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Team Rip 2011



Pat and Dan Carey from Shirts & More had a very good day on Boysen.  November 17th.

Left: My brother Dick and Pat Brown do some skinnin' on Pat's opening day buck.  Our trio of bucks downed before noon on October 15th. Area 66.


9/24 & 25.....Had a fun weekend at Boysen and surrounding area as Pat's brother Randy paid us a visit.  Greg and Mitch joined in the Feathers and Fins weekend.  The fishing was slow for us but the Casper boys were able to catch enough walleye for a good feed!

8/20....Fished all day and came up with  zero walleye.  We trolled cranks at a variety of places around the lake and everywhere we tried we picked up gobs of green slime on our lines and boards.  Some places out over deep water showed 20 feet and more of the stuff.  We did pick up a pair of crappie.  Some of the guys came over form Casper and caught a few but was very slow for them as well.  It will be a while before we get back on the water...need to let the slime settle.

7/17....Back to the lake after a few weeks away.  Fishing was slow,  we caught 4 "eaters" were very scattered in shallow.  Jigged. Most water I've ever seen in Boysen!  There's a lot of lake out there!  It will be interesting to see the fishing results of all of this H2O.  

6/23-26....Fished the WWC Gov's Cup Tourney at Boysen.  Luck was definately not on our side as we started prefishing to discover the trolling motor dead.  We ended up trolling crankbaits throughout the rest of our time there.  We weighed about 17 pounds on Thursday and thought we might have something going, we weighed 12 pounds prefishing on Friday as we trolled different areas.  Friday night a big storm hit the lake with high winds.  The storm pushed muddy water into the area where we had fished on Thursday and we were not able to pull anything in the area other than "dinks". We weighed just 4 fish at 8 pounds in day one.  While we were fishing a gal pulling her boat trailer clipped Pat's trailer in the parking lot.  According to witnesses, she left her contact info on Pat's truck.  When I went to get the truck the info was we are searching for the following...a lady named Terri or Tracy, a Riverton area resident, towing a recreational boat with a gold colored Toyota Tundra,  she left behind a small yellow lens cover from one of her trailer lights. If you have an idea who this might be please contact me.  We trolled again Sunday but were not able to catch any decent eyes.  Thus ended the weekend for Team Rip.

6/11....Managed to pick up a couple of eyes early with jigs....most of our fish came trolling with cranks.  Caught 20 total, plus a crappie and 3 trout.  None of the walleye were over 20 inches.  Ended up being a cool, wet day on the water.

6/5....Finally made it back out to Boysen.  The weather has been anything but nice over the past month.  Today was as nice as it gets. Caught 4 walleye and 2 crappie jigging with plastics.  Mud line is moving down the lake quite a ways as they are drawing alot of water down in anticipation of a huge runoff.

5/4-8....Fished the opening WWC tourney of the year at Boysen.  Big fish were found this year, but not by us.  We were able to measure 5 fish each day, just not enough weight to be in the money.  Congrats to the Bundy brothers Miles and Mark as they blew away the competition.  We finished 14th.  Jigged with plastics and with minnows in shallow.  The weather was not a nice as predicted as we fought windy conditions each day of fishing.

4/23/11....Another good day...we caught walleye in deep and shallow water.  Jigs and plastics/minnows.  Everyone we talked to had caught at least a few.  A colder than normal day, the water hadn't warmed at all from last week.

4/16/2011....First trip of the year to the lake was a good one.  The weather started with a cold breeze and slow fishing as we worked our way around the lake.  As the day went on the weather got nicer and by 10 am it was calm and temps were heading into the 60's. Water temps ranges in the mid to upper 40's. We ended up catching a dozen "squirty" males with jigs and plastics and jigs and minnows.  Some good eating is about to happen!  Looks like a very good snowpack in the mountains and they have drawn down the lake in anticipation of a healthy runoff this spring.