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Hunting Gallery 2009

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it! Email Ray

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Reeve Smith with his freak 2009 trophy! Taken in September in the Atlantic City area.

Roy Kern - Laramie - took this 47" Moose with a Thompson Encore handgun
(309 J.D. Jones cal.)

Travis Chapman from Buffalo writes: This was my first Wyoming buck with a bow. Killed it near Buffalo. Shot him at 27 yards, he's a 5x5 scoring around 130.

Roger Rottman - Laramie - Took this unusual antelope in the Red Desert with a 7MM/308 after a long stalk. The horns measure 78" Boone & Crockett.

Colton Stone with his 4th coyote of 2009. Along with Papa Butch Miller. Totaled 93 coyotes taken in Fremont County.

Elk was killed on Wyoming Public Land by Frankie Rohrer on December 2nd, 2009. Frank used a .300 Winchester Mag. at 300 yards.

Marc Popovich writes: I took the antelope in Area 73 and he was 14-1/4 and has a set double cutters forming on his curves. The 7x6 muley was taken less than two miles from were I got the antelope.

Rowdy Anderson from Riverton writes: Here are some photos from my hunting season last year 09. first pic is of a coyote I arrowed during archery antelope season, the second is a whitetail I shot in south Dakota, the third is a whitetail I shot in Wyoming, the third is a mule deer I shot with my bow in Sept and the last photo is of the antelope I killed on the last day of the season.

Ed Sensenich with his 2009 buck.

Chance Whitman and Dave Hodges coyote hunting 12/29/09 Three coyote's down in under 40min and three setups! First day out for the winter. North of Sheridan Wyoming.

My name is Andy Edwards and I reside in Riverton. Here are some pictures from hunting in 2009. The first 2 pictures are of a goose hunt that my two friends and brother accompanied me on Dec. 19th in Fremont County. We shot 12 geese that morning, with me in the photo is Jared Beck, Tim Edwards, and Jason Aanestad. The next photos are of an old mule deer I encountered while tagging along on a whitetail hunt in southeastern Wyoming. Too bad I didn't see him during the season.

Alan Dubberly from Cheyenne writes: Well, once again my Dad made the trek from Kansas to Wyoming and we were once again fortunate enough to hunt on a friend’s place in the Owl Creeks. Here are a couple pics of the deer we harvested on opening day. Dad was able to harvest an even bigger mulie than last year – 25-1/2 inch spread. It’s great to be able to create these memories in Wyoming. We are so fortunate to live here.

Brad Moore writes: Herea few photographs of my ram that I got on September 2nd. Outfitter: Wapati Ridge Outfitters/Justin Jarrett Guide: Flint Selby Area 4 Official SCI score: 172 7/8"

Left: John Whitley with his 6X6 rack from the Big Sandy area, October 27th. Couple of Ringneck Pheasants shot in the Muddy Creek area on November 10th.

Deer: Shaide Stover shot his 1st 4 x 5 deer with one shot in Area 87 after passing up a 3 point missing a horn on one side & then passing up a large 2x2 down in a canyon, thank God! We headed back up the road where we found a 5x5 about 250 yards away, he missed this deer so we went up the ridge & decided to see if there were anymore in the area & when we were walking in we spotted 2 bucks fighting & crawled within 60 yards & he passed on the wider 5x5 with crabs on the front & took the 4x5 with deep forks, good choice Shaide. Antelope: 12 year old Shaide Stover with his Grandpa Wayne from Riverton & Uncle Randy Cragoe from Rawlins, shot his 1st antelope with one shot in Area 62, he is 14 5/8 with good weight, should come in around 77 to 78" Shaide was very patient as we passed this buck up 1st thing in the morning. I told Shaide he would be a shooter later on if we didn't see anything better, every antelope we saw after that he asked if it was a shooter so I asked him if he wanted to go find the one we passed up & he said yes, we made a nice sneak, got within 80 yards, he dropped him with his Sako 243.

First deer killed by Chase George 2009.

The first photo is of Chelsie Lane and her antelope that green scored 76. The next is of Chelsie and her 5 by 5 whitetail. The Last is of Cody Brown and his antelope that green scored 81 3/8"

The future of deer hunting if the "anti-gunners" win!

Ralph Juarez writes: Here is a fine example of 2 young gals taking advantage of the youth pheasant hunts. Shown here are Alexis Juarez 17, and Emily Balfour 16, both of Casper. The girls hunted on 3 occasions and got their limit each time! Some fine shootin' and a good time girls!

Pete Underwood with his 6x6 Bull Elk shot at Cold Springs on the Wind River Indian Reservation taken with a 7mm WSM on Oct. 17th.

Bob Balling of Cheyenne, Gabe Maier and Dave Balling of Cody, with a successful day after Thanksgiving bird hunt. All these birds were taken on public land or walk in areas in the Big Horn Basin.

Matt Wilson from Lander writes: Another great year in the wilds of Wyoming. I begin with antelope season where Chelsie, my dad (Kurt) and I were all successful. Chelsie got the biggest buck this year but I had a great time hunting with my new pup. Next the muleys, my dad scored on this great 30+" wide with deep tines and some stickers with a general season tag on public land! My deer was very unique. I even passed on a bigger buck that morning but this guy was too cool to pass up. After finding him bedded, Chels and I stalked to 200 yards and watched and waited on him over 3 hours while he slept and chewed his cud. In the spotting scope I could tell he was different with 2 main beams on the left side and 3 long brow tines! He wasn't the biggest kid on the block but certainly unique. Elk season was great. I was only after one monster this year and was never able to seal the deal. The pressure was on towards the end and I was lucky to get this 5 point to fill the freezer. I would also like to share some pics of other bulls during the year. Thanks for the great site and all the great stories.

Jeremiah Fyler with his 350" bull taken in the Beaver Creek area. October 1st

Joe Antolik with his Area 171 buck taken on October 24th and his lion shot December 6th.

13 year old Jess Oldham with his first buck. A Dandy! Area 91, October 21st. .270 win.

Mark Sanders hunted only 4 hours before this bruiser was brought down! October 19th in the Lander area.

Heather Wendell with her first deer. October 19th in the Lander area.

Eli Miller with his 353" archery bull! in the Cherry Creek area. Shot at only 5 yards.

Jordan Barraza writes: This monster muley with the drop tine was shot by a woman in the Owl Creeks, still yet to find her name out. The buck I'm holding is one shot awhile back, was taken in the Owl Creeks. The whitetail was taken by Jerome Whiteplume, very nice heavy buck.

