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Team Rip 2008

Fall Fishing can be fun! November 2008.

October 25th.....Decided to try some extremely early fishing.  We were on the water at 3:15 am.  Started the morning by targeting crappie and had a very good morning.  We caught around 60.  They were feasting on an explosion of minnows.  Trout were jumping all around us but we were not able to hook into any.  Later in the morning we went after walleyes and had some success.  We caught four, but the bite was sporadic.  The fish we caught were very healthy...they have obviously been enjoying the minnow feast!  Jigs with minnows or plastics.

October 18th.....Well, after vacations, business trips, and snowy weather we finally made it back to the lake. A slow day would have been nice as we were skunked bigtime.  Nary a decent bite!  Mitch and John came over from Casper and caught a trout Friday afternoon and nothing Saturday.  There were gobs of minnows and one can guess that there is not a hungry fish in the lake right now.  The water is much higher than it was last year at this time.

August 23rd.....Finally made it back to the lake.  Had a good time at camp, but the fishing was definitely slow.  It looks like the lake has turned over.  We caught one walleye, 3 perch and a trout.  Did hear of a few perch being caught near the marina.

August 9.....Joe and Paul from Arizona went to Boysen with Pat.  (Ray's new job kept him busy for a few weekends). They landed 14 walleye and 3 crappies.  Trolling cranks.  Two of the eyes weighed 5.5 pounds.

August 2.....Pat headed to Boysen with Donnie Jack from Lander.  They caught 16 eyes.  The top 5 weighed 5 pounds.  The biggest two were 6.5 pounds each.  Trolling crankbaits did the trick.

July 18-19......Finally got back to the lake.  Needed a fishing fix bad!  We fished for a few hours Friday evening and caught 6.  Jigging with live bait and plastics.  Saturday we started by jigging but did not get a nibble, except for a big carp landed by Pat, so we decided to troll some crankbaits.  We ended up with 12 walleye, a crappie and a big trout.  One of the walleye was about 25 inches.

June 28-29.....Fished the WWC tourney at Boysen.  Not a real good weekend for Team Rip.  On Saturday we fished hard to weigh a limit at 18.26 pounds.  Good for 26th place.  The leading weight was nearly 30 pounds on Day 1.  The jig bite was a tough one for us.  On Sunday, the jig bite was dead cold for us.  We decided to not keep anything under 22 inches as we would need at least that size to have chance to place.  We tried a variety of methods through the day and finally caught a few with jigs later in the day, but too little too late.  The winning weight was a tournament record for the lake at 51+ pounds.  Most in the top ten were trolling crankbaits or spinners.

June 19-20.....We fished Boysen in preparation for the upcoming WWC Tournament next weekend.  On Saturday we caught 20 walleye, many of them were 20" plus.  On Sunday, there were plenty of smaller walleye but we caught 35 with a few nice ones.  Pat stayed out for the entire week, I headed back to town to work for a few days.  The jig bite was very "on".  The water is steadily pouring into the lake.

June 3rd-6th.....To Glendo we did go for the Wyoming Walleye Circuit Tournament.  We ended the tourney in 45th place out of 106 teams.  Including 2 days of pre-fishing all four days were windy and cool.  The lake was full and the water was stained all the way through.  We pre-fished in the rain and wind in the trees and had some good success, but the bite shut off for us come tourney time.  The woods bite improved Sunday and we weighed a decent weight but it wasn't enough.  We used jigs and leeches, crawlers and plastics.

May 25th...After a week off we made it to the water.  Once again, we were foiled in staying Friday night because of copious amounts of rain.  The weather also factored into a very low number of boats on the water today.  The quietest Memorial Day weekend I can remember. There's plenty of water pouring into Boysen right now with much more to come!  I'll be very surprised if it doesn't fill this year.  The fishing was a bit slow today, we caught 3 walleye and a sauger.  One of the walleye appeared to be a spawned out female.  Used jigs and plastics.

May 11th.....The original plan was to head out Friday afternoon and fish through Saturday.  Mother Nature had other plans as she dumped three inches of snow on Lander and a good soaking elsewhere.  We decided to make a day trip Sunday, and yes, Pat called his Mother from the lake.  We caught 11 walleye, a trout and a carp.  Jigs and plastics.  We would catch a few then go quite a while and catch a few more.  Made the "call of my fishing career" when, after an hour of not even a bite, I threw my jig out and said to Pat, "This cast is good for a 5 pounder"  Well, I caught a 4 pounder!  A call like that will probably never happen again!  Lots of boats headed for the flats south of Tough Creek.  No word on how the fishing is there.  We're taking next week off.  The runoff can start anytime it wants...there's lots of snow ready to melt and fill the lake.

Ready for an 'Eye Fry!

May 3rd.....Finally got a full day of nice weather.  Saw more boats today than at any time this year.  Most headed to the flats south of Tough Creek.  We stayed away from the crowd.  We've never been fond of "pack fishing".  We caught 9 today, all males, with jigs and minnows and jigs and plastics.  Water temp was between 45 and 50.  Water is clearing up north half of lake.  Runoff forecast continues to be good.  Visually, there is still a ton of snow up high.  This cool weather should help with the runoff this year.  Looking forward to the water!

April 25/26.....Headed to the lake for some afternoon fishing as the weather forecast is calling for some cold temps for Saturday. Plan was to stay the night and see what the morning brought.  We had a pretty good afternoon of fishing before the cold wind began to howl.  We caught 8 walleye, a nice trout and a big carp. The next morning, after a night of strong winds and snow, we awoke to a frozen landscape around camp.  Chalk up another win for Mother Nature.

April 19th.....After a week off we returned to Boysen Saturday.  Had a good day before the wind started to roar around 2 pm.  We caught 11 walleye, (all males), 2 to 3 pounds.  2 huge carp and a big rainbow.  Jigs and plastics and jigs with minnows.  Water temp was in the mid 40's. Mitch, Rich, and Dale came over from Casper just as the winds picked up, anchored up, and caught 4 before the anchor rope failed.  The winds were still somewhat prevalent Sunday morning.  The guys from Casper went out but we decided to bag it till next weekend.  It looks like it will be a good year of inflow into the lake with with the Wind River Basin runoff forecasts at or near 100%.  Let's hope so!

April 5th.....Another day of getting in some fishing before the winds hit.  Caught three before we got blown off.  Jigs and minnows, fishing was slow.  Looking forward to a full day of fishing!

March 29th.....The ice is off Boysen!  Pat and I headed out Friday afternoon, got camp cleaned up and ready for another season.  The weather forecasters were calling for high winds Friday night through Saturday.  The weather gods smiled upon us as it was calm Friday night until about 11:30 Saturday morning, which gave us a chance to wet a line. We got off the water as soon as the wind came up, and within a half hour it was howling!  Caught 2 walleye using jigs and plastics.  Water temp was at 39 degrees so the fish were a bit lethargic.  Felt good to get another season going!  There were quite a few anglers around the Brannon Boat Launch catching a few rainbow.

Ice buildup along Boysen shore. March 2008