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Hunting Gallery 2010

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it! Email Ray

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Jered Cole Rawlins WY, 2010 Goat ,Sept 13 area 61.

Robbie Gonzalez from Casper, WY.
Shot this buck opening morning of rifle season, November 20th near Pierre, SD. He officially scores 163' 5/8" Taken at 380 yards with a Savage .270.

The Babbits and Johnsons made their annual trip from Michigan's UP to Wyoming and had a successful hunt!

From L to R, Marc, Tony, Tola all shot within 2miles and two hrs. They were all taken opening morning. My deer was taken at 11 yds in early Sept. with my bow. Tony's deer was taken at 100 yds in Oct with a 300 win. Tola's deer was taken at 150 yds the opening day in the evening with a 270 win. Area 73 for antelope and 34 for deer.

These antelope were taken by my father (Myron Bishop) and I (Aaron Bishop) on opening day of the 2010 gun season in area 107. Were the first bucks either of us had ever taken.

13 year old Tayln Jones shot her first ever buck deer with her dad Jim Jones. Good job Tay!

Dustin Murray writes: Here are pictures of my daughter Courtney Derby with there first mule deer. She dropped this nice buck in the cliffs with her Grandpas .243 Model 670 with one shot.

Eric Baker writes: Here are 2 photos each of mine and Dad's, (Art Baker), deer from 2010. Both are over 180" bucks shot opening weekend. My brother-in-law, Derek came from Oregon for the hunt.

Dustin Murray writes: Here is pictures of my 2010 mule deer. The buck was shot on the run with my Great Grandfather's 30-06.

Sam Archuleta of Rawlins shot this 4x4 whitetail deer on November 12th 2010
with a .257 Weatherby at about 175 yards.

Matt Lemm from Lander took this coyote in November in the Twin Creek area of Fremont County.

Eugene "Scrooge" Koch with his bison shot near Jackson, December 11th. 45-70 Marlin lever action. 325 gr.

Frankie Rohrer Jr. with 2010 Bull. Frankie Rohrer Sr., Frankie Rohrer Jr., Jim May, Jay Vandenboom, 2010 Hunting Expedition on Public Land in Wyoming.

Jeff Moratore writes: This is Lindsey's 2010 bull taken near Casper. Lindsey has drawn a bull tag every three years since she was 14. All three of her bulls were six points,
each bigger than the last. She made a great shot on this bull at last light, 275 yds away after the first round misfired.

Ron Rice of Gillette Wyoming shot his 4x4 whitetail buck on November 07, 2010 in an area “No Where Near Texas”. Shelby Rice, the daughter of Ron Rice, shot her 5x6 whitetail buck, that green scored 148, on November 21, 2010 in “The Gettin Place”. Mark Mathews, uncle of Shelby, helped these two whitetail hunters get two trophy bucks they will never forget. He is truly a great hunting guide.

A real nice 6 point bull that Doug Henry from Smoot, Wyoming harvested at the end of September 2010.

Brian Tucker writes: Pictures are from a Friday December 31st hunt in Lysite. First picture is of my German Short Hair Pointer Samson on point. The second picture is of him retrieving the bird. The third picture is of all the birds our group took that day while hunting.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne writes: Had a great 2010 hunting season! I shot a nice whitetail buck as it was crossing our property trying to sneak into the neighbor’s corn. My wife Erin shot her first rooster opening day! To top things off I shot a super nice bull bison north of Jackson on Spread Creek.

Troy Eckley writes: It has been one great season for the Eckley's with my daughter Erika getting her first antelope and the first year of 20 I finally talked my wife into hunting late season elk with me. Normally she is a warmer climate deer and antelope hunter but after harvesting this beautiful bull I think she is hooked and I learned not to convince her of hunts anymore as this makes it hard on the ego.

J Bernt with his 2010 moose and antelope.

Nathan Dodge writes: 6x7 taken with a good old 300 Savage from 290yds. My first elk hunt. Just outside of Medicine Lodge State Park near Hyattville.

