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Team Rip 2007

November 17th....After a slow week last week, things picked up nicely this week. We caught 20 eyes and a trout. Pat caught an eye that was around 7 pounds, I got one that was about 6. Mitch, Greg (Stoink), and Rich from Casper did very well also, catching over 30 on the day. It looks like this may be it for soft-water fishing for the season. The weather forecast is calling for an extended period of cold temps ahead.

November 10th....Much slower today. We picked up 5 walleye, 5 trout, a sauger and a healthy size ling. John and Pat shared the action as I enjoyed a "skunkin'!

This is my "skunk" look.

November 3rd....What a day! What a weekend! Pat went out Thursday afternoon and fished through Sunday morning. I went out Friday night and fished on Saturday. Pat and John Marohn fished Thursday afternoon an caught around 25 walleye from 1 to 5 pm. Friday, they were joined by Dan Carey from Lander, (Shirts N More), they caught another 25 or so plus a few trout. Saturday was a banner day! We were joined by John and Brandon Green, Mitch Horning, and Billy Brenton, (Billy Media), from Casper. The goal was to shoot some footage for an upcoming episode of the Lowrance "Team Outdoors" TV program. To be seen on the Sportsman's Channel. The top 5 walleye of the day weighed 12, 8.5, 8.5, 8.0, and 7.5 pounds! Pat and I caught 22 walleye, 5 trout, and a ling. John Green caught the 12 pounder! Pat caught an 8.5 and a 7.5.

October 28th…..Had one of our best days ever on Boysen today. We landed 23 walleye and three rainbow. The top 5 walleye weighed 7.6, 6.1, 5.5, 5.3 and 5.0 pounds. One of the rainbow hit the scale at 5.8 pounds. Mitch and his partner from Casper also had success with walleye with one of the fish coming in at 27”. They reported catching a dozen.

October 20th....Mother Nature 1--Team Rip 0. Wind, rain, snow, cold....UNCLE!

October 12-13th....Went to Boysen Friday afternoon and tried to hunt up some walleye in shallow using jigs and plastics. The weather was great but the bite was very slow. Pat caught one about 2 pounds and we missed a couple of others. Saturday, we were joined by John Marohn from Casper and went on the search for perch. We found 'em! Caught close to 75 jumbo perch, a couple of walleye, 3 ling. The perch were of the highest quality. 10 to 13 inches, with shoulders! Jigs with minnows n 40 feet of water.

September 29th....Vacations are over as Pat went back to the Midwest and I headed for the Pacific Northwest. Pat fished with Skip from Lander last weekend and picked up a good batch of perch. So today we headed for Boysen to see if they were biting. The weather forecast was for cold and wind and that kept alot of boats off the water. We had a good day. We caught over 100 perch, (kept 45 for the table), 2 trout, a ling, and a sauger. Used dead minnows on a plain hook in 40 feet of water. Did not try for eyes. Maybe next week.

September 1st....The lake has turned over so we decided to troll for trout. We did manage a couple of small walleye and a perch before deciding to load up on trout. We'll eat those smoked trout while walleye fishing this fall! Ended up with 8 rainbows. We'll be taking a couple of weeks off for vacations. Pat heads east and Ray will be heading west.

August 25th....Spent the day on the Beartooth Plateau chasing some trout. Met my brother Ron, from Montana, and a couple of friends who came out from Indiana. Fishing was slow, but did manage to hook a few. It's been awhile since I was up that way....some very awesome country.

August 18th....A slow day at the lake as we caught just 4 trout, 2 small walleye and a half dozen perch. Trolled out in the main lake for awhile, then decided to head for an area where we could use jigging spoons. That's when we hooked a couple of nice rainbows for Pat's smoker.

