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Hunting Gallery 2011

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Steve Simpson from Lander writes: Here is the deer that my son, Tanner, killed last year in Fremont County. We just got it back from the taxidermist and thought you would appreciate just how big this PIG is. This is truly a once in a lifetime buck!

Marc Popovitch writes: I got my bull in area 33 and all our deer were taken in area 34, all out of the same canyon. I got mine in archery season and Tony and Tola got theirs the same day in gun season.

Chad Alvar from Casper writes: The day after Christmas. My brother in-law Jon Vance, Old Man, (Greg), and me self. 15 mallards.

Shane Williams writes: My father, 73 yrs. old, has been applying for a moose license for all his life, and finally drew out. This is his South Pass bull.

The Marshall's pose with their 2011 goats.

Bob Carlson with his dandy goat! B&C Scored 88-2/8 G, 87Net. September 2011.

Lora Engleman writes: Here is my 10 point white-tail I shot this year at 10 yards with my bow out of my treestand this year!

Josh and Jared Oakleaf of Lander doubled up on an archery Elk hunt in the Bighorn Mountains of Northern Wyoming. Josh's bull rough scores at 345 and Jared's scores around 280.

Flint Smith writes: This is my 2011 whitetail taken November 5th on the Wind River Reservation. I hunted this buck 2 seasons & managed to get good velvet pics of this buck. The buck scores 165 gross. The Muley was taken on the last day of the 2011 season in the Owls.

Dave Vaughan with his 140# tom he took in the Sinks Canyon area south of Lander on December 26th.

Shelby Rice with her 2011 wide 4x4 whitetail deer. Shelby Rice with her 2011 antelope. Dalton Timm with his 2011 wide 4x5 mule deer. Tyler Rice (twin brother of Shelby Rice) with his 2011 antelope. Tyler Rice with his 2011 4x5 bull elk.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne: I had a fantastic hunting season this year!! I got a nice elk in a limited draw area south of Rock Springs. Shot a nice antelope over by Glenrock. Then I went to my friend’s farm in Missouri and shot this nice whitetail buck. I got a nice big female mountain lion and to top things off I hunted free range, Nilgai, Lechwe, Javelina, and Scimitar Horned Oryx in Texas!

Three Wyoming pheasant hunters after a successful afternoon in South Dakota. John Parson of Cody, Dave Balling of Cody and Kevin Kirkhoff of Meeteetse. Not pictured Brad Berg, formally of Cody and Lander.

Two nice Sheep taken in Area 5. Troy Shuttlesworth and Robert Raymond. Green Score 174 and 178.

Jeff Muratore writes: Last year my youngest daughter Lindsey drew a bull tag and made the best of it. This year the rest of the family got bull tags and also did great. Middle daughter Amy took her bull the second day after a 9 yr absence from hunting. Then oldest daughter Kerry took her bull on a very frigid afternoon. Finally, on the last day of the season, my wife Kathy made a great shot to claim her 6x6 bull.

Brian Oaks writes: Here are a couple of pics of my son Josh's deer. Taken in area late in Oct. His best so far.

Charlie Marshall with his Whitetail harvested November 16th, 2011.

Brian Robinson from Riverton writes: Here is my first whitetail. Shot Thanksgiving morning, Area 157.

Matt McOmie with area 92 buck . Great year hunting also got nice deer and elk.

Garrett Raymond went out with his Grandpa calling coyotes over Thanksgiving Weekend & was thankful we didn't get skunked.

Dave Scadden with whitetail buck he got in area 157, with son Trevor and good friend and neighbor Tony Rider. Thanks Tony for all your help!

Steve Simpson writes: My oldest son Tanner Simpson with his first deer. And what a deer it is! It has 6 scoreable points on each side and is very symmetrical, 32 inches wide and has 24 inch main beams. One of the tines was shot and broke off after we recovered the deer, taxidermist assures us he can fix it. This brute was taken on the last night of the last day of the season in 128. Gotta love those Fremont County Muleys!