Glenn Summers with the coyote shot 12/13/09. Beaver Creek oil field, using a .300 win-mag.

Devin Hubble from Lander with a dandy buck!

Kelly Smith's bull, hunting in Area 116. Oct 23, 2009

Brian Tucker writes: Pic of me holding the deer skull rack is of a WhiteTail head that I found while pheasant hunting in eastern Montana. The other is of me and my dog, Samson, with his first bird he found and retrieved for me on the same trip.

Greg Boone of Lander with his whitetail buck in Area 2 near Alladin, Wy. 450 yards with a 7mm Mag.

Richard Kuster with his 4X5 Black Hills Wyoming buck. Buck was with a doe and was taken at a mere 7 yards! November 15th.

Richard Bird with his bull bison taken at Shadow Mountain on November 14th. Long, hard hunt. Shot with 30-378 WBY.

Lewis Systsma from Shelton, Washington with his 5X5 bull shot in Area 100, Red Desert, on October 26th.

Desirea Schrock Hunting In Rawlins Wyoming Picture 2009 Area 82

Bill Brown of Dubois and his big Wyoming whitetail killed this year. The buck gross scored 164 7/8 as is but broke off an estimated 20-25 inches of tines that would have given him 15 points and pushed him into the high 180's. This buck had almost 40 points in mass measurements and a 24 6/8 main beam and was most likely only a 4 1/2 year old deer. He completely broke off 4 tines and approx. 7 inches of his left brow tine in typical whitetail fashion.

Jim Schrock Hunting in Rawlins Wyoming Picture 2009 Hunt

12 year old Austin Brown with his first deer. October 22nd, Area 96.

Torry Burson with his big horn ram. November 21st. Crow Creek area. 2nd ram, 7MM Ultra Mag.

Paul Smith with the deer he got on the opening day, Oct. 15thabove Lander. Width measures almost 28 inches.

Jesse Moss writes: These are pictures of my younger brother, Preston Moss. He suffers from an illness called dermatomyositis, a rare muscle disease for which there is no cure. He was given a Bighorn Sheep tag in September by the Northern Arapahoe Tribal Council, the Eastern Shoshone Tribal Council and the Shoshone and Arapahoe Tribal Fish and Game. After a lot of hunting trips, glassing, and scouting it finally paid off. On October 13th he was able to finally harvest this ram. Walking was difficult but we managed to get within 600 yds of the ram and he was able to make the shot with his 25-06. The taxidermy work is being done by Dan Horath of Horath Outdoors Taxidermy. A huge thanks goes out to the Arapahoe and Shoshone Tribal Councils, Shoshone and Arapahoe Fish and Game staff and supervisor Bobby St. Clair, Brian Williams, Charles Lonedog, and the Whitewater Rafting Crew from Thermopolis for floating us across to pack it out. Thank you all for making this a memorable hunting season for him.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne WY writes: I had an interesting hunting season this year. The only tag I drew in Wyoming was for antelope north of Casper. I hunted one day and took this dandy goat at 20 yards, it was all a spot and stalk hunt. Since I did not have any real big plans for deer or elk, I opted to hunt free range Aoudad Sheep in west Texas in the Chinati Mountain Range. I left for Texas right as deer season began in October since the sheep were in full rut. It was a very challenging hunt due to the 97 degree weather and the roughness of the terrain. I took a fantastic sheep which measured 34 inches! I was also able to hunt Javelina which are very abundant in the area. I took two nice boars out of a group of about 20.

14 year old Ryan Wilson with his deer he harvested from Area 128.

Son and Father 2009 Elk Hunt. Jacob Arima shot a very nice bull this year. We ranged this bull just over 350 yards and had quite a time crawling to get within that range. Perry shot his bull at 300 yards and had a much larger bull come out of the timber after he knocked this one down.

Aaron Levin writes: I've hunted and fished Wyoming all my life until I moved to Indiana to play football at Purdue. However, I found that the Hoosier State has some great deer as well. This photo is of my brother-in-law, Aaron Birk, and my son, Jack, with Aaron's 2009 buck whitetail that he shot with his Bowtech General and arrows tipped with Wac'em broadheads on November 7th. The brute green scored 170 B&C. Although he's not from Wyoming, I am and helped pack out the 215 lb field dressed monarch.

Harold Shultz bagged, what he calls, his 50 cent or half-a- buck, Area 4 of the Black Hills on November 8th. 7X57 Mauser.

Debra Hudelson with her first buck antelope in 12 years if trying. September 19th.

This is from a good duck hunt on Ocean Lake on November 21st. From left to right: Jim Race, Travis Scadden, Dave Scadden.

Brian Sybert got this pronghorn buck with ivory tips on public land northwest of Big Piney. Brian was grateful to get a nice mule deer buck high in the Absaroka Mountains west of Cody. His friend Erik Kennemer joined him on the mule deer hunt and help pack the deer out. It was a great fall.

My name is Terry King, I am from Gillette, Wyoming, I took this 6x6 bull on National Forest Area 1 of the Black Hills. On Oct 26 about 1:30pm. He scored 329 2/8 green. Shot at 368 yards 300 Ultra Mag 165 gr Nosler Accubond. 6 ½ hrs packing him out, but well worth the effort, my first bull ever. Would not be happier if he was a one for the record books.

Collette Eliason from Big Horn, Wy with her first elk in area 38! Also picured are daughters Samantha & Sierra. One shot with .270 ranged at 302 yards.

