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Team Rip 2005


Saturday, December 31st.....Pat and I ended the year with a fishing trip to Boysen.  We fished an area around Poison Creek.  Pretty slow.  Caught 4 trout and a ling.  Used minnows on tip-ups.  One of the trout was only 10 inches long, the other three were 2 pounds +.  Have a good 2006!

Monday, December 26th....Took a trip to Boysen to check out reports of lots of perch being caught.  Hooked up with "The Casper Crew"
As you can see by the picture, everyone was amazed that Pat caught one!  There were anglers that reported catching big numbers of perch while others, including us, settled for a dozen or so.  Pat caught 2 trout for the smoker as well.  The perch were in excellent condition and the trout had pot-bellies.  They sure are enjoying plenty to eat.  Only heard of a couple walleye caught.  We used tip-ups with minnows for trout in 8-12 feet of water, the perch were jigged with minnows just off the bottom in 35 feet.  Quite a few perch were caught in the 45 feet range as well.  The weather was mostly cloudy with no wind.  The ice was about a foot thick...very clear and very strong. As another year comes to a close, Pat and I want to thank you for the positive comments about these reports and wish all of you a very Happy New Year!  See ya on the water!

Saturday, November 25th....Pat and Ship Davey from Lander fished yesterday and caught a few perch and a sauger.  Today we tried but the rain/snow beat us out.  That wraps up this season in the boat.  A very good year indeed.  We'll try to get out on the ice as soon as practical.

Saturday, November 19th.....Headed for another late fall day on Boysen before Mother Nature puts a halt to the soft water.  Took along Brian Heckart from Lander for the ride.  We started fishing deep in 35 to 55 feet of water. Used jigging spoons and jigs with minnow. Caught a few perch and quite a few ling.  The weather was near perfect for this time of year so we decided to try and pull a walleye form the shallows.  No luck there, so we went back to the deep water.  Picked up a walleye and a few more perch.  Another Boysen regular had good luck catching trout around the dam area.  Overall, our action was a bit low for the day but sure beats work!

Friday and Saturday, November 11th and 12th.....Pat celebrated Veteran's Day by fishing on Boysen.  He was accompanied by John Marohn from Casper.  They caught a dozen big perch, 3 walleye, 2 sauger, a crappie, a bunch of ling and 5 trout.  All of the trout were caught by self-proclaimed, trout king, John.  Pat said he brought him along for the purpose of catching trout so he wouldn't have to. The weather was near perfect.  Saturday was a totally different story as Mother Nature was the winner.  It was very windy from the get-go and it really whipped around where we fished.  We caught 3 walleye, 1 perch and quite a few ling.  About 11am a strong storm blew in from the north.  We battled wind driven sleet as we loaded the boat and called it a day.


Sunday, November 6th.....Had a pretty good day fishing near the dam in deep water.  Jigging spoons and jigs tipped with a minnow did the trick today. The weather was very nice with little wind and temps in the 50s.  Caught 17 nice perch, 3 walleye,( including a 4 pound male), a big ling, a trout, and 2 sauger.  The fish would bite for a few minutes, go quiet for a half hour, then bite again for a few.

Pat's 1.2 pound perch caught November 6th.


Saturday, October 22nd.....Fishing was a bit slower today.  Managed to catch 10 perch, a sauger, a walleye, a crappie, and a few ling.  Ran into a few anglers who had success early in the day.  The wind eventually won out and we called it a day.

Saturday, October 15th.....It would be hard to find a nicer mid-October day than today.  It topped out at around 65 degrees and the wind remained calm most of the day.  We focused on perch again today.  We ended up fishing for them in 15 to 30 feet around some structure.  Most were caught using a 1/4 oz. jig tipped with a minnow or crawler.  Many of the perch we caught had a mouthful of minnow remains.  They ran larger today than they have.  We caught 63 perch and an 8 inch ling.