August 11th.....Had a pretty good day at the lake as we caught 14 walleye and a half dozen perch. All caught trolling crankbaits out in the middle of the lake. The fish would bite in spurts. Catch a few, wait a while catch a few more. The weather was ideal as a nice breeze kept it from getting too hot. A bit of smoke in the air from a fire northwest of Dubois. John, Mitch and Greg, (Stoink), from Casper came over and they reported having a good day as well. We heard reports that there were a couple of 10 pound plus walleye caught today.

July 21st and July 28th.....Better get caught up with my reports! Fishing has been off and on. On the 21st we started at the south end of the lake in the dirty water and did manage to pull a few there. It was a very hot day so we trolled cranks out in the middle of the lake and picked up just one more before heading out because of the intense heat. The ones we caught were fairly small. Had a much better day on the 28th. Started at the south end again but managed only a couple of fair-sized crappie. Tried to find some perch....we did run into a couple of schools but they were not very aggressive and were smallish, so we headed back out to the middle and trolled cranks with snapweights. Had some good luck as we caught 7 walleye and a rainbow as well as a few perch. Did keep a few of the eyes for a feed. It was a much more comfortable day. The area picked up better than 2 and a half inches of rain over a couple of days and it was strange to see standing water where we had never seen it. Did not help the lake level go up much, but it was better than the rapid decline it was on.

July 7th.....After taking a week off to recuperate from tournaments, we headed back to Boysen for some fun fishing. We were accompanied by Kent Johnson from Lander, who will be moving to Washington State soon. We picked up 9 walleye, 5 crappie, and 4 perch. Caught them trolling crankbaits. Most of the day was spent on the south end of the lake. We fished early in the day with jigs, but nothing was going on so we switched to cranks.

June 10-24th.....Tourney time at Boysen! This year the Lowrance Pro Team Tournament and the Wyoming Walleye Circuit tourneys are on consecutive days. June 20th thru the 24th. Pre-fishing was slow to say the least. However, whenever we run into fish on a particular area we tend to get out of there and look for other options. The water was very clear throughout most of the lake. The runoff has been slow this year due to cooler than normal weather and the mud line did not move down the lake very far. We failed to qualify for the finals of the Lowrance Tournament, (this is the tourney we were lucky enough to win the past 2 years). We finished 10th in the WWC tournament. Cashed a check and qualified for the WWC Championship in September. Congratulations to the winners of the Lowrance Pro Team Tourney, John Marohn and Mitch Horning from Casper. They share a campsite with us, (leased from Boysen Marina), so the past three titles are in our camp! John and Mitch won 10 Grand for their efforts. They won with 5 walleye that weighed over 23 pounds! There were record weights for both of the tournaments at Boysen this year. The quality of the walleye in our home lake has never been better!

Left to right: John Marohn and Mitch Horning of Casper and members of Camp "What the %$#@ is that all about?" celebrate winning the Lowrance Pro Team Tournament at Boysen, June 2007. Pat with a couple of big crappies and a nice walleye caught when pre-fishing for the tourneys.

May 31-June 3rd.....Headed for Glendo and our first tournament of the year. The weather for pre-fishing Thursday and Friday was as bad as we've seen. Cold temps, rain, and wind. We did not fare well during the tourney with 11.2 pounds the first day and about 8 pounds on day two. We jigged two different areas Saturday and early Sunday and ended the tourney trolling crankbaits. Our thinking was that the bite would pick up on Sunday, but for us it was not to be. Did catch a ton of little ones. Oh well, that's why they call it fishing. Our good friend, Todd Wacaser, and his Dad won the tourney and we would like to extend congratulations! We now get ready for the upcoming back-to-back Boysen tournaments that start in a couple of weeks.

May 26th.....Had a pretty good day on Boysen. Got off to a slow start as the weather was very cool. We used jigs for a awhile and caught a nice perch and a small walleye. We then moved down the lake where we caught a 4 pounder with a jig. We then switched to cranks and caught 7 trout and 6 walleye. Most of the eyes ere 16 to 18 inches, the trout were all in the 6 to 18 inch range. We head for our first tourney of the season at Glendo next weekend.

