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How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone [Tutorial 101]

Hi guys! Today, I am going to show you how to reverse image search on iPhone/iPad devices. Do not leave this page for you are about to find out a big trick to use on researching.

how to reverse image search on iphone

Reverse image search is the process of searching and scraping the web using an image or a photo. This tool is very helpful if you are a writer or researcher. Imagine, you just need to upload the picture and you’ll be able to find the information about it. No need to press your keyboard and type in the words, just upload and it’s on the go.

Two of the most popular apps which offer this kind of tool is Google’s Image Search and TinEye’s Reverse Image Search.

But do you know that you can use it even on your iPhone and iPad tablets? That’s very easy to do.

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How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone

As I told you, reverse image search is quite simple and straightforward. In addition to that, you do not need to download this tool because you can access it on your web browsers.

To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before uploading a photo to avoid any interruption.
  2. Next, access the reverse image search app on your browser.
  3. Then, click the Upload button.
  4. Locate and select the image you want to research and upload it.
  5. Once uploaded, the search engine will start to collect the data regarding the image and will show it to you afterward.
  6. That’s it! You can always use this tool whenever needed.

Wrapping Up

Researching the web using an image is a convenient way of looking for archived information. You can do this as long as you have an internet connection. So guys, if you have questions, please let us know in the comment box below. – Wyoming Outdoors Radio

Grammarly Customer Service: How to Find Answers When in Need

What if you have a problem with Grammarly and you need an instant response to fix your concern? Your immediate action may be to contact the Grammarly Customer Service. However sometimes, we do not have the patience to look for the contact information, thus, we provide here the contact details of Grammarly in case you need it.

Grammarly Customer Service

The only tricky thing about the English language is its grammar. People use the English language for their personal as well as professional use! If you are a writer, you can make use of many features provided by Grammarly, which are listed below. Also, if you are writing an email to your office or an essay for your school project, you cannot afford to make grammatical mistakes in it.

Thus, to make sure that your text is grammatical error free, you can make use of Grammarly. To know the Grammarly Customer Service, keep on reading and learn where you can contact them if in case you need a help.

What is Grammarly

Grammarly is a website which acts as an automated grammar checker for your text and makes it mistake-free, and impressive. On using this tool, you can write online with confidence! People from all around the world use this website to make their messages, documents, and social media posts grammatically correct.

So here’s what you need to do to reach for Grammarly’s support. And while you are waiting for Grammarly support team’s answer, try to play a game like Radical Heights. You can also learn how to download IDM crack for free, and torrent file with IDM from our official website.

How to Contact Grammarly Customer Service

You might face situations when you need an expert advice. For such situations, Grammarly has its support teams all around the world to answer each user’s question at the earliest. However, you need to know some details to reach these support teams. These details are the following:

#1 Mailing address

Grammarly, Inc.
548 Market Street, #35410
San Francisco, CA 94104

#2 Grammarly Support Teams

You can check the most frequently asked questions and check if your question has already been answered in the Helpdesk. To ease the search, Grammarly has a search bar where you can enter your question and all the related questions to display on your screen. You can then search for the most relevant question and go through the answer, if available.

You can also submit a request for a personalized answer to your query from HERE. For a better solution, you can also attach related images for the customer service to understand your difficulty easily. Once you submit your request, the support teams will reply to your query as soon as possible. This is the easiest way to reach Grammarly Customer Service.

#3. Search for Online Forums

Grammarly has a different social media account including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin that you can also access to find answers.

Grammarly Support

Features of Grammarly

1. Fixes all types of grammatical errors

The primary function of this website is to scan the whole text and highlight grammatical errors including subject-verb agreement, article use, and modifier placement, contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes, and irregular verb conjugations.

2. Document Insights can be analyzed

Once you have entered your text, Grammarly checks it and prepares an insight of it, which includes information about the text such as the number of Characters, Words, Sentences. It also tells you the speaking time and reading time of your text. You can download this report as a PDF if you wish to.

3. Search for Synonyms on the go

If you wish to look for the synonym of a certain word, you need not look it up on Google. All you need to do is double-click on the word and if available, all the synonyms will be displayed for you to choose from! You can click on the synonym which you feel to be most relevant to your text.

4. Plagiarism Checker

This feature is available only for premium account holders. Free account users cannot make use of this feature. The purpose of this feature is to find out if the entered text is copied from another website or not. It also highlights the sentences and words which are copied and also provides with the link to the website from where the text has been copied!

5. Get a Human Proofreader

The latest feature which has been added to Grammarly is that you can get your text proofread by a human. However, this feature is open for premium account holders only.

6. Upload/Download your Document

To check your text, you can directly upload your file with the text and Grammarly will fetch it to check. Once checked, you can download the corrected file and use it. You can also directly print the text using the ‘Print’ option, as long as you have a printer which is in working condition.


Grammarly is one of the best tools for checking grammatical mistakes in any text and one must have an account on it for emergency situations such as writing a formal letter to your school principal or to your boss in the office!

If you have any queries regarding Grammarly or Grammarly Customer Service, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.