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Hunting Gallery 2008

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it! Email Ray

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Justin Koltiska from Sheridan Wy. 2008 bull!

Ed Sensenich's 2008 whitetail.

Gary Elmore from Rock Springs shot this White tale in Mexico Dec.2008. First kill with a bow.

Spike Garvin with his "hawg" mule deer buck! Scored 197-5/8 gross...193 net. Crow Creek Late November 08.

Janice Sexton from Laramie writes: I asked Dad to send this in; looks like he’s left it to me. At 79 and with 3 cracked ribs, Bob Sexton made the most of his long awaited Big Horn sheep permit. Bob, a retired Game & Fish Specialist from Laramie, last hunted Big Horn sheep the year he retired nearly 25 years ago. This year he hunted with Outfitter Jake Clark, good friend Roy Kern and a string of mules; the rib incident happened on the trip in. After the injured ribs situation my Mom said “I guess you won’t be putting in for Big Horn Sheep anymore” to which Dad replied “Oh, I’ll put in again, I’m just going to sell my saddle”

This is a pic of Curt Legerski’s from Rock Springs first bull elk! This bull was taken in a limited draw unit in Wyoming with a rifle. Pictured with Curt is AJ Anjelovic on the left, Curt Legerski in the middle and Carlos Salazar on the right, all reside in Rock Springs.

Rick Lusk from Tennessee writes: Here is a nice 5x5 Wyoming mule deer taken Oct 22nd 2008 at 275 yds with Remington 270. Right: His Wyoming mule deer taken Oct 2007.

This is Brandon Baxter's 2008 Pronghorn. It only took one shot with his .270 at 250 yards. This goat had completely smooth horns with no cutters. His little sister Bailey also tagged along for the fun!

Brian Dion shot this buck during the 2008 season.

Jordan Stuckey's first buck.

The Warren family from Riverton had a very succesful year elk hunting on the Wind River Reservation..the first photo is of the bulls we shot with our bows..from left to right Jerry Warren's 5x5, Erika Yarber's (Warren) 5x5, and Chris Warren's 6x6. The second photo is of our rifle bulls....Dad with his 6x6, Erika's 6x6, and Chris's 6x6. The third picture our six of bulls.

Forrest Todd from Sheridan writes: Here are some outdoor photos from that the year is over. I shot the deer East of Sheridan at 371 yards. The two antelope were killed in Central Wyoming. The first was shot at 381 yards, the second at 424 yards. I was not successful archery hunting, but did enjoy hunting in pretty places. I did harvest a trophy bunny with my slingshot.

Left: Denise Koch from Lander with her pronghorn buck taken in September with her .270. Right: Scrooge Koch with his Area 91 buck taken in September with his .308 lever action.

Rayne Hoffman took this bull buffalo on the Elk Refuge near Jackson on 12/30/08. He was taken with a .325 short mag

Amy Erickson's 120 pound Mountan Lion taken on December 26th in the Beaver Creek Drainage. 30-30.

Chris Scott writes: These pictures are of my 2008 season.

Bob Betley's nephew Mike from Cody with his Montana buck.

Lenny Scherf with his 48" Shiras bull taken in the Jackson area in September

Ronald Cloutier writes: I took all three of these animals during the 2008 season in Wyoming. I live in Sheridan and have taken these animals from northeast Wyoming. The antelope was taken with a bow and both bucks were taken with rifle. I’m getting all three mounted if my wife doesn’t shoot me first! Being my first official hunting season here, this took a little luck and some help from good friends. I love hunting in Wyoming!

Rowdy Anderson's freak antelope taken on his 30th birthday in Wyoming- 2nd freak in a row! Lindsey Anderson's hog that she shot in September in Wyoming. Check out how symetrical he is and look at the big prongs, he is sweet. Rowdy Anderson's archery bull elk from September, 10 yards- shot in the mountains!


Joe Romero with his huge bull taken in area 111. This beast has 23” G3’s.

Ron Coon with his free ranging Wyoming buffalo 11/22/08

Matty Jolovich with her first deer taken at Laramie Peak on Oct 25, 2008. Not big, but a trophy to her.

Jim Butkovich from Dubois with his Ram taken in Area 4. 2nd picture Jim on left and guide Cody Brown with Wind River Mountain Outfitters on right. Ram officially B&C scored @ 180.