Sadie Clark writes: Here I am with my first antelope it was area 97. With me is my husband Zeb and kids Quinton and Emberly.

Margo Williams writes: I wanted to share with you pictures of my son Brian "Bob" Williams Jr's hunting pictures from the 2011 hunting season. He is 10 years old and shoots a 30.06 passed down to him from his father. This is the biggest bull he has ever taken-a nice 6x6 from the Wind River Reservation Owl Creek Mountain Unit. He shot his buck on the Upper Wind River Unit. This is also the first coyote he has ever taken. We are very proud of him. All of his kills have been one shot. His accuracy is very remarkable!

Linda Joe Brown with her Area 92 antelope shot in late September.

Kyle Blake with his 300 pound bruin he shot in Alaska inn September. Kyle with his 11 point whitetail taken in the Black Hills on November 2nd.

Ken Legstra with his lion taken in the Lander area over hounds on November 3rd. Ken shot this dandy ram in September. Area 5.

Kelly Morris writes: My son Cordale has been really lucky in the last two years hunting antelope. His 2010 buck is 80 2/8 inches and makes awards for the Boone and Crockett system. The buck he shot this year we had named Flattop because of his unique horn configuration. He is 25 inches wide. Both were shot with his Remington .243.

Caynen Brown helped his dad, Chancy complete a 2011 Wyoming Slam with elk, deer, antelope and a big horn sheep.

Joshua Clark has had a very good 2011 hunting season, both antelope & deer were harvested in Fremont County. Future hunters pictured with the antelope are Joshua's daughter Andrea and nephew Quinton.

Ben Stanley WY Mule Deer & Dave Stanley CO Bighorn Sheep

Brittney Baxter and her younger sister Bailey, with Brittney’s area75 antelope. She made a great shot at 200yds with a .270, and the little sister captured it all on video!

Brandon Baxter with his area75 antelope. He hunted with his uncle, Scott Baxter, and they walked and stalked in the rain, snow, and mud to get this guy. He shot it at 150yds with his Winchester M70-XTR in 30-06.

Carl Baxter with his area75 antelope. He shot it at 200yds with his Ruger .270. He hasn’t hunted big game for several years, but he’s still a dead-eye with that old gun!

Jim Woolsey's 2011 mule deer, general tag in Carbon County.

Debbie Meredith was able to harvest this beautiful buck with Ex-husband Guide Services

Josh Smith writes: This deer was taken by my new hunting partner, Brandon. We finally talked him into going hunting with us this year. I loaned him a rifle and put him on this buck and watched the magic happen. Congrats Brandon. Hope you go again next year.

Mark McConnell’s First Mule Deer 4X3.

Left: Tyler Morris with a nice pronghorn taken on the 17th of September in the Gas Hills area. Middle and right: Tyler displays his unique Red Desert bull he shot in October.

Jim VerPlanke writes: My son Tanner was able to take this fine Antelope with his .270 WSM at over 300 yards. The high shoulder shot drop him in his tracks.

Julius Valataro writes: Here are a few pics of my bull elk. I hiked for 2 hours till I caught up with the herd. I shot the bull at 521 yards with my 300 Weatherby.

Ben Stanley harvested this brute this fall.

Matt Carnagey called this 5x5 up close and took him with his bow in September. Said it was quite the adrenaline rush!

Shot by Shayne Shepard, on Beaver Rim opening day Oct 15th, with a 30.06. Found this guy at the end of a very long hike that was looking to be a dry run, sure made it worth it in the end.

Sandra Mathews with her unusual goat taken at 370 yards with her 30.06. Gas Hills area, September 21st.

Matt Carnagey took this nice cinnamon bear in September with his bow.

Doug Shepard with his 5x5 Muley taken late evening,,October 18th in the Twin Creeks area. We finally got him packed out and home around 11 that night.

Aaron Bishop from Lander harvested this bull D.I.Y late October in area 67.

Trey Massey with a whitetail buck that was shot on October 16th in the Lander area.

