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Team Rip 1999

Sunday, December 19th.....Spent the weekend broadcasting basketball games in Douglas.  On the way home this morning I took note of the ice on Boysen.  There wasn't any to speak of on the main lake.  I hear there is some ice on Poison Bay.  The waves were pounding what little ice there was. It was also open water right at the causeway.  Gonna be a while!

Sunday, December 12th......Been a quiet time with the cold weather and not enough ice on the lower lakes for fishing.  Hoping to get out soon!  Pat and I want to express our best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!  Drove by Boysen Friday afternoon, some thin ice has formed near the causeway, but the lake is mostly open.  A good cold snap is needed for some ice formation.

Saturday, November 27th.....Decided to give the boat a rest and fished below the dam at Boysen.  Caught quite a few small sauger and ling using jigs, Lindy rigs and lures.  We need to try a night trip, as have heard some nice walleye have been taken recently.  The weather is still on the mild side with high temps in the 50's.

Saturday, November 20th....Another very nice day at Boysen with temperatures in the 50 degree range.  The fishing was very slow, caught 2 sauger.  Sand Mesa went from packed last weekend, to nobody this.  What a difference a week makes!  Only a few boats on the lake today.

Saturday, November 13th....Still great weather, in the 60's, but it must have put the walleye to sleep.  This nice stuff has slowed the walleye fishing at Boysen to a crawl.  Spoke with a few other fishermen today and it's much the same story with them.  Caught 15-20 small sauger at Sand Mesa today.  Very sporadic bite.  Anticipating a weather change later in the week, maybe that will get the 'eyes busy again.

Saturday, November 6th....The weather continues to be as nice as it gets this time of year.  Headed for Boysen.  The fish were not as active today.  Caught 4 walleye and a couple sauger.  A couple of the walleye were 3 pounders.  Water was very calm with temps in the upper 50's.   Will keep coming back until mother nature says no!  Jigs with minnows in shallow for the walleye, down to 40-50' for the sauger at Sand Mesa.  Lots of people there, both on shore and in boats.  Today was the pheasant opener and, at times, it sounded like the 4th of July with all the shooting coming from the Sand Mesa hunt area.  'Twas not a good day to be a pheasant!

Saturday, October 30th.....Took advantage of the great weather and headed for Boysen.  Today we decided to concentrate solely on walleye as the areas that have had good sauger fishing were just a bit too crowded for our liking.  And we found them!  Tried one of the old summer favorite spots, but nothing, then traveled to an area where we had caught a few late-season eyes last fall.   We used jigs tipped with minnows, casting into shore and did quite well. Caught 16 'eyes, all but one was 2-4 pounds.  Most fish were caught on a shallow rock point, which cost us a few jigs and lots of minnows, but the fish were there.  These walleye were as fat as I've seen them on Boysen.  Great Day!   

Sunday, October 24th.....Off to Boysen for some fishin'.  Lots of folks out taking advantage of the warm weather!  Fishing was a bit slow, however  We caught 25 sauger in our day of fishing.  Jigs and minnows.  Folks we talked to said the fishing was better yesterday.  A husband and wife from Casper did well along some rock faces on the walleye.  Lots of minnows and they caught a good number of 18-20 inchers.  Hope this weather holds for awhile.

Friday, October 15th....Took some time off fishing to chase deer.  Both Pat and I had successful trips.  Pat hunted an area near Beaver Rim, southeast of Lander.  I hunted the Chalk Hills area south of Casper with my brother, Dick.  Pat shot a nice forkhorn on his hunt.  I was lucky enough to score the nicest mule deer I've ever shot.  A healthy sized 5x5.  My brother bagged a 3x4.  A very successful day!  I'll be posting a pic of my buck once the film returns from the developer.

Sunday, October 10th....Headed for Boysen to give it another go. Weather was as good as it gets for this time of year. No wind and temps around 70. Lots of folks fishing at the causeway, from both the shore and boats. The bite was a bit slower than it has been for the past few weeks, and the sauger were still running on the small side. 12-15". A few trout, ling and walleye were being taken as well. We used jigs tipped with a minnow and caught between 30 and 40. Kept enough for dinner. We then headed for a main lake point and did some slow snap jigging, I caught 2 while reeling up fast to check my bait, that's when we decided to go with a small crankbait, the same color as the minnows, used a fast retrieve and proceeded to catch a couple of nice walleye and larger sauger. Caught them in 3-6 feet of water. Topped off the day nicely.

Sunday, September 26th....Good day of sauger fishing at Boysen!  Caught 50-75 sauger today, using jigs and Lindy Rigs with minnows.  Weather was a bit breezy, but tolerable.  Most fish were from 13-15".  A few were kept for some good eatin'!  Monday night fish fry coming up!

Saturday, September 18th....Met some friends at Boysen for a day of sauger fishing.  Todd from Lovell and Clay, a Wyoming walleye chaser,( you'll notice I say chaser instead of catcher), who recently moved to North Carolina.  We wondered if 4 in the boat would be too many for fishing but we soon discovered that by placing Clay near the livewell that held the minnows, we were able to keep him busy getting bait for us, and for the majority in the boat it was a great day of fishing!  Caught lots of small sauger using jigs tipped with minnows  in 25-40' of water, fishing vertically.  Todd caught a bonus, when he reeled in a 7 foot Eagle Claw rod with reel.  I forgot to ask him if he caught it on a crawler or one of Clays' lucky minnows. Water temp was 66 degrees, with sunny weather and temps in the 70's. 

Monday, September 13th....Traded the rods for shotguns today as Team Rip Some Lip headed for the aspens of the high country to hunt ruffed grouse.  A great afternoon, as we both bagged 3 birds.  In my 3 trips so far this fall I've had 20 flushes over my dog.  Plenty of action and plenty of good eatin'!

