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Hunting Gallery 2012


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This is Carson Crofts with his dad's 2012 Area 90 deer.


Aaron Bishop and wife Jessie Bishop from Lander were able to harvest a couple nice eaters up Horse Creek near Dubois. This was Jessie's first ever big game animal, and she did more then her share when it came to packing the critter out. Jessie's was harvested the 24th of November and Aaron's was taken on a solo hunt the 9th of December. Note: A game and fish officer was close enough to hear the shots and hiked to my location and helped pack it out. Thanks Meagen!

Matthew Green writes: Here's a picture of my big bull I got this year. This was my first elk. Got it opening day at 150 yards in a general hunt area, DIY, public land in the Wyoming Range. I used a 300 win mag. 8x7 points. Doesn't get better than that!

Luke Gilbert writes: Here are a few coyotes I have killed this winter break while home from college. I called 8 dogs in and shot them with my .223. One came within 10 yards of me and the big male weighed 39 pounds.

Shawn Gates writes: Lauren Gates, age 12, drew a great tag her first year. She harvested this beautiful bull the first day of the hunt. Way to go Lauren!

Margo Williams writes: Derrick Roman filled his big horn sheep tag 11-29-12. He got this ram at Red Rocks. Derrick is 14, and this is the first year he was able to get his own tags. Lucky guy drew a big horn sheep tag for the Wind River Mountain hunt area on the Wind River Reservation. We are very proud of his trophy!

Chancy Brown writes: Caynen Hunter Brown guided his dad on another successful deer hunt!

Nathan Smith writes: Not a bad year for elk! got the three bulls on general tags, and the cow on an additional tag in August. Seen the black bear on the way home from elk hunting, and my wife and her brother got some nice deer in October off of general tags. And then started bird hunting and got one pheasant on opening day.

Aaron Bishop from Lander was able to harvest this buck in a general unit DIY the first week of November. Area 112

Dianna Porter writes: I got this 15 inch antelope this year north of Osage, Wyoming October 2012.
The deer also north of Osage. November 2012.

Bryan Matthews writes: This is my daughter, Brandy Matthews' first bull elk taken on public land in southeast Wy. She killed it with one shot from her 30-06 at two hundred and fifty yards.

Steve Reed and Mark Mosemann harvested two six point bulls within 18hrs from each other on Public Land.

Benton Street writes: Attached is a picture of a 165# Tom Mtn. Lion I got in the Shirley Mtns. on Black Friday also attached is a coyote I called in just outside of Casper that is real Black in color.

Bryan Matthews writes: This lion killed in Southeastern Wyoming.

Joseph Sanford of Alexandria, VA took his first antelope on October 15 in Wyoming’s Unit 57 with a .243 at 225 yards.

Julius Vatalaro writes: While elk hunting up the Grey's this year I had the rare opportunity to harvest a wolf. It was the second one in the same area that was taken. This was in the predator area south of McDougall Gap Rd.

ATTENTION PLEASE!! We recently had a motherboard die and lost a few emails that had photo submissions attached. I have the photos but do not have the info. The photos are posted below. If they are yours please email me the info.

This is 12 year old Brock Crippen with his first white tall buck

James Habeck writes: This my hunting trip for 2012, very successful! First pic is with my good friend Brook Tippetts (on the left) and I. The next pic is with my Dad, Mike, Brook, Brook’s daughter Masey, and my nephew Kaleb Hoyt. The next pic is with my Dad and his bull. My bull scores 381 5/8. Brooks scores 312. Kaleb’s scores 300. Masey's is the cow. My Dad’s is the 6x5. These elk where killed on Wyoming public land. One other note this was Kaleb’s and Masey’s first elk!

John Parsons of Cody took this nice whitetail November 2 near Meeteetse.

Gene Lang writes: After 20+ years of hunting in Wyoming I finally found the elk I've been looking for!!

Dave Balling of Cody took this whitetail buck near Meeteetse on a solo hunt.

This is Jocelyn Martinez, 13, of Rawlins, with her 5 point bull elk, and 5 point buck deer killed Oct. 15th, and Oct 27th.

Tom Massey writes: My grandson Trey Massey and his first elk. His dad was his guide. October 2012 in the Lander area.

I'm Michael Stauffer from Illinois this past week traveled to Fremont Co. For my first Mule deer hunt and meet up with Ken Metzler Wyoming Trophy Hunts and got him on the 3rd day... Can't beat that for my first Mule Deer. Big thanks to Ken and his guides!

Chris Scott shot this deer the 29th in a limited quota tag.

Carl Baxter shot this antelope at 198yds and made a great shot after stalking through 600yds of sagebrush and crawling under a fence to get a good close shot with his old trusty Ruger M77 in .270.

Chris writes: This is a goat I took in area 97. I shot him at 56 yards with my Bowtech. Not a monster but an easy Pope and Young.

Tracy Wilkes shot this 28 1/2" Mule Deer in southern Wyoming October 29th.