Saturday, October 8th.....Fishing was a bit slower today although the weather was near perfect.  Caught 60 perch, a 3 pound walleye, and a small crappie.  The water was covered with algae as it usually is this time of year.  As you can see by the picture on the left, one of the perch I caught was a real monster!  Other anglers we talked too agreed that the fish were not biting as hard today.  They may be starting to move to deeper water.

Saturday, October 1st.....Spent the entire day at, and around, the same spot as we hit a pile of hungry perch!  We ended up with 218 perch caught and a nice mess for the pan!  No walleye to report.  We were focusing on the perch today.  Pat would see a cloud on his depthfinder and boom, we would get bit.  Caught a few that were close to a pound, most were in the 10 to 12" range.  Jigs tipped with a small piece of crawler along the edge of a point from 12 to 18 feet.  A nice day weatherwise as well. Warmed to near 80 degrees with sun.  A fellow Boysen angler, Bob Chubb picked up a nice 3 pound sauger and some nice walleye after the wind picked up around 3 in the afternoon.  John Marohn from Casper spent a good part of the day trolling cranks but had no luck.  He ended up participating in our perchfest.


Saturday, September 17th.....Old Ma Nature was up to her tricks today.  The wind blew from every direction twice!  It was like watching a clock run.  At one time the wind blew hard out of north so we decided to bag the time we arrived at the north end of the lake, it was calm.  Caught 55 perch today at 2 different spots.  The fish were running a bit bigger and we kept 22 for the table.  Caught them with small jigs with a piece of crawler.  I caught my first-ever bluegill out of Boysen.  Pat took a couple of pics with my digital camera, but the lens cover was  you'll just have to trust me on this one.  I had never heard of a 'gill being caught there.

Saturday, September 10th.....Well, Mother Nature won out today as winds were blowing at a steady 30 mph plus.  Pat reported catching 80 perch and 5 rainbow last weekend.  I fished the St. Mary's River at the east end of Michigan's Upper Peninsula with my son.  We fished a number of areas that the pros had fished the week before but had no success.  Did manage to catch a few perch.  I was a bit weird to have a 700 foot ship slide past us as we bottom bounced along the edge of the channels.  My son, Bryan, fished as an amateur during the PWT tournament there. He won a few hundred bucks worth of tackle.  Said it was well worth the entry fee!

Saturday, August 20th.....My brother, Ron, joined Pat and me for a day of fishing at Boysen.  The plan was to find some perch, anchor up, and fish the day away.  The plan worked to perfection.  We parked the boat in one spot for the entire day and proceeded to catch 222 perch, 2 walleye, and a rainbow.  Kept 20 perch , the walleye and the trout for the table.  In fact, we ran out of bait....6 dozen crawlers bit the dust today!  It was definitely a leisurely, fun day of fishing!  Most of the perch were in the 9 inch range.  We used jigs tipped with crawlers.  I'll be away from the computer for a couple of weekends, but Pat will be getting out and I'll pass along his report.

Saturday, August 6th.....Started the day trolling crankbaits over the tops of submerged willows.  Caught 2 walleye and 2 crappie.  The walleye had been feasting on 2 to 3 inch crappies, they were all over the livewell when we finished the day.  Generally the bite was slow and this area was filling with Casperites so we moved on.  I hate it when they follow us to our hotspots!  (Kidding, of course)!  We decided to check out a spot we hadn't fished for some time hoping that a perch or two were there.  They were!  We caught 45 perch and 3 walleye on this particular spot with jigs tipped with crawlers.  We fished from 15 to 18 feet of water.  Ended the day early as we had commitments to meet at home.  Pat has a golf tournament and I'm heading to Casper next weekend, so will report again in 2 weeks.

