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Fishing Gallery 2009

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!
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Brian Patton caught this monster at Pathfinder on 12-27-09.

It was a very cold night but it didn't stop these two guys! Lander in black and Keyton in red ling fishing on the Flaming Gorge a few weeks ago. These were their first catches of the ice fishing season.

Bryan Viktorin from Worland caught these Cutthroats with his Dad, Forrest, at Upper Sunshine on 12/12/09.

Skip Davey from Lander displays some nice walleye! The ice eyes were caught December 18th and the night eyes were caught in November.

Dave Baldwin and his partner, Honey, with a nice mess of Boysen walleye. December 16, 2009.

10 yr old Jordan Cortez. 11/28/09 at Seminoe. Caught 2 nice trout, one weighing in at 3lbs, 20 inches long, and the 2nd weighing in at 3.6 pounds measuring 19 inches.

Here is a nice 10 pound northern Joe Crump of Sheridan caught on Dec.
12th on Tongue River Reservoir using a 12" smelt on a tipup.

Nathanial Mariotti with a nice rainbow caught in the Wind River Canyon on November 23rd.

Matt Carnagey with a dandy cuttbow. Caught in the Wind River Canyon, November 21st. Beautiful coloration. Just shy of 6 pounds.

Mark Hill enjoyed a great day of fishing at Boysen. Thanksgiving day 2009. Found the fish about 11:30 and look out! Got 4 fish in 4 casts! One was 5.14 pounds. Went on to get 26 walleye in about 2 hours! Very good Day, all on one home made jigging spoon! Had to leave early for turkey dinner in the middle of a very hot bite! Boysen was really the land of plenty on Thanksgiving!

Mike Hughes caught Smallie 4# and 36”Northern at Minnesota’s Rainey Lake on July trip. Jim Hughes landed 16# King Salmon on Lake Michigan charter out of Door County in July.

Matt and Doug Lemm from Lander had a great day fly fishing on the Popo Agie River between Lander and Hudson, November 1st.

Mark Hill had a good trip! Nov 2 Boysen 25lb catfish 35-inch released, and quite a few good walleye.

Patrick Edwards from Riverton caught these two 27” walleye on Boysen this fall.

Kerry Connell with his 21 pound, 37" laker caught in Dinwoody Lake in June.

Skyler Woodruff with a jumbo perch and a walleye caught at Ocean Lake in February. With Dad, Scott.

Chuck Van Brunt of Riverton. His big walleye caught Jul 07,2009. 6.1 lbs.

Annie Mann from Rawlins caught this beautiful 46 pound King from the Kenai River while vacationing in July!

Ed Steele caught this 27.5" walleye on Boysen September 5, 2009 in the evening. It weighed 8+ pounds (no scale on board). It had a 15" girth.

Rusty Komrs caught this 30" 11 pound rainbow in the Popo Agie just outside of Lander somewhere on June 8, 2009. Some fish, huh?

Nice Glendo Wally caught by Matty Meola June 6. Weighed 6 lbs measured 24 inches. Caught 2 this size that day and limited out. Great day!

Joe Crump of Sheridan Wyoming caught this personal best 18 pound King Salmon @ Fort Peck Reservoir on August 24th

Seth Martin from Jackson with his first big "tourist" fish. 37.5 pounds from Jackson Lake in late May.

Craig Koger with 30 inch walleye. His grandma, Gale Koger with her 27 inch walleye and father, John Koger sporting a nice walleye in the boat caught in Glendo Reservoir down by the dam.

Colby Larsen with a 27 inch lake trout that he caught on Buffalo Bill Res. on Feb 8th.

Chuck Cleavenger and John Reitz from Lander with a 36", 24.5-pound laker from Bull Lake in early June from 100' with 6 pound test line.

Matt Lemm from Lander with a nice 17" brown trout with garden hackle and fly rod. Lower Popo Agie, late June.

