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Fishing Gallery 2011

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!
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Billy Meeks with his 31 pound laker caught and released from Flaming Gorge. 11-11-11.

Lee Hollings with his 42 pound laker from Flaming Gorge caught on 11-11-11. Caught and released.

Mike Clancy writes: My brother was out from Indy this last week. We caught a lot of fish but this was the biggest at 41lbs and he had one that was 38lbs.

Jim Bell pulled this 6 and a half pound bow from the Popo Agie River. Took 12 minutes to land using 6 pound test line.

Patrick Edwards writes: Here is a nice walleye I caught at Lake McConaughy in Nebraska on a 1/2 oz PK Flutter Fish, Red Dot Glow pattern. It was a heck of a catch.

Greg "Stoink Van Dam" Alvar with a striped walleye.

Mitch Horning from Casper writes: Pic’s of my bosses fishing trip, the big one (fish) was caught by my boss Daron Gruner, the smaller one was caught by Joe Becko.

Left: Bryce House with 2 nice macks from Fremont Lake near Pinedale in July.....Bryce with a "mystery fish" from Fremont Lake in July. Can you identify it?

Owen Horning and Jack Canepa 20 fish at Pathfinder.

Ed Lemaster of Gillette Wy. and Dad Mike Lemaster, on first father and son
Alaska fishing trip. Catching assortment of fish, silver
salmon, halibut, lingcod, greycod, yellow eye rock bass, and more.

Brian Tucker writes: This was a good night of Fishing in August at Boysen.

Brian Patton writes: Here's a picture of my walleye and ling from Boysen Reservoir back in January 2011.

Miles and Mark Bundy with 2 dandy eyes that helped them win the 2011 Boysen Spring Wyoming Walleye Circuit Tourney. Photo compliments of WWC.

Nathan Smith writes: First two pictures are of Emma Smith reeling in a carp that she caught. The next picture is Nathan, Jennifer Smith and Don Scott and Jeff Smith with the carp that we shot during the Carp shooting Contest on 6/4/11 We had a good day there was over 140 pounds of carp that we shot that day. Nathan and Jen shot 125 to take first place. A fun day out at the lake. Just had to find where the carp were at, there was over 400 pounds of carp taken out of the lake for the contest.

Al Darlington writes: The two boys are my grandsons. Lucas Bramesfeld holding a nice rainbow caught at the Boysen Spillway, July 2011, and Lucas and Kai Bramesfeld and Grandpa with rainbow caught at Boysen Spillway.

Rainbow trout caught from the lower Popo Agie River in May by Doug Lemm of the Good Place in Lander.

Dan Horath from Riverton with an 8 lb largemouth and Brad Horath with a small red drum from their March trip to Florida.

Owen Horning from Casper with a couple really nice males caught at Glendo.

Chris Warren with the 17 pound Bull Lake Mack, caught on March 3rd tip up. It took 20 minutes to pull to the hole and had to gaff it myself.

Leland Black writes: Here are a few pix from my ice fishing adventure on Washakie Reservoir on the Wind River Reservation above Fort Washakie. Caught 42 in 2 days of fishing it was a blast!

Micheal Eaton from Laramie writes: A few early season Browns… nice two hour mid - day trip.

Nathan Smith writes: Emma with her walleye from Ocean Lake, and Emma and Elizabeth Smith with another walleye that they caught on this day.

Jeff Hammer writes: This is my daughter Paige's first fish caught through the ice on her first day of ice fishing ever. A small walleye caught from Ocean Lake. Not a trophy, but certainly worth a picture, and certainly a day to remember.

Chad Miller writes: Here are Hunter and Owen with the Trout they caught on their first trip to Pathfinder ice fishing.

Emma Smith with Dad during the Boysen WWWC Tournament, the catfish was 26 ½ inches long and weighed 7.15 lbs. Kind of slow but was a good weekend with the family.

Jennifer Smith caught this one on the jigging rod, the fish measured 24 ½.

Emma Smith with her 22 ¼ inch trout and 14 inch bass, then with all the perch we caught, what a great day.