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Team Rip 2000

Pictured above is Ray with a 6.5-pound eye caught the day before the Seminoe Tournament.  August 2000.

Below are reports from Year 2000

Sunday, December 24th.....Took an ice fishing trip to Boysen today.  Turned out to be a nice day as far as the weather goes with no wind and temps in the 20's.  We started by drilling holes along the edge of a mid-lake flat, over 7 to 20' of water, using minnows on tipups.  Had one flag in an hour and a half, so decided to move off a main-lake point over 10 to 30' of water.  We set half the tipups about 5 to 7' under the ice with a minnow.  The other half we set near the bottom.  Ended up catching 5 nice trout.  4 rainbow and a brown, ranging from 16-21".  All but one trout was shallow.  Ice was 14-18" thick and lots of folks were driving their vehicles out there.  We used a 4 wheeler to get around.  Not a lot of action, but sure was nice to get out.

Tuesday December 12th......Haven't been able to get out yet for some ice fishing but Pat has been out a few times with fair success.  Ice is solid at Boysen.  Tip-ups with minnows have produced a few walleye.  Last weekend Pat tried some deeper water along some cliffs but action was slow.

Saturday, November 18th....Boy did it go from boat to ice in a hurry!  The 28th was our last boat trip of the year!  We've been in a deep freeze ever since and now ice is forming at a good pace on Boysen and other area lakes and streams.  Decided to try some rabbit hunting today.  Grabbed the .22's and headed east of Lander.  We would walk the edges of creek beds and washes watching for sunning bunnies.  Shot 6 today.  Along with the 2 ruffed grouse we got earlier in the year, a feast will be had during Monday Night Football!  

Saturday, October 28th....A very nice day at Boysen!  Weather was near perfect for this time of year, little or no wind and temps in the 50's.  Caught 17 walleye and sauger.  Caught the first 7 in 40-60' of water using jigging spoons, jigs with minnows and Lindys with minnows.  Caught the rest going point to point around the lake with jigs and minnows in 2 to 15' of water.  Caught many of these right at the boat.  Very peaceful and quiet on the lake today.

Saturday, October 21st....To Boysen we headed.  Been awhile since I've spent a day on the lake.  What a great time of year! The weather today was just short of perfect!  Temps have been in the 60's for the past week.  The summer crowds are gone and about all you hear are geese and ducks as they fly past.  And the fishing ain't bad.  We caught 18 walleye, one a little over 3 lbs., 5 sauger, one was just under 3 lbs., and a nice catfish!  All but 2 fish were caught on the lower end of the lake in 40-60' of water with jigs and minnows, jigging spoons and Lindy Rigs.  All methods caught fish.  

Sunday October 15th...Pat and I hunted the Chalk Hills area south of Casper for mule deer and both scored.  Both were medium-sized forkhorns.  One of the hunters in our party, Carl from Wisconsin bagged a nice 4x4.  Got some muscles woke up that had been sleeping for a while!  

Saturday October 7th....Pat hooked up with a couple of pals and headed for Boysen.  Caught a good number of walleye and sauger dragging jigs tipped with minnows in 15-25'.

Wednesday, October 4th....Pat and I headed up to the Wind River Mountains for a short ruffed grouse hunt.  Bagged 2.  Hoping that we'll bag enough for a good feed over the next couple of trips.  The 2 we got were the only ones seen.

Saturday September 16th.....Sure was different seeing so few people.  We had a bit of a slow day.  Caught 8 walleye and sauger and a rainbow.  Others had more success.  We were without minnows, but did catch a few on Livin' Eye jig bodies!  Did see a few perch caught.  Weather still very warm, near 90 degrees today.  Fished around Sand Mesa most of the morning, .

Saturday September 2nd.....To Boysen we did go!  The lake recently turned over and the hot spell was finally broken with the arrival of much cooler temperatures and some hefty winds over the past couple of days.  Thus, the fishing was rather slow today.  We caught a dozen walleye, a few perch and a couple of nice crappie.  Dragged jigs with crawlers along some cliffs, and over some underwater structure.  Pat caught a walleye about 3 pounds, the others were in the 13-16" range.  Looking forward to October and the great fishing potential it holds!  The water level is almost at early spring levels.  There won't be any running up the lake to the causeway this year.  Be careful when running the lake as there are some places that are usually well under water that are now near the surface.

