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Hunting Gallery 2007 2

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it! Email Ray

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14 year old Rilee Erickson of Lander with her 6x6 bull elk taken in Area 25 on October 14th. 1 shot at 200 yards.

Gary Reed, owner of Lander's Mill, with his 6x7 mule deer buck he shot on the 17th of October in Area 160. 28" inside spread, 33-1/4" outside.

This brute was taken in the Lander area, Jordan Hanson's second deer. October 19th.

Kyle Taylor, 14, of Evanston, hunted for 6 days and was able to tag this nice 4 point. He used a .243 Ruger. 2nd year of mule deer hunting.

Here's a dandy bull taken by Brian Hamilton, near Cody on the 1st of October. Used a 300 Ultra Mag. Green score 411!

Braxton Hamilton with his archery bull taken near Cody on the 9th of September. Score 297.

Brent Wilkes from Rawlins writes: I shot this whitetail on October 15th with a 7.21 Lazzeroni Firebird using 120 grain Lazerheads, he gross scores 145 and was shot in area 171 on the Wind River.

Gary Keene from Kinnear with his huge 7x7 bull taken in Area 63 with his Remington 300 Ultra at 480 yards.

Stoney Smith from Laramie writes: Left: Antelope buck taken by me in area 40 on October 5th. Left: Mule deer I got on October 16th in the Sybille Canyon. Killed with one shot from 150 yards.

12 yr old Hayden Dobkins with his very nice 5x5 deer, taken on Green Mountain 10/15/07. 125 yards with his dads 25-06.


Andrew Simkin with his 3x5 buck shot on October 15th south of Rock Springs. Photo submitted by a proud Grandfather!

Warren Collins (12 yrs old) from Cheyenne shot this cow moose. It's his first big game animal. He made a perfect shot at 80 yds from his Mom's .308.

Bruce Metz from Rock Springs writes: I shot this 28" heavy mule deer on Oct. 7th, the second to the last day of the general season southeast of Rock Springs. I spotted 3 large bucks lying in some deep sage brush and chased them around a 1000 yard bowl for 2 hours that they just didn't want to leave. I finally got a chance for a shot and harvested this great buck, the best of my life.

Justin Stranar 15, from Casper with his moose shot with a .270 Win, Barns triple shock on October 1st.

Dave Walton writes: I grew up in Kemmerer, and it sure was nice finishing my Grand Slam back "home" in Wyoming. I got him in Area 23 near the headwaters of the Green River.

Matt Buchholz from Cheyenne writes: I shot my first Mule Deer buck in the Desert with my .270 Weatherby. It was raining and snowing, but getting muddy was worth it!

Wheaton Kremke from Casper writes:.I took this gator in southern Georgia with my Parker bow. It took me and my Dad three years to draw a tag in a preference point system. It took awhile to draw because Georgia only issues 500 tags every year. We have a friend from the area who took us out on his boat and found this guy in river at about 1:00 am on the 6th of September. He measures 8 ft 8 in. It sure was a hunt of a lifetime!

Brian Leum writes: Here is a antelope I shot in Area 64 in Sept. After missing him on opening day, I got the chance at him again 5 days later. He was taken with a .243 WSSM.

RJ Lobmeyer from Cheyenne writes: Here is a picture of my 6x6 elk shot on September 10th in Area 6 north of Eagle Rock. This is my first elk shot with a bow. I shot it at 58 yards and it ran only 50 yards.

JARED NETTLES [16] , AND BROTHER REED [13] , TIPPED THESE DEER OVER OPENING DAY ON THE RED DESERT. Jumped Jared's deer at 75 yards in deep brush, killed with a fast shot from his 308 win. Reeds deer was holed up in a stand of quakies and shot at 346 yards with his 6mm Rem. Good kids and a great day for them and the old man.

Mandy Horath of Worland with her first Antelope, a beautiful non-typical she shot on the 9th of October. When first spotted 2 weeks before the season he had not broken the left horn off yet. Mandy made a beautiful shot at over 400 yards using a .270 Win with 140 grain Nosler Partitions off a bipod to take him. Special thanks to her brother in law Dan Horath of Riverton for the assist.

