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Team Rip 2001

* Ray moved to Upper Michigan in July of 2002 and returned to Wyoming, (having learned his lesson), in September of 2003.

6/22/02......Started the day at Boysen with cloudy skies and lots of smoke haze from the big fires in to the south. Pat's Mom won the gold medal today! She caught a number of crappie, including one about 1.4 pounds, a 3 pound walleye, and a 1.2 pound perch!  That perch was the first one we've caught this year and was put back.  We caught 15 walleye, 10 nice crappie, the perch and a 4 pound rainbow.  All caught on jigs with crawlers.  Fished among some weeds and just dragged jigs behind the boat in 6 to 12 feet of water.   Pat will be fishing the Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament  next weekend, I may work the measuring boats. There were quite a few walleye hunters prepping for the tourney today.

6/15/02...Wind was howling last weekend and didn't get on the water.  Pat teamed up with Steve Sadd of Evanston for the Spring Walleye Classic at Glendo.  They did well, finished 10th.  Pat, Pat's Mom, and I headed for Boysen today.  Weather was nice.  Water temp was in the low 60's.  Boy, the lake is low.  Not much of a runoff.  Could be interesting for the upcoming Governor's Cup Tournament at the end of the month.  Anyway, we trolled crankbaits in a few different areas, did best along the west shore of the lake over 25-45 feet of water.  Caught 10 walleye and 2 trout.

5/25/02.....Kinda slow but caught more than last week.  The water continues it's downward trend at Boysen.  Not very many anglers for Memorial Weekend!  Didn't catch a fish jigging, so went to trolling crankbaits and got some action.  Caught 6 walleye and 3 trout trolling near the Sister Islands.  Water temp was in the low to mid 50's.  A slight breeze and in the 70's above the water.  Pat will be fishing the Glendo Tournament next weekend.  Will report on his results later.  The lake is turning into a wide river.  Not much runoff getting to Boysen!  Think lots of RAIN!!!

5/18/02....A slow day of fishing at Boysen!  We started the day by going to the upper part of the lake to check for catfish....nothing happening, so we fished a while along the east shore of the lake.  Pat caught one that was about 3 and a half pounds, right away, but that was it for a while.  We caught 4 all day.   Did some trolling with cranks, not even a trout.  In general, everyone we talked to had a slow day.  One angler said he did ok trolling cranks around the Sister Islands.  It appeared the lake was at least a foot lower than last week.  Not sure where the runoff is going but it sure in't making it to Boysen yet, in fact they're now predicting only 300,000 acre feet of runoff into the lake this year.  Right now it's only 18% of capacity.

5/12/02...Got back from a couple of weeks seeing visiting my kids and grandsons and headed to Boysen to fish for the first time out of Pat's new boat!! What a ride!  There's sure a lot of room in this one!  We caught 7 walleye. Caught them in 2 to 8 feet of water with jigs and minnows.  Have heard of others having success with crawler harnesses.  All were males and all were about milted out.  Biggest was about 2 and a half pounds.  Went to the upper reaches of the lake and ran into a fella fishing catfish from a small boat.  When he pulled up the stringer of cats he had he nearly tipped his boat.  He had several over 5 pounds.  The lake is still very low, but recent moisture may help with a decent runoff so we may get to use all the new ramps and facilities that were put in place last summer and fall.

4/6/02...Headed for Boysen even though Pat's new Ranger hasn't arrived yet!  Put on the waders and cast from shore at Tough Point.  Nothing happening.  Water was a good color, but very cold!  They removed the railroad pillars that were in Tough Bay.  I'm sure they did it for safety reasons, but it seems to me they could have spent a lot less on securing buoys to the pillars and left the structure there!  Talked to a few anglers and trout seemed to be the best bet for catching.  No one we talked to had caught a walleye.  Only decent place to put in a boat is at Tamarask on the north end of the lake.  The water is at record low levels, and unless we get a ton of moisture soon, it will be another difficult season.  Sure is nice to see all the work that has been done at the boat ramps around the lake, when the water returns it will be alot nicer.

4/2/02....NOT GOOD NEWS!...The Wyoming Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation has issued it's April Spring runoff forecast update for the Wind River Drainage and it continues to show below normal runoff this upcoming season. Runoff into Bull Lake Reservoir is expected to be 100,000 acre feet or 70% of average. The Wind River above Bull Lake Creek is expecting 320,000 acre feet or 74% of average. Predicted inflow into Boysen Reservoir remains the same as last month at 325,000 acre feet or only 52% of normal. The Bureau of Reclamation will update the inflow forecasts in May and June.

3/19/02....A slow winter as far as fishing for us.  Concentrated on other things this past winter.  Pat is purchasing a Ranger  620 RCL.  Looking forward to pulling it to Boysen with my $3,000 truck!  Heard that the ice is coming off Boysen.  We may have to put on the waders to fish Boysen as the new boat won't be here til next month!

1/20/02....Been a busy time for me and have not had a chance to hit the ice yet.  Pat has been out on Boysen and has had some success using jigs and minnows.