This is 13 yr old Reed Cruickshank of Casper with his first elk, a six point bull, taken in Area 19. He used a .270 and he also packed out a whole hind quarter by himself.

Mike Duncan writes: This is my Dad, Ron Duncan, and myself after successfully harvesting a fine buffalo with a muzzeloader rifle. The buffalo was taken neat Fort Smith, Montana.

Dan Pike shot this nice 5x5 on Oct. 23 In area 34.

Casey Reynolds writes: This is Grandpa Collins with his 3 grandsons. From left to right. Jake Dain from Provo, Utah. Loren Collins from Woodland, Wa. Grandpa Dave Collins from Castle Rock, Wa. Cody Reynolds from Kelso, Wa.This was Jake and Loren’s first big game hunt and they both made excellent shots on their bucks. Jake shot his at 175 yards with his .257 Roberts. Loren made an excellent 110 yard shot with his .243 single shot, and Cody made a nice 200 yard shot with his 300 win mag. Grandpa shot his just out of camp with his ol’ trusty 7mm Mag. The other buck in the picture is Uncle DC’s. We had a great hunt. We were all hunting in area 70.

Terry Hyde from Lander with her first pronghorn. Shot October 20th north of Farson.

J. Mike Workmann from Lander with his 4x4 buck taken September 17th near Jeffery City.

Rebecca Murray with her first buck as a newlywed! 2x4 shot at 150 yards with a .243 Win. Model 670. Area 94 on October 18th.

Dustin Murray with his 4x4 muley taken October 18th in Area 94. One shot at 180 yards with his great-grandfather's 30.06.

Carson Crofts with his Dad's nice 6 X 7 deer taken Oct.18

Chris from Torrington shot this 14-1/2 yr. old buck on Laramie Peak.

Tyler Morris from Lander with his 4x3 mule deer he shot at 100 yards with his .280 rem. Area 154 near Bonderant in Ocotober.

From left to right: Trina and Beau Batista of Riverton with Beau's antelope from the Riverton area. Beau Batista of Riverton with his whitetail from area 157. Stacy Batista of Riverton with his buck from "no tell'n creek" Wyoming. Stacy Batista with his moose from area 26. Rudy Batista from Riverton with his antelope taken in the Riverton area.

Scott Appley writes: I shot the whitetail on public land in Unit 3 Nov. 25. The cow is with my wife Karla on the last day of the season Nov. 30. She made a great shot at 60 yard with her 6mm in unit 113.

Bryan Berg writes: Here are some pictures of my daughter Brynn Berg with one that didn't get away.

Marcia Murdock from Lander writes: This cow elk was taken after a lot of time in the woods and a lot of finding the wrong kind of elk for my general tag, but once the late cow season opened near Dubois, I finally sneaked in on some and a shot from my .338 finished my elk season. A week later, over near Sundance, this curious whitetail buck fell to a shot from my 7mm Mag.

Austin Alley from Lander with his Fremont County buck taken November 8th at 50 yds with a 7mm Rem Mag.

Rod and Andrew Baltes with Rod's first whitetail buck taken in Fremont County.

Rayne Hoffman writes: This is my first elk and was taken just southeast of Fossil Hill near Lander.

Trevor Scadden got this Antelope in October
with one shot using his mothers .243 in area 75

James and Kristina Kraft write: These are pictures of our 2008 hunt. Both antelope are from the South Pass area, and the deer is James' from the Horse Creek area.

Kelsey Gonzales from Sheridan writes: This is my first Whitetail that I took on Nov. 15 North of Sheridan. My friend Casey rattled and called to bring him running in. It was an extremely fun hunt. I am certainly hooked on rutting whitetail now.

Kevin Kirkhoff of Meeteetse shows off some roosters after a successful day in South Dakota.

Mark Blake from Lander with his Black Hills whitetail. Nov. 1st.

Kyle Blake from Lander with his "birthday" buck. Black Hills Nov. 2nd.


Pics from hunt 08 in eastern Wyoming. Self guided one day adventure. Great day for shooting. Shots made on Oct. 28th by C.W. Anderson of Cheyenne.

Todd Stoeger from Lander took these animals with his muzzleloader. The antelope in August and the deer in October.

On Oct. 17th, in area 7, Michelle Ruth harvested her bull elk. He was 280 yards away bedded and she only had one clear shot. She made a perfect shot on this 6x6.