Kevin Wells from Cheyenne writes: Shot this bull on 9/21 at eight yards as he rubbed his rack. He traveled about 30 yards and expired.

My name is Aaron Zuhlke and I'm from Wisconsin. In September, I brought the wife and kids on a family vacation to Yellowstone. On the way home we took these two goats near Casper. For my wife, Wendy it was her first ever big game animal. My two kids got in on all the action, they think Wyoming is a great place to visit. I'll have to agree, I enjoy it every time I come there.

Fred Neuman writes: This is Knox Neuman and this his first year of hunting big game. He has done rather well on the antelope and deer and looks forward to cow elk season. He harvested the antelope and deer with a 30-06. Pictures were taken by his "Pa" who is very proud of him for staying with him on a very long stalk on the deer and for his shooting ability in the Wyoming wind.

Shane Sanderson, 5x6 shot at 44 yards. 9/14/07 in Wyoming, we cow called him in, My 3rd bull with a bow.

Paul Smith from Lander is proud to show the rack from his bull taken on Sept. 20th in the Pacific Creek area.

Chris Warren from Riverton writes: I'm 21 years old and this is my 7th bull taken since I've been able to hunt. Here is a photo of the Warren boys with our four bulls, (from left to right) Chris Warren, Russ Warren(Fort Washakie), Earl Warren (Riverton), and Jerry Warren (Riverton). These 6x6 bulls were taken in the Owl Creek Mountains. Two on opening day, two the next day! The elk were everywhere!

Pictures of Burle Gies with Deer (2x3) taken Sept 26th 2007 South Fork Spread
Creek Area after a 4 hour horse back ride. Also pictured with Earl Frye.
Photos courtesy of Keith Van Brunt

Blue Grouse taken by Keith Van Brunt October 2007 elk area 81.

12 year old Hunter Bregar took this nice young 5X5 bull on 10-5-07 with his Browning 30:06 in the Lander area using reduced recoil rounds. The bull was called to 40-50 yards and was down in about 20 yards.

Chris Owens from Gillette writes: This is the muley shot on opening day near Powder River. Took him with my 270.Remington Model 710 at about 120 yards.

Jim Stover from Cheyenne writes: On the third day of the
hunt, I arrowed this bull at 55 yds. He was rubbing a tree when I shot him. All I could see is his right side. After recovery, I discovered he had a Drop tine (or club) on his left side! My dad from West Virginia is in the pic as well. Got him in the Snowy Range.

John Hall from Rawlins writes: I took this bull on September 21 in area 111 he was my first bow kill. I double lunged him at 30 yds and he still ran 2.5 miles too the very bottom of a draw. It took us 7 hours of tracking to find him. It was just about dark when we found him. Well thanks just wanted to share the bull.

Trevor Bekken from Lander with his first bow elk! Pictured with his wife. 5 x 7 bull taken in Area 99 on September 22nd.

Devin Irene from Lander with his first "big one". Area 28 on October 1st.

Micah Irene from Lander with her first antelope. Shot with a .270 on September 15th in area 65.

Dustin Murray from Lander with his antelope buck taken on September 29th in Area 65. Green scored 83-2/8. Used his great-grandfather's .30-06.

Matt Lemm from Lander with his 14-1/2" pronghorn taken September 16th in Area 106 with a .25-06.

Tom Sweet from Lander with his buck shot on Beaver Rim on September 22nd. 15" horns.

Jake Reed from Lander with his antelope taken on a private ranch on September 19th.

Mike Farver of Saratoga WY., shot this 37" bull moose in area 37 on September 20th 2007. He was using a 7mm Remington Ultra Mag with 160 grain Barnes MRX bullets.

