What are the Wonder Box System and Play Station – Can They Really Match Up

Wonder Box System

If you have ever wondered if a digital music player such as the Sony Play Station is able to compete with the Play Box, you are in for a big surprise. Sony’s portable music player is a great product, but it is simply not up there with the Play Box’s sound quality, especially if you use your music player while outdoors. Here is what the Play Box can do and what the Play Station cannot.

Insights For Starters

For starters, the Play Box’s sound quality is just about on par with that of many professional studios and recording facilities out there. If you listen to the music played through it, you will be hard pressed to notice any kind of difference. That is because the Play Box uses stereo sound speakers that come standard with many modern systems, meaning that every one of its audio tracks sounds great. What it does not have though is a surround sound speaker system, meaning that you will get a very small amount of sound in one direction, and a significantly larger quantity in another direction.

What More Features?

The Play Box on the other hand comes with a built in speaker, which means that you will get a wide variety of sound in one direction. You will also have a surround sound speaker system. It is important to note that this system will not be able to handle high volume without distortion, and as you move to the left or right, you will need to turn down the volume to reduce the impact of the sound waves. This can lead to ear damage or permanent hearing loss. You might also want to read about devdiscussions.

What Sony has done to the Play Box is to install a digital tuner inside of it that allows it to process all of the music files that it recognizes and then stream the files directly to your stereo system. This allows you to control how much of the stereo audio is processed, and what effect it has on the rest of the sounds. If you want the music to be pure and without any effects, then you can turn off the tuner and still have quality sound.

The Play Box is also much smaller than the Play Station, which means that you will not have to carry a massive piece of equipment around with you all the time. When you are playing your favorite music on it though, you can still take the device with you wherever you go. Which means that you will never have to worry about dropping it or leaving it at home. Even if you have children or other people around who will take it home, there is nothing to worry about. Read more about wonderboxsystem here.

So, if you are someone who wants to experience quality sound without having to lug around a giant bulky music player, then the Play Box is what you should consider. It will give you everything you want at a portable music player can give.