Matt Hoobler from Cheyenne writes: Got lucky on the morning of October 12th. Hunting in the Laramie Mountains with my friend Glenn Pauley, we tracked some bulls and cows into a draw. We peeked over and I located this guy up against a rock ledge. He had his butt to me for 5 long minutes. He finally turned and gave me a shot. He has matching sticker points behind his fourth tines, plus an extra point on his brow tine. I just inherited a new taxidermy bill.

Shane Best from Rawlins with his 10x11 Bull Moose. 54 inches wide. B&C green score 172.

Shane Larsen wrote: This is a picture of my Bernie Larsen from Cody with her first antelope (first kill ever), one shot from 255 yds with a .243. It grossed 82-5/8. And her first deer with a 27 1/2 " spread. She is already looking forward to next year.

Erik Holden writes: My wife and I are both elementary teachers in Casper and have been hunting the Black Hills for whitetails for years. We have taken some good bucks, my biggest scoring 157" all on public land. Here are some pictures of Michelle's buck she got on Saturday the 15th! It is an unbelievable buck!!!! It scores 163 3/8".

Andy Mikesell from Rawlins writes:. Here is a couple pictures of the buck I killed on Halloween in area 87. He has a 10 inch drop tine and pretty good mass. I held out till the last day and figured I would probably eat my tag but when I saw the dropper I knew it was time to shoot. After a long shot with a 300 Weatherby my season was over.

Cody Rasmussen, Joe Gonzalez, and Joseph Gonzalez with their fall turkeys killed in Sundance. And Joseph Gonzalez with his 3x4 whitetail.

Blaine Anderson's Big Buck! October 28th.

Jim Funk from Basin writes: First Bull Elk taken with bow after many close calls. Taken on Sept 28 Bighorn Mountains Unit 40 One happy old man.

Ron Coon from Rock Springs, WY. arrowed this 40 inch bull moose in the Hoback area on September 26th. Pictured with his wife Gail.

Brian Dion with his whitetail buck taken on November 8th.

Becky Shepard from Lander writes: Here is a picture of my 2008 buck. My son Justin is in the picture. I was waiting for a bigger buck but when this one walked out in front of me at 8am on Oct. 20th I took him. The shot was just too good to pass up. Taken in the Beaver Rim area.

Dave Hudson with his buck taken on the Bixby Ranch near Glenrock, Area 65. 200 yards with a 7MM Rem. Mag. October 29th.

Jason Teeples from Lander with his 7x6 Colorado mulie taken November 7th.

Eric Baxter from Riverton writes: Here's a picture of my 6x5 elk I shot with my bow at 20yds. He went only 80yds on a 'dead' run before piling up.

Bo Staten and his 2008 deer. It's an 11 X 7 in area 34 on 10-26.

Steve Brown with his antelope buck taken October 12th in Fremont County. 16-1/2"

This is the first mule deer shot by Kent Calkins of Lander! Area 90, October 19th. 400 yards with a 30.06

Mark Newton from Lander with his big ram. Shot in Area 5, September 13th, at 11,400 feet with a 300 WSM at 300 yards.

Charity Hardman took this Antelope near South Pass 9-13-2008, It measured 14-1/2 inches both sides. A great way to start the season.

Her bull was killed Oct. 18, 2008 above Dubois, Also joining her on this elk hunt were her husband John and her father-in-law Bob.

This is Knox Neuman with his first bull elk taken with his Great-Granddad's .270 and Fred Neuman with his biggest bull. They were both taken in
the Desert on another one of those days!

Greg and Lori Larsen with their Fremont County bucks from this year. Lori tagged her buck with a 25.06 and Greg's was with his ole trusty 270.

Matt Wilson writes: I was raised in Rawlins and finishing my last year at UW. I am writing again this year to show our great hunting success. I was able to help get my dad (Kurt Wilson) his first archery season bull with ridiculous brow tines! I also put my girlfriend Chelsie Cielinski, and recent Lander resident, on her nice wide 6 by 6 bull, her first bull. Let me tell you she was relentless in her pursuit and earned it every step of the way! Later I was able to find a bull of my own (Matt Wilson) with great mass. I took my buddy, Scott Roberts, with me who was able to film it all!! Earlier, we were all successful in harvesting nice antelope. Matt and Chelsie pictures Then, I finally got out on the last day of deer season (Halloween buck!!) to harvest this super heavy 5 by 6 with no time to spare. It was an incredible year and I am very thankful to have had such a great time with my girlfriend and Dad. The trophies are just icing on the cake.