The first picture is of my son; Mitch Brauneis, a LVHS (Lander Valley) senior with a beautiful buck shot in the Antelope Hills (64) on September 30, 2007 with a 30-06 Ruger M-77 purchased 4 years ago at the Good Place in Lander (he saved his lawn mowing money to buy the rifle and scope). The second photo is a young buck I ambushed - neck shot at 55 yards with a model 95 Winchester (30-06)on September 26th in the Antelope Hills. The 95 is a nice rifle, but I still prefer my old 94 30-30 with the octagon barrel. I'll go back to the 94 for deer season.
Karl Brauneis

Rabeeca Yarbor and her daughter Courtney with Rabeeca's first big game animal in her 1st year of hunting. Shot it around noon on the 16th of Sept. in the Upper Sweetwater area. 1 shot at 50 yrds. Submitted by Dustin Murray of Lander.

Rod Kahler of Cheyenne with his antelope he took in the Red Desert near Rawlins September 18th. This goat was taken with a .30-.06 at 305 yds.

Brian Kahler from Wheatland with a goat he took with his .243 wssm at 195 yds on September 19th in the Red Desert near Rawlins.

Chris Owens writes from Gillette writes: I'm 16 years old. This is my first bow kill. I shot this buck on September 22nd. He's 13 and 1 half inches tall with a third cutter on the backside of his left horn. I shot him at 25 yards with my Matthews ultralight.

Jim Yockey from Meeteetse, Wy. writes: Here are a couple of pictures of a bighorn ram I got opening day. My hunting buddy is also shown with my ram. We spent all our weekends scouting and was able to take this ram late in the afternoon of opening day. Franc's Fork above Meeteetse. Left to right: George Weiser looking at hunt area. Jim with his ram. George with Jim's ram.

Doug Lowinske of Atlantic City writes: I arrowed this nice buck on the morning of Sept 15th at 26 yds. Later that afternoon 14 yr old grandson Douglas downed his antelope with one shot at 365 yds. What a day!!

Sharmaine Weed from Fort Washakie shot this 20 year old plus bear on September 8th in the Washakie Park area with a .243 Winchester. Green scored 19-6/8.

Wendy Reed from Lander took this 5 point bull somewhere off of Hwy 287 on September 22nd. 1 shot at 40 yards.

Jeffrey Dobey with his first antelope on opening day in Area 64. 175 yards with his .30-06.

Tony Gonzales with his bull taken with his crossbow at 15 yards on September 14th in Area 21. Was wearing his son Carlos' new "Sage Grouse" camo.

Picture of 71 year-old Walter Dobkins with his spike taken early September.

Curtis Hermann from Oxnard, CA. but his home town is Gillette
(He left Gillette in 1958 as a freshman in high school) and this is an antelope he took with a longbow on September 10, 2007 just 10 miles south of Gillette with "Center of the Nation Outfitters, Cal Taylor" This buck green scored 73-1/8 Pope & Young.

Wilbur and Talon Barry from Lander with a dandy buck taken by Talon on September 15th in the Wyoming Range. 34" 5x3.

Brent Wilkes of Rawlins shot this black bear on September 17th by Loon Lake in hunt area 21 with a 6mm-284 and 85 grain Barnes TSX.

Brian from Riverton drew area 97 and bagged this nice antelope on private ground. As you can see, it carries good mass throughout the horn.

Larry Powles writes: The following pictures are from my boy's first hunt. Hunter turned 12 years old in June and couldn't wait to try for his Antelope. Hunter & his Mom stalked to within 90 yards of this young buck where he was downed with one shot from his 243 cal. rifle. Hunter gives credit & thanks to 4H Shooting Sports and his parents. Hunter processed his goat & will be doing a Europian head mount as a 4H project.


Ashlee Leum and her first big game animal. It is a 14 ½ “ buck shot in area 64 on Sept 15th . She made a great shot at 314 yds. Dad, Brian, is very proud of her.

Alan Dubberly of Cheyenne writes: Photo of my 4 year old son Carter, after a great dove hunt with our black lab, Abe near Carpenter.

Steve Simpson from Lander writes: Here is a picture of my son Tanner’s first ever kill. He took this antelope at 450 yards with a .270 right through the ol’ engine room. A great heart shot that will rival any that I have ever made!

Travis Schinkel of Rawlins shot this Black Bear September 2nd with his bow at 18 yards on Pennock Mountain.