Jamey Daley with his first whitetail. Shot November 20th near the Sweetwater River with Ruger 7MM.

Robbie Gonzalez writes: Took this little non-typical just above Lander. He was bedded down at 423 yards with a wicked crosswind. But no sweat for my Savage .270. Right: South Dakota buck that scored 190.

Shane Lassiter and son, Dalton with Shane's Area 100 bull. October 16th.

From the Wind River Indian Reservation, Lemuel Black Jr with his archery bull, Leland Black with his bull, Lemuel with a mule deer buck, Leland with his whitetail buck.

Roger Weitzel with his Area 100 bull. Shot October 15th. 300 Weatherby.

Colten Gillum I am 16 and I hunt coyotes with Luke Gilbert who is 17, we started hunting coyotes last year, here are a few pictures of me and Luke's coyotes that we have gotten so far this year !! Hopefully more to come !!

Dan Camphouse writes: Had another awesome Hunting Season in our great state of Wyoming. Here are a few pics of my trophy’s for 2010. Both animals were taken with General Licenses on Public ground while hunting on foot. The deer was shot with a .270 and the Elk was shot with a .338. Bring on the 2011 season. My oldest son will be turning 12 and I can’t wait to take him hunting in our great outdoors.

Katie Hatfield with her first 300+ class bull elk. Shot with a 270 at 150 yards.

Tad Hubble and his chocolate lab puppy Draya. The first one is of us on her first duck hunt at 4 1/2 months old where she retrieved her first duck out of the water, also shown in the picture is her mom Bock. The other photo is of her with her first pheasants at only 6 months old!

Rowdy Anderson writes: Neil Aitkens' deer from Oct 2010, at 80 years old he can still get it done, Neil has 54 Wyoming deer seasons under his belt and every year is just like the first. I hope at 80 I am still shooting big deer!

Tom and Joe Crump got these nice Bulls in the Red Desert Basin. 28 years Tom's been applying for this area. Joe's first Elk hunt with his Dad.

This is the buck killed by Flint Smith on the Wind River Indian Reservation this year. Flint was lucky enough to draw the coveted 'Trophy Tag'. He devoted most of November to finding a trophy mule deer buck and he did just that. While hunting the western side of the reservation Flint received a hot tip from a buddy about this buck and was able to harvest the deer that night. With the help of tremendous G4's this brute scores 192 non-typival points. The buck measured just over 30 inches wide to the cheater and had an identical cheater broke off on the opposite horn and had super brow tines.

Jason Brengle of Moose, WY writes: 133” whitetail deer near Aladdin, WY with my favorite hunting buddy, my daughter Bridger .300WSM 80 7/8” antelope Area 55 .243 Winchester.

Richard Bird with his 2010 bull.

Kori Bird took time off from college to bag a nice bull and antelope buck. Fall 2010.

Nick Krcelic shot this 5X5 in the Bearlodge near his home. We watched him all summer, when he was in velvet up to hunting season. He was very elusive and it took him almost the whole season to get at him but his patience was worth it. 150 yard shot using a Springfield 1903, 30-06.

Joe Meyer from Lander writes: I shot this muley on Crooks Mountain in October, 2010. It’s a 6x6, and has two symmetric triple crowns on each side. Very cool non-typical. The best thing about it is that my two sons were with me.

Tyler Thies writes: Here are a couple of coyote pics from Thanksgiving weekend. The one in my truck is one of two Thanksgiving day I shot by myself at one set. The other pic is of my brother Sam Thies (left) and I (right) from Sunday's hunt. We each got one that day!

Gene Galitz from Lander with a limit of pheasants, Sand Mesa area in November.

Garrett Egge of Laramie with his 1st Antelope and Deer. Both were shot with his grandfather's .257 Roberts after memorable stalks.

Mike Rawlings with 186 crows he shot in late November in the Big Horn Basin.

Lyle Harmon writes: This is my daughter Sam and son Nelson, this is Sam’s first elk and Nelson’s very nice freak antelope both taken this year. The other photos are also from this year, they were both able to fill their deer, elk and antelope tags this year what a great year!