The Mule Deer Buck, a nice 5x4, was taken on November 1, 2009 near Cody in a Game and Fish managed Hunter Management Area, under the Access Yes program, with a general tag. I spotted him a mile off the road with spotting scope and had to hike after him. I got to an elevated point above him for a 100 year shot with my Ruger 270 WSM. He never knew I was there. One of the best stalks and hunts in my life!!
I shot this antelope on September 17, 2009 near Casper. High 70's green score!! Ruger 270 WSM again. This is the third buck antelope in 4 years I have taken, out of this area, over 75 inches. I took a B&C Awards book buck there in 2007 which net scored 80. This is a walk in area under the Game and fish Access Yes Program. My good friend Robert Puckett of Casper was there to assist in the harvest.
I can't say enough good things about the Access Yes program. It has opened up lots of private land for public hunters like me, in addition to opening up more access points to larger tracts of public land.
Jim DeLozier

Brent Wilkes writes: Here are some pictures for the 2009 hunt gallery of some whopper deer that came from South Central Wyoming in 2009. Officially green scored, will be
rescored after 60 day drying period.
1. Steve Fritz deer grosses over 202 nets 192 B&C, around 25" wide
2. Tom Entinger deer grosses over 196, nets 192 B&C, around 31" wide
3. Dan Nueman deer grosses over 202, nets 191 B&C around 34" wide

Kenny Joyce and a rare black coyote he trapped in 2006 -Brody Splain

Jacob Binns from Lander writes: Here are some pictures of my whitetail taken in the Eastfork area on 11/18/09. This is my first whitetail deer. Taken with a 243 at about 450 yrds

Dan Camphouse writes:Here are some pics of the Bucks my wife and I took this year. I killed mine on the 18th of October and she held out until there was about 2 hours of season left to go ahead and out do me.

These 3 bucks were all taken on the Owl Creek Mountains, by Jordan Barraza, Joseph Crazythunder, and Tony Pingree. Tony's buck scored 196 B&C, its the buck on the left side with the dark colored horns. Joe's buck was 28-1/4 wide and 24-1/8 inside spread.

Layne Jordan writes: This is a great deer shot by my brother Hart Jordan. Killed in the Gas Hills area during rifle season.

Brooke Schmelzle with her 09 Wyoming public land bull.

Lance Goede writes:

The first is of Robert Anderson, my god-son, of his first buck, a 5 X 5 mulie shot outside of Powell on November 7, with his grandfather’s .270 Winchester at 150 yards. We knick-named the buck a kamikaze buck as it came tearing out of a sunflower field right at Robert and we had to whistle to get him to stop – and Robert drilled him perfectly! He was helped by Jim DeLozier, from Powell.

The second is of Joshua Goede (far right), my son, of his first buck, a 2 X 2 mulie shot outside of Daniel, WY on October 3, with a .300 WSM at 400 yards – one shot, dropped where it stood! Also in the picture is Lance Goede (father) and Bill Goede (grandfather). I am so proud of Joshua and thought it was so cool that my Dad got to see my first deer taken back in 1984 and Joshua’s first deer taken in 2009 – 25 year span! He was also helped by his god-father, Robert Puckett, from Casper.

John Whitt from Lander with his 38" bull Oryx, scored 92, taken with his .300 Weatherby Vanguard near White Sands New Mexico. September 19th.

Rowdy Anderson from Riverton writes: Here is a photo of the deer Lindsey Anderson took this year, one shot with her new .257 Weatherby. This deer was taken on the last day of the season, she spent 9 hard days looking for the perfect one but never managed to find the giant she had dreamed about, all in all a great hunt and a hell of a year for Lindsey taking a bear in the spring and finishing up with a great mule deer.

Jim Verplanke writes: I have attached photos of my 2009 sheep taken in Area 1. It took 18 years to draw the tag. I hunted a total of 21 days for a ram with only four shooter rams seen out of 100 sheep glassed. This ram is a 5 1/2 year old with 13" bases. I need to give thanks to my wife for her support during the hunt even when I was having my doubts. She stuck with me to the end. She crossed a ragging creek and climbed the mountain in the dark by herself to help me pack him out. She packed out the head for me. I killed the ram at 6:00pm and we had him packed out at 9:30pm. Quite the adventure.

Matt Carnagey from Lander with his, thick beamed, mulie taken at short distance in October.

Michelle Salum with her first elk! Limestone Mountain area in October.

Micah Christensen of Cheyenne harvested his first elk on October 27 - a nice 6 x 6 bull. Although there is no snow in the photo taken in the field, there was plenty of it on the gound by the time we finished packing his elk out. The second photo was taken the next morning after we arrived home. What a great site! I especially like the fact that the hunters' smiles are big no matter how big the trophy may be.

Becky Shepard writes: 3x3 mule deer taken on public land on Beaver Rim area by Becky Shepard Oct. 15th. With a .270 Winchester 50 yards. General Tag, fair chase the only way to hunt!

This year's hunting season had a few bumps in the road but Joseph Gonzalez and Joe Gonzalez still managed to successfully harvest these animals. Joseph killed this rag horn bull on Oct. 12 just above Lander. Joe Gonzalez killed this respectable mule deer to end a fun hunt with his son and son's girlfriend. Both hunters are eager for the next hunt to come.

I'm Kyle Leingang of Upton and here are this years hunting successes. I shot my antelope out on our ranch North of Upton on opening day. He measured right at 14 inches. I got my first elk up above Encampment near Singer Peak on the third day of the season. I was pretty satisfied with a 5 point as my first elk. To finish hunting up for the year I headed back out to the ranch to look for a deer and ended it up with a nice heavy four point that had a width of 24". I had a great hunting season and I'm looking forward to next year already.

Brando Kieft has had a pretty successful hunting season thus far. The deer and antelope were shot along the Powder River. The elk was shot in Alva.

Glenn Summers' first coyote of 09 at Beaver Creek oil field shot with a .300 win mag 168 GR A-Max at 207 yards.

Glenn Summers with a 3X3 taking in area 35 on 10-31-09 . Cheri Summers with a 1X2 taking in area 160 on 10-15-09. Mario Moreno with a 2X2 taking in area 35 on 10-31-09.

Sarah Larsen with her first mule deer buck. Area 0 near Moneta, October19th.

R. Buchmeier from Lander bagged this buck in October, Lander area, 1953 vintage 30-30 with iron sights.

Brett Cook, 14 years old, shot his first elk at summer camp on the Owl Creeks. The next day he filled his whitetail tag at the Arapahoe Ranch. The next weekend he shot his nice 6*6 mule deer at Kates Basin also on the Owl Creeks.

Dusty and Cody Reynolds, elk hunt area 35 in 2009.

This buck was shot by Tyler Larsen of Riverton on October 23rd, 2009 in area 90. Tyler put on quite a few miles over the previous days in search of his trophy. His dad (Mark Larsen) and Uncle (Richard Larsen) were with Tyler when he got him.

Gary and Avery Elmore with his 2009 bull.

Jonathan Gates from Story, Wy. writes: Here are pics from my 2009 hunting season. The elk is a 6X8 that scores 357 and was taken on the second day of archery season in a general area on public land. The whitetail was taken on October 6th in Sheridan County. He is a 5X5 and measures 146. Both were taken on do-it-yourself, fair chase hunts.

