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Team Rip 2010


November 5th....A great day for weather but the fishing was slow once again.  We caught 3 walleye and a big perch.  Pat did catch a 4 and a half pounder in shallow with jig and plastic.
Everyone in our fishing party was earning every fish.

October 23rd....Weather was decent but the fishing was very slow.  1 walleye in 5 hours of fishing. 

October 16th....Weather 1, Us 0.

October 9th.....To Boysen we did go for a day of walleye chasing...we did catch up to some!   Caught 12 walleye, a rainbow, and a perch.  Took a while to find them.  We started by jigging shallow with plastics and crawlers.  Caught a couple of small walleye.  We then decided to "go deep".  Pat used a jigging spoon and I had a jig with a full crawler in 35 feet of water off the edge of a point.  Pat's first fish was a nice 8 pounder that was released, we also caught one around 5 pounds and a number of good "eaters".  The wind picked up as the day went along and eventually blew us off.

September 25 & 26.....Teamed up with Pat and the crew from Casper for a weekend of crane, goose and duck hunting......literally had a blast!  It was quite an experience watching and listening as Greg, Chad, and Mitch called in birds within shooting range, (these guys sure know how to do it!). Mitch's lab Stella sure enjoyed the trip!  Pat and I were both able to shoot our first cranes.  We were hindered a bit by some shooters on the opposite side of the field we were hunting...these bozos were "sky busting" at every fact, we recovered one of the wounded birds they left behind.  Please, you knuckleheads, find something else to do with your time!

Summer 2010....The tournament season came to a close with a 5th place finish in the Wyoming Walleye Circuit Championship in late June.  The rest of the summer was spent assisting my better half through open heart surgery and the ensuing recovery.  A very long process indeed!  Did have the chance to fish my favorite "brookie" pond with 2 of my grandkids and my son Erik.  Managed to catch a few using garden hackle.

6/17-20.....Fished the Wyoming Walleye Stampede's first tournament at Boysen.  The wind kept us off the lake on Thursday.  The lake is muddy all the way down due to the high volume of water entering the lake.  The flooding has been some of the worst on record in Fremont County this summer.  We were able to get in a day of prefishing on Friday and caught fish just about everywhere we went.  It was a jigging bite and with the thicker mud 2/3 down the lake, it definitely made the lake smaller and limited the areas that were fishable.  We used jigs with plastics, minnows and leeches.  We were 19th after day one and finished in 8th place, one place behind our "campmates" John and Mitch, who were in 5th after the first day.  Pat pulled a 22" fish with about 10 minutes to go on Sunday to get us into the top 10.

6/2-6/6....Fished the Wyoming Walleye Stampede Glendo tournament and "Wrong Day" Ray struck again.  I caught a 29 incher at 3pm the day before the tournament.  We ended up in 37th.  Fished the trees as the water was very high.  Caught a ton of walleye but couldn't pull anything longer than 22". 

5/15.....After a week of record breaking moisture, we headed to the lake to see if any of the usual spawning spots were still producing.  The fishing was slow as we caught but 2. The fellas from Casper did better as boated quite a few more.  The challenge was finding stained water.  It was crystal clear over much of the lake.  That should change soon, as there is a great amount of snow in the high country.  Should fill 'er up this year.

4/29-5/2.....Fished the Wyoming Walleye Circuit opening tourney of the season.  It's the first time it's been held here this early.  Attracted 62 teams.  Prefishing: The weather was ok Thursday till early afternoon.  We caught fish just about everywhere we tried.  Jigs.  The weather turned terrible on Friday with heavy, wind blown snow...we decided not to take to the water, several did however.  Tourney:  We were in 14th after day one with a weight of just over 13 pounds.  The fishing was definitely tough for us as our spots did not produce as expected.  We did manage to win $500 in our shootout. .  Day 2 began much quicker as we boated three right away, but 4 and 5 were a long time in coming and we did not have much of an opportunity to upgrade. We weighed just over 11.6 pounds on day 2.  Ended up 13th.

4/25.....Pat and I took a day trip to the lake.  Did well catching a dozen.  Jigs and minnows for me and plastics for Pat.  We checked out some areas of he lake we normally would not during the spring and found some eye's in some of those locations.  Most were caught in 6 to 12 feet.

4/17,18.....The spawn is on with a good number of 16 to 22 inch males caught over the weekend.  Jigs and plastics or jigs and minnows in shallow did the trick.  Today live bait held the edge.

4-10-10.....First trip to Boysen of the season.  Only ice left was found in Fremont Bay.  That should be gone quickly.  Plenty of anglers around Brannon Bay chasing rainbow. Our catch of the day consisted of a rather large crayfish. Water still has some warming to do before the action picks up.