Opening day Joseph and his father Joe Gonzalez harvested their antelope in area 66 to make for a great day. Opening day of general deer season Joe harvested this nice whitetail at first light. October 17, Joseph and his girlfriend Kallysta finally sealed the deal on an elk after having many close encounters with some nice non-typical bulls during archery season. But not being able to harvest one of those nice bulls, Joseph and Kallysta got in the middle of a herd around 100 elk and was fortunate enough to harvest this rag horn. Last day of general deer Joseph harvested this mule deer at last light around Lander. October 28 Joe was lucky enough to take this large bodied rag horn and a nice calf to top off his season. Joe was able to load up his elk whole, however Joseph and Kallysta didn't have the same luck and had a tiring pack out but was well worth the work.

Mark Bundy sent this pic of a good day of honker huntin'.

Robert Cruz writes: Harvested this deer in my back yard Cody, Wy.

Gwen Osterman of Lander with her nice antelope. Shot September 18th in Area 66 with a 25-06. 16-1/2".

The Cali boys write: Attached are some pictures of our Thanksgiving hunting trip to Wyoming. My son Gunnar killed this whitetail in the Pavillion area, the geese we killed around the Ocean Lake area. We love Wyoming!

These pictures are of Flint Smith of Casper and his 2010 hunting season. All the bucks pictured were harvested on the Wind River Indian Reservation. As a member of the Northern Arapahoe Tribe Flint was able to harvest up to 6 whitetails. He was given his allotment of tags plus was a designated hunter for elders on the reservation. The first whitetail buck was killed in archery season at 50 yards and scored 138. Flints Antelope was killed opening day of rifle season and had a gross score of 84 4/8. The third picture is whitetail buck killed in rifle season. Flint hunted this buck all through archery season and finally connected on him. He also has the previous two years sheds from this buck which scores 143. The next picture is 5 x 5 whitetail that scores around 150. The final picture is of a buck Flint shot that is 22 inches wide outside spread and was a 6 x 5, scoring around 140. Flint also harvested a dandy antelope!

Jason Laird writes: Here is my deer from this year. Area 90 taken with 30.06

This is Crystal Laird with her first deer ever. It is actually a hermaphodite. It had both boy and girl parts. Area 90 3x4, 256 yards one shot with her sister in law's .270.

Steve Simpson from Lander writes: Here are a couple pictures of the Fremont County Muley I killed 11-17.

Brandon and Brittney Baxter’s pronghorns they took this year. Brandon got his with a 30-06 at over 300yds and Brittney shot the ‘freak’ at 160yds with a .270. I tell her, “Shoot the freaks, don’t date them!” So far she’s taking her daddy’s advice!

Harold Donahue from Riverton writes: It took me 37 years to draw a moose tag. I first put in for a tag when I was 17, this is the first tag I have drawn and I took full advantage of it as you can see.

Aaron Bishop was lucky enough to harvest this mule deer about 30 miles outside Cody. Taken Nov. 7 at about 7 a.m. Green score about 168.

Terry Federer writes: Notice the double beam on left side of rack. Shot in October.

The "old bull" was taken in late October by Price Purdum.

Joel Nirider with his dandy ram taken in early September in Area 5. 150 yards.

Matt Wilson of Lander sharing pics of this years success with Chelsie Cielinski and Zeppelin the pronghorn hound.

Colby Irene with his buck taken October 16th in Area 92 at 200 yards with his .260 Remington.

Gene Galitz from Lander with his antelope and a coyote. Shot his mountain antelope on October 21st. He called in the coyote on October 3rd.

Matt McOmie with his personal best buck. Shot in southern Wyoming on October 2nd.

Judy Galitz from Lander with her 11th archery elk.

Niki Morrison writes: This a picture of Virgil Morrison's first antelope, Sean Morrison's first antelope, and their very proud dad, Ken Morrison.

Tucker Rays whitetail deer he got in area 160 on closing day. Well placed shot in the kill zone.

Ron Murdock caught up with this nice mature bull "way back there'. After first seeing at dawn, it took until nearly dark to reach the spot and get the shot.