Saturday August 19th.....Headed for Boysen. The fishing was on the slow side, at least for us, today.  Caught 12 walleye and 4 perch by 9 a.m., then things went quiet.  Barely a good bite after that.  We tried a couple of different spots but zero was the result.  The water level is as low as I've seen at this time of year and there appears to be a lot of algae floating around, especially in the main lake. 

Saturday August 5th.....Another venture to Boysen!  And another good day of fishing!  We caught 72 walleye and a dozen perch by noon.  The walleye are mostly in the 14-16" range, however there were a half dozen about 2 pounds or so.  We dragged orange jigs with half a crawler over an underwater structure from 6-20'.  Nice to see the perch and to our surprise, the walleye were spitting up lots of minnows!  We came to the conclusion that with the weeds as thick as they've ever been on the lake, that's where these baitfish have been  living up till now.  Had  "Bozo the Boater" troll by within 10 feet of our marker.  Pat asked if we were in his way.  Bozo replied that he was just passing through. We declined to say anything more to this dingdong, as it was obvious he had no concept of boating etiquette.  Oh well, there's some on every lake!  

Sunday July 30th.....Took a trip to Boysen today. Pats Mom came along, 81 years-old and still can outfish most people! We caught 60 walleye and a trout, and for the first time this summer we caught a couple of perch. One was 11" long, the other one small, but it was nice to see them. Gotta believe they've been hiding in the abundant weeds around the lake. The walleye were mostly in the 15-16" range. We caught one about 4 pounds and another about 2-1/2 pounds. Did notice the walleye were in much better shape than they were just a few weeks ago, when they looked like pencils with heads on 'em. We jigged and bottom bounced over underwater structure from 7-20'.

Wednesday-Friday Jul 19th-23rd..... It was another "close, but no cigar" tournament at Seminoe Reservoir.  We finished .22 of a pound out of the money for the 2nd time this year, and on Sunday I caught a 7.85 pounder that was .12 of a pound from the 3rd place fish! Should've made him swallow that crawfish!  We weighed only 5.22 pounds on day 1.  Day 2 we weighed 12.06 pounds.  Wrong day Ray struck again on Friday as I hooked a 6 pounder on my last cast of the day!  Would've been worth considerable $ if I had caught it during the tournament.  Oh well, such is walleye fishing!  We jigged most of the time there.  Pat had some success with a spinner rig behind a bottom bouncer.  Lots of small walleye!  Most were between 10 and 15".  Very few fish in the 16-22" range were caught during the tournament.  Sure was good to see fellow walleye chasers!  Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is a major plus!

Saturday July 8th.....After a week off, we headed for Boysen to get a walleye fix, and we weren't disappointed!  Although the eyes were not big, we sure caught the numbers!  We quit at 2 p.m., after catching exactly 100 walleye.  We kept 12 in the 13-15 inch range for the table.  Of all the walleye caught, only 2 were better than 18".  We did hear of nicer walleye taken around the lake.  We caught our fish in 10-20' with jigs tipped with crawlers.  We tried bottom bouncers and harnesses, but found we could stretch our bait by going with jigs.  The biggest mystery of the summer on Boysen is the sudden disappearance of the perch.  We have never caught this many walleye without encountering a perch, in fact, in conversing with other anglers, there has been virtually no perch activity to speak of.  The Game and Fish is encouraging anglers to keep their limit of 12-15" walleye, as there is obviously an overpopulation of these fish.  Taking next weekend off then heading for the final tournament of the summer at Seminoe Reservoir, where we finished 19th the last 2 tourneys there.

Friday-Sunday June 23-25th.....It was a tough tourney for old Team Rip this year.  The first day of the tournament we weighed about 11 1/2 pounds.  Just couldn't hook a big one, but we figured we were still in the hunt.  Day 2 was as windy as I've seen it on the lake, north winds at 40 MPH +.  We caught 3 decent walleye by 10 a. m., and decided to cross the lake to a place where we thought the conditions would be a bit better and the chances of a bigger fish were better.  We were wrong on both counts!  The waves were rolling hard so we decided, after a frustrating time, to head back to the area we fished earlier.  No keeper fish there and we weighed in 3.  Ended up with about 17-1/2 pounds for the tourney.  I know we would have never even put the boat on the water had we not been in the tourney.  38 pounds + won the tournament.  Taking a couple of weeks off, and then it's off to Seminoe later in July.