These photos were forwarded to me from Brent along with this message:

Here are a few photos of a tremendous Wyoming buck killed about a week ago north of Douglas, WY in hunt area 26. I took a few rough but relatively accurate measurements of the right horn and the buck grosses around 94 B&C. The right horn had a length of only 14.25" but nearly 8" bases, 9.25" second quarter mass, 6.5" prong, 6.25" 3rd quarter mass and 3+" forth quarter mass. (Notice in one photo that the blue interstate game tag doesn't even come close to reaching around the horn...). I believe our WY state record nets 91 6/8, so this buck will be somewhat close after deductions. Have you ever seen such a massive, high-scoring 14" buck??? This was shot by an unguided hunter from California who simply paid the landowner a trespass fee. Two years ago a resident arrowed a new state archery record from the same area that netted 86+ as well.

Jim Verplanke writes: My wife and I had a good year. We got the moose in area 6. We were hunting a large one but I got excited when I jumped this one and it was all over in a moment. Oh well it only took 18 years to draw a moose tag. We packed it out on our backs and that was a race as the weather was warm. Deer and Antelope Hunting was fair but a cold front came in just prior to the season opening and they all moved down the mountain on to the private properties. Elk Hunting was tough. Hunted 12 days without seeing an elk.

Mark Bundy writes: My mule deer I shot October 30th. Good year for deer.

Terry Vaughn writes: Both these deer were taken in Northern Wyoming, my son Dominic Vaughn shot this four point Muley Buck Nov. 1 close to dark. This was his first deer! My buck was taken the next day and is a Muley/Whitetail Hybrid 6 X 5 It was our first father/son deer harvest together.

Chad Alvar writes: Here is a deer that I got on 10-31-08 in area 34. It was a 7X6.

Greg Bankert of Worland with his biggest deer yet. A 31" 4X5 taken Halloween day.

Jodey Smith writes: Buck I harvested near Buffalo.

Kevin Wells writes: Managed to find this nice buck hiding in the cliffs and timber in Unit 64. Gave me a chance at about 330 yards and this is the result. Lots of hunters in the area and numerous smaller bucks were observed. Thanks to my partner Ray Dinsmore for the help.

David Riley from Cheyenne. His mule deer was taken on October 25th in hunt area 64. Shot was 154 yards with a .270.

Mice today, moose tomorrow! Submitted by Roy Wells.

Sean Rorabaugh with his 25" spread, 5x5. Blue ridge area. October 22nd.

Kori Bird from Lander with her bull taken in the Bonderaunt area on October 15th.

Jackie Reemts from Lander took this "hormonally challenged" deer in the Lander area on October 17th.

Derrill and Keith Price with Derrill's 5x5 taken in the Beaver Rim area on October 15th.

Michael Davey from Lander with his buck shot on October 22nd.

Joel Jensen writes: I shot this deer outside of Dubois. A friend of mine feels it might be a hybrid whitetail/mulie. As you can see the right side has 4 small points, while the other has 2. This is my first deer in Wyoming.

Kevin Kirkhoff of Meeteetse took this 4 x 4 buck east of town on October 30.

Luke Gimple from Lander with his bull taken with a 30-06 at 200 yards in the Bonderaunt area on October 15th.

Michael Homann with his 2008 Mule Deer taken near Casper and his 2008 Antelope taken near Muddy Gap.

Ryan Pieracini from Lander with his 4x4 buck shot on October 17th with a 30-06.

Jerry Geer of the Savageton area, south of Gillette, shot this whitetail in area 26 near Buffalo on October 4th.

Left...Lori Barney from Lander with her Opening Day buck! Right: Lori and Gary Barney with Gary's Opening Day result.

Dave Scadden from Kinnear writes: I got this bull on Oct.
25th in Area 100. My first branch antlered bull! Shot with a 7mm rem. mag.

Adam Rasmussen took this 6X6 on Oct 18th, Lincoln County

Jordan Barraza of St.Stephens shot this buck on the Owl Creek mountains. 26-1/2 wide. Gross 182

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne writes. I shot this bull in area 7. He was with a 5 point bull when I found them and they were the only elk I saw in 7 days. Thanks to my friend Jeff Green for all of your hard work and turning me on to the area. Also…Thanks to my wife Erin and my baby girl for being patient while I was gone on my quest for a nice bull.