Doug Petersen writes: Here is a bull I took in Park County this year. Waited 2 days for him to get to a spot where we could get horses to. He was safe until his cows moved out. Scored Right at 350"

William Ingleby writes: I shot this buck on the 15th of October in area 70. I was lucky enough to have my three kids. My youngest slept through the shooting in the car. Pictured is me and my son Aaron age 7 and my daughter age 4. They love the sport as much as I do as you can see

Brittney Gaudern writes: My husband Chad and I had been after this deer since opening day, unfortunately Chad had to go out of town. With the help of my parents, Bobby and Joy Lane I was finally able to get this deer at 215 yards with my 7mm Sako in area 157.

Amanda Cruz: I took my first Mule Deer on the Lower South Fork in Cody, Wyoming. I shot it 7 months pregnant while hunting with my husband. He was taken just before 8:00am on November 4th with a 270 Win.

Jonas Dickinson's 2010 Deer in Fremont County. 423 yrds with 30-06.

15 Year old Jesse Cassity Shot this 7x7 bull elk in the Dubois area on Oct. 10th 2010.

Crystal Peterson writes: This is a deer I shot on the Bighorn Mtns on Oct. 15th. I shot him at daybreak with a Remington 700 BDL 270 win. While my husband and I were boning out the deer a five point bull elk come out, my husband stopped it with a "meow" at 150 yards and I center-punched him.

Greg Larsen writes: Here are a couple of pics from this years hunt. One pic is my brother Shane and his son Colby with Colby's opening day mulie, he made a great shot at 100 yds. The other pic is of my buck. He was a little different in that he was only 15 inches wide outside. He was old, his teeth were almost gone.

Attached is a picture of a Mule Deer shoulder mount which was stolen on September 29th from Bar 10 in Riverton, Wyoming. This deer scores just over 190 B&C, it is very distinct with a 36.375" outside spread, 26.125 inside spread, main beams are 24", G1's are 4.375 and curve outward then s turn inward, G2's are 17.75, G3's 11.25, G4's 10.25, H1's 4.625, H2's 4.25, H3 &4's 4", it has two distinct abnormal base points per side equalling 2.625. It is like a finger print as it is distinct with the outside spread, "s" curve G-1's and base points. It is mounted in a right turn sneak mount, with slight open mouth. It has a name and a scoring sheet attached to the back, also the Wyoming interstate game tag # 19162 issued in November, 12, 2004. If anyone sees or hears anything on this please call Detective Todd Baxter with the Riverton Police Department 307-856-4891 or e-mail him at

Chris Scott down at Rocky Mountain Sports got this deer in Area 157 on Oct. 21st and would like to thank his friends Nick and John Strickland for all the help dragging and scouting!

Merle Potter writes:

I thought that I would send you a couple pictures of my wife Angelena Potter from her hunting this year.

The first picture is of her with her first antelope that was shot in Area 72 on the 10th of September with her .270 at about 150 yards. It is not the big one that she shot at the day before, but very respectable. Even though he was a fighter and broke of the tip of his left horn he still measured 16 ¼”.

Ashton Watson with his 2010 archery public land muley.

Eric Baxter writes: Here's some pics from my sheep hunt in area 5. Walked about 12 miles total that day and had to climb to about 11,600 ft to find him because there wasn't much snow yet, and shot him at 150yds. Packed him out about 4 miles on my back the next day. Found a nice pick-up ram on Oct 12 while hunting, probably a gut shot from the year before, a really nice find!

Dennis Yost writes: A picture of a nice mulie I took opening day of rifle season in the Lander Area.

Derek Watson with his 2nd 6 point bull in as many years.

Rilee Erickson with her first whitetail buck! October 16th in the Lander area.

Glenn Summers writes: Had a great hunting trip this year with my father Dale Summers. He got a nice
doe . and I got a nice little buck .

Verna Brown with her massive 10X10 non-typical mulie. In the Hoback area on September 15th. Green scored 207-3/4.