Saturday, July 30th.....Hooked up with, fellow walleye chaser, John Marohn from Casper and spent the day on Boysen.  We started by trolling crankbaits...with some success.  We ran # 5 Raps over the tops of willows and weeds.  Caught a half dozen eyes and a couple of nice crappie.  About mid-morning we decided to do some jigging on a hump that usually produces good numbers.  Using jigs and a half a crawler we woke up a bunch of perch as we caught 67 of them in about an hour and a half.  We kept a few, most were just short of eatin' size.  Added a few walleye there and a nice rainbow, which we let go.  After things slowed down we headed back to where we started the day and went back to trolling.  Had some success, however, the walleye seemed to be biting short as we lost a number of fish and those we did land were barely hooked.  Ended the day with the following totals...67 perch, 16 walleye, 2 crappie and a rainbow.  Kept 6 walleye, a few perch and the crappie.  The weather was near perfect all day.

Saturday, July 16th.....As far a fish numbers go, this was our best day of the year.  We ended up catching 24 walleye and 31 perch.  We went to a spot we haven't fished in 6 years, due to the drought, and the fish were there.  The spot comes up to about 15 feet.  We used jigs with half a crawler. Most of the walleye were small, however did catch three that were over three pounds. The perch were 8 to ten inches, kept a few of the bigger ones.  For a while we couldn't use 2 rods because the action was so fast.  The wind kicked up for about an hour and just as we were talking about moving it slowed so  we stayed on the spot till about 1 pm when we decided to get out of the heat.  NOTE: On Sunday, a couple of friends from Casper, Mitch and John, reported they caught a 28 incher while trolling cranks.  They had caught ten at the time of their report.

Saturday, July 16th.....A hot one today on Boysen.  We caught 6 walleye, 5 perch, and a crappie.  Two of the walleye were over 3 pounds.  Caught the fish in 4 to 12 feet of water with jigs and crawlers or leeches.  Slow presentation.  Caught most of the fish early in the day.  We got off the water at 1:15 pm because of the heat.  10 minutes later the wind went from zero to 40 mph in a split second.  Looked like quite a few anglers had at least some success.  Quite a few were bottom bouncing and trolling cranks.

Sunday, July 10th.....After a couple of weeks of we headed fro a day of "pleasure" fishing on Boysen.  We pulled into the bay that produced our winning weight in the Lowrance tournament and Pat pulled a 5.3 pounder on his fourth cast! (Click on pic at right for larger image)  We caught a couple more in the bay before heading across the lake to check out one of our old favorite spots.  The wind blew out of the north at a good clip all day and it was a bit rough at this spot.  We caught 4 eyes there before deciding to find a spot out of the wind. We ended up along the north shore where we pulled 3 walleye, including 2 over 3 pounds and 3 crappie.  We used 1/8 oz. jigs with half a crawler or a small leech.  Slow presentation.  2 to 12 feet of water.


Team Rip wins the 2005 Lowrance Pro Team Open at Boysen!

Final results....CLICK HERE!

Thursday-Saturday, June 23-25th.....It finally came together for us in a tournament!  After years of trying we finally stood in the winner's circle.  What a great feeling!  We won the Lowrance Pro Team Walleye Circuit Boysen Open, cashed a check for $10,000!  During pre-fishing we discovered an area that produced a couple of nice fish using jigs in shallow water,( 2 to 10 feet ).  During qualifying we fished an area on the west shore of the lake that produced good numbers but not a lot of big fish.  Both days we caught our minimum of 6 fish then went to our spot to worked, as we qualified 11th for the final day, the top 20 teams qualified for the finals on Saturday.  Everyone started at zero on Saturday.  We went to the spot and decided we would work this area all day if needed.  We knew that there were quality fish to be had, we just weren't sure if they would be biting.  Well, they were...big time.  We filled our 10 tags by 12:30.  We weighed 20.26 pounds to take home the gold. Our smallest was 3 pounds, the largest about 4.5 pounds.  All had nice big bellies on 'em.  We fished near the back of a bay that had a variety of rock cliffs to gravel areas.  There were a lot of weeds in this bay but there was about a 20 yard wide area out from shore that was clean.  We think the fish were laying in the weeds and sliding into the clear area to feed on occasion.  We used 1/8 oz orange and pink jig heads with a live leech.  We presented the bait very slowly..a drag more than a lift. And that was the formula.  Wanted to say "Hats off" to the locals who were fishing in the area.  We had a couple come into the bay and ask if we were fishing the tournament..when we said yes they said they would not move in on us.  Very nice folks! Thank you!  I also want to give a big thanks to Gary, Janella, and Troy Hackett at Boysen Marina for the wonderful hospitality while we were there, they went over and above for Pat and me over the 2 weeks we stayed there. Finally, I want to say how much we enjoyed the company of a great group of walleye chasers who have become good friends of ours over the years....John M., Mitch, John G., Rick, Bruce, Tom and all the others, you make these tournaments a ton of fun!