Guy Kihn from Lander with his whitetail buck taken October 15th in Fremont County. Green score 167-7/8. 22" spread...25" main beams.

Don Finnicum from Wheatland with Area 7 bull taken in 2008

Left to right: Mark sanders with his nice whitetail killed in Lander area on the 19 of October. On the right is Zach Sanders with his massive two point killed around the same area as the whitetail, he was killed on opening day of rifle season.

Scott Appley writes: The photo of my wife, Karla Appley, is of her very first antelope or game animal he's 14 1/2' . It was taken in Unit 23, on our family's homestead on Oct 18, 2008.

Doug Lemm of the Good Place in Lander with his bull taken October 10th in Area 28. A long shot with a .264 Win Mag.

Richard Kuster from Lander with his "sunrise bull". October 18th, Area 28.

Brian Oaks writes: Here is a pic of my son Josh Oaks with his first deer. It was taken October 3rd in area 82. He shot it at about 40 yds with his grandfathers 6mm.

15 year old Thayne Balling took this buck opening day east of Meeteetse.

Scott Appley from Moorcroft writes: Kris North, my step-son. The cow elk was taken Sept. 1st in Unit 123. The antelope is from Unit 62 on Sept. 17th.

Erin Yarborough of Dubois. This was her first antelope and it was killed in Area 67. It was 14 1/2 inches and scored just over 76 gross.

Chad Baumann from Shoshoni with his buck taken on October 16th in Fremont County.
28" wide. Restricted photo.

Travis Schinkel shot this deer with a blackpowder rifle.

Dave Vaughan with his nice 6x5 whitetail buck shot in Sinks Canyon on October 18th. 150 yards with a 30-06.

13 year old Shanda Post with a nice 5 point taken on October 15th near Twin Creek. Her second buck!

Chelsie Lane's 2008 Antelope and Cody Brown's 2008 Antelope....both from area 97.

Becky Vatalaro of Thayne, Wyoming had a great season. She took a 5x5 bull elk on a wilderness hunt in Sept. Then she took this nice muley still in full velvet Oct. 3rd in area 135. After her deer hunt she rushed to fill her antelope tag in unit 92. Becky is taking advantage of being a full time resident of Wyoming. We hunted non-stop from the 12th of Sept. till the 24th of Oct. 2008.

Gwen Osterman with her first antelope shot September 20th in Area 65. .25-06 Rem at 300 yards.


Tim Edwards from Riverton with his 6x7 buck taken October 16th in Area 157 with a .300 WSM.

Alan Dubberly from Cheyenne writes: Here is a photo of my Dad, Chet, and son, Carter, with the 4x4 my Dad was able to take on our second day of hunting Oct. 16. The second image is all three of us with the 3x3 I was able to harvest on our last day of the hunt Saturday, Oct. 18. I am very blessed to live in this incredible state and have the opportunity to be outdoors with my dad and son.

Steve Averill from Lander with his first moose taken October 3rd near LaBarge and his mule deer buck shot October 16th on Crook Mountain.

A 4 point mulie taken with a .45 caliber flintlock rifle at 80 yards by Terry Hubenka on October 9th in Area 130.

David Langerman with his first antelope. September 14th in Area 92. Used a Browning .270 that was given to him by a friend.

Katie Moyer with her 2008 buck.

Chad Herman with his 50" bull moose taken near the Buffalo Fork River on October 18th.

Derrill Price with his antelope from Area 107 near South Pass on September 13th.

Zachary Sanders, 14 years old, with his large 2 point taken on opening day just south of Lander. He is 26 inches wide and a good heavy buck. Zach earned this deer as he had to drag it 2 miles to get it out.

Mike and Mark Strasser had a good season up in Dubois this year. Starting off with the rough grouse on 30 Sept, a small forked horn buck on 2 Oct and a young 6pt bull Elk on the 9th of October. Looking forward to November when we get to harvest 2 more additional deer.

Krista Willis with her first elk! Green Mountain area October 1st.

Chandra Nettles of Riverton with another giant antelope, shot at about 490 yards with a 257 Roberts.

Reed Nettles with a nice 4 point , taken with his 6mm Remington at about 400 yards.

Anthony Warpness from Sheridan writes: Harvested this guy in October, it’s my biggest buck to date.