Saturday, June 17th.....Headed for Boysen to prepare for next weeks' Governors' Cup Tournament.  Hoping to find some spots that will produce.  The water levels are about 5 feet below normal for this time of year.  Entirely different from last year when we had near record high water levels.  Lots of weed growth all around the lake this year.  Shallow water and warm spring temps have really stimulated the weeds!  They're running just under the top of the water in many cases, and some are 15 feet tall!  We found a few areas late in the day that look promising.  Caught a total of 33 walleye and 1 crappie.  Most of the walleye were small, but did catch a few that would weigh in the tournament.  Most were caught on jigs with crawlers, bottom bouncers also produced.  Will be heading over on Wednesday to prefish.  Conditions on the lake will be very different this year and it will make for an interesting tournament!  Can't wait!

Saturday, June 12th.....Spent most of today's trip to Boysen working on crankbait trolling.  Caught a good number of walleye and trout.  13 walleye and 7 trout.  Only 1 'eye of tourney size trolling.  Ended the day tossing jigs and cranks, in shallow, and picked up another 11 walleye, the largest just under 3 pounds.  The water level is much lower than normal, and the mud line is not very far down the lake.  In fact, government reports state that only 45% of normal runoff will flow into Boysen this year.

Monday, June 5th.....Well, Glendo was interesting to say the least!  We weighed in 10 walleye during the tournament that totaled 29.19 pounds.  Just out of the money.  The cutoff for money was 29.42 pounds!  The winning weight was over 45 pounds!  I'll be posting the results as soon as they become available.  I understand that the majority of the money-winners fished the timber.  Most of our fish were caught jigging with leeches and crawlers in about 8-12 feet. We picked a few up trolling crankbaits over the weeds.  The weather was ok, but the wind blew hard at times.  Gonna prepare now for the Governor's Cup at Boysen in a few weeks.

Saturday May 27th.....Recognizing that trolling crankbaits was one of our "weak links", today that's all that we did. We did well.  Caught 22 walleye and a rainbow.  The walleye were mostly in the 15-17" range with the largest at 3.7 pounds. We trolled over a variety of depths.  The fish preferred a brisk trolling speed.   A good learning experience.  We are anxiously waiting for the Glendo tournament next weekend.  This year, I hope to catch that 9 pounder DURING the tournament and not the day before.

Saturday, May 20th.....A bit of a slow day at Boysen.  We caught 11, but it was not easy going.  A cold front moved through Friday evening and shut the fish down.  We found them at 12-16'.  Used 1/4 ounce jigs tipped with crawlers and Pat caught one about 4 pounds with a crawler harness.   Caught 2 rainbows as well, on crankbaits.  Fish were very scattered today.

Saturday, May 13th.....To Boysen we did go.   Lots of boats today as the weather was much improved.  Caught 17 walleye and a trout.  The fish were hitting in spurts today.  We would catch 2 or 3 then go a while and hit them again.  Most of the fish were caught on crankbaits.  We were pitching them in 2-8' of water, off main lake points.  They were no where near as aggressive as they were in the nasty weather we had Wednesday.

Wednesday, May10th.....I now get out of work at 1 p.m., so Pat and I decided to take advantage and head for Boysen, despite less than ideal weather conditions.  We donned the raingear and headed for a main lake point that was being hit by waves from the south.  The rain was off and on, and the wind created about 2 foot waves.  We went to the south side of the point and drifted over it, dragging jigs with minnows and crawlers in 4-8' of water.  Bang! Bang! Bang!   The walleye were hungry and very aggressive! In fact, there was a time when we had 3 walleye on at once, a first for us.  We caught 24 in 2 hours 'til the wind swung to the northwest, shut them down and made the boat difficult to control.  Sure was fun while it lasted!  All fish were released and went from 14" up to 3-1/2 pounds. The 2 small ones were the smallest we've caught this year.  Most were in the 17-19" range, and fiesty.

Saturday, May 6th....I was attending the Wyoming Wildlife Federation Awards Banquet so Pat went fishing solo.  Caught 9 walleye. Pitching jigs.