Justin Washburn with his 4X4 taken above Twin Creek on October 15th. His first deer!

These deer where killed in Fremont county, the first two deer are of some great guys, Mark and Dave, from Oregon, and the last pictures are of my best friend of mine, Frank, from Idaho, his biggest buck ever. It was a blast hunting with these guys for the week.

Bryce House poses with his nice mule deer buck he shot on October 22nd in Area 90. His first buck. Shot with a .243.

Julius Valataro writes: Well, this year has been stellar for me and my hunting buddies. The antelope came from Area 100. The mule deer is from Area 135 and the elk was from Area 90. I still have a bison tag so I am preparing for the hunt in Dec. Wyoming has been very good us!

Colby Winchester with his first deer taken with one shoot on public land.

This is Charity Hardman’s two Antelope and a Mule deer buck. Pictured with the Antelope is Harmony age 3, Justus age almost 2 and Niece Natalie 12. Pictured with the deer are her father in-law Bob and her husband John. The Antelope buck measures a very surprising 14 7/8, the Mule deer measures approximately 180 inches, 27 ½ outside spread.

Ivan Brown's Opening day bull and a 7x8 mule deer. Wind River Reservation.

Ron and Marcia Murdock had a great hunt after Mother Nature lowered the boom and dumped 18 inches of snow on them. It really got the elk moving.

Colby Irene with his first whitetail buck! Taken in mid-October in Area 92.

Dale Coffee with his bull taken above Lander.

Greg Larsen writes: Here are pics of my wife Lori and my bucks from this year. They were both taken on general tags. Lori made a great shot of 225 yards on an extremely steep hillside after a great sneak on the brute.

My Name is Eric and, after drawing a highly sought after tag, I bagged this trophy the first day. I am so proud. My dad and I had a wonderful time this day I will remember it for the rest of my life I am truly blessed . It made all my co-workers jealous but this hunt was worth it. I am thankful to be a excellent shot also thanks Dad for being patient with me all these years and teaching me how to hunt the elusive magnificent trophy mule deer.

Josh Milek with his 4x6 white tail deer that he took October 19, with one shot from his 280 Rem.

Mark Keiser and his father, Frank, with a nice bull shot October 9th in Area 25 with 7MM mag.

Massive bighorn ram taken in early September in Area 3 by Dan Larsen.

Jim Kimsey took this bull October 21st in Area 25.

Whitney Milek and her son Macoy with her 80 2/8 inch. antelope taken around Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Steve Simpson writes: Here is a picture of Jayson's first deer; with him is his twin brother, Kobey, and their best friend Zues.

The Quarles-Father and Son team's success!

Steve Simpson from Lander writes: I spent a day in the field with my boys and was able to harvest this antelope. That makes two for the year, now it is time to concentrate of a trio of Fremont county deer!

47" bull moose shot by Glen Williams near Rock Creek October 7th.

A very happy Donae Bezanson with her 1st moose taken off of the Loop Road above Lander on October 9th. 30.06 at 150 yards. 43", 6X7.

Colby Irene with his first bull elk! A nice 5X6 taken on October 7th.

Butch Miller with his bull taken on the Wind River Reservation.

Pat Brown from Lander with his opening day buck. Area 66.

Dick Rintamaki from Casper with his opening day 2X3. Area 66.

This is my small 3X2 shot opening day 2011 in Area 66. We had three bucks in the truck by 1 pm. some good eating awaits!

Mike Vigil with his 7x6 Bull Elk. Taken on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Julis Vatalaro writes: Here are a few pics of this year's hunt in Wyoming. This is by far the worst hunt I have seen in the 30 years where we hunt. The snow really helped out. After 2011 winter the herd was devastated. In the pics is Derek Evans and me.

Chris Warren with his 15th 6x6 bull elk. Taken on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Kevin Wells writes: Here is a picture of my moose taken in Unit 20 after a 7 day horseback hunt. Wolves have certainly culled out the elk and deer in the area. Tag took 38 years to draw and only saw 3 bulls. Praise God and my two hunting partners Mark Conrad and Ray Dinsmore for all the mental and moral support and my wife for allowing the opportunity to hunt.