Bo Staten from Casper with his buck. Shot on the last day. Gen tag.

Chad Alvar from Casper writes: This is a pic of the deer I got on the last day. Gen tag.

Tyler Crippen took this nice mule deer with a .270 northwest of Riverton on October 24th. Good job Ty!!

This is Chris and Ian Jolovich from Torrington. Chris shot his elk during archery in the Laramie peak area and Ian got his during rifle in the same area. Both attend UW. Dad (Matt) shot a spike (not pictured). Great year.

14 year old Teal Stoll with her 5x6 buck taken in the Pavillion area on October 18th. 27" spread. Her 2nd deer.

Shane Sanderson, Kinnear area, with a nice Whitetail buck. I passed on him earlier this season hoping the bigger one I have been watching would give me a chance, but couldn't do it again. Love the tall brow tines.

This bull was taken by Jerry Wilson in the Lander area.

Jacob Winchester, 12 yrs old shot his 1st deer at 200 yards with a .243, a wonderful 1 shot kill.

Ken Stewart with his first elk, hunted for 14 years and finally got one. shot on October 4th above Dubois.

Cole Stewart with his second antelope measures 15 1/2 inches on both sides

Shot by Nathan Smith on September 19th.

Ed Sensenich from Casper writes: Here is my 09 mule deer and 09 antelope.

Tony Maravilla writes: I shot this bull in the Morgan Creek area by the Seminoe Mtns. on the 15th of Oct. It took me all day Oct. 16th to pack him out but it was well worth it. He scored 339 4/8 and is a 6x7. I took him with a Ruger 300 Win. Mag. at 220 yards.

Nathan Smith writes: We got this buck on October 17th on public land, and a general license.

My name is Renae, I am a 35 year old single mom. I got to go deer hunting for my own deer for the first time this year. Not just a meat packer or camp cook! I got a little two point buck here in Fremont county.

Brad Coleman from Rawlins writes: I killed this deer October 23rd near Rawlins, He measures almost 28" wide. Shot him at less than 150 yards with a 300 win mag.

Area 40 antelope taken at 75 yds on October 16 by Stoney Smith.

Joelyn Geis with her 2009 7X6 Muley, pictured with her Brother Travis and Dad Eddie. Taken on October 10th, 300 yard shot with her Remmington 270. 31 Inches wide unofficially scoring 189 3/8 non-typical.

Alan Davis writes: 2009 Was one of the best in years. We were turning into the camp site when my wife, Callie, spotted about thirty head of elk about 600 yards above the camper. Later at about 3:30 we went for a walk. Someone got into them and four cows and the bull ran over right above my camper. I set up for the shot and hit him the first shot. It was over 400 yards and I kept moving until I finally hit him two more times to drop him. 300 Win Mag 165 grn bullets. We started up the hill to my bull when her cow stepped out of the timber at about twenty yards. She took it with one shot to the head. 30.06 165 grn bullet. This is my biggest bull to date and am mounting him. This was her first elk. The doe deer is my doe from the same area. The buck is my nephew Jacob Flesher's (age 14) from the same area, opening day. He is 25 in wide and pretty heavy. I hope everyone else has this good of a year.

Taken by Eddie LeMaster from Gillette, in Alva, WY on private property during rifle season.

Derek Watson's 2009 mule deer.

Layne Watson with his first big buck. 2009 PUBLIC LAND MULEY

Top: Scott Woodruff with his April turkey. Bottom: Steve Foelker, Doug Rentchler, Scott Woodruff with their birds.

Doug Rentchler with his bull called in by Scott Woodruff. September 2009. Absaroka Range.

Greg Taylor from Lander with is 6x6 bull. 56" mains, 50" spread. October 22nd. Bush Rim. 75 yard shot with a .300 WSM.

Smokey Brown shot this 6X6 bull in the Limestone area on Oct. 3rd. First bull that wasn't a spike!

Eric Baxter of Riverton writes: Here is a picture of my 13 yr old daughter Brittney with her first deer, a really nice heavy 4pt shot on Oct 16. We made a good sneak on this one but she still had to wait about 20 min and adjust her bipod and shooting angle about four different times before he finally gave her a clean shot at 250 yds. One shot and he went straight to the ground with her Ruger .270 with 130gr ballistic tips. The deer reached back to bite his back leg just as she shot, so she shot through the neck and lungs at the same time, which ruined the cape. Luckily though, Horath Outdoors Taxidermy will fix that problem, and my daughter will have a great buck hanging on her wall to remember the hunt.

Micah Irene with her Area 65 antelope. September.

Matt Carnagey with his bull taken in the Limestone Mountain area October 9th. Had to drag the bull about 3 miles through the snow.

Mark McDonald and grandson Matt McOmie with Mark's 5x5 mulie taken in the Beaver Creek area on October 21st.

Left to right: Colby Irene from Lander had a very successful hunting season! His antelope was killed in the Lander area on October 19th, The deer on the 16th. The elk fell in October as well!

Lloyd Larsen's Area 90 buck. Gas Hills area. October 20th.

Dain Medow from Riverton writes: This was one of the funnest hunts I've ever been on. A week into the season, with frustration setting in, I found the one with my name on it. He's a 5X7. Took in area 157 on October 23rd with my Armalite AR50A1 50 BMG (no meat was ruined) at 500 yards. Would like to thank Kim White for helping me set up the Horus scope this summer.

Joe Larralde from Four Corners WY shot these two caribou in northern Quebec, the bull elk in the Bighorns, and the antelope in the Black Hills.

Jake Manasco, 12 years old from Riverton. This is his first deer. It was taken in the South Pass area. He shot it with a Ruger 7 mag that his great-grandpa gave him. Jake shot it in the head at about 100 yards. Ocotber 15th.

This buck belongs to Trapper Lee of Lander, Wyoming who got this on Table Mountain a nice 5x5 with about a 150 yard shot and hit it right in the heart.

This deer was taken by Ed Lee of Lander, Wyoming who took this nice buck up on Table Mountain at 150 yards with the same .243 that Trapper used to kill his deer with. They took these on the same day Ed took his in the Morning while Trapper was in school then Trapper came out in the evening and took his.

