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Huntung Gallery 2007 1

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Gary Elmore from Rock Springs and Bryan Greuter from Bakersfield, California...South Of Rawlins 10-16-07.

Bob Sexton from Laramie writes: 2007 was my best year of hunting with my muzzle loader. I am using a Great Plains 54 Cal Flintlock loaded with a patched round ball and 100 grains of black powder. In October of 2007, I took this Antelope in the Red Desert. The Antelope scores 69 7/8 which puts it in the "Longhunter Record Book". In November I got a real pretty whitetail buck in Wyoming's Black Hills.

Ray Varland, a fifteen year old from Douglas, Wy., writes: My 2007 bull from here in Wyoming, green scored 304. It was my second elk, taken with my Grandpa's rifle, and I hope I'm lucky enough to take a bigger one.

Kristina Kraft writes: These pics are from our 2007 antelope hunt. All are from the Oregon Butte area. First one is of James and his antelope, taken with a 300 Win mag. Second is
Kristina with her first antelope, taken with a .243. Third is Jerika with her antelope, taken with a .243. Then pics from our deer hunt this last fall. All are in the Horse Creek area. First is James' deer, taken with a 300 Win mag. Second is Kristina with her deer, taken with a .243. Third is Jerika and her deer, also taken with a .243. Then a photo of our last hunt of 2007. James' elk! Taken in the Horse Creek area, regular season. A nice 6x6 bull, taken with a 300 win mag.

Buster and Debbie Crail wih "his and hers" buffalo. Buster took his in Nov. with a 338 Win mag. and Debbie got hers in Dec. with a 7X57 Mauser. Both 1 shot kills.

Tom DeKing from Lander with his dandy Whiskey Mountain ram. Shot September 29th. 36 and 36-1/2" horns. 15-1/2" bases. Scored 170 B&C.

Corey Spilski from Rawlins shot this wild buffalo on Oct-17-07 on the Elk refuge. This was the first year that he put in for a buffalo permit.

Tyler Thies, a Casper native, writes: Here are two pictures from my first bow hunt. I purchased my bow 14 days before harvesting this bull near the Washakie Needle in the Owl Creek Mountain Range near Thermopolis, owned by my Grandmother and two other relatives. I had only 5 days to hunt, which was the beginning of archery season. So she and I went there and I harvested my bull. With the help of some good instruction from some good friends, I was shooting tight groups up to about 40 yds in no time. Fortunately for me I took this 6x6 bull at about 20yds.

Dan Williams from Casper writes: Here are some pictures from my 2007 hunt, my deer, elk and antelope were all killed with my .300 Ultra Mag. My daughter Kori killed her 14" heavy-horned antelope with a 6mm given to her by her Great Grandpa before he died. The deer and elk came from Western Wyoming and the antelope from the Casper area.

Marshall Balzly and Mike Rud from Lander with two cats from Sawmill Canyon shot on December 22nd.

Lindsey Anderson (left) and Christine Jordan (right) with their 10 rabbits. They won 1st place in the Shoshoni, Wyoming, Women’s 5-Shot Rabbit Hunt. They shot 10 rabbits in 4 minutes with 10 shots with their .22s. There were 9 teams at the hunt, this is an annual hunt held in Shoshoni, typically the 2nd weekend in January.

Left: Derek Watson from Riverton with his 2007 Mule Deer rack. 24" wide. Right: Brianna Watson from Riverton with her 24" mule deer rack.

Robin and Dick Lemm from Story, with their whitetail bucks taken in the Black Hills National Forest in November.

Harold Schultz from Riverton with his Northern Quebec caribou shot last September.

Marty Killion from Laramie: Animals for 2007
A 32 pound 41" tom bobcat called in while hunting coyotes. While hunting in south Texas this spring with my son, Zach. I took a nice
Simitar Horned Oryx and a large aoudad with my Omega Muzzleloader, while Zach took a nice black Hawaiian sheep, also with a muzzleloader, and caught bass till his arms fell off. Onto Florida, a nice bull alligator taken with a harpoon. He measured 10"7" and weighed 455 pounds and was taken out of the St. John's River. It was a heck of a thrill, he nearly got in the boat on me. New Mexico, on our deer lease in the Guadalupe Mountains. it was short hunt only 2 days due to other issues. But we all saw monsters but getting one in muzzleloader range is much different. I took this nice fork horn Desert Mule deer the last evening of the hunt. Texas, on our deer lease near Wimberely Tx, saw more bucks then I would care to count. The deer where in full rut. Shot this great 5-1/2 year old 9 point the 2nd morning along with a large sow pig. Next day I got 3 Rio Grande Turkeys. There is no other place around like Texas. Our last hunt of the year is always chasing buffalo in NE Wyoming. We had snow and it was a great hunt. Bison cow taken at 140 yards with my Omega.