Troy Eckley writes: This is my daughter Erika with her 2nd antelope. 15-1/2 inch so maybe next year 17 who knows.

Kori and Richard Bird with Richard's Area 106 pronghorn in September.

Kori Bird with a grouse dinner taken with her bow.

Richard Bird and his 2011 bull. Area 28.

Cameron Kreager with her 13" antelope from Area 66.

Steve Brown with his dandy ram taken in Area 5, September 11. Waited 30 years to get this chance!

Kori Bird with her goat shot in September in Area 106.

Callie Davis and her daughter Afton, with a cow shot at 250 yards in area 24. One shot and she went down like a ton of bricks....then the real fun began with packing her out of the black timber hole she landed in. Nevertheless, it was pretty exciting!

Michael Eaton writes: Caveman with my 4X4 Buck …we got this buck on Oct 1st at 7:00 AM.. South of Rawlins.

Noah Kreager downed this 15" goat in Area 66.

Jacob Binns writes: here is my deer taken with one shot opening day 10/1/11 area 171.

Jim Verplanke from Buffalo writes: My son Tanner was able to take this nice muley, his 1st big game harvest, on Sept. 9 with his bow at 50 yards; perfect double lunch & clean pass through.
I was lucky #14 on the 2011 Wyoming bison priority list and was able to take this great bull on Sept. 19; I green scored him at 119 and the carcass went 990 pounds hanging weight at the locker.

Chad Alvar from Casper writes: This is my 2011 goat. Got him a Farris Mtn. on Oct. 2nd.

Brandy Matthews took this nice 5x5 on her very first deer hunt with a Remington 7mm-08.

Kelly Smith Gillette Wy Oct 2, 2011 Area 23 Private (backyard)!

The antelope....... This is Nathan Quarles (12) first antelope. Taken on 9/18/2011 in area 66 with a .270 Winchester at 125 yrds. One Shot one Kill!!

The sage Hen...... This is Zachary Quarles (11) first Sage Chicken. Taken on 9/18/2011 with a .20 Gauge double barrel shotgun. One Shot one Kill!!

Heather Van Vleet with her 85" antelope shot near Jeffery City on September 18th.

Jamie Van Vleet with his freak goat taken near Jeffery City on September 18th.

12 year old Amber Foutz proudly displays her first antelope taken with one shot at 140 yards in the Oregon Buttes area.

Mike Haase with his biggest goat yet. Shot September 18th.

Chase Augustine celebrates his first hunt with his first kill! Shot at 85 yards in Area 66 on September 16th.

This was taken above Sheridan by Mike Fauber and called in by Tom Bailey. nice 7x7. He shoots a crossbow because his left arm is gone just below the elbow.

Jason Jordan of Cheyenne took this antelope on opening day of rifle season in southeast Wyoming.

Blaine Hughes' freak buck killed on 9-17-2011 with his 7mm at 500 yards. Found him laying down by himself about a mile out on a flat and closed the distance. Missed the first shot and connected on the second right in the neck.

Wyoming brothers Mark and Kevin Wells harvested these caribous with their Mathews bows while hunting in the Brooks Range of Alaska. There was plenty of game and awesome scenery.

John Hansen's antelope taken near Farson with a 30.06. John Hansen with his 5 point elk taken near Pinedale with a 30.06. Alan Davis' antelope taken near Farson with a 300 Win Mag. Alan Davis' 6x6 bull taken with his bow at 18 yards in the Pinedale area. Bugles and cow calls brought him charging in with spitfire mechanical broadheads stopping him in his tracks.

Ed Sensenich writes: Here are back to back 2010 and 2011 antelope both very heavy! OVER 80 INCHES

Conner Sensenich's first goat. A beauty, one shot kill with his Uncle Ed. A great weekend!

Hunter Bregar took this bull 9-15-11 in the Lander area at 25 Yards with his Matthews Bow. He never left our sight only going 60 yards from where he was shot.