Saturday, September 4th...We tried to get on Boysen this morning, but cold and windy.  So I grabbed the dog and shotgun and went into the hills this afternoon to try and stir up a ruffed grouse or two.  Didn't have to wait long!   Started walking up a draw full of aspen, when wings started to flappin'.   There were at least 10 birds in the covey, of which, I managed to harvest 3.   Then took a short ride to my favorite beaver pond, and caught 4-9 inch brookies.   Dinner is served!  

Saturday, August 28th...Got some fishing in, but it was in Montana.  Went up to visit my brother and we did well at a pond on nice sized cutthroat.  Rained all day and temps in the upper 60's.  Pat hit Boysen Saturday with good results fishing off main lake points.  Most were small but did manage to land a 3 pounder.  Few  perch.  I'll be passing on reports from Pat for the next couple of weekends as I'll be on the busy side.  I hate withdrawal!

Saturday, August 21st....A cloudy day at Boysen today, light breeze and a bit of rain.  Caught a lot of perch!  Not many with size, but the numbers were there, 100 +.   Picked up 20 walleye, not real big, but did keep a few for the pan.  Anchored up over structure at 14 feet, tossed jigs and jigged right under the boat, orange jigs tipped with a chunk of nightcrawler. 

Saturday, August 7th...The weather was darn near perfect at Boysen today. Lots of folks were out fishing today, as many as I've seen all summer. For the 2nd time this year, we ran out of bait. Caught 50 plus walleye and 30 plus perch. Nothing of any significant size, although a few of the perch were nice. Fished, mainly with jigs, over structure in 15-20'. Lots of boats along the points just south of Muddy Bay and at the causeway.

Saturday, July 31st...Talk about instant weather change! Felt more like October than July today on Boysen. Rain and a strong east wind combined to make it a tough morning for fishing! We managed to catch 5 walleye and 7 nice perch before the weather won out. Caught most of the fish while anchored up over structure and vertical jigging.

Saturday, July 24th...Great day fishing walleye and perch on Boysen. The fish were stacked on underwater structure, from 14-18 feet. It was one of those days where we ran out of bait! Caught both 'eyes and perch with crawler harnesses and jigs. Ended up just jigging. The wind was up during the morning and that's when fishing was best. When the wind died down the fishing slowed, although we did continue to catch small ones till the bait ran out. We caught from 60-70 walleye and 25-30 perch. All were released. There were plenty of small 'eyes, and we caught quite a few in the 16-17 inch range. A fun time indeed!

Sunday, July 18th...Took a break from the walleye to do some brook trout fishing at a favorite pond near Lander. Caught 15 brookies in about 2 hours using a brown and red woolly worm. Used crawlers for awhile and caught a couple of nice cutthroat. All but 4 of the brookies were released, and a fine meal was had in the evening.

Saturday, July 10th....Had a pretty good day at Boysen. The water is as high as I've ever seen it, and boy were the walleye scattered! We found them to be aggressive also. Pat hooked a nice 7.1-pounder, (took a pic and released her), on a crawler harness behind a bottom bouncer in about 18 feet of water, just off some underwater structure. We caught quite a few 1-2 pounders in the shallow areas on and along a main lake point that is now under 4-6 feet of water. This was to be the week we were to fish in the Montana Governor's Cup, but job duties required us to call it off.

Saturday and Sunday, June 26 and 27....Had a pretty good Governors' Cup Tournament at Boysen. We finished 7th for the 2nd straight year with 28.99 pounds. Pat caught the 3rd biggest fish on Saturday, 6.55 pounds. We finished third in the Team of the Year Competition. Our best yet! Lots of fun and it's sure great to get together with a great bunch of folks!

Saturday, June 19th...To Boysen we did go. Gearing up for the Governors' Cup Tournament there next weekend. The water was cleaner than I suspected it would be. From Tough Point to the Dam was cloudy, but very fishable. Cottonwood Bay is the cleanest water on the lake. Lots of folks fishing both areas. We caught 30-40 walleyes today, biggest was a 5 1/2 pounder at a spot we'll likely be fishing come tourney time. Lots of smaller fish. Most caught on jigs of various colors, with crawlers. Pat caught several fish casting a crankbait in shallow.

Thurs.-Sun., June 3-6....Spent 4 days at Glendo Reservoir. 2 days prefishing and 2 days tournament fishing. We finished just in the money at 24th place out of 162 teams. We weighed just over 30 pounds. Just call me "Wrong Day Ray"...the 9 pound walleye I'm holding in the Photo Gallery  was caught the day before the tournament. The weather played a major role as we had everything from calm conditions to thunderstorms with hail to strong, persistent winds. At one point I landed 2-4 pounders while Pat wrestled with 40 mph winds, trying to control the boat. Water at Glendo was 8 feet deeper than last year, which resulted in a lot of fishermen fishing right up in the trees.

Saturday, May 28th..1999....Sure could tell it was a holiday weekend at Boysen! I'm sure most bodies of water are receiving extra visitors this weekend. Some wind today, but not enough to bother our fishing. It was nice to not be bouncing all over the place. Caught 4 eyes today, the largest at 3 lbs, caught with jigs and crawler. Water has muddied up quite a bit. Milky all the way down to Birdseye along the east shore, and there's tons of water yet to come! The mountains are still loaded with snow. May have to put up with a muddy scenario for most of the summer. Water temps were in the low 60's. Lots of boats concentrating along the east shoreline, from Tough Bay to Birdseye. Well, this next weekend is the first tournament of the summer for Team Rip Some Lip, the Spring Walleye Classic at Glendo. Looking forward to seeing all the 'eye guys and 4 days of fishing!