The coyote was shot with by Brian Tucker with his .17 HMR at 150 yds. North of Riverton in December. The fox and raccoon were shot with .17 HMR west of Riverton in August.

Cody Crawford of Riverton shot his first deer on opening day of rifle season 2007. The 5x5 muley was shot with a .270 on private land off of Lyons valley near Lander.

Jeff Pitcher from Green River writes: I shot this bull on the third day of the hunt after a big snow. This 5x5 is the biggest I shot so far. 5 days later I went up with my Dad as he took this 4x4 in the same area. Wyoming has been very good to me for hunting. I've filled all my tags for the last 5 years.

Left to right: Lindsey Anderson with her 1st bull elk. The 6x6 was shot with her late Dad's .270 in October. Laramie Peak area. Middle: Rowdy Anderson with Lindsey and his nice 4x4 taken in November in Eastern Wyoming. Rowdy with his freak pronghorn buck shot after a long hunt in October near Moneta.

Wayne King from Lander submits the following photos. Pronghorn buck shot by 16 year old Hannah in the Casper area in October. 17 year old Sarah with her 1st elk. Limestone Mountain, November 1st. 14 year old Leah with her 1st big game animal. A doe antelope taken in October Area 65.

Lydia Dove with her first whitetail and her first Wyoming elk. Both harvested along the East Fork of the Wind River in October.

Gay Dawn (St. Clair) Pinnecoose with her Big Horn ram taken November 26th near Table Mountain.

Daryl Watson from Riverton 2007 Public Land Muley 6 points per side 25” wide

Todd Stoeger took this buck pronghorn with his .45 caliber black powder in late August in Area 107 around South Pass.

Bonnie Hoffman with her ram shot on October 11th in the Frontier Creek area.

Tom Sweet from Lander with a wood duck taken on October 15th along a river in Fremont County.

Tim Gimbel of Gillette, WY. shot his white tail buck on November 4th, 2007 in the Bear Lodge Mountains of the Black Hills of Wyoming.

Dustin Murray writes: Here are pics from the Sweetwater Coyote Hunt Saturday. The first pic is my buddy Josh with his first coyote to come to a call. We called him in to about 40 yards. He used an AR15 and got him with one shot. The second is me with my dog taken at about 55 yards with the same AR15.

Marty Beckers from Riverton writes: I shot this elk opening day this year above Lander Wyoming on Beaver Creek.

Bodie Van Brunt of Worland at 14 with his 2006 3x2 Mule Deer taken on Beaver Rim with Troy David of Riverton, and Brodie at 15 with his 2007 5x5 Mule Deer taken above Lander with his Uncle's Bret and Brian Berg guiding.

Brad Tiffany writes: Here is a picture of my son, Preston Tiffany, 15, of Sheridan and his first bow kill. A nice 4x5 whitetail buck taken in Sheridan County on Thanksgiving afternoon this at 47 yards! Notice the double brow tine.

Ken Casey with his 6 x 5 mule deer taken on public land (at 25 feet!) on the last day of the season 07.

Cody Brown from Dubois, with his huge mule deer buck from the 2007 season. Gross Non-Typical 203-6/8.

Shot in north central Wyoming by Devin Hubble from Lander. Last day buck.

This buck was shot near Dubois during the late season of 2006 by Perry Arima.


Record book antelope taken by Jamie Cordonier from Casper, Wy. It was shot at 150 yards in the Red Desert of Wyoming. 7-1/4" bases, 6-1/4" cutters and 15 -1/2" tall. B&C gross score of 84" and final score of 82-6/8".

Bud Engelhaupt from Sundance WY with his 5x5 whitetail deer shot in the Bearlodge.

