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Team Rip 2004


Saturday, November 13th.....Headed for Boysen with high anticipation. The day did not start well for us as we had "Mr. Bonehead" and his partner pull in right on top of us, not 5 minutes after we arrived at the spot we were going to fish. "Mr. Bonehead" earned his title by crowding us with his boat, which was this beat up, pea green, Lone Star brand boat with 2-40's...anyway, it was bad enough this idiot parked right on top of us, but he ran one of his motors upwind from us so we had the pleasure of breathing his stinking fumes!  We kindly asked him once to please shut off his motor as it was hard to breathe.  Even though he was anchored up and there was no wind to speak of, he shut it off for only about 5 minutes then started it up again, claiming that he couldn't stay over the fish without it.  The rest of us be damned! We finally said to hell with it and went up the lake to search for walleye.  We came back to this spot some 5 hours later and this "Bonehead" was still there and still running that stupid motor!  So we decided tp park upwind from him and fish off to his side so we didn't have to mess with him and proceeded to find the perch. No piece and quiet but, we did manage to catch 50 before we called it quits.  Also 2 walleye and 5 ling. I make no apologies for calling an inconsiderate idiot an inconsiderate idiot. And this clown was one in spades!

Thursday, November 11th....Pat and Dan Carey, (owner of Shirts & More in Lander, one of our sponsors), observed Veteran's Day by catching a load of fish! Pat reports literally dozen's of jumbo perch caught in some deeper water using small minnows. He said that the action was so fast at times that they had to go to one rod each! I'm now looking forward to this Saturday! It's been a number of years since we had perch fishing this good.  Boysen is about 77% full, higher than it's been in 5 years! It's starting to look like it used to.  The walleye and perch are very healthy!  With a decent snow this winter we should be back to normal water levels next year on Boysen. Click the picture below for a full-size look at their catch!

Saturday, November 6th.....A combination of recovering from surgery and not so good weather has kept us off the water for a while.  Sure was nice to get out to Boysen today. Weather could not have been nicer..mid-60's for a high!  Didn't want to leave. Picked up a couple of chunky walleyes casting jigs and plastics along the shore. Caught 7 nice jumbo perch, a walleye, and a couple ling in some deeper water with jigging spoons. Didn't have any bait along. Think we could have hammered the perch if we would have had some. A great day!

Saturday, October 9th.....Caught 4 eyes and a trout today. Best luck came trolling cranks over the trees out in the middle of the lake.  Will be taking some time off as Ray has back surgery scheduled in Salt Lake City next weekend.

Saturday, October 2nd.....Arrived at the lake to find some 'pea-soup' fog. Used the GPS to find some shoreline to jig.  Caught but one walleye but he was a nice 3-pounder!  That fog didn't lift until 11:30 am! Trolled over the trees, when things cleared, but it was slow as we caught just one more eye.  Still beats workin'!

Saturday, September 25th.....Did some jigging early, both shallow and deep., with not much to show for the effort.  Decided to go to the trees and see if there were any hungry eyes out there.  It wasn't fast and furious, but we did pull 4 decent eyes.

Saturday, September 18th....Did quite a bit of jigging today.  Lots and lots of algae in the lake.  Picked up 5 walleye and a perch befroe the wind determined our fishing time was up.  Water temp was in the mid 60s.  The water temp didn't get over 71 degrees all summer long.  Wonder how that will effect fall fishing?

Weekend of August 28th....Pat and Steve fished the WWC Boysen Tournament and ended up taking 4th place.  Trolling over the trees did the trick.  They caught between 50 and 60 walleye total over the weekend.

Saturdays, August 14th and 21st.....Spent the first part of each day bottom bouncing and jigging. Did pick up 6 walleye, 1 trout, and 1 perch.  Spent the second half of each Saturday trolling with crankbaits over the top of submerged trees. Both times we picked up a good number of fair size eyes this way.  Nothing real big with the biggest about 2-1/2 pounds.

Saturday, August 7th....Decided to give trolling out over some trees a try.  We started by trolling some wire spinners that Pat made a few years ago.  It took a while but we eventually managed two walleye with them.  We switched to crankbaits and the pace picked up some.  We caught another 8 walleye and a couple of trout before the wind came up strong and we decided to get off the water.  The rest of the trip did not go Pat's way.  His electric fillet knife went dead at the cleaning station and, just before we arrived in Riverton, a car threw a rock and shattered the passenger side windshield of the boat. See photo at right....

Saturday, July 31st....Fished some areas where we knew had structure but hadn't tried in higher water.  Caught 11 walleye. None of any real size.  Dragging jigs over and across humps in 14 feet of water.  Water temps still very cool for this time of year.  In the upper 60s to low 70s.  Ran into some fellow "walleye chasers" who did very well by trolling out in the middle of the lake with small crankbaits.

Saturday, July 24th.....Caught 7 walleye, 1 sauger, and 4 small perch and our very first Carpsucker today.  Had a significant cold front move through over the past couple of days and the fish had a little lock jaw today.  Water temp still in the mid to upper 60s. Caught the fish using jigs with crawlers, dragging in 6 to 15 feet of water.

