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Team Rip 2006


More late season walleyes from Boysen.  All caught shallow with jigs. Fall of 2006. Pat with an 8.2, Gary from Washington with his first ever walleye, a 6.5, and John from Casper with a 7 pounder.

11/4.....Had a great day on Boysen!  Caught 13 walleye, 2 trout and a ling.  Pitching jigs with minnows.  The walleye were in great shape! Our top five weighed nearly 25 pounds! I caught a 7.4 pound eye and on the next cast caught a 5-pounder.  Same minnow.   The average size was just short of three pounds.  Very healthy fish. Hoping that winter will hold off for awhile.  I cold stand a few more weeks of this!

10/28.....Between weather and prior commitments it's been a while.  We had a good day today.  Caught 38 perch, 3 ling, 2 walleye and a crappie.  We fished in deep water for perch to start the day.  After getting our fill we headed for the shallows to pitch jigs for walleye.  Pat used plastic and I used a live minnow.  Pat caught a nice 3-1/2 to 4 pounder.  Soon after, I lost 2 then netted an 18 incher.  We'll be getting back next weekend and will start the day chasing walleye.

9/30 and 10/1.....Last weekend the rain and wind kept us off the lake.  This weekend the weather was perfect. We caught around a hundred perch, (kept 44), 4 rainbow, a bunch of crappie, and a sauger.  Caught them using minnows, worms, and jigging spoons.  Sunday we caught about 50 perch.  Both days we caught the fish in 25 to 45 feet of water.

9/28....Took a run up to some beaver ponds near Atlantic City with Tom and Kay Johnson from Marquette, Michigan (both were in my high school graduating class).  Tom and Kay were out to do some deer hunting near Buffalo.  We decided to try for some trout.  The action was steady, and we did end up catching 20 cutthroat and a couple of brookies.  The fish were between 9 and 14 inches long.  We kept 7 of the cutties for the frying pan.  They were Tom's first cutthroat.


9/9.....After some time off, to Boysen we did go.  Took along Brian Heckart from Lander. We decided to hunt for some perch and it did indeed turn into a successful hunt!  We checked 4 places before we struck paydirt a spot #5!  Caught 150 to 200 perch and 5 trout.  Kept a few of the trout for smoking and some of the perch for a feed.  We caught the perch around some structure starting in the late morning.  A cold front had passed the night before and the fish had lockjaw early.  We marked fish everywhere we went but it took a while to find the hungry ones.  The perch ranged from tiny to 14",  Quite a few were 10 inches plus.  Minnows, crawlers and jigging spoons all worked.  Did notice that the perch had small minnows and a few had small crappie in the gut.  The weather was near perfect and the fishing was good.  A fun day!

9/3.....Took a trip on the St. Mary's River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with my son Bryan.  Had a decent day.  I still get the jitters when a 700 foot freighter comes by at less than 50 yards!  Bryan caught 4 keepers. ( There's a 15 inch size limit ).  He skunked his Dad who managed a clam and a sheepshead!  First clam I've caught while bottom bouncing!  Picked up a few small perch as well.

8/19.....Some nice fish were caught today...but not by us!  We did catch a number of perch but nothing like a few weeks ago.  We took a pic of a ten-pounder ( See 2006 Fish Gallery) and Mitch and his kids brought in a 28-incher.  It was a nice day weatherwise, and there was a good amount of smoke in the air from a fire burning in the Dubois area.  I'll be heading out to spend some time with family and will report when I return in a couple of weeks.

8/13.....Took a couple of weeks off while Pat traveled back east.  We trolled out in the middle of the lake with cranks and caught a couple.  One walleye weighed about 4 pounds, the other was eatin' size. Quite a few boats trolling spinner rigs over the tops. We then went on the hunt for some perch.  There were a few where we had run into them of couple of weeks ago, so we checked around some structure that had produced last year and found them.  This batch of perch ran on the small size with an occasional 10 to 12 incher.  The wind was calm and the temps were in the upper 70's.  A very nice weather day. Smoke haze from area fires was noticable.

7/21-23....My son, Bryan flew out from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to spend the weekend fishing at Boysen. Friday started slowly as we trolled cranks out over the trees.  Decided to hunt up some perch and that's where we found the action.  Set up on the end of a point in about 14 feet of water and used jigs tipped with a chunk of nightcrawler.  Caught a bunch.  Pat caught a few with a jigging spoon.  On Saturday and Sunday we started the day trolling and ended up hammering the perch!  Sunday was phenomenal as we caught over 300 in a few hours.  When we hooked a perch literally a cloud of his buddies would follow him around.  Pat caught one an inch below the surface of the water and then caught 2 on a bare hook!  They blacked out the depth finder from top to bottom.  In all our fishing for perch on Boysen we had never witnessed them in such numbers, and they were of decent size too.  Most were in the 8 to 10 inch range with a few around 12 inches.  On Saturday we caught 2 trout and 2 walleye trolling over the trees and Sunday we caught a trout and 3 nice walleye.  The biggest eye was about 4 pounds.  Bryan had a good time in spite of a little "altitude sickness" brought on by a few too many brewskis Friday night. We topped off the weekend by frying up the 15 perch and one walleye we kept. All in all a very good weekend at our favorite lake!