13 Year old Hunter Bregar's deer taken in the Lander area on 10-15-2008.

Jordan Barraza writes: My cousin Alvin Talksdifferent scored this monster whitetail. He was on horseback when he spotted him, He was shooting a Lever-action 30-30 peep sighted. He was rough scored at 160-1/8.

13 year old Kyle Cunningham shot this 6X6 Bull on September 26th in area 81. He was hunting with his dad and made the 200 yard shot with his 30-06.

Comeron Cooks' 10x8 2008 mule deer shot in Southeast Wyoming and they found the other two points he shot off.

Brent Wilkes writes: My 2008 Antelope shot on September 28th which is 16 6/8" on the left horn, I have him scoring 82 6/8" net but am waiting for the official score after the 60 day drying period. Also included are pictures of my 2008 5x5 whitetail shot on October 16th, both animals came from the Riverton/Crowheart area.

Gay Wolfe from Lander with his bull taken October 7th in Area 28.

Hayden Dobkins age 13, took this 5x4 mule deer West of Gillette.

Mike Farver from Saratoga with his 2008 whitetail shot in the Riverton/Crowheart area on October 15th with a .260 Remington using 130 grain Barnes triple shocks.

Jacob Binns from Lander shot this nice 5x6 in the Dubois area October 8th.

Miles Bundy from Casper with his 2008 archery bull.

Jason Irvine writes: This deer was taken by my grandfather. His first deer in 15 years by choice of not shooting 2 and 3 points great way to come back into deer hunting.

Jared Oakleaf of Lander took this Mule Deer near Beaver Creek and this 6 point bull at the base of Roaring Fork Mountain during the 08 archery season.

Tom Skidgel (left) of Rawlins and Dave Christman of Saratoga with their general area public lands bulls.

Paul Scott with his ram taken September 18th in Area 5 along the headwaters of the Greybull River. 80 yards with a .270.

Jim Oakleaf of Lander harvested this 6 point in the Indian Ridge Area near Lander on October 2nd.

Mtn. goat taken Sept 11. Area 1. Clarks Fork Canyon. Roger Ralph, Casper.

D.J. Seman from Concord, Ga. writes: Thanks to my Cousin, Garth Simkins of Cheyenne, I was able to get another beautiful antelope from Area 34. After a short stock I was able to get a 220 yard shot at him off a little ridge. He measured 14 ¼ “.

Bill Murphy from Casper with a a spring bear from June 08 – green scored 20.75” shot in Western Wyoming.

Mack Boedecker with his first antelope taken on September 21st in Area 92 with a .257 Weatherby at 340 yards.

Josh Nelson from Casper writes: I shot this deer on the 25th west of Dubois in the high country. While loading the quarters on my back a grizzly came within 50 yards before my yelling and waving caused it to turn around and walk off. Pictures aren’t that great. I was trying to balance my camera on my pack and get behind the deer before the timer went off.

First mule deer ever. Pete Muller of Casper.

Matt Buchholz from Cheyenne writes: I was very lucky to draw a moose tag, and even luckier when I ran into this guy. 3 Shots with my .300 wby before he decided to fall. Thanks to Grant and Glenn for your help.

Here's a picture of 12 yr old Brittney Baxter from Riverton with her first pronghorn. One shot at 200 yards from a .270 put this one on the ground.

Jason Teeples from Lander took this Dall Sheep in the Brooks Range of Alaska on August 22nd.

Tyson Finnicum of Wheatland with 2006 cow elk taken in Area 7.

Mike Pearson shot this beauty in area 79 on Oct. 1, 2008.

Brandon Blakesley got this deer in Hot Springs County with his bow Sep 6 2008, his first whitetail buck. (photo use restricted to this site)

Shane Sanderson with his archery 5x5 whitetail taken in Area 157 on 9/20/07.

Tad Hubble from Lander with his 08 antelope.

Darin Hubble from Lander with his 08 antelope.

Dennis Lawrence writes: This is LaTasha's first buck taken in Area 74. Its not the biggest, but she is very happy with it.

Juan Andrade's first antelope, shot with his .270 while hunting with Darin Hubble.

This is (left to right) Matt, Knox and Angie Neuman
after a beautiful day in late September. Fred Neuman took all three out and took the picture. He didn't even have to work too hard and had one of those once in a life time days!!

The deer and antelope were killed by Patrick Edwards in the Fall of 08.

