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Wyoming Hunting News


Mountain lion hunt area 12 now closed

GREEN RIVER—Mountain lion hunters are alerted that hunt area 12, the Flaming Gorge Area, closed on Saturday, January 3, at 10:50 a.m.

            Mountain lion hunt area 12 is south of Interstate 80, west of Bitter Creek Road (County Road 19) and east of Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

            Most mountain lion hunt areas have a mortality quota. A mountain lion hunt area closes as soon as the quota is filled or when the season ends, whichever comes first. It is the hunter’s responsibility to call the mountain lion mortality quota hotline at 1-800-264-12801-800-264-1280 before going hunting to check the status of a hunt area. The hotline is operable 24 hours a day.

            Other laws and regulations pertaining to mountain lion hunting can be found in the 2014-2015 mountain lion hunting regulations, which are available at Game and Fish regional offices, most local license agents, and on the Game and Fish website at  For more information go to the website or call the Game and Fish Green River Region Office at 1-800-843-80961-800-843-8096.


LANDER – Rawlins Game Warden Brady Frude is seeking information about an adult buck mule deer illegally shot within Rawlins city limits in the Sunnyside area between the cemetery and fair grounds. This crime most likely occurred on October 7 or 8.

 “This was a horrendous crime that was unnecessarily cruel. Unfortunately, the deer suffered for several hours before it finally succumbed to its injuries. These types of crimes rob both the citizens and visitors of Rawlins the experience of viewing what was a truly magnificent buck mule deer in velvet,” says Frude.

Frude is urging anyone with any information about this crime – even if it is second hand – to report it to the Stop Poaching Hotline at (877) WGFD-TIP or on the Game and Fish website at at any hour or call him directly at 307-328-0313307-328-0313. He adds callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward if the information leads to a conviction.


CODY – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department urges hunters and other backcountry users to use caution when hunting in bear country, and to carry and know how to use bear spray.

“As bears become more active and hunters begin to pursue game in the field, we anticipate that there will be an increase in human-bear encounters,” said Tara Teaschner, Cody information and education specialist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

“As hunters, we do exactly the opposite of what we would have most recreationists do to avoid bear encounters—you might say that hunters are pre-disposed to encounters,” Teaschner said.

Hunters typically move quietly, camouflage their bodies, mask their human scent, are active at dawn and dusk, and use game calls to mimic bear prey. “All of these behaviors make hunters successful, but at the same time, there is an inherent risk of attracting bears or bumping into one,” Teaschner said.

“If you hunt in bear country, being prepared for an encounter and knowing what to do when you encounter a bear should be as automatic or routine as packing an extra jacket so that you are prepared for inclement weather,” Teaschner said.

To improve the odds of minimizing conflicts, Teaschner suggests the following;

  • Carry a bear deterrent and know how to use it. Many aggressive bears have been deterred through the use of bear spray and all hunters should carry it where it can be reached and know how and when to use it.

  • Always hunt with a partner and stay within sight of each other.

  • Remain alert and watchful for bear activity; avoid “tunnel vision” while pursuing game.

  • Learn to recognize bear sign such as scat, tracks, and diggings.

  • Know where seasonal food sources are present and either avoid or be especially cautious in those areas.

  • Be aware that the presence of ravens and other scavengers is a good indication that carcasses or entrails are nearby and a bear may be in the area. Avoid these areas if possible.

  • Retrieve game animals as quickly as possible and watch for approaching bears when field dressing and quartering.

  • If game must be left on the ground overnight, separate the carcass from the entrails when field dressing and place the carcass in an area that can be viewed from a distance.

  • When retrieving game, make lots of noise; use binoculars to search the area for bears and to determine if the game has been disturbed by bears prior to walking in on the carcass.

  • Bears often daybed near food sources.

  • If a bear has claimed your carcass, leave the scene and report the incident to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

“Human safety has to be a person's number one concern in any bear encounter,” Teaschner said. “Bear spray is an effective deterrent and I encourage all hunters to consider carrying and, when appropriate, using bear spray.”

“Firearms have been used successfully in self-defense situations and using one as a deterrent is a personal choice,” Teaschner added. “No matter what type of deterrent a person chooses, it is essential that a person has practiced and can use the deterrent in sudden, high stress situations.”

Visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Website

For detailed information on the area you're hunting, contact the nearest regional office of the
Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Casper Regional Office...307-473-3400307-473-3400...Toll Free, instate 1-800-233-85441-800-233-8544.

Cheyenne Headquarters...307-777-4600307-777-4600....instate, 1-800-842-19341-800-842-1934

Cody Regional Office..307-527-7125307-527-7125....instate 1-800-654-117

Green River Regional Office...307-875-3223307-875-3223....instate 1-800-843-80961-800-843-8096

Jackson Regional Office...307-733-2321307-733-2321....instate 1-800-423-41131-800-423-4113

Lander Regional Office....307-332-2688307-332-2688....instate 1-800-654-78621-800-654-7862

Laramie Regional Office....307-745-4046307-745-4046....instate 1-800-843-23521-800-843-2352

Pinedale Regional Office....307-367-4353307-367-4353....instate 1-800-452-91071-800-452-9107

Sheridan Regional Office....307-672-7418307-672-7418....instate 1-800-331-98341-800-331-9834

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