Daryl Watson 7 X 5 public land muley, pictured is his hunting buddy-guide Rob Hinkle.

Brahm Nettles [13] with his first deer, killed in a general area with a well placed shot from hiis 6mm rem. Brahm passed up small deer last year because he wanted a big guy like his older brothers got their first time. Apparently the waiting paid off.

Steve Simpson writes: Here are my twin boys Kobey and Jayson with their first kill. Last day of antelope season Kobey was able to get on this goat. Together the three of us made an “epic” sneak and Kobey made a 120 yard shot to put an end to this fella’s nap! Because they are just beginning, I will only allow one gun on the trip so it just happened to be Kobey’s turn to shoot. Jay is up next on the Deer!

Crooks Mountain bull taken by Dan Gopperton.

Katie Anderson's first antelope, September 25th and her first deer, on opening day!

Steve Brown with a pair of fine animals. His mule deer was shot in the Hoback area on September 20th, 30' spread. His bull fell on September 29th in the Hoback area. In the 360 class.

12 year old Trey Massey with his first buck! Along the Loop Road above Lander. .265 cal. October 15th. On September 26th Trey bagged his first antelope. That photo taken by a proud Grandpa, Tom Massey.

Linda Jo Brown with the results of a good hunting season! One shot with her .300 WSM at 290 yards. Her impressive bull was shot October 16th in Area 100. Shot at 390 yds.

Jamie Green writes: I harvested this 300+ class big boy Oct 1st 2010 south of Rock Springs. After several attempts with archery, I was able to seal the deal with my .270 short opening morning, my husband found this big boy during archery, and located him again the night before opening. My husband was gracious enough to let me take him.

Dalton McVay writes: I took this cow moose just 3.5 miles up the Penrose Trail out of Story, Wyoming on Sunday, October 11. I shot her while hunting with my dad, Bryan McVay and my Uncle, Marty Allen. We are pretty sure she was a mature cow moose, and she was with a bull, and he would not leave.

Courtney Derby with her first goat. .243 Win. Hornady handloads. October 10th, Area 65, public land. This buck was a fighter according to Courtney's Stepfather. He was missing an eye and had deep cuts on is body.

16 year old Gavin Barke from Shinglehouse, PA on his first big game hunt. He got his antelope in Area 40 west of Laramie with a beautiful 150 yard shot.

Wade Pearson writes: Shot this 6X6 bull on public land in southeast Wyoming the evening of October 10th. He rough scored 374. This is my first bull elk, and I have been putting in for the tag for seven years now. Took me and my buddies four hours to pack him out. In the pictures are my friends Matt Jollivet, Jimmy Sadd, Travis Moody, and Jim Sterns.

Doug Lemm, proprietor of the Good Place in Lander, with his personal best bull. October 15th in Area 100. .264 Win. Mag.

Derek Watson with his public land muley 2010.

Randon Lawrence and his son Caiden, shot their bucks within seconds of each other in southwest Wyoming near Kemmerer. This was Caiden’s first buck. Pretty hard to beat.

Bev Appleby with her freak antelope taken with her .280 on September 25th. Her first freak.

Mark Bundy writes: Here is my Snowy Range archery bull.

Kevin Wells writes: Wanted to send this photo of the bull I harvested on opening day in unit 61. Not the biggest bull in the woods but he came with awesome scenery!

David Williams, Area 66 top of Beaver Rim. Took this buck opening afternoon. 267 yards.

Wendy Reed with her pronghorn buck taken at 250 yds. 260 Rem. Area 66, Oct. 4th. Packed by Leroy Cordova.

Daniel Bryant writes: Hunted for 9 days in the Snowy Range and getting into elk pretty regular, my Dad killed a calf 3 days before and I had missed this bull and a different one in the previous 2 days, but it all came together one morning. Heard him screaming up the hill and up we went, 45 min later standing behind a fallen tree and connected on a shot under 10 yards! Went 50 yards and piled up! Great to do it with my old man with me and best bull we have ever taken! Rough scored 340.25. Thanks to the crew for helping get him out! Hope to return the favor during rifle for you fellas!