Gregg Rothenberger from Rawlins shot this antelope opening morning (9/8/07) north of Rawlins and it scored 84-2/8. It was 16” tall with 7-1/8” bases.

Matt Hoobler from Cheyenne writes: I harvested this 4 x 4 Mule Deer west of Cheyenne on Sept. 5. I decided to hunt over my lunch hour, as my area is a couple miles outside of town. I had stalked this same deer opening day, and quickly spotted him again on the 5th. While he was eating, I snuck within 20 yards, waited 15 minutes on a shot, then flung an arrow 32 yards hitting both lungs.

John Alexander from Big Piney writes: I shot the antelope on day at 55 yards with my Hoyt X-TEC and white tail was on September 3 at 40 yards. Both animals shouldelped him track it down. make Pope and Young.

R.G. Sowers from Lander, left, with his antelope buck taken with a crossbow on September 7th at Onion Flats. Todd McKinney helped him track it down. Stalked him for 4-1/2 hours to get a 20 yard shot.

12 year old Hunter Bregar took this nice dry cow in the Lander area to fill his additional cow/calf tag on the 2nd of September. The shot was appx 38 yards with his Horton Crossbow taking out both lungs. She was slightly quartering towards him when he shot and the arrow passed through slightly back, almost identical to the shot on his antelope on the 17th of August.
She was found appx 100 yards away.

Here is a bull killed Sept. 3rd. He was bugling a little. Snuck in and got a 20 yard shot. Mark Bundy, Casper.

Logan Dobkins with Dads’ elk horns from Sunday Sept 2nd archery hunt in Area 11.

Jeremy Schaad from Cheyenne was able to take this Area 7 5x5 bull on September 2nd and writes: As I was cow-calling to entice a bugling bull, this bull came in silent and offered me a 12 yard shot. I had hiked in solo and packed out the boned-out meat with a frame pack in two trips. It was the roughest country I've ever hunted!!

Hal Jansen from Cheyenne writes: I shot this Shiras moose at 25 yards with my Bowtech bow on Sept 3rd on public land north of Pinedale. He's 51 1/8" wide.

Casey Edmunds of Casper, Wy took this fine buck with a green score of 161-4/8. Taken in the first 10 minutes of season with a Browning tornado compound bow. Pictured is 5 year old son Brandon Edmunds.

Dennis Biddle of Lander with his antelope shot with his 7MM08 handgun at 100 yards on Sept. 2nd near South Pass. 14.5" horns.

This is an antelope Drew Peterson from Gillette shot on September 1st near Gillette. He shot this goat with a Hoyt Vectrix at 43 yards using a rocket steelhead-100 gr. This was his first bow kill.

Matt McOmie of Lander shot this buck at about 70 yards with his new Knight Bighorn NWTF limited edition 50 cal. muzzleloader in area 107. The buck had 14" horns on both sides with a tight curl and ivory tips.

Jerry York of Lander bagged this nice pronghorn buck with his .50 cal flintlock rifle in Area 107 on August 26th. 52 yards with patched round ball.

Joe Crump from Sheridan shot his first antelope last weekend with a 45 caliber muzzle loader just above South Pass City.

Cody Moore, Josh Wright, Nick Small, and Joe Vincent all four from Evanston. A very successful opening weekend. They were all shot off the same water hole. Three of the four will make P&Y and the fourth just missing it by 3/4.

Riverton dentist Dan Hauck writes: My two year old son, appropriately named Hunter, and I went archery antelope hunting after work On August 20th. 1-40 yard shot, after a short stalk produced this Pope and Young antelope. Hunter was excited as could be as we followed the blood trail for about 80 yards and then found the buck expired. We had high fives for about 10 minutes. The antelope rough scored in the mid 80's. This completes my life long quest to have an animal in every record book, Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, Longhunter, and SCI. I don't hunt for the record book, I hunt for the experience, but trophy animals are always welcome. My wife says that I can now quit hunting but, I have a pretty good idea with September right around the corner that that wont happen. Take a kid hunting, the memories will last a lifetime, even if they are not your kids.