My name is Michael Miller. These lake trout were caught in Middle Lake, Wy.
The first picture is me holding my 9lb lake trout.
The next picture is my Dad, John Miller with his 5 lb lake trout.
The next picture is my dad holding my 9 lb lake trout.

Left: Claude Hitshew from Lander with a 35" Northern from Lake Mirand, Saskatchewan in July. Middle: Rodger Hitshew with his son Sawyer and Sawyer's 34-1/2" pike. Right: Rodger with his big pike 39".

John Thurlo from Lander caught this laker at Flaming Gorge on Saturday June 20th. 37.13 pounds. 43 inches.

This 10-1/2 lb walleye was caught by Howard Troyer out of Boysen Lake in May 2009 What a spectacular fight to the boat.

Emma Smith and her first fish ever, caught out of Boysen 5-9-09. The trout is 19 inches long caught while trolling with a crank bait.

Colten Gillum writes: I am 14 years old and caught this rainbow in Yesness Pond in Casper. It is the biggest fish I have caught so far. Another nice bow from Yesness Pond.

Nathan Smith writes: Here are the two trout we caught on 4/2/09. One on the left is 21 inches long and the other one on the right is 23 inches long. The young lady holding the 23 inch fish was caught by her, and the other young lady was excited when Dad came home with the fish and wanted to hold it for the picture.

Tim Zacharias from Laramie writes: I caught this fish toward the middle of April it was 23+ inches and around 5 lbs. the other picture is the release. The ones with the kids came from Huck Finn pond here in Laramie.

Patrick Edwards from Riverton writes: These are Splake and one Yellowstone Cutthroat that I caught at Lower Sunshine Reservoir.

Trent Patton writes: this is a lake trout that my father caught in Buffalo Bill Reservoir in Cody on 4/23/2009. It was 42" long 27-1/2" around and 30 pounds 4 oz. He was out on the "Grandpa Bill" (pontoon boat) by himself and had to call on another boat over to help him land it, the net he had was not large enough. The next picture is the fish victory dance. You know his Dad, my
Grandpa Bill (the one the boat was named after) was smiling down on him that day. Far right, this is my Grandfather, Denis Barhaug, with his 34" lake trout he caught on 5/3/2009 on the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. It was 34" long 17-3/4" around and 12 pounds. It was almost lost when it came in and jumped about 3' out of the water at the boat when they tried to net it the first time, but the second attempt was a success. When they brought it in the boat the lure had come out of its mouth and the line had broke 4 inches above the lure. This laker was released back into the lake to get even bigger. Good Job Grandfather, another caught on the "Grandpa Bill" pontoon boat.

Dan McOmie writes: Here are a couple photos of some of the fish that my son Matt and I caught in the Wind River below Boysen over the last couple weekends.

Here are some browns caught/released by Patrick and Bobby Edwards in the Wind River Canyon.

Donny Marshinsky wrote "A couple of buddies and I got out on Fontenelle and managed to catch half a dozen Ling. Biggest was 30 inches, they were all over 25. Great time hope to get out again soon!!

Here are a few nice browns caught and released at the Wind River Canyon by Patrick Edwards and Danny Kurttila.

SS Bait Company's trip to Keyhole. 3 walleye 4 to 7 pound range and northerns 30 inches or bigger. Plus some crappie not shown.

Patrick Edwards from Riverton writes: Here are January 2009 fishing pictures from Lower Sunshine Reservoir. These are pictures of Danny Kurttila and me with some Yellowstone Cutthroats and some Splake. Far right is a 20.5” Lake Trout I caught at Trail Lake by Dubois.

The 2009 Ice fishing season started well at Boysen, Matt Buchholz and Grant Buchholz with their 5 lb 1 oz, and 4 lb 10 oz rainbows.

Jerry Wesselius and some buddies fished Ocean Lake the first week in January. Fishing was fairly slow but still managed to catch some limits. Here is a picture of the best one. 6.13#

The "Crew from Casper" with the rewards of ice fishing in Wyoming. Submitted by Rick Walter (middle), with sauger, right is Bruce Brugger with a nice eye.