Sunday, April 30th.....A fair day at Boysen. Yesterday's weather was cold and wet and it appears to have quieted the walleye down.   Today the weather was very nice and the water was a bit cloudy, even into Cottonwood Bay.  We spent some time roaming the lake today.  Caught 11 walleye and a ling off the same main-lake point. The only place we had any action was there.   "Bozo the Boater" was present today.  We ran into this jerk twice!   He trolled within 10 feet of our boat while we were jigging near some cliffs, then later he drove his boat between us and the shore we were jigging!  I thought for sure he would hit bottom as it was only a few feet deep, but no such luck!  This slobby was driving a vehicle from Washakie County and was driving an older boat with an old 55-horse.   Had a canvas to keep the sun off him.  We met a creel surveyer from the Game and Fish at the landing and told him about this moron, he remembered them and told us that they blanked.  Good!  I make no apologies for pointing out the jerks that try to ruin the experience with their "Bozo" maneuvers.

Saturday, April 22nd.....Had a pretty good day at Boysen!  Caught 18 walleye and a couple of sauger.  Jigs and minnows.   Talked with a few anglers who were using crawler harnesses and were having some luck.  Water temp was 50 degrees.  The fish were biting short, as we really had to let them have it before setting the hook.  All of our fish were males and it appears it's now the post-spawn.  Another nice day weatherwise, with little wind and lots of sun prior to 2:30 p.m., when some storms started to move in and we moved out.   Lots of boats on the water.

Sunday, April 16th.....Snowed a little Saturday so decided to get some things done around the homestead.  My daughter was visiting so I took her on a fishing trip Sunday for some trout.  Fished the Little Popo Agie near Red Canyon.  Caught  2-12" browns and a 15" rainbow.   Meanwhile, Pat took a solo trip to Boysen and picked up 14 walleye pitching jigs with minnows in shallow.  Said the fish seemed a bit more aggressive.

Saturday, April 8th......To Boysen we did go!   Fish were still very scattered.  Caught 10 and all but 1 was male.  All fish were 16-21 inches.  Jigs and minnows in 2-8'.  Quite a few boaters were concentrating on the flats south of Tough Creek.  Didn't hear of much success there, but they musta been catching something.  Day was windless and very sunny.  Water was a bit murkier as there were some healthy winds blowing this past week.  Heard of a 14 lb. 7 oz. walleye caught by the dam last week.  Hope to track down a picture for the photo page.

Saturday, April 1st......Had a "fair" day at Boysen today.  Caught 11 walleye and 2 ling, but fished hard for them.  The day was sunny and calm and the walleye were very scattered!  We would pull up on a point and would pick up 1 or 2 then move on to the next likely spot.   Jigged with minnows in 2 - 8 ' of water.  All walleye were males.   Numerous times there would be another walleye following the hooked fish to the boat.  Have not seen that at Boysen very often.  All fish were released.

Sunday, March 26th.....Finally got out and did some walleye fishing on Boysen Reservoir.  Spent most of the past few days moving belongings to a new house, had to take a "fish" break!  Glad we did.   The morning started on the windy side.  We headed to a point in the upper third of the lake where we had some success late last fall.  Bingo!!  In a few hours of fishing we caught and released 10 walleye between 1 1/2 and 3 pounds.   Pitched jigs with minnows in 2 to 8 feet of water.  Tried one of those new "Living Eyes" bodies from Cabelas and caught a 4 pound rainbow, and had a couple of more hits.  Day ended early with calm conditions.  Already looking forward to next weekend!

Wednesday, March 8th....It's been a while since I entered anything on this page.  That will change very soon!  Need to complete basketball season, ( I do radio play-by-play), and get the ice off of Boysen Reservoir.  Based on reports, that won't be long!

Saturday, February 5th.....Have not had the urge to ice fish yet this season.  Maybe because in the Lander area it hasn't been much of a winter.  Not a lick of snow on the ground in town.  We have been getting together to plan next summer's walleye strategy.  The one type of walleye fishing we haven't given much of a try is trolling crankbaits.  We have done it rarely, but we know we need to add it to the arsenal, so we're gearing up for lots of practice this coming spring!

Saturday, January 15th......Still haven't gotten out to ice fish.  Got the mid-winter lazies!  I understand that most area lakes and reservoirs are holding good ice.  The weather has been very mild for this time of year!  So you still need to use common sense on the ice.