put back anything 19” or over.

July 2012....July found us on the troll. The best day was in mid-July when Pat and Chris traveled over and had a great day to say the least. They pulled 27 walleye that day. Pat and I went back the next morning but strong winds the night before muddied up the water a bit and we caught 14. In the time since the water has not cleared when we've been there. Moving around the lake has yielded a few small walleye and a bunch of crappie!

June 23-24....Fished the Wyoming Walleye Stampede. Hot weather dominated the tourney with temps in the mid to upper 90's all weekend. We started the day jigging, hoping to get 5 quickly and then finding a trolling bite to upgrade with. Day one we got 5 right away with Pat hooking a 7 pound eye. We tried to find some upgrades by the troll but to no avail. We were able to upgrade just one of the smaller fish. We were in 13th place with just over 13 pounds. Day 2 was much more difficult. We caught just 2 jigging early and struggled the rest of the day to find any fish. We ended up weighing 4 and finished the tourney in the middle of the pack. 62 teams participated.

June 16-17....Fished the Wyoming Walleye Circuit tournament at Boysen. We started the first day by deciding not to keep any under 18" before noon, assuming that we would be able to jig some up as the day went on. We caught and released 4 that were around 16" and didn't catch another till a few minutes before check in. We decided to take a zero in hioes of having a shot at the $1000 comeback award. That strategy didn't work out either as we weighed 5 fish on Sunday but another team caught an 8 and a half pounder to leap 15 places to take the prize. Only 36 teams entered. We did mange to win a nice fish finder/GPS at the awards ceremony. Rare that we win any kind of drawing!

June 12....Soon will be prefishing for the WWC tourney coming up this weekend.

May 12....A great day for fishing, not worth a lick for catching! Pitched plastics through the morning with nary a bite!

April 29.....Pat and I took Chuck from Riverton's OverHead Door Company out for a day of fishing on Boysen. Saturday saw a strong cold front come through so we decided to wait until Sunday to give it a try. As expected, fishing was slow although we did manage to catch 6. Jigs and plastics/minnows. Fish were biting light.

April 21....Took until 11 am till we caught our first fish....Early was very slow. We caught another 5 before wrapping up. Plenty of jig tosses per walleye! Plastics and minnows.

April 7, 2012...1st trip to Boysen . Had a strong cold front come through the night before the trip. Fishing was slow....we were joined by some fellow anglers from Casper and it was the same story with them. We caught a few 16 to 19 inchers. All males. Jigs with plastics and jigs with minnows. Water temp in the mid 40's. Winds blew us off after a few hours.

Pat catches a nice eye in 2007-Video, No audio

Ted Nugent tellin' it like it is on PBS!