Drew Denike writes: This my antelope from Area 39. Shot with a Savage 99 in a 308 win. at 147 yards

Seth Wegener of Michigan, harvested his first mule deer, a 28" 5x5, in the Lander Area, 16Oct09. 342 yard shot, went straight down.

Zackary Jones of Lander scored this great 5x6 in the Lander area. It is his largest deer to date, and first ever mule deer. It had a Montec broadhead lodged in it's left G-2. Very unique and fortunate!

Nic Sheridan of Lander, bagged his first ever deer. One shot, 220 yards. Tough to move up from here.

12 year old Tucker Ray from Lander harvests his first antelope from are 65 with one shot. Little brother Aidan assists with the photo op.

Matt McOmie's 09 whitetail buck. Shot October 15th outside of Lander.

Brother and Sister, Kyle Osterman and Krista Willis with their cranes taken in the Boysen area October 3rd.

Ken Casey from Riverton with his buck taken on 10/18/09 with his Remington 7mm SAUM on a general tag.

Aspen Hemingway's first buck shot October 16th in the Lander area.

Brent Wilkes writes: I shot the 8x5 whitetail on October 15th and the 5x6 elk with an odd horn on October 17th both in Fremont County using a 7mm RUM with 120 gr Barnes TTSX.

Cameron Willis with his opening day pronghorn. Area 65, September 19th. 400 yards.

Marvin Osterman with his 15" antelope taken September 20th. Area 66 after a 2 day chase.

Krista Willis with her bull taken in the Green Mountains on October 3rd. Walked in at 50 yards, stood, and looked at her. Down he went!

Chris Brewbacker with his antelope measures 15 1/5 inches on both sides.

Cody Vivatson from Merna, Wyoming writes: This is my bull from this year. Shot him on Oct 19 2009. Made a 400 yard shot and he decided to die in the deep end of the beaver pond. It's never that easy! It scored 331, biggest bull taken yet. Earlier that day my mother and grandpa also took 6 points.

Clair Anderson and dog Maggie from Riverton with their 2009 mule deer shot in Central Wyoming. Taken with one shot from a lever action 38-55.

C.W. Anderson and family with their 2009 goat. First all family hunt with results. Very fun time. As you can see son (Beau) pointing out more goats and daughter (Jordynel) looking hungry for some backstraps.

Robert Crail writes: took this guy on opening day. Green scored 82-3/8"

Scott Baxter (Left) and Beau Gamble, both from Casper, WY with their deer taken in area 82 on Oct1.

Scott Lee with his first antelope. Taken with a Remington .243 (100grn core lockt bullet) on the near Wright, Wyoming.

Kevin Kirkhoff took this nice whitetail buck opening morning near Meeteetse.

Eric Baxter, Riverton, WY writes: Here is a picture of my 14yr old son Brandon, with his doe deer he shot in area 82 this year on Sept 3 with a borrowed crossbow. It was a 35 yd shot and a 200 yd blood trail, and he is now hooked on bow hunting and wants a compound bow for Christmas. The second picture is Brandon’s doe antelope he shot with an additional doe/fawn tag in area 75, using his Winchester XTR in 30-06 with 150gr Hornady loads.

Two pictures of a whitetail doe with velvet antlers shot on deeded land on the reservation by Nancy Kearl. The Game and Fish Department took DNA samples.

Josh Milek writes: Here is the Bull my brother Nate killed this year on a limited quota tag in Wyoming. He took it with one shot out of a .270.

Area 18 moose, shot October 4. Taken by Bobby Welch after 21 years of putting in. His dream moose. Shot above Mosquito Lake. Thanks his family for the help.

Britnea Cassity shot this antelope on October 17, 2009 with her 260 Remington near Riverton, WY.

Tyson Sollars from Lander with his 19 1/4 inch buffalo. It was killed with 1 well placed shot through both lungs with a 300 WSM. It was killed on the Gros Vonte River near Jackson Hole. 9-16-09.

Cale Pfisterer with his Uncle Denny's deer. shot with a 338-06 .Hit him right behind the jaw with the first shot and he just shook his head and kept grazing, second shot broke his spine and put him down.

Opening day success by David Kauffman from Lander.

Kyle Osterman from Lander with his Area 65 antelope. 16" wide! September 19th.

10/15/09 Day 1 of a DIY “Girls Hunt” Sheila Casey, with hunting partner Liz Berthod, took this nice Mule Deer opening morning in area 157. With so many people looking for animals from their vehicles the girls decided to take a walk! Sheila spotted this buck under a Russian Olive thinking he was hidden (he was from the drive-by’s). She put the sneak on and got to about 165 yards. From there she took him with one shot from her Remington 7mm-08 through the neck – he never even got out of bed! Nice Going Sheila!
10/16/09 Day 2 of the DIY “Girls Hunt” Liz Berthod, with hunting partner Sheila Casey, took this Mule Deer in area 157. They had watched and stalked the herd this buck came from on 10/15 but the deer moved just before daylight then got spooked by another hunter that drove into the area the girls were walking into. Day 2 worked out better, the deer moved a little later and Liz got her 110 yard shot just as the sun was showing itself, one shot with her Parker Hale .243 and he went down

Dylan Lewis age 13 with his first Coyote taken on 10-10-09 with a .223 assault rifle. Coyote was called in at 40 yards.

Stephenie Binns' first deer taken above Lander on 10/15/09. This is her first deer. It was taken with husband's Grandpa's 1946 Savage Model 99 300 at about 150 yards.

12 year old Caleb Richmond with his first antelope. Taken on October 18, 2009 in Area 67.

14 Year old Hunter Bregar ended his hunting season 10-15-09 with this whitetail buck in the Lander area.

Monty Penman writes: Here is an antelope that my daughter Courtney from Rawlins bagged near Ferris Mountain. It green scored 81-2/8.

Jim Aksamit from Sheridan writes: My wife got her goat last weekend, so I thought I would go back down this weekend and try for mine. Even with the cold weather and snow I was able to get this nice got.

Marty Allen from Decker, Montana writes: Here is a picture of a bull that I called in on Sept 19th for my brother in law Bryan Mcvay in a general elk area in the Bighorn Mts. The bull came in and stopped next to Bryan at twelve yards, spooked, and ran back up the hill 40 yards and I stopped him broadside with a cow call, Bryan stuck him using his Bowtec. I don’t think that I have ever seen a happier bow hunter in all my life.

Mike Leicester with his biggest bull scoring 321 Gross. ON the right is Derek Watson with his first bull ever 6x6. These bulls were found running together and were harvested within 100 yards of each other.General license tags.

