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Fishing Gallery 2007

If it's taken in Wyoming or by someone from Wyoming, attach the photo to an email, send it in, and I'll post it!
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A GREAT Day of Ice Fishing Dec 30,2007...Gettin' it Done before the New Year. Chuck (Riverton), Brodie, Keith and Lisa Van Brunt (Worland) with a few Perch, and Tim Holzer (Casper) with 4lb walleye and nice stringer of perch pictured with Dave Poter and Mark Meyer of Casper. Not Pictured Earl Frye, Greg Scott (Riverton), Bobby, and Paul (Casper).

Joseph Gonzalez writes: Here are my three friends,(Jared Scheler, Kanwit "Pocky" Tamnee, Nuttawat "Pup" Tamnee) the middle and the one on the right are my friends that moved here from Thailand and they have never seen a lake frozen over or caught a fish. We went to Boysen on December 15 and was a scary but fun time. The ice wasn't even 3 inches thick but they tested their luck and they all ended up catching their first fish ice fishing.

Here is a couple of pic's of a 20 pound catfish caught this spring.
Stacy Batista
Riverton, Wyoming

Jerry Wesselius writes: Me and a buddy went to Starvation Reservior. The water temp there was 49 degrees. We caught three walleye and two browns. The walleye were pretty small. This is one of the browns caught.

Tom Massey from Lander writes: Here is picture of my daughter Jackie of Charlotte, NC and this nice 13 pound Lake Trout out of Jackson Lake in July 2007. She caught it at 60 feet deep in 300 foot of water on the downrigger using a single hook triple teezer. (her Dad was the expert guide ha ha)

Robert Laird of Lander caught this 7lb walleye at Boysen on September 2nd. The fish measured 26.5". Though Robert caught the biggest one, his niece Shelby Ellis caught more fish using her lucky Zebco fishing pole.

Perch and Ling caught by Keith, Brodie, Lisa, (Worland) and Chuck Van Brunt (Riverton) Feb. 2007 Boysen. Pictured Keith and Brodie Van Brunt, and Earl Frye. On this day a total of 190 fish (181 Perch, 7 Ling, and 2 Trout) were caught between the Van Brunt's, Earl Frye (Riverton), Tim Holzer (Casper), and Dave Potter (Casper). Great day of fishing with lots of fillet time, but couple times during the day got tough checking time for beer.

Mike Baldwin of Riverton caught this 25" sauger from the Wind River in early August. He said the water was muddy and it was the only one caught.

Patrick Edwards writes: The first picture is of my wife and her 5 lb. 23'' walleye caught on Boysen during Labor Day weekend. The second picture is of me with a rainbow I caught in May that weighed 4.5 lbs. The third picture is of my 16'' smallmouth I caught at Flaming Gorge in August.

This is a picture of Shannon Crump (2 years old) from Sheridan and her first Cutthroat Trout caught in the Big Horn Mountains over Labor Day weekend. The fish was13 inches long and she caught it on a Garden Hackle.

Rob Arras from Sheridan in Alaska with his 260 pound halibut.

A couple of Smallmouth Bass caught on the Tongue River by Joe Crump from Sheridan.

Kyle and Mark Blake from Lander both hooked their biggest walleye yet in July on Boysen. Left: Kyle's eye weighed 8.5 pounds and was 30 inches long, Mark's was 7.5 pounds

Patrick Edwards writes: Here is a walleye I caught at LAK reservoir near
Newcastle WY on the True Ranch in June. This fish weighed in at six pounds.

Here's a 20.5 pound catfish caught by Kyle Osterman from Lander at Boysen Reservoir on June 2nd. Caught with a worm and was 32" long.

Stephanie McCullough writes: Here's a photo of my 6 yr old daughter, Maddie, at a family friends ranch NW of Laramie. We didn't have a scale with us, but the fish was over 27" long.

Alan Dubberly from Cheyenne writes: Caught these eyes from the dam at McConaughey in Nebraska back in May. Biggest eye was 26” and weighed 6 lb. 4 oz. The next day, my buddy and I took my son, Carter, and his daughter, Abbie, catfishing and caught 13. My son beat me out with a nice 6 lb 5 oz. catfish. Hope he beats me every time.

This is a picture of Logan Dobkins (age 8) with his Catch from Keyhole Reservoir. Late May 07.

Patrick Edwards with a Rainbow from Boysen in May. Weighed 4.5 lbs.

Sherman McDonell writes.....I was raised in Lander and spent the last 20 years of my life in the Kemmerer/Green River area. I moved to Lake Powell a year ago and now operate the Bull Frog Boat Shop. My wife and I were fishing Lake Powell on Feb. 7th when I hooked this 32.5 pound, 43.5 inches long and a 26 inch girth, striped bass on a small green jig using 6 pound test ( MY TROUT ROD) after a 25 minute battle we were able to net the fish!

A huge cutthroat trout caught by Larry Wheeler of Lander from a lake on the Wind River Reservation. May 13th. Fishing on the bottom with a sucker.

7 year-old Noah Kreager from Lander displays his 23" rainbow caught at Brannon Bay on Boysen in Mid-April. Right: Noah holds up his 23-incher and his Dad's, (Matt), 23 inch bow along with a 3rd.

Walleye caught on Glendo 4-22-07. All males 20-inchers.
Jack Seedes & Cory McGan

Nate Jackson writes: Here are two that I caught on Bear River in Evanston. Not sure of the weight but both are 16"

A dandy trout caught during the Pinedale Boat Club Ice Fishing Derby in March on Fremont Lake by Curtis Hendricks from Big Piney. 21.6 pound Lake Trout.

The first one is of Nick Fulton. The second is Scott Rinn. Both are teachers in Lander. Both fish were caught in the Wind River Canyon. 2007 is starting out okay!

John Kaiser from Lander with a big (10 #, 36") Ling caught
on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Nicholas Lawrence from Lander next to a 180 lbs. Yellow Fin tuna and of the crew gaffing a 163 pounder. They were caught in the Gulf of Mexico out of Venice, LA.

Northern Pike caught at Ft. Peck, Montana the weekend of February 23rd by Jim Aksamit from Sheridan, it went 45” long and weighed 26.4 lbs.