Thursday through Sunday, June 16-19th.....Had a tough tournament.  We weighed around 9 and a half pounds with 4 fish on day one and took a zero on day 2 as we knew there wasn't a chance of getting in the money, so we kept the 4 fish we caught for a fish fry.  A number of local and state teams did well.  We trolled cranks for most of the tournament.  Still no shallow jig bite that we could find.  Most of our success pre-fishing was with trolling, so we stuck with it.  Many who placed were jigging deeper that we normally do or were able to find areas where the fish were shallow. Quite a few of the bigger eyes were reported caught in the lower end of the lake.  Quite a few smaller fish were caught in the upper reaches of the lake.

Saturday, June 11th....Headed for Boysen, anticipating the Wyoming Walleye Circuit next week.  Investigated a number of areas.  The water is still clear throughout the lake as the runoff has not started.  We trolled crankbaits most of the day in different places as the jig bite shallow did not produce a thing...the fish seemed to like number 5 Shadraps in perch color.  We caught a dozen and kept 6 for the table.

Thursday-Sunday, June 2nd-5th.....Fished Glendo as part of the WWC Glendo Tournament.  We did not fare well.  Weighed 9.42 pounds, 4 fish on day one, but zeroed the second day.  Thus goes the weekend.  The weather was nice only one day, the last day of fishing.  The pre-fishing was very slow for us.  We caught just one fish on Thursday, 8 on Friday, including a 4 pounder. 8 on a very cold, wet, and windy Saturday, only 4 were weighers, lost one very nice fish. One on Sunday that was 14".  Of course there were those that found the fish as there were some impressive baskets weighed both days.  We pitched jigs early each day and trolled crankbaits the majority of the time. The focus now returns to Boysen.  The lake is nearly full now and that will mean a return to methods and spots use 5 years ago.  Looking forward to a return to home water.

Saturday, May 21st.....Well today was a "skunker" for us on Boysen.  A cold front went through early this morning and the fish were not at our usual spots, those that were had lockjaw. The wind howled out of the northwest until about noon. Did hear that anglers had success in deeper water.  We stubbornly stayed shallow and thus had nothing to clean except the boat.  We're taking the next weekend off before a tournament trip to Glendo the first weekend of June.  Boysen is filling fast and it will be interesting to see what it's like in a few weeks....haven't had this much water in a long. long time!

Saturday, May 14th.....Headed for Boysen.  Had a lot of moisture this past week and the flows into the lake picked up quite a bit for a couple of days.  There is a mud line about a half a mile down the lake.  By the looks of the snow yet in the mountains plus a lot of logs along the shore there will be some tricky boating once runoff starts.  Our day started slow as we pitched jigs and plastics over rocky points in the upper third of the lake.  Tried a few different spots then returned to our original spot.  From noon to 1:30 we caught 11 walleye from 17 to 20 inches before they shut off.  We also picked up a small rainbow and a big carp earlier in the day.