Hunter Bregar turned 12 years old on the 27th of July and took his first big game animal Aug 17. He shot this antelope at 40 yards slightly quartering towards him using his Horton Crossbow. Great double lung shot, with the exit wound slightly back. He died within 15 seconds after going less than 50 yards.

Joe Hutchison from Dubois found these elk sheds in April in the Horse Creek area. They were found 3/4 of a mile apart.

Kevin Hermann, manager of Rocky Mountain Sports in Riverton writes: Here are pics of Kevin Hermann, Matt Hermann, Scott Kirko, and Pete Quenelle on our June 2007 bear hunt in Cowan, Manitoba. All six of us got bears in 5 days, it was an awesome father-son thing, truly a proud, lifetime memory for me.

Scott Wodahl, from Buffalo, sends a picture of his turkey taken with his two best hunting buddies, Luke and Marc. The turkey was taken east of Buffalo on opening morning of turkey season. Had a 9 inch beard.

Left: Jeff Smith from Riverton with his 22 pound turkey. Right: Nathan Smith and Chris BruBaker of Riverton with their birds. Nathan's weighed 25 pounds, Chris's was 22 pounds. Shot in the Black Hills on April 21st.

Megan and Dan LaTorre from Lander with their turkeys harvested near Hulett in the Black Hills, May 11th. Both shot with a 20 gauge at 35 to 38 yards.

Richard Kuster from Lander with his big Tom...well over 20 pounds. Taken in the Black Hills in early May.

Ken Legstra from Lander with his turkey shot with his .22 magnum. 1 shot did the trick. Black Hills, early May.

2007 started with a bang! Brian Anderson from Casper took this nice tom in the Laramie Peak area. David Geer from Buffalo took his first double bearded tom, also in the Laramie Peak area. Sean Geer from Douglas also took a nice tom in the Laramie Peak area as well.

Andrew Kerkhove and his Dad, Al, from Lander with the boars they recently took in TX. Andrew's was 205 lbs and Al's was 225 lbs. Al owns and operates Wind River Taxidermy in Lander.

Garth Simkins from Cheyenne writes: I just got back from the Arctic on a Barren Ground Musk Ox hunt. I went with Fred Webb and Sons Outfitting and the trip was fantastic! It was a quick trip as we got into many herds of Musk Ox the first day of the hunt. We managed to find a nice group of bulls and I picked this guy out. The outfitter and the game and fish officer told me I should have it scored when I get back because it will likely make Boone and Crocket. Regardless if it does or not I thought he is a fine specimen and I highly recommend hunting with Fred Webb!!

Jim Stover from Cheyenne writes......07 hunting season is starting off great. Arrowed this turkey 1st morning from 30 yards with my bow. Spot and stalked him and was among about 50 of them for around 45 minutes before this guy decided to give me the shot.

Shawn Maples took part in a late season cow elk hunt out of Afton, January 21, 2007 unit 91, hunting with Double Diamond Outfitters. Great area holding good numbers of elk.

In late January 2007 Julius Vatalaro from Star Valley took this buffalo in Idaho with his bow.

Dusty Brost harvested this fallow deer this year in the Pine Ridge area of Nebraska. it scores very high SCI. He is a white fallow. There are three colors; brown, spotted or white.

This is our first gator on the website! Dan Hauck from Riverton took the kids to Disney World for spring break. He took off one afternoon on a previously arranged gator hunt. Not planning on
harvesting a trophy gator, just a couple of smaller ones. 20 minutes into their hunt they spotted this monster, the guide said this gator was comparable to a 200 class mule deer. 12 feet one inch, SCI Gold Medal American Alligator. One shot with the outfitter's 300 win mag. The interesting part is the once the had the gator in the truck he came alive, thank heavens they taped his jaws shut. He beat up the guide pretty bad, and whipped Dan with his tail. The
hunt was short but it was a blast.

13 year-old Rilee Erickson from Lander with her cat taken on Beaver Rim. Rilee followed her hounds uphill all day for this cat.