Dale Haefele with his nice 6x6 deer taken over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Kevin Rieman writes: My wife, Krissy, and I with our deer taken at the Oregon Buttes Oct. 2nd. Krissy's first big game animal. My 5x5 Elk taken in Area 25 right at first light with my .300 Remington Ultra Mag Sendero on Oct. 8th. Also in pic is my daughter, Kiana.

Dave Geer from Buffalo with his Whitetail Deer taken in the Black Hills over Veterans Day weekend.

Brahm [MAD DOG] Nettles, [10], with his morning haul of rabbits, all killed with spectacular shots from his 1940's era Remington 511. Rifle was given to Brahm in a random act of kindness by Mr. Bob Funk.

Kevin Rieman writes: Here are two pictures of my nephew, Garret Alksnitis, with his first big game kill. It is a 2x3 freak, or as we call it fork by threak. It has what appears to be a paddle on the left side.

Eric Baker writes: Left to Right, Dad, (Art Baker), had a good season with a decent antelope, 5 point bull and a good deer. Don't have a photo of his deer. The other pics are of my goat and deer.

Westin Hinkel shot this deer in the Black Hills with his Dad. He shot it at 100 yards with his 26-06.

Jeff Burris from Riverton with his 07 Deer. Taken on Nov 21st near Riverton.

Joe Larralde and son Jesse (Four Corners, WY). Joes bull taken on public land in Big Horn Mtns. Jesses cow taken on private land in Black Hills. Both deer taken in Black Hills National Forest antelope taken on private land in Black Hills. Deer and antelope are Joes first muzzleloader kills.

13 year-old Fredde Armajo with first elk. Area 100. October 27th.

Brady Samuelson and his dad Garland with Brady's whitetail buck shot November 21st.

Travis Lucas with his 5x6 bull taken October 5th in the Lander area.

Shannon Beason from Lander with her 5x5 buck taken on October 19th.

Ron and Marcia Murdock with bucks taken in the National Forest of Wyoming's Black Hills near Sundance this past weekend. Ron's was with a .280 Ackley Improved at about 60 yards. Marcia's was with a 7 mm Remington magnum at about 50 yards. Both deer dropped on the spot. A pleasant hunt and not too far to pack the meat out.

Dan Hahn with his 300 class bull taken in Area 28.

Daryl Watson 2007 Antelope. Only 12 ½” tall but scores 79-1/8. 7-½ bases and carries the mass all the way.

Bob Baumann of Shoshoni shot this Buffalo on Saturday, November 17, 2007 on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson.

Greg Larsen from Riverton shot this nice buck on Oct.15 in general area. Ol' trusty 270.

Bert Syewart from Evanston writes: The 4 point deer was taken the last day of deer camp late September south of Jackson Hole. My buddy Rex and his bull moose taken close to the same area with a 30.06. And my first bull elk taken in southwest Wyoming on Oct 20th. The bull elk was a 4x6 that measured at rear tips 39-5/8. This bull was a bit odd for it is like it is missing its 2 point on the left side. Still this has to be my best year yet!

Berta Cassity from Riverton with her big bull shot November 19th in a limited quota area near Cody.

Eric Perez writes: This is my sister's buck she shot it the 17th of Nov. In the Black Hills National Forest. My dad and I had been watching this buck for a while and had been waiting for my sister to have a break from school so she could get a chance at him. It was very hard not to shoot this buck when I saw him, but waiting for my sister to shoot her first whitetail was even more exciting. I knew that this was a nice buck but seeing him up close he looks even bigger. It was also quite the pack out but this buck was well worth it.

Nick Krcelic from Sundance WY with his whitetail that he got in the Bearlodge. His biggest yet.

Amanda De Alvarez from Superior with her goat from Area 58.

Blaine Anderson from Riverton with his droptine buck taken at his secret spot in October.

Don Brewer from Lander with his 5x6 mule deer taken in Sublette County on October 8th.

This is Aaron Raymonds 2007 Area 6 Bull Moose. He measures approximately 33". It took 24 years to draw this tag.

Rod Kahler from Cheyenne with his bull taken in the Snowy Range on October 27th.

Chris Parks from Casper writes: First coyotes of 2007. Taken east of Billings on a private ranch. My father in-law took one with a .22-243 and I shot one with my Howa .223.