Deidra Homann from Casper took this deer with my bow Saturday September 27th, 2008.

Jared Nettles with his first animal with a handgun, 115 yard shot with a 454 Casul.

Trent Butler writes: Shot this bruiser from 9 yards with my trusty Mathews. Came in weighing over 300 pounds and over 6 feet. Got him in area 8 in Saratoga. Took a while to finally harvest a nice bear with my bow. Well worth it!!

This bear was taken on the evening of June9th by Jeff Brady while hunting with Gil Winters in the Deadline Ridge area of LaBarge. 22" skull. 476 pounds.
Submitted by Brent.

Terry Hubenka from Lander with his antelope taken with a .45 cal flintlock n September 12. Area 91. 11-1/2".

Darryl Acton writes: My son Dylan Acton got his first antelope on the 20th in area 63 he is 12 years old....made a 200 yard shot with his .260 rem. to get him.

Chris Warren from Riverton with his archery bull taken at 20 yards on the Wind
River Indian Reservation..Wind River Mountains.

Mike VanVleet of Lander writes: I shot this heavy six point elk in Area 81 on Sept 27th. After calling him in to 15yrds (shot with 7mm)

2008 hunting season continued to be a success for the GAG crew! David Geer from Buffalo took a great16 1/2 inch antelope out of his favorite antelope area. Luke Fortner from Douglas enjoyed great success as well on his first antelope hunt 15 inch, along with two other great antelopes taken by Brian Anderson from Casper 15 inch and Sean Geer from Douglas 14 1/2 inch goat. Turned out to be a great DIY on public land and great memories made with great friends.

Lincoln Horath with her first antelope. With her Grandfather and her Dad, Dan.

Hunter Bregar's 2nd bull taken in the Lander area. A 5x5 taken on the evening of 10-1-08. Hunter had a close encounter with this same bull in archery season.

Benton Street from Casper writes: Here is a picture of the Wyoming Moose I got Sept 5th with my crossbow. It took 28 years to get this tag. He's a 7 X 11 with a 58" spread.

Chris Brubaker from Riverton. This is his first buck with a bow. Taken at area 157 just outside of Rivertonon September 2nd 2008.

Ashlee Leum of Rock Springs would like to proudly show her 6x6 elk taken in area 86 on the 26th. It is her first bull elk. She shot it with a 25-06 and was hunting with her dad. It was worth the hard walk up the hill!

Mark Bundy from Casper writes: Archery bull elk shot Sept. 27th. Hot weather to be elk hunting.

Brian Tucker writes: This is a pic of me holding a male racoon I shot at 175 yds with my .17hmr north of Riverton in July.

Freddy Grossman from Casper writes: I shot at this buck with my bow in August but missed, luckily I took him opening morning Sept 13th. It's the biggest antelope I have seen in the wild and is 16-3/4 with 7 inch basses and 6-1/2 inch cutters.

Mike Duncan from Sheridan with second buck deer tag filled DIY style. Took this fine muley after watching him bed and waiting him out to shift positions with the rising sun. Double lung @ 65 yards.

Mike Duncan finished out the season with a young bull taken with a bow in the Bighorn Mountains. He writes: I was fortunate to have my father, Ron Duncan from Lander, with me at the shot, the tracking, and the packing out. Thanks to Dad.

Mitch Horning, Glen Smith, Jim, and Dad from Casper scored big to open Crane Season!

Paul Smith from Lander shot his first, and probably last, big horn sheep on September 4, 2008 in area 5. He used a Browning 7mm WSM which he had sighted in for up to 500 yards, but all three shots were made at 75 yds!!! He is still helping his friend, Paul Scott Jr. to get his ram.

Verna Brown with her sheep taken in Area 5 near Dubois on September 4th. Green score 181-3/8. First sheep.

Judy Galitz from Lander bagged this moose with a Horton Crossbow in Area 2 on September 10th. Picure withh husband, Gene.

Larry Davis with his bull elk. His first with a bow. Area 25. September 7th.

Dave Baldwin with his South Pass antelope. Taken at 50 yards with his 50 cal black powder. 11 1/2" horns.

Brian Dion writes: This tiny buck didn't have much going for him when he stood up from the two track road and walked 35 - 40 yards angling away and just looked at me! I couldn't resist, so I took the shot and connected.

Mike Duncan from Sheridan continues to have a fine season with a DIY Wyoming whitetail. Buck taken near Sheridan on 9/13.