Derek Watson's 2009 antelope 16" tall, 6 1/2" cutters roughed out at 84 5/8". BIG BOY!

Daryl Watson with a good antelope, 14 1/2 tall. Area 74

My name is Aaron Bishop. I live in Lander and this is a pic of my first ever bull elk. I shot this elk in area 68 outside of Dubois. I was very lucky to have harvested such a majestic animal. I am hooked on elk hunting for life.

Matthew Good with his first bull elk. October 2.

This antelope was taken by Brook Bekken. 1 shot at 100 yards using a 243 w/ 105 grain A-Max bullet. Rough score of around 80.

Here are a couple pictures of the elk my dad and I took this fall. I got my bull September 11th at 30 yds. with my crossbow. My dad Gordon, got his bull opening day of rifle season just 400 yds. from where I took mine. He is turning 79 this December and this is his biggest bull of his life! What a gift it was to be able to help him take his bull!

John Hardman took this bull October 2 in the Lander area.

Jared Oakleaf of Lander harvested this 4x3 deer and 6 point elk on public land during the general archery season. The deer came from the Beaver Creek area and the elk came from the Little Popo Agie basin.

Trevor Scadden From Kinnear Wyo. His first deer ever,
shot with a Winchester 243 on October 2, Area 131.

Brian and Derek Williams with their first bulls taken October 3rd in the Owl Creek Mountains.

Brian and Margo Williams with their archery bull from Sept./Oct 09. Owl Creek Mountains.

Jim Aksamit from Sheridan writes: Just got back from a weekend goat hunt by Shoshoni, my wife Ann got this great goat. It is the biggest goat she has got so far.

Brent Wilkes writes: I killed this antelope on October 2nd, his green gross score is just over 83". I killed him with a 7mm RUM using 120gr Barnes TTSX at just over 300 yds.

Nateal Hemingway with her pronghorn shot with a 7MM08 on October 3rd near Hanna.

This 5x5 Monster Mule Deer taken by Mike Eaton in the
mountains outside Laramie. "Thanks Mother Nature for the

14 year old Hunter Bregar with his 3rd 5 point bull. After a very productive archery season and many close calls Hunter took this bull on the 5th of October.

Antonio Duran writes: Heres a picture of my son, Jeryd Duran of Rawlins, with his first deer taken while hunting, with Dad and Grandpa, south of Rawlins on Oct. 2.

Bryan Binns writes:These were taken above Lander Oct. 3 together by my father in law, Terry Brown, and me.

Pete Eliason, Big Horn, WY with daughter Samantha holding Pete’s 4pt buck.

7 year old Colton Stone with his first coyote, left and his first double, September 15th, North Portal.

Mike and Mark Strasser, Mike is currently on leave from Kuwait. He was able to make it home to go deer hunting and got this small forky above Dubois opening day. They also were able to find a couple grouse for dinner!!

Ronnie Harned took this buck on opening morning September 15th. It was taken on public land do it yourself. I scouted him in July and hunted him with a bow but was unsuccessful. Over 15 inches tall with ivory tips.

Brian Dion writes: took this 40" Shirus moose with his bow in the Big Horns. He stood up and gave me a shot at about 35 yards, I couldn't resist, I had to shoot.

Lisa Johnson age 16 of Riverton with area 106 antelope buck taken with Browning 308 on September 27 2009.

14 year old Ryan Wilson. He harvested this antelope from Area 91. He used a 30-06 and made the shot at 308 yards.

My story starts on Friday, Sept. 25, at about 2:00 PM. My buffalo guide, Big John called me and said he had a big bull spotted. He would continue to watch it until nightfall and he'd put it to bed. He called me again at about 6:30 PM and stated the buffalo had bedded down and to come to Jackson. At 5:00 AM Saturday I was to meet him and another guide. We would pursue the beast on horseback. I loaded my gear and drove to Dubois and stayed at my girlfriend Deb's house. Tried to get some shut eye but the excitement was building. I've been a hunter safety instructor for about fifteen years and after you do it for a period, the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. buys you a field grade firearm of your choice. My choice was a 500 Smith and Wesson handgun and my goal was to scope it, load the perfect load, and practice until I drew a buffalo tag, which happened this year. We rode into the area where the buffalo bedded down. Big John thought the bull may come down to water but did not. We continued the search, riding into the area he was last seen. This is when we split up, Big John and me one way, the other guide another. It was a short ride. We spotted the bull in the center of a thick aspen patch. John was glassing the bull and stated he's the one. I dismounted my horse and loaded the 500 and started my stalk. I walked and crawled up behind a large tree and raised the big gun. Wow, all I could see was his massive head! At that point he must have winded me and started to move away. I was approx. 100 yards below him. When he came into the clear I let him have one. I saw good hit. The buff continued to move, I followed. He again stopped. I hit him again. This time I hit him back a bit further than I like. We continued another couple hundred yards and I hit him again. The bull continued his trek about a quarter of a mile downhill then went down. I saw John watching from below. About this time the other guide emerged from the trees and asked if I got him. I pointed downhill an d about 30 yards the bull was down facing away from us. John yelled that he was not dead. I was aware of that but didn't have a shot. I then looked at the other guide who was three feet to my left when all hell broke loose! The bull was suddenly in full charge with eyes the size of baseballs, tail straight in the air! At 15 yards I hit him again above the left eye that brought not even a flinch. He hooked the guide and pitched him 15 to 20 feet in the air. I pounded the bull with another round. The guide was trying to flee when the bull attacked again, driving him into the ground hooking him once more launching him skyward. I hit the raging bull with two shots which then charged me. All I could think was I have to put it down. I was the only one with a gun! I reached my horse, spun and cut loose again! I then grabbed my rifle from the scabbard and stuck two rounds in. Meanwhile the bull had run back and was standing over the guide who at this time appeared lifeless. I fired and the bull hit the ground. I sprinted to the guide. Made sure the beast was done and started dialing 911. I then called Deb tell her there was a man down from a buffalo attack and that the buffalo was dispatched. Within 10 minutes she was on the scene helping the victim. The EMS arrived in the next fifteen minutes along with an elk hunter who heard the shots. The dead bull was laying on a log no more than three feet from the victim. Deb and the elk hunter asked if we heard the buffalo as shots were being fired. Neither John or I heard the roar. The guide was life-flighted to Idaho Falls where he is recovering. The meat is in the locker and the cape, skull, and all other parts are at the taxidermist. Wow what a hunt!