Mark Perkins writes: This is the deer I shot in Area 157 with my 300 win mag at 200 yards on a dead run. The buck has a 24 in inside spread. Also, my son Dalton is showing off his1st buck. A great hunting year.

Jerry Geer shot this whitetail on 11-10-07 in Area 26 near Buffalo WY. It was about a 300 yard shot with my 30-06.

Keith McCoy writes: Here are photos of my wife Jody's mountain goat from this fall harvested in he Alpine area. She worked hard and patiently for the animal and passed on several other goats that were in very difficult terrain and may have been easy to shoot but hard to retrieve. What a great experience to get to hunt one of these critters.

Alexis Juarez, age fifteen, shot this awesome 6 point bull Nov. 1st on a late season hunt. She used a 7mm with Federal Premiums 160gr Nosler partitions. Needed horses to get him out! This is her 2nd, year getting an elk, deer, and antelope. She a has a passion for hunting that is unmatched by many her age. Submitted by a proud father!

Paul Bennett of Casper shot this nice 6 point bull elk, his first!

Anne Bezanson with her results of a successful hunt in the Ocean Lake area on November 14th, her husband Al did well too!

Kelly Simonton shot this deer west of Wheatland on Oct 25 on public ground.

Danny Van Vleet from Lander with his 6x6 mulie shot in Area 97. 27" wide. Had no idea it was this big until he walked up on it.

Matt Buchholz from Cheyenne writes: I shot this 6x4 by Laramie Peak on 11/11. We snuck to about 80 yards and the .270 Wby did the rest. Packing him out was a real pleasure!

Annette Lucas from Lander with her 5x5 buck shot on October 15th in the Lander area.


Greg Boone from Lander with his bull shot on October 15th at Hog Park near Encampment. 7mm Rem Mag at 40 yds.

Justin Smith from Casper writes: I took this deer on October 16th. I wanted to hold out but I had my daughter along and she really wanted me to get him. I am glad she talked me into taking this deer.

Josephine Posey from the Arapahoe area with her big Mountain Sheep shot with her .257 Weatherby Mag at 150 yards in the Wind River Canyon, (Tetter Canyon). October 22nd.

Tad Hubble with his antelope shot Sept. 17th. 15-1/2" tall with 7 " cutters.

Don & Nancy Cochran of Laramie, could not believe they both drew bull Moose for 2007, Nancy harvested hers 10/03 outside of LaBarge, Don got his 10/14 in the Snowy Range on 10/15.

Here is a huge rack from a buck taken by Brad Profaizer, a teacher at Rock Springs, on public land NW of Pinedale. It gross-scored 215.

Brutus and Rastus. These 2 Bulls were harvested in 111. Brutus the 7 x 5 non-typical bull was taken first by Joe Romero and Trigger his 300 WBY. Rastus the giant 6 x 6 harvested by the one and only John “Buck” Buckingham and Shadow his trusty 325 WSM.

Patti Brooks from Lander with her big Pronghorn! Shot October 18th. 17"+ on both sides, 7-3/8" bases.

Erika Eckley--12 yrs. old 1ST DEER Hunt, November 2007. Taken at 300yds w/a .243 winchester, It was a awesome hunt.

J. Mike Workman from the Lander area had a successful year with a nice Pronghorn buck taken Sept. 25th in Area 66 and his 4x4 mule deer taken in the Jeffery City area on Oct. 18th.

Gary Calvert from Lander with his Badlands bighorn taken September 30th. Right: Gary with his buffalo taken in the Jackson area on November 2nd.

Heather Bregar with her 4x5 whitetail buck taken in the Lander area with her Browning 7mm.08

Shane Eaton took this Elk on opening day South of Rawlins, Public Land. Mike Eaton from Sinclair, shot this Buck on October 12th, Public Land.

Cowinn Perry and his daughter with a big bull rack. Shot north of Bull Lake on October 22nd.

April Crump and her biggest Whitetail buck shot with a 25-06 in Buffalo Joe Crump with my biggest Whitetail buck shot with a 243 in Buffalo.

Stewart Cerovski from Lander with is moose taken in the LaBarge area on October 14th.