Travis Whitaker writes: Taken September 27 in area 21. Five five bull came in to eleven yards. First
archery bull.

Heather VanVleet from Lander with her "Tough Old Bull". Area 25, October 1.

Jamie VanVleet from Lander with his 6x6 bull. Area 25, October 1.

Tayln Jones' first antelope shot at over 200 yards in Area 74 with her Dad. Congratulations,Tay! Good shooting!

Josh Graham holding his 2010 antelope scores high 79 7/8 net.

Kevin Sheridan had a memorable season chasing moose above Lander. After passing up 4 lesser bulls, he couldn't say no to this trophy. Green B&C scores in high 140's. Thanks to brother Nic for the help packing out and to Wyo G&F for great local management.

Cory Henry writes: My wife Nicole's 2010 successful hunt taking this 16" antelope on the 9th of October with one shot from her old reliable Winchester 270.

Ellen Clark with her first antelope. Lyons Valley in September. 215 yds with a 7x57 Mauser.

Doreen Calvert with her antelope buck taken with her Savage .270. September 25th Area 65.

Steve Morgan with his pronghorn shot September 19th in Area 97 at 200 yds.

Renee Ostlund with her bull taken September 20th in the Togwotee Pass area.

Adam Cook writes: Had another great DIY wilderness hunt in the Dubois area. Steve Kongsjord got a great 5x6 that ruffed out around 290" while Justin Smith punched his tag on a 5x5 and I got a similar 5x6. Minus the griz climbing the meat pole and eating about half an elk it was a great trip.

Craig Amadio took this bull October 1st on public land in southwest Wyoming.

Jon Sonnenschein from Riverton writes: Here is a nice buck I took in area 75. My son Dayne, who also got his first buck this year is pictured with me.

Hunter Bregar's antelope taken in area area 64 on 10-3-10

First pictures are of Jared Beck and his antelope from area 92 on 9/23, it scored around 80". Second buck is Andy Edwards from area 73, 3 days later, it scored around 83". Both are public land bucks.

Brian Nelson writes: 84" Wyoming Area 42.

Shawn Coggins writes: This is a photo of my buck that I got on Sept. 25th, 2010.. He is 11X6 and unofficially scores 183 6/8

8 year old Colton Stone went coon hunting in early September with Papa Butch Miller and the dogs, Walker, Bandy, and Rocket.

Guy Kihn shot this buck August 28th with his muzzleloader in the Oregon Buttes area.

Tim Hanson with his antelope buck taken in September in Area 65 with his .270 wsm.

Matt Carnagey had a great archery season! He took the bull on September 3rd in the Wind River Mountains. He stuck his buck on the 19th after a stalk in the Beaver Rim area.

Leroy Cordova arrowed this 4x4 in the Lander area on Septemebr 17th. Notice the arrow right in the buck's windpipe.

Katie Hatfield writes: This is my first year bow hunting and these are the first deer and antelope I've killed with it. Both were taken within 30-40 yards. Very proud of both!

Roberto Cruz writes: Shot this bull October 1st on the North Fork in Cody while hunting with my brother Max. 6x6 estimated 315".

Bill Brown writes: This is the ram I was able to harvest in area 5 after 20 years of applying. The ram was 8 years old and was 35 inches long on his right horn and broomed off to 32-1/2 on his left. I shot the ram with a 300 win mag at 350 yards with a 185 grain Berger bullet. I would like to thank my brother and Wind River Mountain Outfitters guide Cody Brown for his help, all bias aside there isn't a better sheep guide in Wyoming.

Rebecca Phillips with her first sage grouse. She is accompanied by Jacob Binns and dog Sam.

Amanda Jo Hanson's antelope taken in Area 65 on September 19th. 300 yards with a 30.06.

Hunter Bregar took this elk in the mountains above Lander on 9-24-10. He came in silent to 25 yards and did not go more than 75 yards after the shot.

Devin Hubble from Lander traveled to Alaska to harvest this caribou. The official score 434 4/8 BC. BC said it was the 3rd largest bull shot in the last 10 years. SCI 490 5/8 Will make top 25.