7/14-15....A good couple of days on Boysen!  Pat took a friend, Jim Mills from Oregon/Upper Michigan out on Friday afternoon and the bite was on.  They trolled crankbaits over trees and caught 25 walleye, 6 rainbow, and a couple of perch.  It was all after 1 pm.  Saturday I joined up with them and we hit the perch big time!  We caught about 250.  I say about as we lost track at around 200. Small jigs tipped with a little meat did the most damage.  They were so thick that they showed up as a black cloud on the depthfinder. The perch were from 8 to 12 inches. We kept 15 for a fish fry which took place at Pat's house later that evening. MMMMmmgoood!

7/8....A prior commitment kept me from getting to the lake today, but Pat did manage to get out.  He reports catching a few in a short period of time jigging along a long narrow point along the east shore.  After things slowed down there he trolled cranks and picked up a few more.  Hoping to grab a day next weekend to get back into the swing of things.

6/22-25....Another good weekend for Team Rip as we finished third in the Wyoming Walleye Circuit's Governor's Cup Tournament at Boysen.  What a difference a week makes!  Last week we jigged on top and around structure with crawlers and leeches...this week that bite went south.  It was definitely a much tougher bite this weekend.  On Saturday we weighed only four walleye for 8.40 pounds.  We did a lot of running around the lake, to no avail.  Finally we put away the jigs and brought out the crankbaits.  We used snapwieghts and trolled #5 shad raps over the tops of the trees out in the lake.  We picked up three of our 4 fish there and lost one just before we had to call it a day.  On Sunday we pulled a couple of small eyes off the structure with jigs, then decided to troll cranks for the rest of the day, the bite was not fast and furious, but we did manage a fish per hour, they were quality fish and we were able to upgrade and weigh a nice basket from the trees.  We weighed 15.02 pounds on Sunday to finish third with nine walleye.  (Our Sunday weight was the heaviest basket of the weekend). Our efforts earned us $2800.  Which comes in handy based on how bad the cards were for me at camp.  Gonna take a week or two off before returning for fun fishing.  By the way, it's going to be a great year for perch! And congratulations to the Vowers on the win!

6/15-18....We did it again!  The fish gods were on our side this past weekend as we took first place in the Lowrance Pro Team Walleye League Tournament at Boysen for the secon consecutive year.  Cashed a check for $5,000!  We weighed just over 35 pounds over two days to pull out the win.  We trailed by just more than 6 and a half pounds after Day 1.  Weighed 17.31 pounds Day 1 and 18.07 on Day 2. Can't get into details yet, but will let you know more after the WWC Governor's Cup Tourney coming up this weekend.

5/30-6/4.....To Glendo we did go.  Fished the Spring Walleye Classic Tournament...finished 11th out of 99 teams.  We weighed 18.12 pounds on day 1 and just shy of 7 pounds on day 2 for just over 25 pounds total.  Our first 2 fish of the tournament were both over 6 pounds...after that it was all small ones.  We did lose a few nice fish but could not determine if they were carp or walleye.  Throughout our stay I caught a number of carp on crankbaits!  Don't know  why, but that's been a habit of mine this year.  We were in 8th after the first day and thought we had a good chance at cashing a check, but could not find the fish we needed on Sunday.  Oh well, that's why it's called fishing and not catching.  The numbers of fish have returned to Glendo as we caught close to a hundred in three days of pre-fishing.  It was in the shallows with crankbaits that we scored the bigger fish.  We caught 2 over 24 inches and 1 at 23 inches pre-fishing...the rest were in the 15 to 19 inch range.  We now prepare for 2 tournaments at Boysen.  Hoping for the same luck as last year!

5/20/06.....Spent quite a bit of time today marking areas on the GPS in advance of the runoff.  Will check them out again prior to the two tournaments in June. We did troll crankbaits for a couple of hours.  All trout...we'll be eating smoked trout while fishing for eyes at Glendo in a couple of weeks.  Did manage to catch one walleye while marking spots on the GPS....put him back.  Saw at least two other eyes in the very clear water. Pat caught a couple of perch and we saw a few others.  Temps have been in the 80's so lake should begin to fill soon.  Water temps are in the low to mid 60's.  Clear water in most areas.  That should change with the runoff.

5/13,14.....Another great weekend for weather!  We were a bit late getting on the water Saturday, there was a good chop on the water early and that appears to be when the fishing was best.  Once the winds calmed the fishing slowed.  We managed to pick up a couple of walleye and a trout.  We jigged early , then decided to troll cranks for a while.  We caught 1 walleye , the trout, and 2-15 pound carp!  I've heard of catching carp trolling cranks but had never done it, then it happened twice in one day!  Sunday morning we jigged along some cliffs early....discovered a Great Horned Owl's nest with a couple of chicks high in the rocks and while watching this, a beaver swam by....I believe that's the first beaver we've seen in Boysen!  We went exploring for potential "later in the summer" spots, picked up another walleye using a jig tipped with a half a crawler.  Water temps ranged in the low to mid 50s.