Ieremy Schaad writes: It has been a great big game year! I took a bear while cow calling for Elk during the bow season. He was a 2 year old boar. A backpack hunt into the Upper Hoback yielded the 4x4 Mule deer. A weekend north of Douglas with my two sons brought home the Pronghorn. Finally, a great trip with my friend Matt resulted in both of us taking bulls. There was a group of three bulls bedded in thick timber. We stalked to within 50 yards and took two of them laying 15 yards apart.

Brad and Mandy Horath with two nice Antelope taken less than an hour apart. Both green score 80+. Thanks to Dan for going along and telling us to shoot them, not that we wouldn't have if he hadn't been with us!

Very nice bull shot in southwest Wyoming by Jessica Sikich. Her very first Bull Elk. Also her very first animal with her brand new 300 WSM! Killed on October 3rd. Bugled in from several hundred yards out. Came in to about 100 yards.

Mike Logue writes: My son Morrey's first bull taken in the upper Dubois area on general tag he scored 307 1/4

Eric Baxter shot his antelope at 302yds with his new Rem700 in 300rum(shot #14), using 210gr Berger Hunting VLD bullets and topped with a Vortex Viper PST 4-16x MOA scope. The deer was shot at 298yds (shot #15) with the same gun, same setup.

Brandon Baxter from Riverton, shot this bull moose Oct 1 at 350yds with his Winchester XTR in 30-06, using 180gr Hornady Superformance loads. The bull is 43" wide and 10x8 and green scored 139 2/8 B/C. He saw this same bull Sept 2 and tried to get a shot with his bow, but it just didn't work out, so it was a long wait for rifle season to arrive.

Ervin Boling writes: Here’s Arlene Boling's first deer, hunted in southwest Wy, she had an awesome first year hunting. Also pictured is my deer same area. He’s a bit of a freak.

Morrey Logue's first bow kill doe mule deer taken in the Tensleep area. 40 yard shot.

Heather Reed shot this 5 point whitetail on 10/8/2012

Heather Reed shot this 4 point October 8th

Holly Reed age 12 shot her first elk. Its a 5 point that was harvested on October 8th

Hunter Bregar took this 5 X 7-point club freak in area 171 with a 250 yard shot. Took a bit to locate him as he ended up in the bottom of a 6’ deep grassed over ditch with a couple feet of water still running in it!

Mike Mann from Rawlins- General license deer area, took this deer with my son Kody, incredible day!

Chroma-phage writes: This was my second year hunting Central Wyoming and my first year hunting antelope anywhere. Not a huge deer, but very unique - harvested on private land on October 1, 2012 My antelope buck was 14.5" - a great first timer's buck taken on the desert September 29, 2012. I'm already planning my 2013 trip!

Miles Bundy from Casper writes: Here is my 2012 deer. General license state land.

Cody Trowbridge writes: Here's a picture of my son with a 180 class mule deer we shot on a self guided hunt in southern WY. He got to miss a week of school to go with me (we live in PA now)

This is a picture of Stacie Berg with her Elk taken while hunting with brother in-law and guide Brett Berg.

Tyler Rice write: This 7x4 has a club on the right side. Me and my Dad, Ron Rice with my bull.

Joshua Clark has had luck with area 157 tags two years in a row and has harvested a couple of nice bucks.

Trent House from Lander writes: Stalking this 370 gross bull in Sweetwater County with my son Bryce was the trip of a life time full of memories I will cherish forever.

Dave Rahn shot this elk in Central Wyoming October 9th with a Ruger #1 .300H&H using Barnes 168 grain TTSX.

Jacon Binns writes: I took this guy on Sept 12 in area 91 he green scored 79, best goat yet. My whitetail I took on Oct 8 in area 171, have been watching this guy for over two years he has had a bad limp caused by him missing his left front foot at the joint below the dew claws.

Whitney Milek writes: I shot this mule deer on October 21,2012 in a general area on Copper Mountain near Thermopolis.

My name is Cordelle I shot this doe around Oregon Buttes. I stalked her for about an hour before taking the shot. I hope to get a bigger one next year.

Mindy Clancy antelope taken Oct. 9, Lander area.

Erik Holden writes: This is a bull my wife Michelle took opening morning in the Seminoes! We were glad for a successful quick hunt so we could get back home to our 5 month old little girl Samantha. The picture of the cow elk is from the early cow hunt on Green Mountain in August.

Daryl Watson writes: Brianna Watson, after 16 years of applying she finally drew a moose tag and harvested this bull on her first morning in the field.

Chad Herman killed this Bull on October 5 above Lander, WY

After 17 years Ed Patik from Lander finally drew a moose tag, he got this one near Daniel.

Cory Higgs writes: My 13 year old son Kyren Higgs shot this dandy on public land in the great state of Wyoming. This is his second year of hunting. Last year he shot a nice little forky. Kyren, his Grandpa, and I stalked this buck for two and a half hours and he was harvested with one great shot! Kyren was really excited!