May 19th.....A very nice day weather-wise and fishing-wise today. We caught 7 walleye, 8 trout and a crappie. Used jigs tipped with crawlers and jigs with plastics for the walleye and crappie. Trolled crankbaits for the trout. The trout are heading for the smoker. Ran into a friend, Bob Chubb from Lander, who was having a good day as well. He was bottom bouncing and catching quite a few. Mud line is making it's way down the lake. Had an email from Jerry W. who said they caught a good number of walleye, a couple of trout ,a crappie, and a "pile of perch" Friday and Saturday.

May 12-13.....Headed to Boysen Saturday afternoon. Fished a few hours then and again Sunday morning. Caught a walleye and a couple of perch using jigs and plastics in shallow. Fished the southern part of the lake because the water was very clear to the north. Water temps have warmed to the low to mid 60's, and it appears the walleye are starting to scatter to their summer homes. On Sunday, after a couple of hours of jigging, that produced nothing, we decided to troll crankbaits as that method had been successful in past years at this time. What we found was a ton of trout! We trolled 3 different areas of the lake and caught trout at each location. Many of the trout were in the 16 to 17 inch range although a couple of them were bigger. There was one instance where we had trout on three of the four rods. We didn't keep any but are going to try and fill Pat's smoker this coming weekend. I love eating smoked trout while fishing for walleye!

May 3-5th.....My son, Bryan, flew out from Michigan to spend a few days fishin'. Mother Nature stepped in and shortened the fishing part of his visit, but it was good to spend time with him. We traveled to a pond in the Atlantic City area on Thursday and had a good day. Caught 17 trout, (11 brookies, 6 cutthroat), kept a few brookies for the pan. On Friday we took a trip to Boysen. Fished from shore at a variety of areas around the lake. The water was crystal clear and the fishing was poor at best. Saturday and Sunday were washed out but what a good drink of moisture we got! Nice to see the mountains with a bright, white coat!

April 28th....Pat and I took one of our sponsors, Dan Carey from Shirts N More in Lander to Boysen for a day of 'eye chasin'. After a slow start we moved to a remote area of the lake. That's when Dan hooked into the first , and largest, of the day....a nice 3 pounder. See pic on right. We ended up with 13 on the day. All caught with jigs and plastics. The weather was very warm today.
Ended up in the 80's. Water temp was in he low to mid 50's

April 21st....Had a pretty good day. Caught 12 male 'eyes using jigs and plastics. Mitch and Greg from Casper came over and had 10 at our last contact. (They ended up catching 27.) They were using jigs and plastics as well. We released all that we caught. The water had warmed a couple of degrees from last week. Air temps were in the 50's with light wind. Quite often, when we catch one of these males it has one or two following it as it's being brought to the boat.

April 14th....After a cool start, the day at Boysen was very nice. Mid 60's. The weather has kept us off the water the past 2 weekends. We ended up with 14 walleye and 2 trout, which was actually better than we expected! In fact, they were caught on one of our "go to" spots from many years ago. Kept just a few eyes for the table. We caught the walleye using jigs and plastics. All were males and a few were squirting. The water temp was in the mid 40's which is not much of a warmup over the past 2 weeks. It's been very cool since that much needed snow. We could use at least one more good, wet storm. Keep the fingers crossed.

March 24, 2007....Spent Friday getting our camp at Boysen ready for another year, (we lease a campsite from the marina). Pat caught a couple of trout early in the day and that was it. We caught the trout jigging with plastics for walleye. Later in the day we trolled cranks for trout. Smoked trout is good eatin' while fishing for walleye! The water temp today was in the low to mid 40's. Lots of trout were being caught from shore and boats but no report of walleye. I imagine the male eyes will be in showing up soon. The lake is low and unless we get a wet April and May it's gonna get ugly. Pray for lots of rain and snow!

March 20, 2007....The ice is reportedly off Boysen. Pat and I will be fishing this weekend. There were a few boats out last weekend. Most of the lake was open then. No reports of success.

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