5/6/06.....Took last weekend off to get our camp set up at Boysen.  Pat bought a trailer in Cody and we spent the day cleaning it up and taking it to our site.  We broke it in this weekend.  It was nice to wake up and go fishing rather than the usual Saturday morning drive to the lake.  Fishing was slow for us.  We tried places that were producing a couple of weeks ago but they did not today.  We ran into a number of anglers who were having success dragging jigs with crawlers in 12 to 16 feet of water.  The fish were scattered but there was some success.  We caught but one today, but it was another nice Saturday on Boysen.  The water temps ranged from 49 to 55 degrees.  The fishermen we talked to said some of the males were still squirting.  They ought to be scattering soon.  Ran into Brad Highstreet from Dubois today.  Brad is a walleye chaser who drives a bit further than most to get his fix! 

4/22/06.....Another beauty of a day weatherwise!  Kent Johnson from Lander accompanied us today.  He caught a walleye just a minute or two after we started fishing, Pat caught one just a few minutes later and we thought we were in for a bunch of action.  Well, not quite so, we did manage to catch 6 walleye and 3 very large carp.  But the action was sporadic.  The water was clear throughout most of the lake today, even in the upper reaches.  The water temp ranged from 52 to 55 degrees.  We used jigs and plastics.  Very surprised that the three carp were caught in the mouth.  John from Casper also picked up a few walleye.  There were plenty of boats fishing the flats south of Tough Point.  One angler we talked to said it was slow there as well.

4/15/06.....The weatherman was calling for high winds today, but it turned out very nice with temps in the 60's and no wind.  The morning was a bit chilly.  We started by tossing jigs along some points in the upper half of Boysen.  Nothing happening, so we decided to head down the lake and give it a try.  We moved along the shore and tossed jigs with plastics into a foot of water and worked them back to 10 to 15 feet.  We caught 7 nice males weighing from 2 to 3 and a half pounds.  They were scrappy as can be and were squirtin' to high heaven.  We caught a few that were followed up to the boat by others, in fact I came very close to netting one.  The water temp was near 50 degrees in the lower half of the lake and in spite of clear water, the fish were there.  They were scattered for the most part, but provided some fun when we found them.

4/8/06.....Great weather, slow fishing.  Caught 2 nice rainbow while jigging and one walleye.  Caught in 6 to 14 feet of water.  Jig and minnow combo. Water temp was just about right for the spawn to start 43 to 47 degrees.  Still waiting for the males to move up into the shallow water.  Hopefully next week.

4/1/06.....Another great weather day at Boysen, but the fishing was less than slow.  Were it not for a 2-pound sucker that we caught it would have been a "skunker"!  The walleye had lockjaw where we fished.  I heard that the rainbow rampage was on again this week.  Oh well, we'll give it another go next week.  They let out quite a bit of water this past week to flush the river below the dam and my guess is that the falling water caused the males to move out of the shallows for the time being. Water temp ranged from 41 early to 45 later in the day.

3/25/06.....Took the first trip in the boat to Boysen today.  There is no way the weather could have been nicer at this time of year.  High near 60 with little to no wind before 2:30 pm.  The fishing was slow ...we caught 1 walleye and 2 trout.  We fished in 4 to 18 feet of water with jigs and plastics.  Most of the Casper bunch was here today and the fishing was slow for them also.  A walleye here and there .  The walleye caught were squirting already.  The water temp was around 40 degrees.  The rainbow fishing from shore appeared to provide a lot of action for those around the Brannon boat ramp.  Fly fisherman were catching quite a few with nymphs and streamers.  Walleye fishing should pick up as the temps warm.

3/6/05.....Haven't entered anything here for awhile.  Pat and I went to Boysen a couple of other times this winter but success was limited.  Had lots of basketball to broadcast for the local radio station and Pat headed for the hills on his sled.  We attended the North Platte Walleye fundraising banquet last Saturday in Casper and had a great time.  Was good to see the 'eye guys again.  Everybody is ready for the ice to come off so we can do some soft water fishing!  For more info on North Platte Walleyes Unlimited click here!  I'll shout at you when the lake opens up....soon I hope!

1/6/06.....Headed for Boysen to do some ice fishing.  Ended up catching 5 rainbow and 2 big perch.  We actually were trying to catch trout as Pat received a smoker for Christmas.  The problem today was the size of the trout.  They were all over 20 inches so we were only able to keep a pair.  They all measured between 21 an 23 inches.  It seemed weird to be putting back the perch while keeping a couple of trout.  We caught all the fish today using minnows from 5 to 10 feet below the ice.  The ice was around a foot thick where we were.  It was a bit cool today, but we could see that the ice was covered in about an inch of slush yesterday.  Quite a few folks fishing today.