Heather VanVleet from Lander with her pronghorn shot on September 19th. Area 106. Happy Springs. Looks like this buck stubbed his horn.

Jamie VanVleet from Lander with his big pronghorn buck. 16-1/4" tall, 7" cutters, 7" bases. Rough green score 88! September 20th. Area 106.

Stephen Bauer with his 15 1/4 " antelope taken on 9-22-09 in Area 65 with 1 shot at 210 yds with .270.

Brandon Kintzler from Riverton writes: Here are a couple pics of the Deer my Dad and I harvested opening weekend in Wyoming. The first pic is of me and my 3x4 Mulie. The second pic is of my Dad, Steve Kintzler, and the 3x4 Mulie he got this year. This was his first year being able to hunt in Wyoming again after a moving away for about 9 years so it was good to get him back out hunting. So far it's been a good year!!

Spike elk taken by Finn Sacrison on September 12th near Cold Spring.

Travis Lewis with a 6x6 bull Elk taken around Dubois with his bow. Congrads to you Travis. And thanks to his g/f Mary for help calling it in.

These photos are from Flint Smith of Casper. Flint killed this big non-typical September 1st at 43 yards. This bruiser gross's just over 184 with 18 scoreable points. He has missed the same buck last year but persistence and alot of scouting paid off. The second buck was killed a few days later at 40 yards out of the same tree stand and scores 131. These deer were taken on the Wind River Reservation. 2 archery tags per year. Flint also killed this very respectable Antelope that gross scores right at 80 points.

Antelope taken in area 62 by Josh Higgins on 9-14-09 at 250 yards. Rough scored 77. Watched this buck all summer long and found him in the same area as always.

Doug Lemm, (from The Good Place in Lander), Richard Kuster, and Richard Lemm with Doug's "backward-forward" antelope. They had been tracking this buck for 7 weeks. 9/26/09, Area 106.

Matt Lemm from Lander with his pronghorn buck shot on September 20th with his 25-06 at about 300 yards. Area 106.

David Langerman of Lander with his pronghorn taken September 27th in Area 65 along Hudson-Atlantic City Road.

Jim Aksamit from Sheridan writes: Here are 3 pictures of the bull I harvested this year in Northern Wyoming. The pics are in the field and 1 at camp of the next day.

Layne Jordan writes: Here is a picture of my brother Hart Jordan. He shot the 82 inch buck on the last day the season. Hart is from Saratoga WY, and so is the buck.

12 year old Brooke Berg from Lander with first big game kill. Taken in the Lander area on September 28th.

Jim Woolsey Rawlins Wyo. in Quebec. 2 Caribou shot with a 300 Weatherby mag. at around 350 yards. Right: Gary Elmore Rock Springs in Quebec 257 Weatherby at 300 yards.

14 year old Jackson Peterson from Rock Springs shot this buck on opening day. The horns were 14 ¾” and 15” long. Both prongs were right at 7” long. Shot him with a single shot from a 7mm-08 at 300 yards.

This 6X6 bull was taken in the Lander area on 9-23-09 by Bill Bregar while hunting with Jeff Elliott. Shot was 30 yards and he ran 150 yards.

This is Doug Fields from Virginia with an area 6 archery bull he harvested. A miss-placed shot resulted in leaving him over night. When tracking him down the next day there were both cat tracks and big bear tracks following the blood trail. Luckily they both ventured off the trail and did not dine on Doug’s bull . He is not a monster but is a great first archery bull. Thanks to Tom Smith, Jeff Fields, and Kevin Wells for the help.

Kevin Reece from Sheridan writes: First pic Is my son Hunter Reece with his first elk. Shot 15 yrds. His sister Kelsey was right next to him. He is 15 and she is 17. Next is my bull. Spot and stalk while he was rubbing a tree. Both elk in General lic. Area.
Then my sheep hunt. Area 5, first day of the season. Looks like a great year so far.

Kevin and Eric Sheridan of Lander scored these two P&Y six-point elk on the 17th and 16th of September, respectively. Each were called in under 15 yards, and neither made it farther than 60 yards. All in all, great couple of days in Wyoming.

Here is a picture of an Area 45 doe antelope taken on September 16 by Stoney Smith near Albany, WY.

Koni Gilgen writes: This is the first season I've hunted Antelope, and I'm no young pup!! The picture was taken right after I shot him 9/13/09. I had given up for the day and we were headed back to camp. He was taken in Area 91 just a bit west of the Sweetwater. I used a Parker Hale 25-06 (loaded with ammo & mounted with a Burris scope we bought at The Good Place!). It took 2 shots, the first was around 230 yds, he moved at an angle & was clipped in the hip. The kill shot was at about 180 yards and caught him right where it needed to be, behind the shoulder. The picture doesn't show the true width on his horn.

I left Wednesday night after work and headed up to this year's elk area. After seeing a cow and calf as I was setting up my tent that night I felt good about where I was. Yesterday morning found me climbing out of the steep canyon I slept in. I spent a couple of hours chasing several different bugling bulls but was having trouble calling them in the last 80 or so yards. They finally all bailed down into the canyon and up the opposite side. I crept to the edge of the canyon and bugled to which I received three responses from the other side. I made the decision to follow so off the rim I went to the other side. After heading up a drainage on the far side of the canyon I sat down to rest and have a snack. It seemed the bulls had pushed far up into the timber. I thought I'd have to wait them out until evening. I sat in a position to catch one if it did happen to pass by. Before having a quick snack I decided to cow call a bit. After a series of cow calls from a mouth diaphram as well as a hand held call a bull screamed at me from not too far behind where I was sitting. I dropped everything (minus my bow with knocked arrow), turned around, and sprinted up hill 50 yards. After getting on my knees I cow called once and secured my release to the bow string. The bull was running towards me down a trail. His dark chocolate legs were the first thing I saw in the thick timber. I drew my bow as I knew this was my only chance to do so without being seen. With bow drawn the bull stopped at 30 yards behind several small trees and let out a quiet "where are you girls?" bugle. He then cautiously walked another 10 yards down his trail. As his head passed behind a small pine tree I made a "kssstt" sounds and watched his shoulder muscle bulge as he put on the front brakes. I settled my 20 yard pin behind his shoulder and made a double lung shot. The pack out was exactly .25 miles and I had him out in five trips; all downhill thankfully. Thanks to Matt and Brian for helping me decide on where to go. Thanks to Mindy for putting up with my bowhunting addiction!