Jeremy Schaad from Cheyenne writes: I took this buck at 12 yards in a well-used bedding area I found while scouting this summer. I was able to see many large bucks this bow season but could not pass this one up!

Gary Kahler from Wheatland with his buck he took on Sept 1st. Gary was able to spot and stalk to within 20 yards of this bedded buck. This is his first animal taken with a bow.

Taken 9/7/2008 near Rock Creek by Dean Schaff, 1st Deer with a bow. 20 yards

Gene Galitz from Lander with his black bear taken with a crossbow in the Atlantic City area on August 16th. His first with a crossbow.

Mike Duncan from Sheridan with a brace of buck Antelope. First goat taken on 8/22 with spot and stalk from 30 yards. 8 days later took the younger buck with the help of a Double bull blind at 36 yards.

Shane Sanderson from Riverton with his first archery antelope. It was public land spot and stalk. Got him at 38 yds.

13 year old Hunter Bregar from Lander with his 2nd Archery Antelope taken in area 64 on August 18th.

Leif Petersen with his Mountain Goat taken August 16th in Area 1 on the Beartooth Plateau.

Dan Hauck from Riverton writes: This is an antelope I shot opening morning of archery season. My second archery goat in as many years. Short hunt but very rewarding.

Julius Vatalaro from Thayne writes: This was my first hunt of 2008. I was able to get this antelope with my bow in unit 93.

Kevin Wells from Cheyenne writes: Here's a photo of a buck my brother Mark took on the opening weekend of archery in an area close to Kaycee. This buck wandered too close to the decoy and with a 38 yard shot from a ground blind sent this buck to the land of ever feasting.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne arrowed this antelope last weekend north of Casper! He said It was pretty exciting since it was his first one with a bow! It was all spot and stalk and he shot him at 41 yards.

14 year old Ty Alexander from Lander with his black bear taken in Mexican Creek area on May 19th.

My name is Sean Harrison from Rock Springs. I took this bear on May
7th on a spot and stalk hunt in the Wyoming Range. He was 7'3" and
the taxidermist said the skull green scored at 22-8/16" B&C.

Robert Cruz writes: I killed this 6 foot male black bear on the North Fork in Cody, Wyoming, while hunting with my fiance', Amanda Petersen, on May 10, 2008.

Mindy Clancy from Lander writes: My husband and I have been hunting bears for about 3 years and I finally got one. It was the most exciting hunt I have been on thus far. This bear was taken on May 20 just before the storm came in.

Jeff from Saratoga writes: I killed this black bear by Saratoga on May 16th. He came in at 475 lbs and is 7 foot long. Head is 22 inches.

Ron Kamp from near Daniel shot this lobo in his yard from his house on May 5th. The young male wolf weighed 93 pounds

Kevin Wells from Cheyenne writes: My daughter Sage and I with a gobbler shot in Crook County, April 18, 2008.

Greg Martinsen from Lander with his turkey shot in Campbell County on April 21st.

Rich Christensen from Lander with his Campbell County gobbler. April 20th.

2008 Spring Turkey Hunt in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Brian Anderson, Dave Geer, and Sean Geer had a successful opening day by bagging three mature Toms from the same flock! Looks more like elk hunting weather but it turned out to be a great April 12 Turkey Hunt!

Warren Collins, age 13 shot his first turkey. He shot it with a 20 gauge
when they called it in to 22 yds.

Kevin Messamer from Sheridan writes: Here is a photo of my grandfather, father, 3 year old son, 3 month old daughter, and myself after a successful turkey hunt this last
weekend. I am from Sheridan, my father from Lovell, and my grandfather is from

Jim Stover from Cheyenne writes: 08' season starting out great! Called this Tom into my decoys 1st morning of season (1 April). There were 3 total. I shot him with my
bow at 32 yards. He had a 7 1/2" beard and weighed 24 lbs. Got him in Area 4.

This 150 pound tom was taken in the North Fork Canyon on January 5th by Marshall Balzly of Lander.

Garth and Erin Simkins from Cheyenne decided to break the dog days of winter in Wyoming and go to Oklahoma on a hog and exotic hunt. They had a blast and saw lots of game. Garth took two really nice boars. The black one weighed 220 lbs and the brown one weighed 200 lbs. He also took a magnificent, but crazy looking Jacob’s Four Horn Sheep.