Andy Mikesell from Rawlins writes: These elk were killed in area 22, the last one was a bull that my friend Brook shot, but unfortunately, even though the bull was double lung shot, he stopped bleeding and I finally found him a week later about 1700 vertical feet up the mountain from where he shot him. Its hard to imagine how an animal with an arrow in his chest could go so far, he did tag this elk. My brother Darren and I both passed on better bulls during archery season but these guys were next to a road and came out whole.

Jim Verplancke writes: My brother Shawn Verplancke packed this nice 6X6 out of the Bighorns Nov. 2nd. This is the first elk Shawn has packed with his horses. It was great to be hunting with my brother again.

My name is Jason Reinhardt, and I live in Bondurant. Wyoming has been so very good to me over the years. Here's my 06 and 07 muleys, and a BIG old tom lion I took a few years back.

Travis Scadden (right) with a nice 5x5 killed with a 300 short mag. one shot kill. Killed on 10/8/07.

Doug Lemm from The Good Place in Lander with his nice buck taken ob October 27th in Area 90. Long sneak, short shot.

Pictured on the left are Larry, Chad & David Englert from Lander, after one of a three day pheasant hunt in South Dakota.

Lander Valley High School senior Mitch Brauneis with this nice 4 X 5 mule deer.

Tyler Hede with his first elk. Red Desert-Cyclone Rim area. October 28th.

J.T. Moody from Lander with his 5x6 buck taken on October 28th.

Lori Barney from Lander with her first deer! Shot in the Gas Hills area on October 30th.

Al Bezanson of Lander with his Pronghorn shot October 18th in Area 65.

15 year old, Devon Cardera, (left), with his first buck. Taken on Limestone Mountain on October 20th.

Travis Beason of Lander with his 5x5 mule deer shot in the Lander area on October 22nd. His biggest yet.

Brian Leum writes: Here is the bull I shot south of Rock Springs on Oct 22nd. Not the largest, but a fun hunt anyway. He was taken with a 25-06.

Matt Wilson from Rawlins, going to school at UW. An exciting and successful hunting season. 3 shots 3 kills.

Alan Dubberly from Cheyenne writes: This is a picture of a first in my life… my Dad (Chet), my son (Carter, 4) and me all hunting deer together. Dad and I have hunted birds for a long time, but this was our first chance to hunt deer together and my Dad’s first ever muley. This was also my son’s first ever deer hunt. We had an incredible time hunting around Lander. Nothing better than being in the woods with your two best hunting buddies.

Andy Calvert from Lander and his 6x6 elk.

Nick Calvert's 3x3 elk taken in area 100. This was Nick's first elk.

Shayne Shepard from Lander with his 3x4 mule deer buck taken above Red Canyon with a 30.06.

Becky Shepard from Lander and her 4x6 mule deer buck taken in the Hall Creek area with a .270.

These deer were taken in the Lander/Hudson area. Left to right is Alyssa Lozier with a nice 3x3, Cody Vivatson with a 4x4, and Bobby Watts with a heavy 28 in. 3x4 .

This 5 point muley was taken by 15 year old Alexis Juarez on public land with a 7MM.

Lisa Erickson from Rawlins took this bull elk Oct 22 in Area 111.

Michael Eliason from Sheridan, WY (age 14) with his first 3pt mule deer buck with cousin Samantha Eliason 3.

Peter Eliason of Sheridan killed this Bison 10-24-2007 .300 WSM Browning

Brian Dion shot this deer in area 157/ 170 a few years back on private ground.

Craig Thatcher admires a nice buck taken by his 14 yr old son, Travis Thatcher, both of Fairview Wy near LaBarge. Travis took this buck at 250 yards with a Ruger Compact 7mm08 with one shot.

Craig took this beautiful chocolate-phase bear on opening day of deer season (9/15/07) out of the Salt River Drainage near Afton. The bear was estimated to weigh in excess of 500 pounds and is about 10 years old. Preliminary measurements put the score at 21 inches. Craig was waiting for a 30" mule deer he'd seen the night before to come out on a ridge when this guy showed up. Two shots from his 300 Weatherby at 250 yards put the bear down for good. His hunting partners, Grover residents Wille Lawrence and Dave Hymas show off their opening day deer. Dave's 3x4 sports a tall, 30" wide rack, while Willie's thick 4x5 measures 26".

Gary Barney from Lander with his dandy 6x8 muley taken on October 21st in Area 90.