Doug Petersen from Riverton writes: Here are pictures of a caribou and moose I hunted on the Seward Peninsula in Alaska.

Gene Galitz from Lander with his 4th archery bull. September 15th. Lower Wind River Mtns.

Terry "Rabbit" Hubenka with his first archery elk. At 24 yards, September 18th, Little Sandy Creek.

Opey Hlavnicka with his dandy bull taken in the Pacific Creek area on September 20th. Green Scored 383-2/8.

Greg Alvar from Casper, Pat Brown from Lander and Ray Rintamaki display their cranes shot on September 25th. A Good Day!

Brody Staten is 12 years old. This is his first goat. One shot kill at 220 yards with his 270. The next pic is Bo Staten with his goat. Great opening day.

Maggie Abbey with her first antelope shot in Area 106 on September 20th.

Bill Rogers writes: Here is a nice antelope taken outside of Rawlins last Sunday. It was my son’s first hunt with me, and I had a good friend out for the weekend as well. Pictures are me with my son Dylan, and me with my friend Travis Graham.

12 year old Caleb Burke celebrated his birthday by bagging his first antelope. Gas Hills area on September 20th.

Michael Davey with his first pronghorn shot September 19th in Area 107. 245 yards with a 30-06.

Dave Mathwig with his first pronghorn taken September 19th in Area 97.

Allan Davis writes: A photo of my Antelope, harvested on Sept 19th. I shot it with my .270, one shot, 80 yards in area 106. The animal is a little over 14 inches with 6-1/2 inch bases and over 6 inch prongs. My best Antelope to date.

Carlos Gonzales from Lander with his nice bull shot in September in Saskatchewan. Wearing his favorite "grouse wing" camo. 200 yards with a 300 WSM.

Stoney Smith writes: I took this mule deer buck at 24 yds with my bow in Southeastern Wyoming near Sybille Canyon.

Dayne Sonnenschein from Riverton with his first pronghorn buck taken in area 75. Put a sneak on this buck and Dayne took him with one shot at 120 yards with his.243 Remington model 700. This is the same rifle Dayne's dad shot his first buck with. Second picture is Dayne and his father Jon.

Stephanie Branham from Rawlins shot this buck at 400 yards, with her shot. Her first antelope. He was 15" tall with 6" cutters. What a great first buck!

Peggy Sue Hein-Luther proudly displays her 1st archery bull taken above Lander at 30 yards. Sep. 10th.

Michelle Salum with her first bear shot in August in the Lander area.

Left: Hiedi Freeman with her Spring 2010 bear shot near Dubois with a .300 Ultra mag at 110 yards...Right: Hiedi with her 2010 Archery Bull taken on September 15th in the Dubois area at 47 yards. Her 1st archery elk.

Helen Milek's 2010 antelope, taken in area 92 at 70 yards with a Model Seven 7MMBR. Submitted by son Josh.

Kevin Rieman writes: Left: 2010 Pronghorn...14 1/4 on both sides. Right: These are my wife's, Krissy Rieman, and my, Kevin Rieman, 2010 area 91 Pronghorns...hers are 12-1/2 on both sides...hers was shot with a 7mm .08 and mine was shot with a .300 Remington ultra mag...both shot opening day.

Erin Martin writes: Brett Berg and I helped Brad Meredith harvest this amazing ram in Area 4 on Sept. 2. This ram completes Brad's Grand Slam!

Bob Thomson with a nice mountain lion harvested September 3rd near the end of Willow Creek.

Eli Miller with his bull taken in the Green River Lakes area on September 4th. 343 green score. Shot at 60 yds.

16 year old Colton Gillum writes: Got my archery antelope on August 16th. Shot him at 20 yards with my bow! My first antelope and first bow kill!

Brent Wilkes writes: I took this ram on Sept. 1 in area 5 in the timber at about 50 yards using a 6mm-284 with 85 gr Barnes TSX bullets, he fell further than he ran.

