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Team Rip 2009


It was a great weekend of duck and geese chasin' for Pat and the Gang from Casper! 2nd weekend of December.


November 21st.....Finally!  I nailed my first 10+pounder!  Weighed in at 10.7 pounds!  Jig and a small minnow.    
Caught 6 walleye and a couple of ling before high winds ended the day.

November 15th.....Decided to take a Sunday trip.  It was a balmy 12 degrees when we arrived at the lake. The temp did warm to the mid to upper 30's by early afternoon.  We managed to catch 3 ling, 1 sauger, 3 rainbows and 8 walleye.  Pat caught a 9 pounder and I pulled in a 6.


November 11th.....Pat met up with Greg Alvar from Casper to spend Veteran's Day fishing for walleye.  They caught 18 walleye and a pair of trout.


November 7th....Good Day!          

Everything over 18" released. Total 26 walleye, 2 sauger and a crappie.

October 24th.....We managed to get in a couple of hours of fishing before we were blown off by very strong north winds.  We vertically jigged with small spoons in 35-45 feet of water.  We caught 15 perch, 2 crappie and a 14 pound catfish.  Pat brought in the cat and was ready for a rest at the end of the battle!



October 17th.....Back to fishing...the fishing was a bit slow...did see a couple of 7-plus pound walleyes caught...not by us.  We did manage a few perch and crappie vertically jigging spoons.  John from Casper joined us on Saturday.  Did catch enough for a good meal on Sunday. 

October 10....For the second year in a row early October brought an early taste of winter.  Pat and I decided to do some waterfowl hunting.  I know now why I was not nicknamed "killer".... Plenty of shots but no kills.  Pat managed to bring down a couple of ducks with one shot. The high today was 18 degrees. Hopefully back to fishing and warmer weather next weekend.

September 19....Headed for was very slow.  Did manage to catch a few perch and crappie vertically jigging with a chunk of crawler.  Beats working!

August 30....For the first time in two months I headed out with Pat for a day of fishing.  After the great fishing Pat and Kevin had last weekend I figured we would be in for a big day...NOT.  The lake has turned over and the walleye fishing slowed big time.  We caught 2 crappie and one- 5 pound walleye.  Trolled crankbaits.  Did hear of others that caught a few eyes.  Sounds like a few fisherman found some big crappie.

August 23.....The Wyoming Walleye Circuit held it's championship at Boysen this year and some great weights were checked in.  Because of my recent back surgery, I had to sit this one out.  Pat teamed with "The Meat Man", Kevin Reinhart, from Glenrock.  They finished third with just over 49 pounds.  Total winnings of $3500.  Mitch and John from Casper, (who share our campsite at Boysen), finished 5th after leading the competition on Day 1.  They also weighed the biggest fish of the tourney and totaled $2500 in winnings.

Kevin Reinhart, Pat, and Rob Davis from the WWC.  3rd Place 2009 WWC Championship at Boysen.

Mitch Horning, John Marohn, and Rob Davis...John and Mitch counting the cash for big fish and Mitch with the "Grand" walleye.

July 21.....Lots has happened since my last entry here and I must apologize for not keeping up with all that's gone on.  The Boysen tournament went well.  We finished 7th and Mitch and John placed 11th.  Congrads to Dale Andreen and Ross Coates from Casper for their win.  Nobody came close as they weighed around 55 pounds!  The fishing has been a bit on the slow side according to reports.  I've been laid up for a while after some fusion surgery on the old back.  Hope to be back on the water soon. 

May 30.....After a not so good tournament at Glendo we took a trip to the lake today to find the fishing a bit on the slow side.  We did pick up one walleye jigging, (a nice 4 pounder caught by Pat), we also caught 4 crappie and a big rainbow trolling crankbaits.

May 1-2.....Headed for Boysen after a couple of weeks of less-than-perfect weather.  The lake is 81% full and there's a ton of snow in the high country.  Should fill the lake.  We fished Saturday.  Pat fished with Mitch and Dale from Casper on Friday and they caught 38, males in shallow with jigs and plastics.  They were squirting!  Saturday was a bit slower but still managed 18 walleye and a huge rainbow!  Again with jigs and plastics.  Water temp was in the upper 40s and low 50s.

April 11, 2009....First trip to Boysen.  My son from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan joined Pat and me for a day on the lake.  Water temp was 42 degrees and the walleye were nowhere to be found.  We ended up trolling for trout and picked up 4 before calling it a day and heading for camp.  Waiting for the magic 45 degrees to get the males in the spawning mood.

Ray's son, Bryan with a couple of Boysen Bows.