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Fshing Gallery 2010

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!
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Ron Reemts caught this 27 inch walleye in Mid-December at Ocean Lake.

Mike Eaton writes: These are just some of the fish we have pulled out of the ice this year... Might I add all have been catch and release :) all of the fish we have caught are in public lakes!

Leland Black from Cody writes: Here are some pix from a steelhead fishing trip to Idaho last month, with a steelhead from the Clearwater River about 16 lbs caught by Leland Black, Kirsten Martel with a native steelhead we had to throw back 15 lbs approx., Kirsten with her first keeper, this is highly recommended fishing trip for steelhead, once you hook one your hooked, Leland with the both of them.

Here is Mark Uhl with a nice stringer or perch and a nice crappie, the crappie was 13.5 inches long and the perch ranged from 8 to 12 inches. This was December 11th 2010.

Brian Patton writes: walleye from Ocean Lake last Sunday Dec. 19th. This was my first ice fishing trip of the season. I could barely pull him out of my 10” hole in the ice. It’s the biggest one I’ve caught at Ocean Lake this year.

Nate Mariotti with a "Fat Cat" caught in the Wind River Canyon in August.

Rhen Etzelmiller writes: I took my kids Connor and Keira out this weekend for some quality Daddy time. The weather was perfect for camping, and the fishing was memorable to say the least! The kids probably caught somewhere between 30-40 fish on the 2 days, with 2 cutt's over 17" and 3 'bows over 22". The two largest were both caught within 1 hour of each other. My daughter's fish is 24-3/4" and 6.5 lbs. During the fight there was one point when the fish made a great run and nearly pulled the "Little Miss" into the water... she managed to brace herself before getting wet and proceeded to finish the fight turned sideways to the water and bent over like a linebacker. My son's fish is 23-3/4", with an 18-1/4" girth, and 8.5 lbs. The 8.5 pounder ties my own personal record for rainbow trout. Since I highly doubt they'll ever catch rainbows of this caliber on the same day again, I decided to mount these fish as a lasting reminder of a great weekend! I hope you all enjoy the photos, and remember... it's all for the little ones. Oh, I almost forgot to mention... Connor is 8 and Keira is 5... I hope I'll be able to live up to their future fishing expectations.

Colten Gillum from Casper writes: Rainbow from North Platte in Casper around 23 to 25 inches. Caught on a grasshopper on August 1st

12 year old Tony Hernandez with his golden trout caught August 5th with a caddis fly nymph.

John Hardman writes: Had a great week backpacked into the primitive wilderness from Pinedale these are a couple of the golden trout caught, fish averaged around 19".

Phil Willoughby writes: Wanted to share this picture of this 10lb Walleye that I caught at Boysen Reservoir on Monday July 12.

Derek and Shelby Watson after a successful New Years ice fishing trip on Boysen.

Kate Bryson with her 32 inch walleye caught on Boysen in June. Her first walleye trip! Guided by John Marohn of Casper.

Gene Lang writes: Cathryn Lang with her first Snapper, Sean Lang with his first King Mackerel. We had a fun family break to Florida and squeezed in a little fishing trip!

Kely Bawdon with his 9 pound, 28 inch rainbow caught in the Popo Agie River south of Lander on May 9th.

Dan Parson writes: Fishing on the Green River near Green River with my son Colt.

These were caught at Glendo on June 6th 2010 by Brian Patton.

Here is Jennifer Smith with her largest fish ever, caught this 24 inch walleye in Ocean lake on April 24th.

Dave Good fromLander writes: Bull Lake several weeks ago. Took Tim Killinger and Steve Reed out jigging.

Brian Patton writes: My 6 year-old daughter Kirsten King caught this trout at Pathfinder on Saturday 4-17-2010.

Mike Clancy, Lander, with his 31 pound lake trout from Flaming Gorge on April 8th.

YT Sempert from Lander, took a trip to the Florida Keys in March and caught a King Mackerel.

Doug Lemm from Lander had a good March/April 2010 on a local stream! All catch and release.

Mike Eaton writes: My 8 year old son Caleb Eaton with his 19" Brook Trout.

Rockey Marchant caught this fish Feb 17, 2010. One heck of a fish.

Chad Alvar from Casper writes: We got these fish from Glendo. One was 25 in and the other was 24 in walleye. The 2 big cat's were 11 and 9.

Todd Smith ain't even lettin' the oil get hot! First eye of the day, Ocean Lake, Feb 15th.

Mitch Horning from Casper with an 11 pound hawgeye from Glendo. 1/29/10.

Here is Emma Smith out ice fishing with Dad for the first time this year out on Boysen. 1-2-10.