Bob Winney of Douglas with his mule deer buck taken near Guernsey Oct 23rd. Bob with his goat taken near Lusk, WY on Oct.1st. Justin Winney with Elk taken in Area 46 on his birthday.

Eric Baxter of Riverton with Antelope in area 53, shot from a blind at 30yrd with a Hoyt bow.

Brandon Baxter (12) of Riverton, with deer shot in Area 82 on Oct 1st, one shot at 250 yds with his Great Grandpa's .270.
Brandon also got an Antelope in Area 53 on Oct 1st with 2 shots at 200 yds in the good ole Rawlins wind, it was a great first day of big game hunting for Brandon.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne Wyoming writes: I had a fantastic weekend of hunting. The antelope we called "Loopy" gave me the slip over a week ago, but on Saturday, Oct 27th, I was able to get within 250 yards for a solid shot. The next evening, after hunting for 5 days and passing on 5 nice bucks, there was no doubt I wanted this big mule deer buck! He has a spread of 27 inches. Special thanks to Ron Rabou and Brady Petsch. I really appreciate you guys hanging in there with me!

Andy Samuelson 22, Riverton, with his moose taken in Area 37. Along with "expert" guide Garland Samuelson.

Meredith Rinker, age 14 of Lander, WY and her 1st elk. 6 point bull killed with 1 shot at the National Elk Refuge, Jackson, WY. Youth Hunt 10/14/2007

Dustin Murray from Lander with his 4x4 muley shot on the 19th in Area 94 on public land. 1 shot with his Great-Grandfather's 30-06.

Dan Bennett from Lander with his dandy 6x6 that green-scored 314. Area 28, October 13th. .308 Win.

Jake Reed from Lander with his muley shot at a ranch near Lander on October 16th.

Ken Legstra from Lander with his buck taken in the Lander area on October 15th. Ken posed with his elk rack as well.

Rebecca Yarbor with her first mule deer buck. 5x4. October 20th. Area 94, private land. Winchester Model 670 .243.

Christina Pieracini from Lander with her Area 94 buck taken on October 19th.

Andrew Baltes, 17 yrs old, from Riverton, heavy 4-3 whitetail taken on October 22, 2007.


Heather Reed 12 yrs. old 1st. deer shot with a .243 WSSM, 1 shot.

Chad Baumann from Shoshoni with his deer from Area 36 October 15th 5x6. Elk from Area 47 October 10th 6x6.

Adam Long writes: This deer was taken near Dubois, WY. It was taken with a Rem. 25-06 at 250 yards. It was green scored at 174 5/8 and was a load to drag out. Would like to thank Joe Hutchison for his help with the deer. I live near Dubois as well.

Mark Bundy from Casper writes: Mule deer and antelope I killed. Both near Casper.


Heath Lowinske from Rock Springs/Atlantic City with two of his trophies from this year. 6x6 bull Oct 6th, 3x3 deer Oct 16th.

Tanner Simpson from Lander with his first elk! Off to a good start!

This bull elk, 6x7, was taken by Matt Hitt from Riverton, October 15th, using a .270 at approximately 30 yards in Hunt Area 7, Laramie Peak area. Matt is 16 and this is his first bull.


Josh Milek from Lander with his 6x6 bull shot in Area 100, October 15th. 400+ yards with .280 Rem.

Desiree Price from Lander with her 4x4 buck taken in the Beaver Rim area on October 15th. 100 yards with.243, 1 shot.

Matt Hubenka from Lander with his antlope shot n September 30th near Blucher Creek. 10" horns.

Terry Hubenka from Lander took this 4x2 mule deer buck on October 18th in the Hall creek area.

17 year old Brady Samuelson, from Riverton, with his wired 7X7 bull elk. Shot October 20th.

Craig Amadio with his deer taken Oct.18th on public land.

Ron Kopriva, from Lander, and his partner with Sandhill Cranes taken in the Ocean Lake area on September 20th.

Ron Kopriva with his antelope shot in the Pacific Butte Area in September.

Amanda Peterson from Riverton, shot her first bull elk with a 7MM above Dubois, WY. This was an excellent hunt - it couldn't have been better. We happened to stumble upon this bull and I could not resist. Pictured is her guide, Byron Peterson and their son Hunter. Thank you hunting gods!!!!! Happy Hunting!!!!