Saturday, May 7th.....Did not fish last week as Pat had to be out of town. The weather has not been very warm of late, in fact the water temp today was the same as 2 weeks ago.  We went to the same spot where we had success earlier.  Used plastics on 1/8th oz. jigs in 5 to 16 feet.  We were surprised to catch 7 nice rainbow, 4 to 6 pounds, and three walleye around 2 pounds each.  There was a tremendous hatch of small mayflies going on. The fish we caught were full of larvae, both walleye and rainbow.  The fish were biting lightly so we really had to pay attention...even so, we missed a lot of fish.  Storms started to brew so we had to leave just after noon.

Saturday, April 23rd.....Had the best walleye day in quite some time today. Caught 24 eyes, all at around 2 to 2 and a half pounds.  The day started slow as the fish seemed scattered, we then set up over and between a couple of points.  We used plastics and jigs in 5 to 15 feet of water.  We found a nice concentration of fish and spent the rest of the day havin' some  fun!  The best spring day we can remember.  All the fish looked healthy, about half were still squirtin'.  Water temp was between 45 and 50. Weather was near perfect.  There were a lot of people standing shoulder to shoulder at the Brannon boat ramp.  There were schools of rainbow between 2 and 5 pounds only 10 feet from shore.  There were a few that were fishing too close to the dock, but folks were courteous and we were able to use the ramp without a problem.  It's a good time to be fishing Boysen!  Pat is heading back east for a couple of weeks , so will be chasing brook trout instead next Saturday.

Saturday April 16th....Weather was almost perfect today at Boysen.  Dan Carey of Shirts N More in Lander was along.  Dan is one of our sponsors and loves to go fishing!  We caught 8 walleye and a rainbow today.  The walleye were all males from 1 1/2 to 2 pounds.  Caught them in the upper half of the lake where the water was a bit discolored from the winds of the past week.  Water was also warmer than the lower half of the lake.   Most anglers we talked to had caught a few, they seemed to be scattered as we caught one here and there.  Quite a few boats on the flats south of Tough Creek.  Jigs tipped with minnows or jigs with shad swim baits worked best.  Along the edge of points seemed top provide the most action...8 to 15 feet of water.

Saturday, April 2nd....Weather was a little weird today at Boysen.  Started out like it was going to be nice, then quickly cooled off and the wind picked up.  The wind stayed with us most of the day.  Started fishing along a west side main lake point.  Water temp there was 38 degrees.  Pat caught a brown that we estimated at about 7 pounds, I picked up a rainbow that was around 5 pounds. Kept the rainbow for the grill.  Headed to the upper end of the lake in hopes of higher water temps.  We caught 2 male walleye among some gravel with jigs but that was the extent of our success today, the water never did warm up staying at or below 40 degrees all day.  Other fishermen we talked to also reported limited success.  Everyone was expecting the dock to be out at Tough Creek but, for some unknown reason, it was still pulled up. The ice has been off for three weeks now and I thought that by now the dock would be out as there has been a good number of anglers.  To those that are supported by our park entry fees....getter' done!

Sunday, March 27th....Took our first trip of the year to Boysen.  It was quite cool until noon then warmed up nicely. The water levels are still up there and climbing every day.  Looks like the lake will fill for the first time in years.  Water temp was in the upper 30s on the north end of the lake and we caught 2 rainbow jigging in 2 to 8 feet.  One of the bows was very dark colored.  Looked like the fish we used to catch out of the rivers back in the upper Midwest.  We decided to take a ride to the upper end of the lake, the water was quite a bit warmer, in the low to mid 40s, and there were a few male walleyes in the shallows.  Caught one that had a partner with him. The only time we see eyes follow each other is in the spring, when they're squirtin'  Not a ton of action today, but a great day to be on the water!  Note:  If any of you have reports to contribute, I would love to post it on the Fishing Report Page.

March 20th.....Took a ride to Boysen to check ice conditions.  She's ready to go.  Just a little ice in a few of the bays.  Water is high enough to reach nearly to the back of the bays.  Water was cloudy near the shore.  Saw some folks fishing at the causeway.  Haven't heard what's happening there.  We'll be breaking out the boat next weekend for the first trip of the year.