Bill Bregar took this elk Sept 21 in the Lander area with Jeff Elliott. 28 yard shot and went less than 100 yards staying within sight the entire time.

After two months of watching “Clyde” and one month of bow hunting for him Chancy Brown was able to harvest this buck on opening day of rifle. He could possibly score high enough to make the Boone & Crockett Awards book.

Chancy Brown Shot this 8 year old ram in area 5 with old hunting buddy Jim Gibbs and new hunting buddy Mark Mathews. Chancy and his son Caynen had spotted this ram on scouting trips earlier in the summer. After waiting 31 years to draw every minute was enjoyed!!!

Judy Galitz of Lander with her 12th archery elk! 9-6-2011.

74 year old Keith Davis with his big horn ram taken in Area 4, September 8th.

Brian Tucker writes: This is my first archery kill ever and is also my first antelope buck ever. Not a bad first/first. He was taken at 65 yards in area 67.

Derek Watson's 2011 Antelope, Derek chased this goat at least 10 times in archery season never sealing the deal. Shot the opening morning of rifle season at 380 yards with a 300RCM.

Art Terry writes: I shot this bull on Sept. 10, 2011. Took him at 45 yards using my PSE Bow Madness XS. I can only tell you that I shot him within 150 square miles of my home in Casper. Public Land.

Hart Jordan from Saratoga Wyoming shot this chocolate bear in May during the Idaho spring season.

Scott Baxter writes: Here is my 29” 4-pt full velvet mule deer I shot Sept 2 with my Hoyt bow at 15 yds.

Kenny Thompson writes: Here is my 2011 buck antelope I shot in area 75 with my Hoyt bow at 23 yds, hunting from a blind at a waterhole.

Josh Smith writes: This is one of my hunting partners Travis. For the last two years (4 bear seasons) Travis has been working his tail off to hang a tag on a bear. He spent countless hours driving to Lander from Riverton to "feed the bears." Finally on September 1, 2011 at 6:45 a.m. He accomplished his goal. This bear went 5' 3" and was near that 200-lb mark. One shot from his Remington 300 Win Mag stopped the bear in it's tracks. Congrats Trav. Hope its not the last.

Chuck Morganstean took the whopper with his muzzleloader in the South Pass area, August 26th. 15-1/2".


Dave Christman shot this Antelope off a waterhole on August 17th,2011. Area 61.

Brooks Range Dall Sheep taken on Aug. 25th by Lee Bessler of Powell.

Frank and Mark Keiser with their 350# plus hog that they took with a crossbow, in Utah April 11th.

Reese Vechnak shot this his buck at 50 yards, in area 94

Chris McDonald of Lander with his huge SE Alaskan black bear. Shot at 250 yards with 30-03 on May 5th.

Josh Smith writes: This is my second bear. I shot it with my 280 Rem at about sixty yards on the walk out of my bait. Five and a half foot from it's nose to it's tail. Six foot wing span.

Rowdy Anderson writes: Here is a photo of the Bear CJ Supino took on June 2nd in Wyoming. One well placed shot from his trusty 7mm-08 at 12 yards, Welcome to the Brotherhood CJ.

Rowdy Anderson writes: photo of C.W. Anderson with his first ever Black Bear, A beautiful brown color phase bear taken in Wyoming on May 15th 2011, Welcome to the Brotherhood C.W.

Bob Boedeker from Lander with his son Ken and his Rio Grande gobbler taken in April in the hill country of Texas.

Rowdy Anderson writes: Here is a photo of the 2011 Wyoming State Campion Coyote Hunters, Terry Yates, Brian Martin and Joe Garvin they killed 6 coyotes in one day to win the title. The field consisted of 32 of the best teams from around the state.

Butch Miller's Grandson, Colton, is quite the coyote hunter! Colton's dogs were shot in Fremont County in 2011!

Gene Galitz from Lander teamed with Tim Martell and his dogs to bring down this 170 pound tom in late February in the Owl Creek Mountains.