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Rip Some Lip


Ray Rintamaki and Pat Brown

Team Rip's Ride!

The latest water levels at Boysen Reservoir

6-16-13.....Ray's back was on the fritz so Kevin Rinehart stepped in and proceeded to team up with Pat for the win in the Wyoming Walleye Circuit tourney at Boysen Reservoir.  Pat and Kevin landed just over 40 pounds for the 2 day tournament win.  They added Day One Big Fish and top finishing Ranger Boat to add to the tally.
4-28-13....Hit the water at Boysen for what ended up a short time, but it was time well spent as we caught 6 in just a couple of hours as the wind ended up driving us off.  Again all males, shallow with jigs and plastics.
4-20-13....Headed for Boysen for the 1st time this year.  The bite was slow early in spite of me catching an eye on my first cast.  Bite came on at midday and we ended up catching 11 on the day.  All males, shallow with jigs and plastics.
3-30-13.....Got on the water for the first time this year.  Took a trip to Ocean Lake.  The weatherman called for temps in the 60 degree area with sunshine.  Turned out to be in the 40's with north wind and rain showers.  We caught 2 walleye just prior to the front coming through and that was it.  Caught the fish with jigs and plastics in 5 to 10 feet of water.  Of course, after we got home the weather improved.  Oh well, spring in Wyoming!  Got a meal of fresh eye!

Pat catches a nice eye in 2007-Video, No audio

Ted Nugent tellin' it like it is on PBS!

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