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Fishing Gallery 2008

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!
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Skip Davey from Lander with a dandy fall eye from Boysen!

Left to right: Bruce Brugger and Rick Walter from Casper display their late fall walleye from Boysen!

Chris with a couple of nice cats from Boysen.

 Jack Piazzisi from Lander caught and released these brown trout from the Wind River and Bull Lake Creek in November and December.

Michael Clancy from Lander writes: Here is a pic of an 8 pound walleye caught in early December on the south end of Boysen. Caught 32 eyes in 2 -1/2 hours .  It was a nice afternoon.

Forest Todd from Sheridan with a 14" Golden trout.

Skip Davey from Lander with a 34", 20.5 pound catfish from Boysen.  Caught November 25.

These trout were caught during October/November 2008 in the Wind River Canyon by Jack Piazzisi from Lander.


Kerry Connell from Lander caught and released a 25 inch brown and a 22 inch rainbow.  Both caught on the Wind River below Boysen Dam in October 2008.

Patrick Edwards writes: Here is a couple of pictures from my trip this weekend with my cousin Danny Kurttila. We caught 18 fish altogether and kept our limits of 6 each. The largest is the one I am holding that was 20” and Danny is holding a 19.5”. Our average fish size was 18”. The trip was lots of fun and I look forward to catching more this month.

Billy Meeks from Lander with his 26 pound laker from Flaming Gorge on November 23rd.

Above is a number of photos submitted by Mark Hill from Lander.  Mark, his better half Evi, and Dave Good from Lander had a great season on Flaming Gorge!

More from the Patrick Edwards collection of fine Boysen fish! November 08.

Bob Chubb from Lander with a 9.2# 28-1/2" walleye from Boysen in November 08.

Here are some pictures of Patrick Edwards and Danny Kurttila with some fish this fall.

Patrick Edwards from Riverton with his Boysen eye caught in June.

 Scott Appley from Moorcroft writes: Keyhole Reservoir walleyes caught from Sept 28 to Oct 3, 2008 all are over 10 lbs. The photo with the three fish is with Mike Williamson and the two large fish are both 11 lbs caught on the same point 15 minutes apart.

These walleye were caught on Boysen by Danny Kurttila and Patrick
Edwards in June 08.

Bill Murphy from Casper with a silver salmon from Seward, AK in August 08.

Tyson Finnicum from Wheatland with his first king salmon caught out of Seattle area.

Don Arndt from Lander with a couple of brown trout he caught with his "secret spinner" in September.  One was caught in the North Fork of the Popo Agie, the other on the Middle Fork.

Skip Davey from Lander writes: Labor Day 2008...29-1/2 inches, put her back in the water. Tough fishing, only six in the boat that day.

Kyle Blake from Lander caught these 3 pound Kokanee Salmon with a fly rod at Flaming Gorge on July 5th.

Brian Leum from Rock Springs writes: Here are a couple of smallies caught on Flaming Gorge in June of this year. Caught them on a spinnerbait.

Matt Lemm from Lander with a nice rainbow.  His best so far.

My Grandson, Tyler Rintamaki, from Kinross, Michigan with his 22" St. Mary's River walleye!  June 2008.

Kyle Blake from Lander writes: I got this guy the same place as the big one I got in May. I caught this one June 15 and guess it's weight at 6-7 pounds. High water doesn't always equal bad fishing!

Photo #1 Mick Novotny of the Wyoming Flycasters 5lb rainbow caught on a rock worm near Fremont Canyon.
Photo #2 Phil Gasko with a 21" brown from the North Platte River
Photo #3 Phil Gasko with a nice rainbow in the same location
Photo #4 Scott Novotny rainbow from the North Platte

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne writes: I had a chance to fish the Yellowstone River in Montana this year for Paddle Fish.  What an absolute blast!!  The first fish I caught was 50lbs and the fist fish my friend Jerry Marrou caught was 72lbs!!  In 3 days we caught 15 – 20 fish, with the smallest probably weighing 25lbs!  We also caught Sturgeon, Skip Jacks and Channel Catfish.  I highly recommend going sometime! 

Mike and Mark Strasser caught some nice catfish this early January day from Boysen, ended up catching 22 catfish.  Weights varied from 6 to 22 lbs.  A great day of fishing.....but of course it was one week before the ice derby.

Shane Pugh with the help from his favorite guide, Crystal Cason, caught this 20 pound, 28inch cat at Boysen Reservoir on May 16 2008.

What a monster EYE!
Rob Post from Riverton with his 16 pound, 3 ounce, 32" walleye from Boysen.  April 2008.

They sure are growing some huge fish this year!  Here's Kyle Blake from Lander with his 24" rainbow caught in Fremont County!  This brute has an 18" girth! May 5, 2008.

Brown trout caught by J.L. Piazzisi from Lander Left to right: From Wind River Canyon in April, from Trail Lake, from Bull Lake Creek.

Alaskan salmon from the Yentna, Chachatna Rivers.  Greg Holcomb, Jim Holcomb and Doug Medina from Lander.  These are from June of 2007.

Chad Alvar from Casper writes: This was a fish that I caught on 4-12-08. It was 30" long and was 10-1/2#.  Chad was accompanied by John Green from Casper.

Your help is needed!  This photo was dropped off at Rocky Mountain Sports in Riverton with no information attached!  Can you help identify the young man in the picture.  The rumor is that he caught this "hawg" in Boysen Reservoir this past week!  Drop me an email if you can help!  Thanks!

Randy Crowley from Lander caught this rainbow, that lacks rainbow colors, from Boysen on April 13th.  19".

  A Big Boysen Catfish, 16.2 lbs, 35" long, and 20" girth!!! Caught by Jon Lewis, Wheatland.


Jerry Wesselius writes: We did make it to Ocean for a couple days. We had a time finding them but we managed to catch quite a few the last day.  Doesn't it always work like that where you find 'em a couple hours before you have to head home. It was fun.