Sadie Clark writes: I took this antelope on Sept. 18 in area 97. His rough score was just about 84” at Horath Taxidermy. Now we are just waiting on him to dry and get the final score to see if he goes in B&C.

Ervin Boling writes: Left: Arlene Boling ‘s caribou from aug 25 in the Brooks Range, Alaskan drop hunt. First big game animal. 383 B&C gross score. Do it yourself hunt with her husband, Ervin.
Right: This is Arlene’s first antelope. We had muzzle loader tags here in SW Wyo.

Hunter Bregar took this bull in the Lander area on Oct 1. This is his 6th bull and broke his five 5-points in a row string with this 6-point!

Tanner Varndell writes: First Antelope Hunt Success! Area 93 150 Yards. I Thank my Dad Jim, cousin Rafe, Mom Kris, and Cousin Elyse. Thanks every one for cheering me on.

Tyler Rice 2012 Mule deer 5×5 shot north of Gillette.

Cyndi Cook from Casper Wyoming shot this non-typical elk on the last day of archery in area 7. The bull came in to 11 yards where Cyndi double lunged him and watched him go 150 yards then crash. This was her first archery kill and first bull taken.

Teesha Klein from Alberta, Canada writes: I was in the Riverton area hunting with Wyoming Trophy Hunts Sept.2012. Charlie Marshall helped me harvest this 85 inch buck!!!

This young man is Robert Dodrill from Riverton. This is his first big game animal. Taken on Sept. 29,2012 in Area 67. Shot with a .243 Win at 225 yards.

Rick Shafer writes: After 20+ years of applying I finally drew my dream tag. The moose, however, was just frosting on the cake. The real treat was the time I got to spend with my son and best friends. They all played a part to help me arrow this 140 class bull at 50 yards. It's definitely a memory I will never forget.

Nate Bell writes: Monica Bell's first buck antelope shot at 170 yards with her .270.... congrats!!

Nate Bell writes: I shot this goat on opening day of rifle season in area 66.... got him with my .338 at 452 yards... I watched him for 4 weeks before finally closing the deal!

Shelby Watson first antelope shot at 150 yards with her new 30-06.

Matt Forrester's 2012 P&Y Wyoming Shiras Moose.

Chancy Brown writes: After waiting 32 years to draw a moose tag I was fortunate enough to be with good hunting buddy Jim Gibbs and my son Caynen for an exciting and memorable hunt! The bull went less than 40 yards!!

Bryan Viktorin, 12 years old of Worland, took his 1st big game animal a 16-1/2" antelope.

Chris Pendergraft from Riverton with his gator, (his better half Jill in right photo), hunted in Louisiana 11ft. 4 in. 800 lbs.

Brent Wilkes writes: Here are some pictures of a cool freak antelope Tracy Wilkes shot September 22nd, she shot him with a 6mm-284 using 85 grain Barnes TSX a just over 300

Hunter Bregar took this antelope 8-29-12 in area 64 with a 29 yard shot through the heart and went less than 50 yards and was done in about 10 seconds.

Nathan Smith writes: Got this elk on August 26th, was able to take my girls up and let them see and elk up close.

Shane Sanderson archery buck, short deer season this year but worth it. Shot opening day 2012

Jeff Muratore writes: My two 4 yr old grandsons, Carter (left) and Shane, talked Grandad into taking them turkey hunting. They got to see me get the boss gobbler, that weighed in at 24 1/2 lbs, after we set up and let the hens bring him right to us.

Rowdy Anderson writes: Here are the 2012 Wyoming state champions, they won the 2012 Best of the Best Coyote hunt held in Riverton, they managed to harvest 7 dogs for the title. Team members included Bryan Martin, Eric McDaniel and Joe Garvin. The competition was based off of 4 qualifying tournaments from around the state including Rock Springs, Riverton, Casper and Wheatland. The top teams from each hunt were invited to participate.

Kevin Wells writes: Here is a photo of my spring gobbler. Taken in the Black Hills around the middle of May. There was too much love in the air and he could not stand it!

Caynen Hunter Brown shot his first turkey this spring making a fine shot with his .223!

Black bear taken on May 6 by Mindy Clancy. Thanks to my husband Michael Clancy for helping me get him out.

Here are some photos of the Spring bear Clair Anderson shot on May 5, 2012. Shot the bear with a open sighted 38-55 Winchester, 1 shot. Big beautiful cinnamon bear with a pumpkin head. What a fun hunt and his two sons were both able to be there for it! Welcome to the Brotherhood Dad!!

A successful hunt for the Bundy's and crew!

Last day of goose season turned out to be a success for us!

Kevin Wells writes: A great way to pass the winter months when the goose hunting sucks is head to TX for some hog hunting. I have sent along a picture of Mark Conrad from Cheyenne with a hog he harvested in January just east of Post, TX.