Sunday, July 11th.....Had our best day in a long time!  The weather was warm and the fish were a bit more aggressive than they have been.  Caught all on jigs tipped with crawlers in 4 to 14 feet of water.  We were able to fish our "spot" for the first time in four years and picked up a few walleye there.  Totaled 19 walleye, 5 perch, a big carp, and a rainbow that weighed a good 6 pounds.

Monday, July 5th.....Water has been pouring into Boysen the last week and we were anxious to see how much it had come up since our last trip. It's been a while since there's been this much water in our favorite fishing hole.  It turned out to be a windy day with the high wind starting right at the time we pulled in to our first spot.  Ended up at the north end of the lake along an island.  We caught 5 eyes at the island. One was nearly three pounds. Total of 6 walleye, 1 trout, and a perch. All fish caught with jigs in 4 to 20 feet.  A wind shortened trip, but got a meal out of the day.

Sunday, June 20th.....Water temperature stayed around 60 degrees this past week.  I think the stable temps allowed fishing to pick up a bit.  We caught 7 walleye and a perch.  Witnessed quite a few trout and small walleye being caught.  We caught our fish casting and dragging jigs.  Pat caught a couple nice 2 pound+ eyes using plastics instead of bait.  As the day went on the fish began to prefer a half a crawler along for the jig ride. Caught most in 3 to 12 feet of water.  The weather was almost perfect for most of the morning with cloudy skies and light wind.  Made for a comfortable day.  Pat heads for another tournament this weekend. I may head for my favorite "brookie" pond above Lander.  A panful of brookies, fried up just right, sounds pretty good!

Saturday, June 12....After a couple of tournaments and two weekends of strong winds we were able to get out to Boysen.  The water level is as high as it's been in a few years and there is some vegetation in the water now, although still well below normal. Took Pat's Mom along.  Fished the shallows hard with jigs but came up empty handed.  A fellow walleye angler from Casper, John Green, communicated with us over the marine band radio.  They were picking up a few trolling cranks along the mud line that formed about midway down the lake.  We did the same thing and picked up 2 eyes and a trout before the wind took over.  John and his partners caught a number of nice trout and a few eyes.

Saturday, May 8th.....The water temps at Boysen warmed nearly 10 degrees in the past week. Ranging in the upper 50s to low 60s.   Caught 5 walleye, a nice perch and a crappie. Used jigs with crawlers. Fished shallow early but with little success.  Moved to slightly deeper water, 8 to 15 feet and that's where we caught them.  Others on the lake were having some success as we noticed nets up on occasion.  We were checked by the Game and Fish.  These two were very professional and cordial, something we both appreciated!  Pat teams up with Steve Sadd to fish the Keyhole Tournament next week so I'll need to find someone to fish with or sit out the weekend.

Saturday, May 1st.....To Boysen we went, fished with jigs in 2 to 8 feet of water and caught 6 walleye over the course of the day.  The fish were really spread out and the action was sporadic at best.  The water temp was in the upper 40's most of the day.  The weather was nearly perfect with sun and 70s.

Saturday, 4/17/04....After a week off due to lousy weather, we were anxious to return to the waters of Boysen.  We were rewarded with our first walleye of the spring.  Ended up with 5 eyes and a trout.  Water temp was in the 45 to 50 degree range. The walleye were all in the 2 pound range, all males, and looked very healthy!  We caught them in two to six feet of water with jigs tipped with minnows.  The bite was very subtle.  Many times we thought we were hung up on a branch or rock only to discover our minnows bit in half!  It became a matter of timing.  Set the hook too soon and retrieve half a minnow, wait too long and the fish would drop the bait.  The weather was near perfect until the strong winds came up mid afternoon. Needless to say, those eyes made a most excellent meal!

Sunday, 4/4/04.....Headed for Boysen for our first trip of the year!  The ice came off the lake last Thursday and, needless to say, the water temperature was quite cold! 40 to 42 degrees.   The water was a good five feet deeper than when we stopped fishing in November.  Hoping for lots more snow in the high country to fill it up! Fishing was extremely slow.  I hooked a fish soon after arriving on a main lake point and thought I had a wallhanger.  The fish dug deep and I was sure it was a hawg Eye! Turned out to be a hefty carp snagged by the tail.  It was quite lethargic due to the cold.  Pat spotted three male walleye swimming together near the surface.  We fished with jigs and minnows in 3 to ten feet of water. Checked with quite a few other boats but no one reported any success.  Understand that a few rainbow are being taken by the dam and some nice cats have been caught in the upper part of the lake.

 Pat teamed up with Steve Sadd in 2003 and won Team of the Year in the Wyoming Walleye Circuit!  Their season was topped of at the Seminoe Tournament as Steve pulled in this 15 plus pounder!

Steve Sadd from Evanston and Pat Brown from Lander