How To Change JioFi Password (Step-by-Step Guide)

Change JioFi PasswordChange JioFi password in six easy steps.

JioFi is a small device that can let you access the internet on your smartphones or computers. Using a Jio sim card, it can provide up to 4G internet speed. However, that may also depend on how many devices are connected to it.

With that being said, you have to limit the number of devices which you will connect on JioFi. One of the many ways to do that is to protect your password so your connection will not be accessible to random people.

And for you to secure that, you need to change the default password on your JioFi. Or, update your password to a new one after having it for so long.

Here’s how you can easily change JioFi password.

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Change JioFi Password

There are six steps in changing JioFi password which you can follow even if it is your first time doing that. Let’s begin.

#1. Turn on your JioFi device and connect it to your mobile or computer.

#2. Open your web browser and go to http://jiofi.local.html to open the JioFi settings.

#3. Then, log in as administrator. If you haven’t changed this login credentials when you bought your JioFi, the details are commonly written at the back of the device

#4. Find the Settings and click on Network.

#5. Choose Wi-Fi Configuration and click Secure key. Change the JioFi password and name according to your liking. Please use a strong password (alphanumeric) so it cannot be easily hacked.

#6. Once done, click the Save button to enable the changes.

That’s it! You can now secure your device and your internet connection after changing your password. After that, just connect your devices again using the new password.

In Conclusion

Always remember that many hackers can still access your internet even if your JioFi has a password. So make sure to create a very strong one and update it on a regular basis.

If you have questions and concerns, you may leave them below, inside the box.

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