Chris Warren with his archery bull taken at 20 yards. Wind River Mountains on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Brian and Brenda Lewis took a trip to South Africa in May and had a very successful hunt!

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne writes: I took this heavy 14 inch goat North of Casper with my bow. The hunt was all spot and stalk. I shot him at 60 yards right in the neck. He went down like a bag of bolts. Have a great season!!

Christine Davey with her first blackpowder pronghorn shot August 22nd. 50 cal...Area 107.

Casey Edmunds with opening day archery buck 2010 16 " scores 81-2/8 taken on DIY public lands close to Casper.

Kevin Wells writes: This is the buck I shot on Saturday here in SE Wyoming. He approached the windmill I was hunting at about 7:15 pm and at 7:30 he was on the ground with a 40 yard shot, quartering away, with my Mathews bow and Muzzy broadhead.

Freak antelope taken with a bow by Eli Miller at less than 10 yards following spot and stalk near Atlantic City on August 20th.

Jim Johnston from Rawlins writes: Here are a few pictures of the bear that I was lucky enough to get this spring in the Snowy Range. I got him on May 22nd. The night I got him it snowed three inches while I sat on the bait, but it was well worth it in the end. He weighed 420 lbs and the skull scored 20 7/8"

Rowdy Anderson writes: These are some photos of the Wyoming black bear Brooke Bekken shot in May 2010, Brooke harvested the bear with one shot from his 300 Weatherby, congratulations on his first bear ever. Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Casey Dickinson from Riverton writes: Tamed my Encore down with an Indian Creek Choke and killed this 23 lb. 10" bearded gobbler by Hulett, Wy. Looking forward to next year!

The family that slays together, stays together. The King Family from Lander with a Spring Turkey!

Rowdy Anderson writes: These are some photos of the Bear Jimmie Supino took on June 8th 2010 in Wyoming, he shot is using a single round from his Thompson Contender Handgun in 7-30 waters. This bear was huge and old, the head was massive, this is a trophy bear of a lifetime. Congratulations Jimmie and welcome to the Brotherhood!!

Amanda Pendergraft's first mountain lion and Dad. Chris Pendergraft mountain lion. January 2010.

Here are the pics of the top 3 teams from the Feb13th Sweetwater Coyote hunt, 1st place Mike and Brook Davidson from Rock springs with 4 coyotes, 2nd place Rick Wilmes of Sweetwater , Mick Burr of Wheatland, and Rowdy Anderson of Riverton with 2 coyotes, 3rd place Andy, Brady and Garland Samuelson of Riverton with 2 coyotes.

Chris Pendergraft writes: Aoudad, Roswell, New Mexico 2/20/2010. Oryx, Alamagoro, New Mexico off of white sands missile base 02/16/2010. All totally free range.

Garret Raymond went out Sunday with his Dad & Grandpa and he harvested 2 bunnies. Garrett won this Little Cricket .22 rifle at the Pheasants Forever Banquet held in Riverton this past November, a huge thanks to the local Pheasants Forever Chapter.

Dave Fowler, aka Trapper Dave, traveled to Arizona in February to bag his javelina.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne. I have been doing quite a bit of coyote hunting this winter with good success. Last Saturday the hunting was slow, but myself and a friend managed to call this dog in.

Tri Nation writes: This is my Dad (Bill Nation) "packing" out our Area 108 late season cow
elk. You have got love Wyoming winters & Rawlins wind!! January 24th.

Lee Wilkes with his cat taken January 12th along the Big Wind River near Crowheart Butte. Tracked down using his trusty heeler.

Chad Alvar from Casper and Pat Brown from Lander display the results of a good day of shooting south of Casper in early January. Chad's Dad, Greg, also contributed to the future feast!

Ronnie Harned and Tyler Ludwig shot these coyotes on the morning of January 17, 2010. They were taken on public land south of Casper. The first one taken by Ronnie was called in right at first light and shot at three hundred yards with a DPMS AR-15 chambered in 223. The second taken by Tyler was shot while driving around looking for new places to call. It was taken at eighty yards on the run with a Ruger 10/22.