Shane Sanderson with his bull elk taken September 10 in Wyoming. 36yd shot. General license DIY.

Brian Rognon from Cheyenne, WY writes: Shot @ 20 yards with my compound bow on Sept. 13th 2009. DIY unguided public Wyo land.

Justin Koltiska from Sheridan WY with his 2009 bull!

Terry Hubenka from Lander with his 12-1/2" pronghorn taken at 60 yards with his .45 cal flintlock. Area 91 on September 11th.

Betsy Thurlo from Lander writes: I took this freak pronghorn in Area 92 on September 10th. 14-1/2" each side.

Todd Stoeger from Lander with his antelope buck shot with his muzzleloader taken August 20th in Area 107.

Layne Jordan writes: I shot this Antelope on the 29th of August, from a blind. The area is south of Kemmerer with lots of great antelope. This was the first time I was able to take my son on an antelope hunt. He really enjoyed the day, I think he's hooked for life. The entry wound is on the opposite side of the animal. What you see in the photo is the exit wound. I get allot of people accusing me of a Utah lung shot, but it really is not.

12 year old, Beau Schneider with his first antelope. Taken on September 5th in Area 61 with a.243 Winchester at 130 yards.

Dustin Murray writes: My first coyote of the fall. Killed with one shot from my Howa M-1500 .223 at about 50 yards.

Marcia Murdock took this beautiful buck opening day after a 5 hour stalk, mostly crawling, following the herd in the rocks on South Pass. Used a .44 Magnum revolver to make one shot at about 55 yards.

Left: Jason Teeples of Lander with his Mountain Goat taken in August in British Columbia, 9" horns, app. 4 years old....Right: Jason's Stone Sheep also taken in B.C., 10 years old.

This bull was killed on 9-03-09 by Glenn Midkiff from Rawlins in area 118 Wamsutter Wyoming Taken with a crossbow Scored 298-1/8.

Dick Pickenpaugh with a big bull taken in September 2008 in Canada on private land. Scored 351.

Mike Duncan writes:

Antelope: 1 of 3 antelope shot this year near Sheridan. 2 bucks and a doe. The bucks were almost identical.
Whitetail: 5x4. This buck was taken at 45 yards on opening day. After several small bucks and does winded me while sitting in my double bull blind I choose to reposition myself downwind without the blind and did so just in time to catch this buck walking the same trail. My motto is, "it is always better to be lucky than good".

Erik Holden from Evansville writes: Here are a few pictures of a nice ram my Mom got opening day, September 1st in the badlands of Dubios. My mom, Mary, is 66 and my father, Gordon, is 78. It was an awesome experience to help guide them to this 'once in a lifetime ram!'

Frank Elzay with a turkey taken in early May in the Sheridan area with his flintlock rifle, a .58 caliber at 30 yards.

Lindsey Anderson's archery antelope, it was a DIY girls hunt, Lindsey along with hunting partner Liz Berthod went out and look what they did. Shot a super nice Pope and Young goat, so watch out guys these girls know what they are doing, she harvested the goat on 8-29-09 on public land, 1 shot @ 22 yards!

Caleb Thompson with his second bow kill antelope. This one measured around 12", and was taken just west of Upton.
Photo submitted by Caleb's friend Kyle Leingang

Jeremiah Fyler with his huge black bear shot in the Pass Creek area on May 30th...Fyler's big cat taken in the South Pass area in April 2008.

Heather Bregar's antelope taken 8-15-09 in area 64. 25 yard shot double lung complete pass through. He went less than 100 yards. The rain held out until right after he was taken care of!

Hunter Bregar had to wait for the 2nd day of antelope season for his
chance as his sister Heather got hers the first day. 18 yard shot,
complete pass through, ran 25 yards and it was all over. Hunting in
Area 64.

Keanan Pfisterer [12yrs] and dad Lantz ,with Keanan's first black bear. Twelve nights straight of sitting in the rain waiting for a shooter finally paid off. [every night since he turned 12 and picked up his license] Taken with a single shot from a 308 win. CONGRATULATIONS KEANAN !!!


Wyatt LeClair from Riverton with some exotics taken on his spring break on a ranch in Collbran, CO. the black painted desert ram made the exotic record book.

The black bear is Kevin Harper’s. He came out from Nebraska to get his first black bear. The second picture is of Austin Patzer’s bear. This was also his first black bear.

Lindsey Anderson with her first black bear, after years of packing bait for the rest of us, killed near south pass with a single shot from her 30-06. Congratulations Lindsey from the rest of the crew.!!


Hunter Bregar of Lander with his chocolate colored black bear taken in the Lander area 5-24-09.

Hunt May 13-14. A mixed bag of weather, but nice on the days we took these two nice gobblers. This was Dj's second mature tom 8" beard with 11/16" spurs and about 17-18 lbs. She tried to get hers with a bow but after a failed attempt in the morning we called this one up on the walk out and she took it with her shotgun. Tom's was also a nice bird with 8 3/4" beard with 13/16" spurs and about 20 lbs. Taken with shotgun. Crook County. We love turkey hunting, a great time to be in the woods.

Jacob Martinsen from Lander with his Spring Turkey.

Couple of gobblers harvested in Crook County. Mark Wells and Randy Hickman (both from Cheyenne) had a great trip, great weather, and great success chasing spring gobblers this year

Glenn Summers and Cheri Summers of Riverton on 5/2/09 up in Gillette. Their first turkey hunt. and not their last.

Cody Vivatson writes: This is our spring turkey hunt in Upton. Tory Taft on the left and Cody Vivatson on the right. Great hunt even though the weather was a bit snowy. Tory took his with a crossbow and I took mine with a 12 gauge.

Julius Vatalaro writes: My friend Bruce Lewis from Star Valley Wyoming shot this Mountain Lion this February. This was the last Lion to be taken this year. It was a nice Tom.

Rowdy Anderson writes: Here are a couple of pictures from Wheatland, Wyoming's 2nd Annual Dusty Boots Coyote hunt that was held on Jan 17th 2009, we were lucky enough to win 1st place, coming in with 4 dogs, all were called in! Pictured from left to right Brett Moniz of Laramie, Rowdy Anderson of Riverton, and Matt Lehning of Laramie.